Sunday 13 October 2019

Your Sparkle & Shine Challenge cards

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend, boy have we had some rain, the river Thames that runs through the village has burst it's banks, flooding the fields along side it.
Sadly we didn't get to go to the Red Lion Re-launch/opening party as I awoke in the early hours of Saturday morning with that very familiar and very painful feeling that is the start of a UTI, so miserable, just not my week I guess!  Luckily after calling 111 I got an early appointment at a local Cottage Hospital and the lovely Nurse Practitioner confirmed the diagnosis.  She prescribed Nitrofurantoin which is what I normally take but these particular ones were 'Prolonged' release which is new to me, I'm not sure if it is this new type of tablet but my whole body is itching, my heart was in one long AF episode all day, so exhausting! 
I was so disappointed to not be able to go to the Red lion party, Paul said we can pop in on Monday or Tuesday when it is a bit quieter, which sounds like  a good idea.
Enough of that anyway, let's get on with the show...…..

Brenda has used Crafters Companion Cut and Emboss Folder (one of the earlier ones) to create the background of her card, I love it, I don't actually have any of these 'Cut and Emboss' folders, they look amazing, like they virtually create the whole card, short of embellishments and sentiment.
Brenda has embellished this card beautifully with butterflies and that lovely flower, a couple of the butterflies have been die cut in a lovely colour glitter card, embellished with crystal gemstones. I can't work out if the glitter background is one of the double sided adhesive sheets with silk glitter or the no shed glitter sheets, either way it looks lovely.
Thank you so much Brenda for making time to make such a lovely Challenge card, despite being so busy, I really appreciate it XXX


Maria has made an absolutely stunning 'White on White', sparkly card for this weeks challenge, Maria I absolutely love that delicate vellum background, have you stamped those delicate flowers onto that vellum yourself ? it's a genius idea and I love it.
With that stunning background you don't need much else to enhance your card, the simple white frame and beautiful, sparkly butterfly are the perfect finishing touch.
Thank you so much my lovely for such a beautiful card XXX


Lilian has used some beautiful, Gold & Silver Embossing paste through a mask or stencil to create this amazing card, the amount of detail that you have managed to pick up through the stencil is incredible, look at the tiny stars and music notes.  I have different embossing pastes but after 1 failed attempt at using them I didn't really bother again, do you recommend using Watercolour card Lilian?  the card I used seemed to buckle from the moisture in the paste, it's a Dreamweaver brand too, so not cheap.
The amount of detail on this card, most of it being delicate would have been overwhelmed with a large greeting, so the Stampin Up! Teeny Tiny Sentiments works perfectly for this card.
Thank you Lilian for such an amazing challenge card and for inspiring me to have another go with my embossing paste. XXX


So apart from booking tickets, organising medication packs, packing clothes, replenishing craft supplies, cleaning the house etc Janet manage to 'knock up' 3 amazing projects for our Sparkle and shine Challenge!!  
I have to say that I love those Winter Town papers from The Craft Box, they are unusual in design, very modern and great for cards for young adults as well as adults, they are the kind of papers that you see something different every time you look at them, Anna has a great relationship with the lady that designs her papers, she explained once how many layers of design were in one sheet, it's incredible, you have let the papers speak for themselves in both of your designs Janet, two beautiful cards. 
Your cracker is a gorgeous Janet, not just for Christmas either, great for Gift wrapping too.
Janet's Description:

My first card is made using papers   called 'Winter Town' from
The Craft Box'. The snow flakes and twine are also from the same company and the sentiment is one of Crafter's Companion dies.

My second card is made using the same papers from 'Winter Town/ (The Craft Box) The snow flakes and blue gems are also from the came company.

My third offerings are of course Tonic dies (this year's Seasonal dies). They are made using gold coloured glitter card and highlighted with glitter. The small box is made by just using three quarters of the Cracker and making the last quarter into the base of the box.

  Thank you so much Janet for 3 amazing projects, I hope that you are relaxed and enjoying your break XXX


Lynda has used one of her amazing backgrounds to create her Sparkle and Shine Challenge card,
I love the die that you have used Lynda, but it is your background that is the star of this card, you just can't beat the 'Caught in Crystal' Technique.
Lynda's Description:

My challenge card
The die I used is from wish so no name for it.. I cut out two one in red one in white
The background I made a cought in crystal. I cut the piece  out & glued it to my card bace then I  glued the two die cuts together off setting slightly & glued them to the background. Then I made a white frame and Glued it over the die cuts. I will add sentiment later.

