Saturday 30 April 2016

Mixed Crafts Saturday

Lynda's First MDF project

Margaret's Canada Cross Stitch

Janet's Paris Cross Stitch

Good Morning Ladies,

Well it's Saturday once again so that must mean ''Mixed Craft'' day!

Lynda,  I have to say that you would never guess that this was your first 'Altered' MDF project, you have done an amazing job, I love the paper you have used for the heart and the lace you have used around the edge of the heart looks beautiful, the Applique Flower you have added with a pearl centre is the perfect finishing touch, thank you for allowing me to share your first project xxx

Now we have a mini 'World Tour' in Cross Stitch...........

Margaret, I absolutely love your 'Canada' Cross Stitch Sampler, I can see it has all of the things that come to mind when you think about Canada, every little detail is just so perfect, I love the snow capped Rockies and the moose and beaver, its just amazing, thank you so much for allowing to share it xxx

Janet now whisks us off to Paris, wow Janet the amount of detail that you have managed to get into the Eiffel tower is just amazing, those beautiful little girls are so detailed too, you can see all of the creases in their dresses, almost giving movement to the picture, If I remember correctly you gave this as a gift, what an amazing thing to give, so much of your time has gone into creating it, I am sure it has pride of place in their home, thank you for sharing your project Janet xxx

An exciting day for me today, I get to spend the afternoon with Sue, we are going to a Card Class that is featuring the new Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders, after the mess we made with them at Pat's on Wednesday I think we both need all of the help we can get!!  Its my birthday treat for Sue, but its just as much of a treat for me!

Have a lovely day ladies,
Love and Hugs

Friday 29 April 2016

Welcome our newest Blog Family Member & Guilty Secrets

Welcome to A Very Special New Arrival x

 Janet's New Toy

Val's New Stamp

Brenda L New Goodies

Karen(lotty) BARGAIN

Lilian's New Stamp and Glue Gun

Margaret's Range Bargains

Michele's New Embossing Folder

Sonia's New Dies and Ink

Val's New Goodies

My New Dies

Good Morning Ladies,

Please join me in welcoming our newest and very special new Blog Family Member...........
Baby Oscar, Oscar is our Karen's Very Precious Grandson, he arrived on Monday morning,
Huge Congratulations Karen on becoming a Grandma (or Nanny),  I hope you will share lots more photographs of Oscar as he grows, I can literally see your smile from here, I do hope that Charlotte is doing ok too.  Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of sharing your amazing news! xx

Now onto this weeks Craft Shopping........

Janet,  I am so pleased that your New Glue Gun has arrived, you can now get down to some serious 'Altering' and using all of your new Laces and trims, I am soooo excited to see the results xxx

Val, I see you managed to get hold of a Crossword Stamp, I never knew there was such a Stamp, Val told me that she decided she needed this stamp after being directly inspired by Our Michele's Crossword card last week, looking forward to seeing your cards xxx

Brenda has bought a few bits from Crafters Companion, that Magazine looks like its packed with Inspiration, I did buy one last year and I often flick through for some ideas, I saw the lady from 'Be Crafty' (i think) using Linen card with her painting techniques at Ally Pally and it looked really effective so I am excited to see how you get on, the Aqua Blend pencils have had 'rave' reviews across the board so I know you will love these Brenda, I am sure our Ciara will love them too, these are on my wish list too, thanks for sharing xxx

karen (lotty) has shared a BARGAIN with all of us, these make up sponges look and feel very similar to the Smoothies that we all know and love, at £1.50 for 2 they are well worth a try, I have some too, they feel slightly denser than the originals but not hugely different, at that much of a price difference its worth having a go, you could always wash them and use them for make up if you don't get on with them.
Thank you Karen for taking the time to share your bargain, I am sure craft has been the furthest thing from your mind this week xxx

Lilian, I see you have bought a new Glue Gun too, I love that fine nozzle, I would love to hear how you get on with it, I have a Rapid point one, that has a fine nozzle too but the glue really pours out between applications.  I believe those stamps are Leoni's new Stamp range, there is loads of them in that collection, just about something for every occasion, lots of background building too, I think that Anne has these stamps too, so you can compare notes and ideas.  Thank you my lovely xxx

