Thursday 25 December 2014

Good Morning lovely Friends,
May I take this opportunity to Wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas and a very happy hew year!
I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you for visiting my blog, you have no idea
How much I appreciate your comments, so please keep coming back, I look forward to sharing My cards with you all.
But your feet up, sit back and relax!
Love and hugs on this special day,
Sandra xxxx

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Harry's 1st Birthday

 Good Morning Ladies,
Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you have all finished your shopping and can now relax.
Today's card is the last of the three for the lovely Heather, this card is for her sons 1st birthday.
I folded an A3 piece of Centura pearl card in half and scored, I then cut out the blue teddy on my
Cricut Expression, decorated his extremities with glittered card, I also cut out the balloons on the Cricut, uses some coloured wire for the balloon string and attached them to the bears hand with a Creative Expression Itty Bitty Bow, (dotty)!  I cut out all the lettering on the Cricut in two colours to compliment the balloons and stars, I put Harrry's name across the bears tummy with a tiny blue heart,
added a bright yellow bow to teddy's neck and some googly eyes. I dotted some punched out stars all around the card and added a gem stone to some for a little sparkle, I put a die cut number 1 in the balloon too!

 The Insert was printed on the same coloured card on the front and matted onto some orange card, with a couple of stars to continue the theme the verse was written by Heather.
I then made a box to fit the card and decorated it to match.
I was totally blown away by Heather's reaction, she was over the moon, so much so that she went out and bought be some lovely flowers for me. I had tears in my eyes and  huge lump in my throat after she left, I just never expected the amazing reaction, it truly made my day! Her Husband also loved his card (which is a smaller version of the one I made for Paul)!
Well there are still lots of preparations to do in our house today, we have done no wrapping, but all the shopping is done, thankfully!
I will cook the ham and turkey tonight and prep some of the veg, mind you we are not as busy on Christmas morning anyway as the children are all grown up and don't need things putting together anymore!
I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to come over
and comment on my blog, you have simply no idea how much your comments mean to me!
Please come back in 2015 and maybe even the days in between now and then, I will blog at every available moment!
sending Huge Hugs to every one, have the very merriest of Christmas's and the Happiest New Year

 A quick pick of the box I made for Harry's card x

Monday 22 December 2014

Deliveries Done!