Thank you Lynda for such a lovely Challenge card, I hope that you are all packed and ready for your holiday XXX


Michele found her 'Mojo' in her suitcase i think,  beither way it's definitely back, which is lovely to see, all of yout cards are amazing Michele,  they are all 'sparkly ' .  I love the Owl, such a stunning die!  I will add Michele's Description below:

"Challenge cards-the Owl Card was a donated image from my crazy friend so I’ve made it into a Thank You Card for her. The 3 Christmas cards are using glitter card/Mirri card."

Thank you Michele for 3 amazing Challenge cardsXXX 

Three A-maz-ing! (Can you tell i was watching strictly while writing this post )?! 
I love all three of your cards Karen,  you know the funny thing is I wanted to use that Tim Holtz background die that you used on your third card, I searched for around an hour  for the flippin thing to use on my dragonfly card (Sue will back me up)! Great minds think a like !!  I love how you have used it 
Karen's Description:
"Here’s a couple of cc to start your pile off At craft club I took the little Aldi machine and cut a few from my new Stacked Noel dies Didn’t do a lot because I forgot my pokey tool haha Not sure where the EF is from So it’s matted onto gold mirri and the NOEL is white Linen gold and Mirri gold So difficult to photo"
Card 2...
And a laminating sheet one matted onto red for a change (not sure I like it on red) Again difficult to photograph
Card 3...
Here’s a 3rd cc for this week It’s a shame that shine and sparkle is so difficult to photograph 
I have used a beautiful pale blue card with a lovely sheen A Tim Holtz die and JL butterflies I embossed the blue layer of the butterfly with a butterfly folder And tiny turquoise gems.

Thanks for 3 amazing cards Karen XXX


I shared this card of Pat's on Thursday,  its a simple, elegant design, the sparkle is subtle. 
The plate that Pat used to create this masterpiece is called 'Tina's Christmas Baubles' 
I love the combination of great shading and colouring.
Thanks Pat for sharing such s lovely card XXX 

Ladies you are all amazing, thank you so much for your hard work, your cards are incredible, so many amazing works of art !!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Mor ning Everyone
    What a fantastic haul of craftiness on the boards today. All making the CAFE so sparkly. Each one a work of art.

    SANDRA- sorry you didn't get out last night but I'm sure you will enjoy the pub when there are less people around.

    Today for me is bottling the beetroot I boiled yesterday (yes MARIA I always wear gloves) and then if the weather holds out I want to get into the garden to get one or two bulbs planted into my wooden planter on the patio.

    Have a good Sunday everyone. HUGS from Marigny are on their way.Take care and stay safe xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What an amazing selection of challenge cards today! All so lovely & so many Christmas cards.

    Our visit to see my Father in Law was dreadful-he was fine but my Step Mother in Law decided to launch an attack on us saying we don’t visit enough, we never tell them when we’re going and demanded to know what our weekly plans are! It was extremely upsetting & Phil was so angry that he couldn’t speak. We stayed a short while mainly to see Keith but there was an atmosphere so we drove home which meant a 4 hour round trip!
    I’ve hardly slept & have a banging headache. As it’s raining I guess it will be a Craft room day today, need to make the most of my last day off before I return to work!


    1. Ooh Sorry MICHELE Your comment beat mine So sad that your MIL reacted like that xx

  3. Beautiful cards ladies This challenge made me dig out mirri card which I haven’t used in a while - funny how there was a time when mirri got used on everything and gems where now I usually use pearls of different colours I enjoyed it and will definitely make some more sparkle and shine cards
    Shame you couldn’t go to the pub but I think you’ll enjoy it better with less people Can you book a table? At a few pubs near me they don’t take bookings
    Thank you ladies for your lovely comments on Winston and thank you MARIA for the research on “X” but I think I might just leave “X” out - too complicated I do like the idea of doing an Xtra large animal
    I am sorry to hear you are struggling to crochet JANET I do use a TOFT hook which has a lovely handle and feel which I think helps me to crochet for longer
    I hope your FIL was OK when you visited MICHELE
    Went to make a wedding card last night to find I hadn’t got any black pearls I needed for the bridegroom’s jacket so they’ve been ordered Good job I hadn’t left it to the last minute!
    Will tackle the ironing now and then we’ll see what today brings
    Take care all

  4. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    What a stunning array of cards today ladies. They are once again so different.
    Enjoy your holiday Lynda. I hope the weather is kind.
    Well I’m not getting on to well with my new glasses at the moment. I’ve had varifocals for a long time now but these ones do seem very odd. I’ll persevere for awhile longer then take them back if it doesn’t improve. It’s so lovely being able to comment now in the normal way. Thanks once again Michele.