Margaret and Sue popped to the Range last Friday and these are Margaret's great deal purchases, there are two paper pads with mixed colours, I believe Sue said that they were a similar price and quality as the Lidl card we all know and Love, Margaret also bought a new Ruler and a couple of very useful little stamps too, thanks so much for sharing Margaret, did Sue buy anything??? xxx

Michele bought the new Dotted Matrix Embossing Folder from Creative Expressions, I believe she had the same reaction as I did when it arrived though....shocked by the size, we are so used to the A4 size Folders now these A5 ones seem too small and I am not that great at matching them up without getting a little line across, thanks for sharing Michele xxx

Sonia has been doing a little 'SET craft' shopping I predict....I love the Perspective Dies, I am not imaginitive enough to make full use of them, but I love the effect they give and what other people have done with them, I think that they are a very versatile die and I can't wait to see your creations with them, Versafine is a brilliant ink for detail stamping, is this your ink of choice Sonia?? thank you for sharing your buys xxx

Val, part two, some more amazing CE goodies, John Lockwood's Stamps are always good and very useful for many different cards, it looks like you got a 'Stamps to Die for' Stamp for the Melbourne Die too, very pretty and last but not least some Double sided adhesive sheets, CE ones are fab quality! Thank you Val for taking part xxx

I have bought the Stitched Lattice Frame from SET Craft, after using Pat's and loving it so much I just don't think I could manage with out it !! lol, I love the effect it gives and the 'Stitched' detail is amazing too! I also bought the New Ornate Framed 'Happily Ever After' die, not for the sentiment really, I just love that frame with the little hearts in the corners, I did buy some Mini Smoothies and the gorgeous Green Gilding Polish by Cosmic Shimmer, which I love!

Now speaking of New Dies, I want to give you a new 'Mini Challenge'..............
I would like you to delve back to the bottom of your Die Storage and pull out a die that you haven't used for 6 months of more, you can make any card you like, I just feel that we let our older dies slip into early retirement!  At the time we purchased them we thought we couldn't live without them, for instance the Lyra Gemini die, about 8 months or so ago, (maybe longer) I bought this die thinking that I would never put it down, but months have passed and new dies have been launched and it just gets neglected!
So come on, pull out those old favourites, any brand of die is fine.  
I will post your cards next Friday so you have a good week to make one, as well as your weekly challenge of course!  
Everybody that enters will be placed into a little prize draw, you will win a Sue Wilson Original Card and a little something from me too.  So get the dust blown off of those dies!

I am so sorry about this HUGE post today, I just got a bit carried away !

You ladies are amazing, I awake every morning with that little sense of excitement of checking in and reading your comments, you are all my extended family and you mean the world to me, so thank you all for brightening my day xxx

Love and Hugs


Thursday 28 April 2016

Something Pretty for Thursday x

 Good Morning Ladies,

I am absolutely in love with the new Creative Expressions Stitched Lattice Frame Die,  I think its hugely versatile, working for both male and female cards and so many occasions from beautiful Wedding cards to Sympathy cards.

I went for the 'pretty, girly' look for this card, I started with the white Lattice die cut that I did at Pat's today, I then tried it against a few different colour backgrounds but loved the Pale Green Glittery card, so I decided on a pale pink and green theme.
I attached the Lattice die cut, that had been cut using the second largest (middle) frame and the centre lattice piece and added mounting foam, mounted onto to the larger frame, cut using the largest and smallest frame dies from the set. This gives good dimension to the card, I added plenty of Cosmic Shimmer Glue to the frame as I was sticking it to glitter card, then pressed firmly all the way around the frame.
I used Creative Expressions Trailing Ivy die, to create some foliage out of some of the green glitter card, I hot glued them into place and then played with some Silk and pearl flowers to create a spray around then top corner of the card, I needed something else and paper flowers just didn't work so I cut up a gorgeous Flower Trim from Amanda's Shop added a pearl to the centres and used them for little flowers here and there, I threaded some on to green 0.4mm wire to create stems too, a few pink stamens and a couple of little off cuts of pink pearl string made into little loops finished the design.
I cut two different size centres from Creative Expressions Scandinavian Collection to mount my Sentiment on. I added tiny green pearls to all of the centres of the lattice work.
I hope you like my card xx

Set Craft   have the Creative Expressions Stitched Lattice die for £20.75, amazing price !

Sue and I had a lovely day at Pat's, we did do some crafting, but put the world to rights too!! Poor Pete must dread Wednesdays !!

Janet, I hope all went well with your second half of MOT, did you pass?? Or is it time for Jim to trade you in?? Lol, I want first refusal if he does !! Love and hugs xxx

I hope you are all managing your Challenge Card OK?? I might have a little 'mini' challenge for you tomorrow, I have been given some Sue W original cards to give away too, so make sure you check in, also let me have your "guilty secret" purchases too, if you have any !

Have a lovely day everyone, take care it will be frosty this morning, flippin' weather..... Val how many of us can you put up???? We can bring craft goodies!!??

Love and hugs

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Janet's Gorgeous Monochrome card

Good Morning Ladies,

Wow my day yesterday just disappeared, the afternoon just flew by as Becca asked me to go to GP appointment with her so that she could be referred to a different Rheumatology Consultant, as she has no confidence in the one she has, I accompany her and he spends more time complimenting her than he does dealing with her Arthritis symptoms, anyway we got home, then Paul and I had to go out again and when we returned there was a poor, sad cat, crying in pain and shivering in the rain outside our house, Paul picked her up and she was just skin and bone, so we wrapped her in a warm towel and rushed her to the vet, she had no collar and no chip! But vets couldn't take her overnight, so we had to bring her home, I plastered her all over facebook ( it is useful for somethings) but after an hour nobody came forward, so we called RSPCA, after a half hour call they said they would come out and collect her, they then put you through the donation line!! after taking my money they called back to say that they couldn't come out until tomorrow.  I was so frustrated, our cats (which are house cats) were not happy with an 'intruder' in the house! By now it was 10pm, then finally Facebook paid off, somebody knew the cats owner and they came to collect her, she was very old and had got out of the house, she cannot see very well and was very frightened, her owner was very relieved to have their old girl back, finally got to sit down to my tea at 10.30pm!!
So I was mighty glad that I had some cards that I hadn't gotten round to sharing as by then the card I had started to make earlier in the day was laying half finished on my craft desk!  So please keep your cards coming in, I love having them to share.

Today's card is so gorgeous, one of Janet's stunning designs, I am not sure what the gorgeous dies are that Janet has used on this card, they are so delicate and pretty!  That frame is just so beautiful, so please Janet, tell us what it is !!
Janet's card has been beautifully finished with that lovely printed cotton ribbon and those gorgeous stick pins, everything on the card works so well together Janet, it is fabulous, thank you so very much for sending it in for me to share, I can't wait to hear what you have used to make it xxx

Hopefully meeting up with my two lovelies today for some crafting and laughter!

Love and Hugs to All of you,

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Design Team Projects

My DT Kit 

 The top of my altered Suitcase

The Front 

The side view

Fernli Glue Gun Stand

Glue Gun Strand Decorated with Scrimpy's DT kit

Showing layers of lace

With Glue Gun in place

Good Morning Ladies,

I cannot tell how much I enjoyed using the beautiful laces and trtims that I got in my DT kit from Amanda Charlesworth at Scrimpy's Lace Closet, which is a Facebook Shop, Amanda has weekly sales events, usually on as Wednesday evening, if you are interested in any of the beautiful things you have seen me use from Amanda's shop just let me know and I can point you in the right direction, or look Amanda up on fb. 

My first project was the cute little suitcase that I received in my DT kit, I painted the whole thing with Gesso, I then added some of my Magnolia Lane paper to the top of the case, as I just loved the beautiful Lady, I made a frame for the face with Creative expressions Melbourne die, I used Cosmic Shimmer Enchanted Gold Gilding Wax to the frame, I then arranged some Wild Orchid Crafts around the frame, also added a tiny rose and some of Scrimpy's Iridescent Bead String to the girls hair.  I added a Butterfly taken from the Butterfly trim in my DT kit and added Somme pink pearls along its body, I used a piece of trim and some pink pearl string around the edge of the case to draw your eye into the focal element. 
The side of the suitcase was covered with 3 different laces from my kit and my own purchases too, they look so pretty when all layered together.  I ran some pink pearl trim around the bottom to finish the edge off properly.
So what do you think?? 

Now onto  my second project, this time I used an MDF Glue Gun Stand from Fernli Designs, the quality of all of their MDF products is amazing, everything goes together so easily.  I covered the whole thing with a pretty blue and pink paper from my stash, I then cut a small square of plastic that was inside some pearl packaging, I cut it to fit the area beneath the glue gun nozzle, that way any dribbles of glue will fall onto there and cn easily be removed.  I took some of my Scrimpy's laces and ran one around the bottom edge of the project, I then ran some flatback pink pearl string around to neaten and finish off, I added some tassel lace around the top of the holder and then added some pink seam binding ribbon and added some some double row pearl trim to added a pretty touch, I did exactly the same to the part that holds the glue gun too! 
I think it looks quite pretty!

Thank you Amanda for asking me to be part of your DT, I loved the kit and making new things, I can't wait for the next one !!

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs
Sandra xxx

Monday 25 April 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

My Challenge Card

This Weeks Sketch

Good Morning Ladies,

We had a lovely time meeting with Paul's family for lunch yesterday, we just don't get time to meet up with family often enough, due to Paul's shift pattern and the girl's busy schedule, so its always a treat when we do!  I have to say though the roast lunch wasn't up to much, my children are huge roast potato fans, now we only use Beef dripping or goose fat to cook them in and Maris Pipers only!! My lot love them so much they leave them till last to eat !!  So they were a little disappointed when they tried the ones at the hotel their faces were a picture, they were hard on the outside and just dry in the middle, the meat was good though, as were the starter and dessert! Sadly we had to leave quite early as it's an hour and a half drive home and Paul had to get ready and be in work for 6:30pm, so it was a bit of a mad dash!

This weeks sketch is quite simple, the three boxes could have anything in them, three buttons or flowers, even words or birds/butterflies, that part is up to you.  I ended up having to put together super quick after we got back from Birmingham and I got the girls so food etc and packed Matt off for another week.  
But you can get the idea, after I published Brenda's tip yesterday about using Alcohol pens to colour ribbon I tried it out, I had nothing that really matched the Blue of the Floral Pavilion that I have under, so I got a promarker and coloured the flower trim blue to match, I like the results!!  That trim and the flower trim that I cut the three white flowers in the boxes both come from Amanda Charlesworth's store on fb,such good value and amazing quality, Janet, Cheryl & Lynda will all agree !
I added some tiny blue Acrylic Flowers for the centres, they are so cute! 
I hope that my card gives you a little inspiration.

Lilian, we are all thinking about you sweetheart, this next few days will be tough, we are all here for you my lovely xxx

Have a great day ladies,
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx

Sunday 24 April 2016

Sketch Challenge Cards

The Sketch

My challenge Card

Anne' Challenge card

 Brenda's Challenge Card

 Ciara's Challenge Card

 Janet's Challenge Card

 Karen M's Challenge Card

Karen (lotty) Challenge Card

 Lilian's Challenge Card

 Lynda's Challenge Card

 Margarets Challenge Card

 Maria's Challenge Card

 Michele's Challenge Card

 Michele's Challenge Card

 Sue's Challenge Card

 Val's Challenge Card

 Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Well you have amazed me once again ladies, so many of you taking part in this week's Sketch Challenge.