Good Monday morning Ladies,
Well we had a lovely day at Mum's yesterday, my sister made us a lovely roast dinner, it was delicious and well received after that long journey, such a long time to be stuck in the car, unfortunately that's one of the downsides of being Military Wife, as I know some of you already know, I do hate that mum is so far away, particularly since dad died, she really has struggled with being on her own. But on a brighter note my youngest (and most adorable) sister Emily is going to live back home with mum for a while with her boyfriend, they currently live in Tunbridge Wells, so she too has a lot of travelling to and fro!
We spent a lovely afternoon together, my other Sister Claire came with her partner and my niece Charlotte, which was lovely, I sometimes think we take family time for granted, but it is so special all being together! We finished our visit by indulging Mum, she likes us all to go down to the river front on the last Sunday before Christmas and join with the other villagers to sing Carols on the Quay, just watching Mums face as we were all singing and seeing the pride in her eyes as she was telling the vicar and friends that "this is my family, all of them", I felt quite emotional, sometimes it really is the little things we do that leave a bigger impact, that itself makes the pain of the six hours in the car worth every minute! Xx
Sue, I am glad to hear that Hobbycraft switched your machine without any fuss, I can't wait to have a go, as I said last time we crafted together I a. Really considering a different machine ds these Grand Caliburs just seem so unreliable, earlier this year mine started leaking oil, I had a wedding invitation commission to complete, the machine kept putting oil on the card I had bought for the invitations and I gave to say I had a Nightmare getting my machine, it was only resolved in the end because Paul emailed Stacey Caron at Spellbinders who was I have to say most helpful, I was still without a machine for a couple of months though, as apparently there was not a grand Calibur in the uk they could replace mine with, then I did get one, that had half the screws missing, therefore as you turned the handle the machine fell apart!  I did eventually get one and a lovely card from Stacey Caron apologising.  Pat (Witney) is now waiting for a replacement for hers as hers leaked oil everywhere, she is now going through the long waiting game like I did, I have leant her my machine and Paul put some screws in the other Brand New machine so I have been using that one, guess what.....less than two weeks in and I got 3 dots of oil down the length of the plates, I just can't believe these machines are so unreliable, has anyone else had problems?
Do any of you use different machines? There are plenty out there to choose from, I am just not sure which one to go with for some reason the EBosser just doesn't appeal to me, I am not sure if it's the noise,the waiting, those big chunky plates to keep lifting or what that is putting me off, one issue I could foresee was if Pat , Mrs B and I all had one we would need yards of extension leads! I do remember sizzix having an electric one they manufactured with Tim Holtz called the Vagabond, that was I think an A4 cutting plate! There is also the issue of having to purchase another machine, we are talking of around £100 for a manual machine..ouch that's a lot of dies.
Anyway I would love to hear your comments.
Steph, I was thinking of you today with the miserable weather and you being out and about, how did your market stall go? I have everything crossed that it was a successful day to round up your 2014 market year! Sending you big warming hugs xxxx
Hazel, where abouts in Colchester were you based? The journey is still a nightmare, from here anyway as you have to go M40, M25!!!!!! And then worst of all the terrible A12, this has to be the worst road surface in the country, it's those horrible concrete slabs, it sounds like you are driving of the cats eyes it's so clunky, my son's Ford Ranger truck doesn't have the best suspension either, so I foresee a few more aches and pains than usual !  Hugs to you Hazel xxxPs feel free to use my blog to chat to who ever you please. I am only too happy to help xxxx
Sue (crafty) thanks for stopping by for a chat, that's exactly how I would like my blog to be, open to anything chat wise, being so isolated mobility wise, I find that blogging in general is an amazing lifeline, I just can't tell you how much I love and appreciate you coming by each day thank you xxxxx
Mrs B, I am so glad you got your machine sorted, can't wait to play with it, I am so pleased that you are still on track for your shopping free, leisurely Christmas Eve, you and Chris both deserve a treat, I feel so very fortunate having you in my life, huge hugs xxxxx
Brenda, sorry to hear you are having GC issues too. One thing that really frustrates me is that they boast about the  A4 cutting area , but then you are told that the only bit that cuts properly is the strips down either side which is quite true,if you put something in the middle, there is no chance of cutting!
I hope once you have dusted off your Big Shot that you have more success, would love to hear how it cuts Sue's dies! Hugs Brenda xxxxx
Lovely Lynda, it was lovely shopping for for dolls and prams again, it's been far too long, I can't wait for grandchildren, which ever flavour! Lol, I know how much I miss my dad so can sympathise about your mum bless you, it's always harder this time of year ! Did you get to see your gorgeous boy this weekend? What are you doing on Christmas Day? Do you have an EBosser Lynda, if so, what's your verdict, does it cut with one pass as the make out? Hope you had a great weekend!
Maria, maybe it was a mixture of painkillers and Ghluwein, but as long as you enjoyed it that's all that mattered! Are they new painkillers, they can sometimes make you feel a little 'woosey' ! Hugs xx
Sorry there is no card again today, we didn't get back until 23:50 so no time to create I am afraid, please don't abandon me, I promise to resume normal service ASAP. In the meantime please stop by for a chat !
Huge hugs
Sandra xxxxxxx

Sunday 21 December 2014

Day of rest!

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
I haven't got a card for today, sorry, I spent Friday making the cards for the lady that ordered two more, I was going to show it but it is a smaller version of Paul's and I didn't want to 'blog it' before I gave shown her, be nothing Worse than sitting with your husband looking through the blogs and finding a card you had commissioned! So I could show it Monday maybe.
Today had been mostly spent on Swindon getting the last few bits to take to my mums tomorrow, I got her a voucher but it seems sad just seeing that little thing wrapped up, so I got her a Katie Flynn novel, some face cream and a necklace to open? Shopping for my gorgeous niece Kezia was a real 'throw back' experience, buying dolls and prams and some clothes for dolly too, so cute!
Matt is going to drive us there tomorrow so paul will get to be passenger for a change, the girls have some movies lined up for us to watch en route! Be lovely to see my mum and sisters & brother Michael with his gorgeous daughter. So it will be a fun packed day for sure!
Maria, yes they do still come with us, unless they have football of course?
Steph did you have a good birthday? Did you get any dies? Please share with us, I sincerely hope you have a successful market today, be sure to wrap up warm! Xxxx
Mrs B, how is the organisation going for Christmas? I hope you stick to your arrangement and have a rest and relaxing Christmas Eve! Xxxx
Pat (witney) I am so saddened to hear you are still in so much pain bless you, did you manage to get an appointment? Keep taking the pills, hugs xxx
Lynda, some gorgeous cards on you blog, I bet you can't wait for Christmas to come round with having your grandson to spoil, hugs you all xxxx
Well I must go, packing the car next, it's going to be along day!
Crafty hugs

Saturday 20 December 2014

Simple Christmas tree!

Good Saturday morning ladies,
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and have a look at my blog.
Today's card is just a very simple Kraft card based Christmas card using the Memory Box
Christmas tree die, I am not sure if it the camera has picked up the red glitter card on the main
parts of the tree and a golden glitter card for the star, I embossed a piece of Kraft card with a
Spellbinders Embossing folder and matted onto red and green card, I used the Basque Red
Seam binding ribbon from Creative Expressions, to wrap around the card and to make a bow for
centre, it is still drying on the picture so looks a bit droopy! (a bit like me really)!
I just popped together this simple card to add to the blog as I have spent all day making the
second of the order cards, which was the same as the one I made for Paul (but a little smaller),
I took hours cutting those individual fern sprigs! But looks good, I made a complimentary
box and matching insert too, I wasn't going to put it on my blog as I already shown Paul's,
but I might show the box and insert.
We will have to go and finish Christmas shopping today as we are going to my Mum's
tomorrow, I still need a few bits to wrap, my Mum's gift proved impossible, she asked for a
pair of brown trousers, (chocolate browm) this colour is clearly not the 'in' colour this year
as we scoured every store in Swindon and Oxford, so I wet for
a voucher, that way she can look for her own, so I will need a couple of bits to wrap up to go
with it.  I also need to buy for my niece, going for a traditional doll I think.
I will be glad when the shops are closed on Christmas eve so that I can stop thinking about
I wish you all a very productive Saturday whatever you are doing,
Paul has finished work for the holidays now, this is the first year he has not had to cover
either Christmas Day or New Years day, so that's a real treat, 2 whole weeks to spend together,
that to me is a gift in itself!
The girls have finished too so hopefully their bodies can start to recover in time for Christmas,
Have a lovely weekend my wonderful friends,
Crafty Hugs

Friday 19 December 2014

Lovely Lyra!

Good Morning,
Thanks for stopping by again today. I am hoping the wind has died down a little for everyone today
as it was just a little too much yesterday, I hope you all stayed home warm and safe.
Now todays card, was obviously influenced by Sue Wilson, the Lyra die by Creative Expressions was not originally on my wish list, but I had the pleasure of having a go with Pat's (witney) on Wednesday and I have to say I fell in love.
I am sure if I had more time to play with this die (please Santa if you are listening), I have tried to be a very good girl! I could come up with many more ways to use it, but putting it at an angle across a piece of Teal coloured card was my first thought, I stamped the 'Happy Birthday' sentiment on the bottom of a piece of coconut white card and then added the teal card on top and then matted this onto another teal and then a card. I was unsure as to what to put on the top, so I opted for a spray of white roses of varying sizes to try and follow the design of the die and then I added some CE pearl swirls coming from behind the roses.  I finished with a bow of off white seam binding, topped with a pearl.
let me know what you think, because, well that's why I do it! hhaha xx
Steph, thanks for your message yesterday, you and my daughter seem to have the same issue although yours sounds more advanced, bless you It must be terrible, as I know how miserable Becca can be, I honestly wish I had it instead of her, I hate the fact that both of my older children are suffering, the both have Psoriatic Arthritis, so she has both to contend with, but fortunately they both get on with their lives as best they can, you hardly ever hear them complain, I bet you will be glad when this order is over, are you marketing on Sunday? xxx
Tandy I am so sorry you didn't get to see your grandchildren on Tuesday as I know how much you were looking forward to it, was it that you weren't well enough or they didn't make it?, I hope you get to see them over the next few days, sending you big cheery hugs xxxx
I got to go shopping with my son today, what a treat, we don't get to spend much time together, we had a good laugh and got some bargains, he takes after his dad for looking for deals!
Lucy had the doctors too, apparently she has a.......what do you think they said?????? what do they always say......yes you guest it, a virus, or a viral throat infection! hindered by playing 12 hours of clarinet in the past three days. but they finish at lunch time tomorrow so she can then have two weeks rest.
Well I must go now, shopping to do (online today) can't have too much excitement in one week!
huge hugs to all of you lovely ladies,
Sandra xxxxxxxxx

Thursday 18 December 2014

Mrs B and the Elastic band!

Good Thursday Morning,
Wow I am still flying up in my cloud, on a high from yesterday, the lady messaged me again this
Morning and asked if I could make her sons first birthday card too!
I had a lovely Crafty Day with Pat today and tonight I was the proudest mummy on the planet,
I went to watch Lucy's Christmas Concert, where she played the Clarinet and part of the Concert Band, the Symphony Orchestra and Senior Orchestra!  They sounded absolutely amazing
Tonight, I had a lump in my throat and tear in my eye! 
   She has reached 'distinction ' in her clarinet exams so I knew she was good!
Bless her she is really poorly, think she may have Laryngitis, but she played on!
I think she will be glad this week is over.
I have chosen another suite of Jewellery to show you today, they all all made with Garnets and Cultured Pearls, January's birthstone is Garnet, so would be perfect for January birthday gift.
 I have included a closer shot for you to see clearly.
Back yo cards tomorrow, best get cracking on these orders!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, you know how much pit means to me!
Oh the story about Mrs B and the rubber band.........she was playing with it whilst we were talking over lunch and she pinged it and it broke and shot off and hit a nice young man who was with his friends on the next table!
She was very embarrassed, bless her, her face was a picture!
Anyway I must go and have a shower, I will hopefully see you all tomorrow,
Huge hugs
Sandra xxxxxxx

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Frosty Blue Christmas

Good Morning,
Thank you once again my lovely friends for stopping by today, the numbers are going up!
Guess what I am so excited to share this with you, I had my first proper sale to a lovely lady who
asked on facebook if anyone made cards, 4 people recommended me! which surprised me, I made the card and decorating the box and personalised it, she was over the moon, she placed another order straight away! I am just so pleased! x
Todays card, I used my Austrian Collection background die from Creative Expressions to cut out a white die cut that I placed on a piece of sticky sheet, I then took two blue, super fine glitters and a silver one and arranged the different colours in a pattern, (starting with the lightest first.
It gives such a lovely sparkly background. I then started making a small spray of flowers in colours that complimented the glitters, I then added a small silver Christmas sentiment and some blue pearl gem stones in each corner.
The card was then mounted onto blue card, then silver and then onto a white background.
Only trouble is I now have glitter everywhere!
I hope you like todays card, its a bit different, but we all like a change don't we!
please leave your comments for me to read, I try not to peek during the day and then I can get a
surprise in the evening when I read all of your lovely messages.
12 today, another record! xxx
Crafty hugs to all of you,
Sandra xxxxx
Below is a closer view of the flowers x

Tuesday 16 December 2014

We reached double figures! yay!

Good Tuesday Morning my lovelies,
I am celebrating today as we reached 10 comments on the blog, THANK YOU!
I was so excited that I squealed! (paul thought something bad had happened)! lol
So today I thought we would have a bit of a change and I am going to show you some of the Jewellery that I made recently, then you can tell me what you think. So here goes...........
This first set is made from Rose gold plated chain and Genuine Freshwater Pears
The clasp is two entwined hearts that add a real feature and were far to nice to hide
at the back of the neck, so I added them on the side, to be worn as an asymmetric design,
the bracelet matches too, with the same clasp and earrings one pearl on Rose Gold plated sterling
silver! let me what you think. 

 This second set I thought would be lovely special occasion
jewellery, Its made of amethyst and cultured pearls, with gently looping chain to create design and capture the pearl.
The matching bracelet is below and earring of course.
The bracelet is the same amethyst threaded on to memory wire with the occasional cultured pearl, the earrings are exactly the same stones and pearls arranged in a drop style to
match the necklace.

Today I have the pleasure of the company of Pat and Sue, We are
going out for our Christmas Lunch today, which will be lovely.
What are all of you ladies up to today?
Steph, I guess I know what you will be doing, happy crafting! hugs xx
Tandy, glad you had the energy to stop by, get plenty of rest before your visit though, hugs x
Maria, Thank you so much for stopping by, welcome to my blog, please feel free to discuss
anything you like, we are up for a laugh!  x
Steph if you or any of the other ladies want to email me any pics of their work I will glady
showcase it for you on here, anything to help.
Please leave your comments for me today
Huge Hugs

Monday 15 December 2014

Merry Christmas Mum!

Good Monday Morning,
Thank you once again for stopping by, I would so love to get into double figures for comments.
I can't thank you all enough for taking time out of your busy lives to come over here and leave me a
comment, its just amazing, thank you x
This card is a card I made for my Mum, one of Sue Wilsons lovely Bauble Dies, cut out in silver mirror card, embossed and then a white die cut front, the piece that die cut out I added 'Mum' to, as I do prefer to personalise my cards. I used Creative Expressions Holly Sprig dies cut put in silver and white across the top of the card to hang the bauble from. I added a bow made from white silky crush ribbon, again from Creative Expressions, I just love all of their products. I embossed the background
with the CE Holly Swirl A4 embossing folder, matted it onto silver mirror card and then onto a white A card base.
I hope my mum will like it, I must post it tomorrow, we are going to try and get the Christmas shopping mostly done tomorrow, Paul has a Christmas shopping day, yay! I think we are going to try and finish most of it online, the shops are just ridiculously busy and being in a wheel chair makes it so much more frustrating and claustrophobic too!
I am coming to the end of my Christmas cards, but I am going to continue to blog with birthday and all occasion cards and of course the odd Christmas card too! I so hope you will stick with me, I am loving this journey so much and without all of you there would be no journey!
Brenda, you will laugh when I tell you that when I read your blog on Friday night I was quite zoomed in on the I pad and all I could see was.......'stood in the lounge naked' well you can imagine my shock, I quickly zoomed out to discover that it was your Christmas tree that was stood naked in your lounge and not you or anyone else! hahaha I laughed so much! glad you got it decorated xxx
Steph, I am sorry to hear that you will be stuck in doors, I know only too well how that feels as I only get to leave the house when Paul takes me, or lately Sue (Mrs B) or Pat (witney)  mainly due to mobility but also due to struggling with going out of the house I general, you see after a very bad series of operations in 2009 I didn't leave the house for a couple of years, which has affected me in more ways than one.  I do hope you get plenty of boxes made for your last market. sending you huge hugs, you have been such an amazing friend this past few weeks, thank you xx
Cheryl, you should have a go and blogging, its quite time consuming but fun xxx
Cameeli, I hope you finished your baby shower card and your packing, have a safe trip up North to see your parents, big hugs xxx
Crafty SueToo, I bet your 'sparkle fairy' house looks gorgeous, you must show us photo's of your new craft room too, lucky you xx
Tandy, look on the bright side, you did two things, that's better than none, don't be hard on yourself,
It makes me feel even more special that you took time for me, thank you so much xxxx
Lynda, we did get tree decorated, the girls helped, we also watched 'Its a Wonderful Life' for the first time and I cried like a baby! hugs xxx
Crafty hugs to all of you,
Sandra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 14 December 2014

All I want for Christmas!

Good Sunday Morning,
Bit of a personal one today, I thought I better make my darling husband a Christmas card and
That's how this card evolved!
I die cut a heart out do white card and built up layers and layers of the impression obsession little fern die cuts, I printed out my sentiment and mounted on another heart.
I Matted and layered an 8x 8 card with some white and the red card embossed with Holly swirls embossing folder, I cut a frame using to sizes of Spellbinders Grand squares and mounted that on to
My card base, I then stuck my fern adorned heart into the middle and used a Martha Stewart heart border die to cut some tiny hearts to act as baubles on my wreath, ( the hearts are the waste)
I used Sue Wilson's Classic Bow Dies both large and small to make the bow feature to hang my heart
Bauble from.
Paul absolutely loved his card.
Our tree is now up but still naked, we will decorate it tomorrow, all together.
Milo and Bella are loving the new smells coming from the tree.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone,
Love and hugs to you all
Sandra xxxxxxx
Below is close up of bow and shows better the gorgeous Best Creations glitter card I used.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Poinsettia Easel

Good Saturday Morning Friends,
Today's card is another traditional card but made into an easel card,
I die cut Spellbinders Layered Poinsettias three times in red and one in
Green and layered them up adding a gemstone to the centre.
I mounted it onto a  Spellbinders Fleur de Lis square,
Adding some foliage underneath using Impression Obsession fern dies,
I added a little red ribbon bow to finish it off.
I matted red card and some white card embossed with Holly Swirls Folder,
Onto a 6x6 easel card, added the large poinsettia on the top and a small
Poinsettia with foliage and the decorative strip from Spellbinders Frosty Forms to either
Side to act as a stopper for the top of the easel card.
I hope you like this card, please leave me your comment as I love reading them every day.
Steph I am going to make a conscious effort to do some Craft Fairs and would love to hear 
any advice that you can give me. 
Lynda, thank you so much for the loveliest card I have received this Christmas,
I have put it in pride of place in the middle of the mantle piece!
Tandy, I hope you covered from your day in hospital, sending you healing hugs xx
We are off to get our Christmas tree today! 
Crafty hugs,
Sandra xxxxx


Friday 12 December 2014

A bit more traditional!

Good Friday Morning,
Today's card is a little more 'traditional' looking.
I started by die cutting my sentiment with Creative Expressions Californian Collection, Matting Basics, I mounted that on another die cut from the same Californian Collection but Decorative Frames and I then Used the largest of that Die set to make a frame on my Coconut white card, that had been embossed with the Holly Swirls Embossing Folder.  I put mounting foam on the back of this white card and matted it onto some silver card then on an A5 base card, I dropped my sentiment into the aperture that I had left.
To decorate around the frame I used the second smallest of the Poinsettia dies from Spellbinders, cut it out three times in red and then one in green for the leaves.  I ticked some foliage underneath, pine dies by Impression Obsession and their 'leafy Branch' die and also CE Holly Sprig die, I put three poinsettias on top of the foliage at the bottom and a small one at the top to try and balance the design, I finished by adding some flat back crystals on to the centres of the flowers.
let me know what you think, I always love reading your comments
Just to let you Milo is much better it was self inflicted, he managed to get into Becca's room and eat most of a bag of white doggie chocolates, naughty boy, I would like to think that he knew better than to eat them again, but I have my doubts!
oh and Paul is home too! yay
Crafty hugs
Sandra xxxxxxxx

Here is a close up of the flowers xxxx

Thursday 11 December 2014

And now for something completely different!

Good Morning Ladies,
Well look at this no bows, no frills but I gave used the much feared (to me anyway ) mirror card!
I just cut a couple of Sue Wilson's Mosaic Poinsettia dies and offset them, I cut a three Impression Obsession Pine Pair die cuts and popped them behind the poinsettia, the base of the card is a A5 card matted with gold mirror card and then another piece of white card onto which I stamped my sentiment. I added a piece of gold mirror and embossed white card both with 'tails' cut into one end to finish the background!
Simple, but I think it's growing on me! Once again Steph I think you could make this work as decoration for a box top!
Well I have survived the day, it's been a bit lonely, but with all of my children in the house it wasn't quiet! But nice to have them all home.  Poor Milo was poorly last night  as he managed to get into Becca's room (my eldest daughter) and rip open a bag of dog chocolate treats and eat them! So keeping a close eye on him, poor wee thing.
Wow it's nearly the weekend again already, we haven't got even half the shopping done! Panic!
I am expected Sue's blog numbers to start rising again as we approach the Blog Candy Draw, I find it so sad that people take advantage when something is going free, but not bothering to support the blog year round, if all the people that appeared at the Die launch continued to post Sue would be over three hundred daily and probably in top position where she deserves for all of her hard work!
Oops, that's me carefully down off the soapbox anyone want to borrow it?! Haha
Thanks again for stopping by,
You lovely supportive messages really got me through, thank you,
Big hugs
Sandra xxxxxx

Wednesday 10 December 2014

A little Peace on Wednesday!

Good Morning Lovely Friends,
Can you have Teal Christmas Cards? well I guess you can now!
I started with the Creative Expression 'Peace' die, and to be honest this is the first Sue Wilson die that
I haven't picked up and thought of a million possibilities with, after a bit  of playing around I decided to use it in a tag style topper, went with teal for the accent colour because.....well because its teal and I love the colour, so I cut a tag shape to fit the die and then cut a small matt of white around it.
I then set about making the background and card itself, I cut a frame using two sizes of Spellbinders Grand Squares and then cut a teal square to go behind it, I then took my Eternal Rings Striplet die (creative expressions) and cut the piece of card that came out of the centre of the square when I made the frame, I think lined up the striplet die and cut it three times across the piece of card to make a lattice effect background.  I then set about cutting some teal Mosaic Poinsettia dies again fro (CE) and cut them in three different sizes, three times each, I then offset them and stuck them together with cosmic shimmer PVA glue and added a pearl in the centre.  I cut some foliage out of the Trailing Ivy die and some Impression Obsession fern bits and arranged that and the flowers in the corner, leaving a small one for the opposite corner.
I threaded a piece of American Seam Binding Ribbon to my tag to finish off.
its a little different so I will understand if you are not keen.
Tomorrows card is even more 'out of the ordinary for me!
Well I am going to try and keep busy today, got lots more cards to make!
Crafty hugs to you all,
thank you for your wonderful comments and support, you lovelies are better than any therapy xxx

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Holly & Ivy Wreath

Good Morning Ladies,
Thanks for the amazingly supportive comments yesterday! Guess what happened, I got myself in a right pickle about Paul going away, he left bright and early, I pulled the duvet over my head and sulked for a whirl but then decided to get up and going, so I did, after about an hour I got a text to say that he wasn't going away today, as plane was delayed, so now he is going Wednesday so I have to go through it all again!
Anyway today's card is made up of lots of die cuts of both the Holly Spray die and the Ivy die both from Sue's Design Collection at Creative Expressions, both very detailed, intricate dies but cut perfectly, I arranged them into a 'sort of ' circle to create a wreath look. I added Sue Wilson Believe Die into the centre and added some red gems randomly to create berries.
It looked a little bare just sat in the middle of the card so I added some little snipped off bits of Holly and a red gem to the corners.  Last but not least I tied a bow with red silky crush ribbon to adorn my wreath.
What do you think?
I love hearing your comments, hope you are all well, big hugs to you if you are suffering,
Crafty hugs
Sandra xxxxxx

Monday 8 December 2014

Simple Star Wreath

 Good Monday Morning Ladies,
Today's card is very simple card, but I like the simplicity. I secretly love Kraft Card.
I simply matted some Kraft card and some coconut white card, I cut a ring (using two circle dies) and then die cut some stars from Anna Marie Designs Spotty Card in Red and Green.  I then arranged the stars around the ring to create the wreath look.
I stamped my sentiment from Justrite on the bottom of my card in the centre in Library Green Ink and embossed with Cosmic Shimmer Clear Powder.
I placed my wreath on the card and then stuck this layer to the bottom layer to which I had stuck a matching piece of green ribbon and tied a bow and popped it in the centre, I then added three green gemstones to each side of the sentiment to draw you eye in! I may add a few sparkles to the stars too.
Steph, I think this would make a great decoration for a box, what do you think?
Thank you for stopping by today, I am feeling a little lonely today as Paul has had to go away with work, hopefully only for one night.  I kind of depend on him quite a lot to get me through the day,
he does all the things I struggle with.
So I will be looking forward to reading your messages today.
We got a good bit of shopping yesterday, but still
tons to do!  I think the rest will be online shopping as the shops were packed today, not so easy in a wheelchair, as I am sure a lot of you are aware you become invisible.
What have you all got planned for this week?
Huge Hugs
Sandra xxxxxxxxx

Sunday 7 December 2014

Christmas Roses

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
Todays card is a little different for Christmas, I made the little flower arrangement some time ago
and hadn't used it but as I was playing round I placed it on this Austrian Collection Background Die
cut and kind of liked it.  So I decided to put a matt of green card behind the white background.
I then cut a card base to fit the green card (a bit back to front I know) but I often work this way.
I matt and layered all the pieces together, using Pinflair Glue for a bit of dimension and popped the little arrangement of roses into the middle.
I found some little sentiment tags from an old kit (really old), matted that onto a little bit of matching
green card and placed it just under the flowers.
To finish I added some green gemstones to add a little Christmas Bling!
I hope you like the card, I know its not traditional Christmas but I think it works.

 Here is a close up of the flowers and below the sentiment.
Thanks so much for stopping by today, we are of into Swindon to start looking for Christmas gifts,
we have no idea what we are shopping for, so wish me luck!
I hope you all have a very peaceful sunday,
Huge Hugs
Sandra xxxx

Saturday 6 December 2014

All that Glitters!

Good Morning Craft Friends,
Today's made from a shimmery chocolate brown card and some Best Creations Gold a Glitter card for the Baubles and Pine Bough die cuts at the top of the card. I used a soft gold card embossed with the Snowflake Embossing Folder (A4) from Creative Expressions for the background.
I cut 2 sizes of the Vintage Bauble Die and alternated the colours with the gold glitter card and chocolate brown shimmer card. I embellished the large bauble with some complimentary coloured pearls. I arranged the Pine die cuts along the top of the card to hang the baubles from, I attached them with Pinflair Glue Gel, as the lets you jiggle them around until you are happy with position.
I added a Gold Ribbon bow to the corner at the top to hide the ends of the pine branches and popped a die cut tiny flower in same card, because you can never have a naked bow!
My sentiment looks wonky but infact it's kind of undulating to look like it's moving, the Happy Christmas is a Spellbinders Die, that I bought on Sale at Christine Emberson's Hope and chances Website, fab for all things crafty!
I hope you like it, it's another big and nil guy card, I think I may calm it down for tomorrow, we'll see.!
Thank you for stopping by I love to hear your comments,
Huge hugs
Sandra xxxx

Friday 5 December 2014

White Christmas

 Good Morning,
I am afraid todays card has not photographed very well at all,
The card is in fact Coconut White and Silver, I started the card by embossing white card with the Holly Swirls embossing folder from CE, I matted it onto some silver mirror card and placed it on an 8 x 8 card base.
I cut a silver mat from California Collection Frames (B) and then the corresponding die from set (A).  I then die cut several Holly Sprays in both white and silver and then Spellbinders Poinsettia Die in both white and silver, layered them up with silver at the bottom, then two further layers of white, topped with a crystal
flat back gem for a little extra bling! I made two large, two medium size and two small to make a good size cluster, I arranged the Holly Spray die cuts so that they framed my sentiment focal point and gave a dimensional base for the flowers.
The sentiment was a Justrite Christmas Stamp which I stamped with Perfect Medium and embossed with Cosmic Shimmer Bright Silver detail Embossing powder,
I so wish you could see the card in real life, like Mrs B and Pat did, I really wasn't sure about it at first as it was quite blingy for me as I don't really use Silver mirror card, but the effect was supposed to be a cold frosty morning!
I have added two extra pictures to give a closer shot of the flowers.
This layout would work in any number of colour combinations, feel free to use as inspiration.
Tomorrow's card is also blingy but in a more glittery way!
I would love to hear your comments today, they have kept me going all week. I think I maybe starting with whatever the girls have had this week as I feel so Hot/cold/achy today, poor Lucy has had the whole week off school almost and is still suffering, its so worrying when they are at such a crucial stage of their education, but its parents sending their children to school ill that causes so many pupils to catch these bugs! I have a feeling there will be two of them home tomorrow as Sophie is not so good tonight! Luckily the two older ones that both have reduced immunity(because of the horrendous drugs they take for their Arthritis) have both managed to avoid catching it so far!
Have a wonderful weekend my lovely friends,
Huge Hugs
Sandra xxxxxxx

Thursday 4 December 2014

Let it snow....Please!