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra sorry you are suffering again, you have had
    All the challenge cards are beautiful, well done each of you xxx
    The café is open ready to take your orders, it is roast beef & all the trimmings with apple crumble & custard for dessert.
    Sending hugs to all love

    1. Ooh yes please I hope there’s Yorkshire puddings I love them And apple crumble is a real favourite of mine

    2. I'll see you for lunch Margaret, Mmmmmm ! If only it was true Lol xx

  6. Good Sunday morning everyone.
    Wow, just look at all these wonderful sparkly cards today. I love them all ! well done ladies for it's not easy to photo them but zoom in a bit and we can see the glitter.
    Sorry Michele that your visit to FIL was not a good one. I tell you some people don't understand that we also got a life and you are also working still so can't be easy to have to do this round trip too often. Beautiful cards. Have a rest today, hugs.
    Janet- hope the weather is better for you then here so you can get out and do some gardening. Had hoped son had done some while we were away but the rain have not stopped long enough for doing anything aargh ! Give me more time for card making tho so not all bad I guess Lol Love the papers you used on your cards today.
    Karen,hope you do more then the ironing today. So many of you have so much each week. Unless it is a shirt or skirt in the wash I don't ironing anything :>) I know once a lady who used to ironing even her knickers :>/
    Going to have a look again at the cards and then I think it is breakfast time. Didn't get to bed until 3am so can see a nap coming on later. No walk today, raining too much for that.
    Have a nice day everyone,take care and hugs, Maria xx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Such a wonderful display of sparkle and shine today. I can definitely back you up about trying to find the same die that Karen used on her card. As they say “Great minds think alike” 😀I can honestly say that I love them all ladies. I still haven’t managed to get to my desk yet!
    Sandra, I hope you aren’t suffering too much. At least you didn’t have to wait too long to be seen yesterday and I hope the prolonged release meds work as well as the usual ones. It’s always a worry when the usual meds that work are changed isn’t it. Sending you big gentle hugs my lovely XX
    Lynda, I hope the extra pain eases a little every day. Hugs to you and CU xx
    Mum, hope you’re not struggling too much. You know I will be first in the queue for roast beef and apple crumble please. Has Pop offered you any more cauliflower cheese for dessert? On Friday he was looking in the freezer and calling to Mum saying “Would you like cauliflower cheese for dessert” then he wondered why Mum said “No!” After a couple more savoury choices with the same reply from Mum we heard him say to himself “Oh you b***** idiot of course she doesn’t want any of those for dessert” By this time Mum and I were crying with laughter 🤣 I can’t remember what dessert you did actually end up with but sure it was ok. Love you Mum xx
    Brenda, I bet you both cant wait to get the painting finished. I hope you’re not feeling too tired x
    Another day of silly jobs that seem to have mounted up that need to be done for me so better get on with some more. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Rain again so I'm not going out.i am having a break from my ironing,as my lower back is still very painful. The last fall I had was on my lower back
    ( cocksis spelling ?.?) so painful when I was ironing as I have to sit down to iron
    So have to go & have another go after lunch..then I will have a rest or might go in craft room will I feel.we have also packed again as we put every thing into one large case then it was five kilos over,so have now have put into two smaller
    Cases that was ok hopefully.
    MICHELE sorry your visit to FIL was Very upsetting I can imagine Phill was fuming
    Also for your FIL not getting a nice pleasant visit from you due to MIL.HUG's xx
    Wishing everyone a good afternoon Hug's &glove Lynda xx

  9. Hi All, thank goodness we had a bit of sunshine today, so I was able to do my spring planters. Bulbs and winter pansies.

    Lovely lot of cards again today. Sorry Sandra I should have said that I cut out the front of my card with my new cricut, which R bought me for my birthday, it cuts fabric, so I’m hoping it will help with my arthritic thumbs.

    Sandra sorry to hear your not too well again, hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Wish you well.
    Hope you all have a good week, hugs Lilian

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra I’m sorry you didn’t get to the opening of the local pub, even sorrier you have a yet another UTI infection. I hope the medication is working and you are feeling more comfortable. Take care rest and .keep warm, I used to find it helpful.xx

    What a super display of challenge cards this week, every one a work of art.

    The painting in the lounge was finished by yesterday and order restored, It was just the walls that needed refreshing the woodwork is natural so not need painting . But OH is on a roll so today he painted the walls in the office, I didn’t get to put everything back as daughter came over this afternoon, it will get put back tomorrow. I’m going to Loughborough on Tuesday until Thursday, he plans to paint the kitchen while I’m away. As I said he is on a roll!!!

    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx