Wednesday 31 July 2019

Another Spotlight Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

We are half way through another week and at the end of July, I just can't believe where this year is going, we have just over two weeks to our holiday and when we get back all the Christmas things will be in the shops!

Pat and I had a lovely day yesterday, watching the rain, it was looking like Pat may need a submarine to get home but luckily the rain did eventually stop.  Pat was busy getting her 'Groovi' on while I was making challenge cards.  We also had yummy cakes of course! Thanks Pat for a lovely day xxx

My Spotlight Challenge card was this time made with a Topper, I have had these Lilli Of The Valley Card Topper things for years and re-discovered them while Sue was here a couple of weeks ago.
I wanted to show some of you that don't stamp or have the colouring books that you can use card toppers or Printed images from a CDrom.
I just decided which piece I was going to 'Spotlight' and cut it out with a small circle die, I then added versarmark and clear embossing powder and heat set to make it 'pop' out even more, I cut a narrow mat of pink card to make the die cut stand out more from the background and replaced into the topper with a foam pad.
To finish my card I stamped my sentiment on the bottom corner and added some matching pearls to opposite corners and little crystals on the cupcakes.

This image shows the 'Spotlight ' piece a little clearer, it could have been any of those birds or the little envelope that where 'spotlighted'.

I hope that you all have a lovely day today, maybe we will have a little less rain.

Love and hugs to all of you,


Tuesday 30 July 2019

Karens Spotlight Challenge card using Colouring book page

Good Morning Ladies,

We had another glorious sunny day here in Wiltshire, it has just turned a little overcast as I writing this (7pm), I think that we are forecast rain later in the week with some cooler temperatures.  
We did get some relief as Paul got some Bargain fans from Tesco, they were advertised as £20 but scanned through a £12, so Paul went and bought another 3, so that I could have one in my craft room, one in our bedroom and one in lounge, we take three on holiday so they will get plenty of use.  
While having a little Monday morning clean round I had an idea 💡 I have these little cotton squares that Paul recycled from work (they were chucking out a box full) they are fab for crafting as you can stamp on them, make flowers with them etc. Anyway I got some Lavender Essential Oil and put a few drops on the cotton square and clipped on to the fan, so the lovely, calming Lavender scent was wafting all over the bedroom. So hopefully we will sleep well tonight.!!!

Karen has allowed me to share her 'Spotlight' Challenge card with you all, as I wanted you to see how the Colouring book pages worked for the challenge.  Layering the piece onto Black card finishes the design, this is helpful if your colouring book page is larger than the card you are making, as you cut it down you will have unfinished edges, adding the black mat neatens the piece nicely.
Karen had die cut a circle out of her Colouring Book page, coloured it beautifully with pencils,I love the bright vibrant colours you have used Karen, they really pop! To 'Spotlight' the image Karen has just popped her die cut piece onto a die cut black circle and placed it back into position.
Your card works brilliantly Karen, thank you for the inspiration. xxx

Pat is coming over today, so lots of crafting and chatting on the cards.

I hope you have a lovely day however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all,


Monday 29 July 2019

Another 'Spotlight' Challenge Card

Good Monday Morning ladies,

I hope that you all enjoyed the weekend, Janet you had me in stitches yesterday, I would love to have seen you, good job it's warm otherwise getting so wet would have been even worse if it was freezing cold, thank you for the smile xx
Pat it sounds like you had quite an eyeful, maybe it's fancy swimwear that they were wearing, I have to say that after seeing some of the girls on this program that the girls watch (love island), nothing would surprise me, to be honest I can't see the point of some of the bikinis the girls were wearing, clearly having your bum cheeks covered is a thing of the past, they have bikini tops that don't quite meet your chest, so they have lots of 'under boob' on show.  I am so relieved that my girls are very reserved and like to keep everything covered, Becca is another story, she doesn't mind being adventurous with her bikini, I like that she has the confidence to do it, I certainly don't !!

Val, I totally get what you mean when you say that you wish you hadn't started your craft room, you start with enthusiasm but then you look round and think WHY?!!,  Like you I had kept so many tiny bits of paper, so pointless as I never used them, after having a huge declutter I now look at a piece of leftover card differently, most will go straight in the bin.  Crafting in your Bra and pants sounds ideal, especially this last week, unfortunately my bedroom is opposite a window beside the front door, I will say that if I have to do anything in the morning I usually do it with little on as I like to go and shower after I am finished, clean house, clean me, so I keep my dressing gown on hand in case the Post man knocks!! Its all about being comfortable, who cares what anyone thinks!

Now onto my 'Spotlight' card, I used my 'Woodware Single Layered Collage' stamp, I stamped it out twice, I added embossing powder and heat set, which I think makes it easier to colour.  I mounted one onto a piece of Gorgeous Grape card and onto my card base. I took the second stamped piece and fussy cut the section with the safety pin and flowers, I coloured the background with 'Soft Sky'  Stampin Blends and the flowers with Gorgeous Grape and Granny Apple Green Blends, I made sure to include the bit above that sentiment strip to finish the look.  I added foam pads to the back of both pieces and replaced it onto the stamped image.
So the 'Spotlighted area is the coloured area, I love this stamp and like how this card has turned out.

I can't wait to see what you are all making xx

Brenda, wow what and incredible experience your Grandsons are having, I can't wait to hear more about their travels, I bet Sam is going to love teaching in the local school, I expect there will be lots of things to keep Dominic busy too. I totally understand your relief at hearing that they had arrived safely, how lovely that they thought to message you to put your mind at rest, thank you for sharing the first leg of their adventure with us, xxx

Maria, I don't know how you have kept your patience with that bloody woman next door, she sounds likes she is deranged, is she an alcoholic or something?  I think that you are going to have to have a word with the man or get Rik to, I am glad that you got to catch on a little sleep though.  I am so glad that you enjoyed the challenge too xxx

Lynda I hope that you and CU had a lovely weekend xxx

Margaret, I hope that you have had a lovely weekend too, did you manage any crafting, I do hope so as it's so therapeutic.  I am happy to do loads of die cuts for you if that would help you my lovely xxx

Michele it was lovely to read that your FIL was able to join in a little bit at the summer fair, it was so lovely that you went to support the home.  Sorry that the weather stopped your gardening, we were lucky and the sun shined all day Sunday,  hopefully you found something more relaxing to do xxx

Karen, You were in my thoughts all day yesterday, I love that you get to share Gary's Birthday with his friends at the zoo too, thanks again for sharing that amazing card and poem and thanks again for last weeks challenge xxx

Ladies, I loved reading all of your comments on yesterdays blog, it really made me chuckle (janet) and smile (Pat and Brenda), I do love when you share your stories, it's the one thing that makes 'Our Blog' so unique xx

Lilian, you are VERY missed, I hope that you are well sweet friend xxx

Love and hugs to all of you,


Sunday 28 July 2019

Your Cards for Karen's 'CASE' Challenge

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Karen set us all a fantastic Challenge last week, I absolutely loved this Challenge and it helped me overcome my 'crafters block' !
I hope that you all enjoyed ''CASE'ing' Karen's card !

So without further delay, let's see your cards...…

My Cards 

I have to say that I loved this challenge, I just didn't struggle to come up with ideas for this one, as you can tell x


Maria made two cards that she 'CASED' from Karen's design, Maria's first card is so pretty, I love the effect of paper piecing the different colours of card into that lovely flower die, so effective and such bright cheerful colours.
Maria's second card would make a great man card as well as cards for any celebration, I love the clever placement of the pearls to look like the bubbles flowing out of the bottle.
Two fantastic cards Maria, thank you so much for crafting through that intense heat! xxx


Janet has made three amazing 'CASED' challenge cards,  two beautiful birthday cards and a Christmas card too. Its nice to see some of those old dies back in use.
''Janet's Description'...….
"I use a Tonic die for the first card and the vase is a puffer sticker from La Blanche. The branches of pearls are from my 'flower' box.

I used Sue Wilson dies for my second and third cards. the flower and other embellishments all came from my stash."

Thank you so much Janet for three amazing cards, you have learned a 'New Technique' too, you must have been exhausted after your horrendous journey home last weekend but that hasn't stopped you taking part, I am so grateful xxx

Val has made a totally gorgeous Christmas card for her version of Karen's card, I love that Embossing folder that you have used, I bought it after you used it last year! 
That stamped image you have used is just so adorable and funny and you have coloured it beautifully, you have finished the card perfectly with that narrow red ribbon and the snowflake charm.
Thank you so much Val for also battling through the heat to take part in this weeks challenge xxx


Karen made four more cards, CASING her own card, all four are amazing, I have to say I particularly like those monochrome Christmas cards, I love the butterfly ones too mind, I just think that the Christmas ones look quite classy.
Karen's Description...…

Card 1 & 2:
Two more CASED cards
The blue one is PP and the second is a caught in crystal
Topped with JL butterflies
Happy Birthday = Hunky Dory
and Belated Birthday = Paper Boutiques

Card 3 & 4:
Here’s 2 CASED cards using SW striplet and sentiment heat embossed is from a magazine freebie

Thank you so much Karen for 4 more amazing cards xxx


Two amazing cards for Lynda for this weeks 'CASE' Challenge, WOW Lynda I love them both, the first one is so bright and bold and cheerful, the second one is just stunning. I love that 'Wish' die you have used on that first card.
Lynda's Description.....

''My CC my lovely
Blue one is a wish die down side JL small butterflies large one a wish die.
Red card a wish panel & sentiment also from wish xx''

Thank you so much my lovely for sitting and making these beautiful cards despite being in pain, I hope that they come sort something out to help you soon xxx


Cheryl I absolutely love your 'CASED' Challenge card, you have used Sue Wilson's 'Eternal Rings' Striplet die to create that lovely in laid pattern, the embellishments are what make this card those 3 beautiful roses with the green foliage look stunning.

Cheryl you are just so incredibly organised when it comes to getting your upcoming cards made, how many months are you ahead now?  
I really appreciate you taking part in our challenges my lovely xxx


Michele has made two fantastic Challenge cards, one Birthday and one Christmas, Michele I love how you have used that Sue Wilson Die, it looks amazing.  That 'Happy Birthday. die is lovely Michele.  I also really like that die you have used for your Christmas card, it makes a perfect Christmas card but I am thinking that it isn't particularly festive so you could use it on any card.
 Michele's Description...
"Two challenge cards from me, Both made using Sue Wilson Dies & bits of Card from my scrap box plus I added a few gemstones. Happy Birthday sentiment is the Lawn Fawn one I bought recently & the Seasons Greetings is a Robert Addams one."

Thanks so much Michele for two stunning challenge cards, that you made despite a busy, stressful week at work. xxx

Ladies, what can I say?? Well apart from Congratulations! Most of you had never 'CASED' a card before this week but you have mastered that technique and made some incredible cards as a result.
I couldn't be more thrilled, thank you all so very much xxx

I hope that you are all having a lovely relaxed weekend my lovelies,

Love and Hugs to all of you,


Saturday 27 July 2019

Mixed Up Saturday Featuring Michele's Magazine Review T

Good Morning Ladies,

Ooh have I got some lovely things for you to look at today, touching poems, beautiful garden pics, fantastic bag tutorials and Michele's Mag review to finish, sounds perfect !

To start us off today we have Karen's amazing Birthday Card for Gary, it's his Birthday on Sunday, Alan wrote that incredible poem, he has serious talent Karen, to write a poem is hard enough but to write it as an Acrostic is just another level of genius! 

I will add Karen's description below....

"This is the card I have made for Gary’s Birthday on Sunday
OH wrote the poem I made the front from a Serif kit It’s totally flat so that I can laminate it at work
Gary was head keeper for all primates"

Karen, thank you so very much for sharing something so very special with all of us, you will be in my thoughts all day on Sunday xxx

Brenda's Garden

This area looks quite pretty just now. The Welly’s were given to us several years ago, I have recently painted them - colour isn’t quite right! 

The photo is beside the greenhouse,

Looking towards the ‘shed’ 

 Brenda shared some photo's of her beautiful garden last Friday, sadly I couldn't upload them, so we get to see them this week.
Brenda your garden is just so beautiful, I also think that the Gardener in the background of the last photo is very Handsome and clearly very good at his job! 😜😜😜

"Quite a few of my plants are in pots or raised up because tortoise will eat most at ground level, also our garden has a collection of ‘stuff’ (ornaments, chimneys - you name it, it’s probably in our garden) 
The first picture is a collection of planters,  I’ve just been out to snap these again as the Stargazer Lilly has started to open.  It was a house plant that was given to me about 4 years ago it flowered but still looked healthy so I planned it in the soil and has flowered every year since, it just gets bigger each year."

Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your beautiful garden xxx

Danielle's Bags

Danielle has had a week of bag making Tutorial's over on her YouTube channel, there are some amazing Gift Bags featured so it's worth a look. I have left the link to the first bag below x

Michele's Magazine Review
Hi Sandra 

Diecutting Essentials (issue 54) has s fabulous free gift-a jigsaw die with lots of extra mini Dies.

Here’s a couple of ideas shown of the packaging.

This is the first of two features using the free gift shown below.

Second feature using the free gift-great ideas for men’s cards. 

Interesting article on Layered Diecuts. Easily adapted to Dies you already have in your stash.

This feature makes the list of the Dies you already have by making some very fancy & unusual shaped cards. 

This article show how easy it is to make gift boxes using whatever nesting Dies you have in your collection. 

That’s if for this weeks Review-next issue of Diecutting Essentials is due out in the shops on 15th August-think Christmas!!

Happy Crafting 

Thanks Michele for another fantastic Magazine Review,  some great tips for using your dies, I have a puzzle piece die set so love the inspiration for those too. XXX 

Thanks for all of you that took part into today's Blog post. I hope that you are all relaxed and enjoying the weekend.

Love and huge to all of you,


Friday 26 July 2019

Next Weeks Challenge

Good Morning My Lovelies,

Phew that was a warm day wasn't it, I do hope that you didn't suffer too much, I physically couldn't do very much, moving from room to room was as much as my heart could cope with, I think it's just because I struggle to walk normally which is an effort, combined with the heat made my AF a lot worse.  I did manage to go out in the garden a couple of times to play with Harley and the Hose Pipe, he loves the hose, he drinks most of it which was a good thing, as you might imagine I ended up fairly wet too.

Next Week's Challenge

For Next weeks Challenge I would like you all to have a go at something New to all of us (I believe),
its called 'Spotlight Stamping', it means basically highlighting one part of your card background as I have done in my card above.
I literally took a piece of Botanical Butterfly Dsp, this particular sheet is completely black and white, therefore to 'Spotlight' a piece of it I just coloured it in with pencils, leaving the rest of the background black and white. So the Butterfly is the spotlight area of my card.

You can do this with stamped images (which I have done for Mondays Blog card, you can use most things that you use to make your every day cards, I will add some photo's below to give you some more inspiration...…

This one could be an image from a CD printed in Black and white, you would die cut a circle, add colour to the petals, add a narrow black mat and replace.

This is a great idea for those of you that have those lovely colouring books, just take a section, draw a pencil circle (using a circle die as a guide) and then colour inside that circle.

Another super easy method to Spotlight/Highlight an area is to die cut any shape out of your paper/ stamped image and either add Glossy Accents or Clear embossing powder and heat set, that way it will be super shiny and stand out perfectly.

There is loads on inspiration on Pinterest, thats where my card idea came from.
I know it's something new and it may be daunting, just have a go, I will be sharing some more inspiration to help too.
I hope you all enjoy having a go at Spotlight Stamping, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I hope you all have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all of you,


Thursday 25 July 2019

Surprise...Another 'CASED' Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I managed to find another card that fits with the Design of Karen's card, this is another card made with Grateful Glass Dsp from Stampin up! I coloured them with Watercolour pencils and a blender pen and attached the vellum to a piece of white card, I then layered that on to a piece of Real red card that I had embossed.  I then used the lovely sentiment from Dandelion Wishes Stamp set.  I die cut that with the layering Ovals dies and added a tiny Red Rose with foliage.  I placed the Oval Tag over a piece of spotted tulle ribbon topped with a piece of Narrow Red ribbon.
I love how this card turned out and I loved this challenge too. x

Sue came yesterday, we had a fun day, we had a nice healthy lunch, followed my some Malt Loaf, now I love Malt Loaf, nobody else in my house likes it though (what a shame more for me)!
We then went into the craft room and worked on our own projects, Sue was making a beautiful Floral Pop Up Box, it looked amazing.
I was working on a card for our next challenge, there's nothing I like more than being organised, I am trying to think ahead for when I am away. I have a few ideas that I will work on over the next few days, so that I am a bit organised for holiday,

I hope that you have a lovely day my lovelies, please stay in the cool and drink plenty, it's going to be a very warm day, record breaking they say, I wish we lived on the coast on days like this !

Love and hugs to all of you,


Wednesday 24 July 2019

My Final 'CASE' Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Pat and I had a lovely day yesterday, it was very warm, very warm, we had fans on windows open and ice drinks to keep us cool while we crafted, obviously cream cakes too, I skipped breakfast and only had a light salad for lunch so that I wasn't being too naughty, plus it did have fruit on which I'm sure cancels out any other calories!😜😜
Pat kindly gave me a 'Picot Cutting' session, as my 'Picot's' aren't quite pointy enough, part of the problem is I just can't see where I am poking my needle or my scissors, I really will have to go to the opticians.

Today's card is my final 'CASED' Challenge card, I have to say I have really enjoyed this challenge and it has really boosted my mojo!
I used my Groovi plates for this particular card, it was a total mix up of different plates, the Butterflies were from Tina's 3D flowers, I used a Corner plate to create the squares and then coloured them with my Derwent Coloursoft Pencils and did the white work several times.
I layered the piece onto yellow card and then made a frame to neaten the edges.
I embossed a piece of Island Indigo card to match the colours in the butterfly and layered that onto yellow and onto a white 5 x 7 card base.
I die cut the 'Just For You' in the same yellow card and to finish I die cut some little butterflies to add some interest up the edge of my card.
I hope you like it ladies xxx

I hope that you all enjoyed the glorious sunshine and didn't suffer too much in the heat.  I think that we will definitely going to need the fan in our bedroom tonight as there was just no air movement at all last night.  Our room is the coolest room in the house usually, as the sun never really hits it, even with the windows open fully it made no difference yesterday.  I heard on the radio on the way back from the hospital with Becca yesterday that by Thursday temperatures could hit as high as 36 degrees feeling more like 44 degrees with the humidity !!  Take care my lovelies and stay hydrated.

Have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Tuesday 23 July 2019

Another Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I have had to cheat and use a card that I made last year for today's Blog, as I accompanied Rebecca to her Rheumatology appointment and where we thought we would be done in time to go for Afternoon Tea, it would have been better to plan for Supper, eveything that could go wrong at these appointments did go wrong.  Firstly she had to go and have Steroid injections as there were so many of her joints to treat, we then had to go for Xrays, unfortunately they were hugely behind schedule because  two of their machines where broken down. We arrived at 1pm and it is currently 4.50pm and we are still waiting.  Not that i mind, she hadn't told me how badly her Arthritis is affecting her, her knee is really seollen and painful, she can't fully extend her elbox due to inflammation and pain and both of her wrists are swollen and sore and her jaw.  Poor sweetheart, i would gladly take on all of their pain in a heartbeat,  it's so unfair at only 25years old to be suffering like this.  They initially suggested Leflunamide and Sulfasalazine. I wish she didn't need to take either but she needs to get her joint inflammation sorted as a matter of urgency.
So that was a very long and exhausting day.

Now onto today's card , the Vellum panel I have used is from the Graceful Glass Dsp by Stampin'Up. I coloured the image with watercolour pencils and layered onto Daffodil Delight card, a simple stamped sentiment and ribbon finish the card. 
I hope it gives you a little inspiration.

I think Pat is coming over today to do some crafting, which will be nice.

I hope you all have a lovely day too,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Monday 22 July 2019

My Challenge card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I made my first challenge card on Friday afternoon, in actual fact I made two cards in one sitting which is unheard of for me recently, you got to make the most of being in the mood though.

I used the scrap from my Challenge card last week to create this card, I had an off cut of the Gorgeous Grape card that I used for the background of my strip panel and then I topped that with another off cut of the Embossed Highland Heather card that I also used on my challenge card.
This time I used one of the smaller flowers in Christine Griffiths (Card Making Magic) Flower collection of Stamps and matching dies.  I stamped three pieces for each flower, the base layer onto white card and then two layers stamped onto Vellum. I cut into the die cut leaves so that I could give the flowers more shape, I used a Ball Tool to give the flowers some dimension and then layered them, off setting each layer to make the flower look fuller.  I finished each flower with a Sparkly Resin Drop, I die cut some foliage to add around the flowers and there are some leaves stamped faintly in the background, around the panel.
To assemble my card, I placed the panel to one side of my card adding the foliage around it, I then die cut the sentiment which is from a Sue Wilson Die set. to finish I added some of the same resin embellishments to draw your eye into the card.
I hope you like my card and it gives you a little inspiration.

Here is a quick reminder of Karen's card that we are making our own version of.  So that you can compare it to my version.  I have another part finished that I hoping to share with you all tomorrow.

Today I am going to the Rheumatology Clinic at the Nuffield Hospital with Rebecca as she has had a flare up of her Arthritis and is hoping for some relief, although she does not do well on the Methotrexate that they seem to keep pushing her to take, so I think she wants Mummy to fight her corner.  I don't really want her taking it either as I have said before I really don't think it's a great thing to be on before you have started a family, when you are older and have done with that part of your life, which is often the way with Arthritis then thats a different matter.  There must be other things that she can try, watch this space!

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,


Sunday 21 July 2019

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Well, apart from lack of internet access yesterday turned out to be a delightful day, we had the odd cloudy moment but for the most part the weather was glorious.

I ended up having to get Paul to take me out in the car to be able to upload your cards to the blog. So if yours hasn't featured today it will have arrived after we got home, I am sorry but rest assured I will share it in the week.
So without further delay, here are your cards....

Susan Dawson

Susan is one of the very talented ladies over on our Facebook group,  she has made a stunning Card with a beautiful insert and a matching box for the challenge. Your card is so pretty Susan, what makes a card extra special is the extra little touches like matching insert and the box turns it into a lovely gift.
Susan's Description....
Tic Tac Toe Challange.Flower,butterfly,purple.8x8 card.
Thank you so much for taking part Susan XXX

Karin Vervoot 

Karin has made two beautiful  Post It Note Holders for our Challenge this week, I love the papers you have used Karin and that gorgeous flower that you have made to embellish your first Box.
It's really nice to see something other than cards for the challenge,  it shows that we can use the TicTacToe grids for other projects. 
Karin's Description....

"This is what I made for this weeks challenge. For the first one I chose Purple,butterfly and flower. I made a little trinket box with a flip top lid. This is my own design. I was not happy with it so had to try another one.  The second one is purple, stripes and a fun fold. The lid is my fun fold and it is a post- it note holder. I used the design by Ann Melvin of Positively Papercraft. I hope you like them."

Thanks so much Karin for taking part in this weeks challenge XXX 


Maria has made an amazing Fancy Fold Card using some lovely Water coloured papers, Honey Doo and Carnation Stamps and Dies. 
Maria I absolutely love your card, I know how much effort you would have put into making something so amazing, it's worth every moment of your time and effort though.

Maria's Description...…

I saw this FANCY FOLD so
I thought, lets have a go    My first ever 4 fold card  !
I had some blocks with ready made Watercolour papers so I used that
as Background and also for the Flowers.  First line used  
Then I went hunting for some words and they are taken from SU Beautiful
you and stamps I had in my folder."

Thank you so much my lovely, I am blown away by your amazing card XXX


Michele has made a really pretty Birthday card for this weeks TicTacToe challenge, I always forget about those amazing embossing folders and how quickly you can make really lovely cards.
Michele's Description..

"Challenge card-Embossing/Butterfly/Stripes. I used one of my Apple Blossom Embossing Folders & a coordinating Die to cut out the White curved strip. Diecut mini butterflies and a large on to add a sentiment."


I love this pretty image on Karen's challenge card, it looks like a really pretty topper you will be surprised at its origin, I will let Karen tell you..

"Here’s a cc for this week I have used Fun shape - flowers- any shade of purple 
The aperture and flowers are a tissue box"

Brilliant find Karen, fantastic card, thanks for inspiration xxx


A gorgeous card from Lynda for this weeks TicTacToe challenge, Lynda used the Stampin Up 'Springtime ' thinlits to die cut  some gorgeous Purple card to embellish her card.
Lynda used Categories: Purple/Butterflies/ flowers.
Thanks so much Lynda for taking part XXX 


Cheryl has used the lovely Watercolour piece she did a few weeks ago to make a fantastic Birthday card, what a brilliant idea Cheryl, all you have to do is add the sentiment and mount it on a piece of purple card stock. 
The background has really made the colours pop.
Cheryl's Description....

"Challenge...watercolour flutterbyes any shade purple xxx

Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge Cheryl XXX


Two fantastic Challenge cards from Janet, one simple yet elegant the other a gorgeous vintage style card.
Janet's description... 

"My first CC is made from scraps for the base layer and flowers from my stash. The butterflies are a Crafter's Companion edge die. I used STRIPES/SHADES OF PURPLE/BUTTERFLIES AND FLOWERS.

For my second CC I used base card from STAMPERI SPRING BOTANIC. The lace decoration and butterflies are from my stash as is the flower. I used SHADES OF PURPLE/FLOWERS/BUTTERFLIES."

Two fantastic cards Janet, love them both although the vintage style always wins my heart, thanks for taking part xxx

Amazing cards ladies, just look at all of those different, individual styled cards and Boxes, you are all AMAZING and I am so very grateful to you all.

We have another lovely day of Air Displays today, the highlight of which will be the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, it will bring back lovely memories of when we lived in Lincolnshire at Coningsby which is the home of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, that used to fly very low over our house every Sunday afternoon, such a delight.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend too,

Love and hugs to all of you,