Good Morning my lovely Friends.
Thanks for stopping by today.
This is another small (for me) card, measuring 5 1/2 inch square.
The card started with the 'Let it snow' Die by Creative Expressions, I was
sat wondering what to do with it, I rummaged through my Christmas Dies
and found the Spellbinders Heirloom Ornaments Dies, I used the largest die
and it fit the die cut perfectly!
I embossed the Heirloom Ornament with a Spellbinder Embossing Folder, the name of which escapes me.  I then added a bow to the top using both the Classic and Dotty Itty Bitty Bow Dies from
Creative Expressions. I matted and layered red and white card finishing with white card embossed with A4 Frosty Swirls Folder.
I used double sided foam tape on the back of the bauble and popped on to the card base, I added
a few red flat back gems to the 'let it snow' to tie in the red!
what do you think?
another simple and easy to batch make card, you could swap colours round to (white bauble etc)
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me again today,
I love to read your comments and messages, I love it too when you bring along your Soap Box!
Huge Hugs

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Holly Wreath

Good Morning Ladies,
Thank you once again for stopping by on this chilly Wednesday morning!
This card I started by cutting a 3 1/2 inch circle into the centre of a 6 inch
square piece of red card using a Spellbinder die, I then ran the card through 
the Creative Expressions  A4 Swirling Holly Embossing Folder,
I stamped my sentiment onto coconut white card using Justrite Christmas
Sentiments Stamp and embossed with Cosmic Shimmer Gold Detail Embossing
Folder, I then die cut it with the same die I used for the red card.
I placed the red card over a 6 inch white card base and placed the die cut sentiment
through the aperture to get the position correct and then carefully glued it into place.
I used double sided foam tape on the back of the red card to give a little dimension
and placed it over so that the aperture lined up with the sentiment.
I die cut some of the Gorgeous Holly Spray Die from CE and covered each berry with
a dot of Berry Sparkle Cosmic shimmer glue, it shimmers like magic!
I placed them around the aperture in a wreath style. I finished with a bow, made using
Sue's Classic Itty Bitty Bow and Itty Bitty Dotty Bow, in both red and gold card (to tie
in the sentiment), as a finishing touch I placed some red flat back gems to the corners
and in the centre of the Bow.
Just a simple small (for me) card, but easy to batch make if like me you have left your
card making to the last minute!
Thank you so much for stopping by, I would love to increase the number of visitors to my blog,
any ideas?
I so appreciate your comments, it gives me the inspiration to get out of bed and craft and believe
me that takes a lot, (not because I am lazy, its a medical thing)!
You lovely ladies are the best medicine ever, thank you so much!
Huge Hugs

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Good morning and welcome to the very first Christmas Card
I made this one sometime ago when I first got this gorgeous
Austrian Background die from Sue Wilson's fabulous range by
Creative Expressions. I matted and layered it with a gorgeous
American Crafts red card, added a matt of Coconut white card that
I had pierced using a piercing ruler.  I then cut some Poinsettia's with a
Spellbinders Poinsettia die, I sat them on some Pine Bough die cuts,
topped each flower with a flat back pearl, I tied a bow with White
Silky Crush ribbon and topped with another small Poinsettia.
I stamped my sentiment onto coconut white card and cut it with a
Spellbinders Lacy Oval Die and tucked it under the spray of flowers
and foliage.  Let me know what you think, I love reading your comments.
I am away to the craft room, to tidy and then crack on with the rest of the
goodness knows how many cards I have yet to make.
Crafty Hugs

Monday 1 December 2014

Fabulous Day

Good Monday Afternoon,
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and reading my blog.
Todays card is made using Creative Expressions French Collection Provence and Auvergne Dies, (the inner part of Provence and outer cutting edge of the Auvergne), these are my lovely friend Pat's
dies, I had a play with them and fell in love, some of these dies are so much more beautiful in the flesh!
I used some teal coloured card from my stash, ran it through the Floral Brocade A4 embossing folder from Creative Expressions, designed by the pure genius Sue Wilson, I matted and layered it onto an 8x8 base, I then die cut the French collection dies in both Teal and White and layered them, I stamped the sentiment from a Justrite set and added a few teal coloured gems. I made two stickpins with matching colour beads. I used some Tulle and topped with a matching colour American seam binding ribbon from Creative Expressions tied into a messy bow. I matted a strip of white card (embossed with the same folder) added a few teal adhesive gems. To finish the bow I put together a small arrangement of Teal roses and white paper flowers and a few bits of the new Trailing Ivy dies from Creative Expressions, another gorgeous die that I can't wait to play with.
I Hope you like the card today, as it is the 1st of December I will be showcasing the odd Christmas card  over the next few days, I will put my hands up and admit that up until now I have only made one Christmas Card, so I best get busy!
please see further images of the card below. 
I would love you to stop by again tomorrow, I love reading your comments, they really inspire me to carry on.
crafty Hugs
Sandra xxxxxx