Anne, your card is gorgeous, such an unusual theme for a card, the lavender looks like yoiu could actually smell it !! Thgank yoiu so much for taking part this week xxx

Brenda, I love your card, the background paper you have used is beautiful and using your Copic pens to colour the ribbon so that it matches is genius, it has worked a treat too, perfect colour match, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Ciara, it's hard to believe that you are only 9 years old !! The challenge card you have made is absolutely amazing, I love it, especially as you sent this card to me, it really did bring a smile to my face after a bit of a tough week.  Thank you so much sweetheart for taking part, I hope you will take part each week as I love to see your cards. xxx

Janet, I love your card, gorgeous colour, I cannot believe after the week you have and with that elephant sat on your chest! you still managed to make a card, I know why you went to the effort, I really do appreciate you taking the time to make it, thank you so very much, now rest and relax and
please get well soon xxx

Karen M, oh my, I love those Botanica papers that you used to make your challenge card this week, I can't believe that you cut into them, or did you buy two pads? (1 to use and 1 to stroke and look at)
Your card is gorgeous, thank you so much for taking part each week my lovely xxx

Karen, I love the card you have created, a perfect 'Man' card, those papers are great and I love the 'splattered' background you have made, it matches perfectly, thank you so much for taking the time to take part Karen, I really do appreciate it xxx

Lilian, your card is so beautiful, the roses and the flourishes look so gorgeous in that bottom corner,
I know that you have had a very tough week too so the fact that you went out of your way to make your challenge card is amazing and I real do appreciate it, thank you so much xxx

Lynda, WOW, another gorgeous challenge card from you, I see you have parted with a little more of your lace, I love that paper you have used too.  I bought that Spellbinders Tag die at Ally Pally and love it but haven't got round to using it yet.  Thank you so much for taking part my lovely xxx

Margaret, oh you card is so pretty, I love that beautiful background paper you have used, the butterflies and perfectly matched flags finish your card off perfectly, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Maria, wow, you have been having a go at using masks to create different backgrounds, you are amazing, I love the background you have made, it looks like it has lots of texture too, the spotty ribbon works perfectly as it picks up the dotty theme in your background, you must tell me what you did to achieve that look, thank you for taking part Maria xxx

Michele, Two cards from you this week!  Both your cards are fab, I love the colours you have used in your first card, but my favourite is the Adorable button bird on your second card, omg Michele he is so cute, I think he should feature on all of your Christmas cards this year, thank you for taking part Michele xxx

Sue,  If you keep this up you will have all of your Christmas cards made by the time we get to December!! Love this card, that paper you used is really pretty, the bow adds a perfect touch to those flags, tying them in perfectly with the rest of your card. Thank you so much to taking part in the challenge this week Sue xxx

Val, I am glad you like the challenge this week, your card is amazing, the embossing folder you have used has given the perfect background for your card, the hint of pink in the mat you have used ties in perfectly with those flags, the gorgeous ribbon gives the perfect finishing touch, thank you so much for taking part xxx

We are off out to lunch today with all of Paul's family to celebrate his Mum & Dad's 55th (Emerald) wedding Anniversary, it will be lovely to meet up with everyone.

I hope that you all have a good day too,

Love and Hugs

Saturday 23 April 2016

Mixed Crafts Saturday

 Angela's Gift Bag and card

Ciara's Handmade Flowers

Amy's Cake for Amber

Margaret's Amazing Cross Stitch

Good Morning ladies,

You know how much I love bringing you Mixed Craft Saturday, so I was thrilled when I had enough photos sent in to share with you all.  

Angela, I love your gorgeous gift bag and matching card, you can pop a simple token gift in and it looks so much more!!  I love the design you have used 
too, adding a little crocheted ribbon gives a real touch of luxury!!
Thank you so much for sharing your work with us xxxx

Ciara, WOW, you are so amazingly talented when it comes to creating these beautiful handmade flowers, bringing some die cut pieces of paper to life and creating such a wonderful display is something very tricky to achieve, usually it takes a lot of practice, you should be very proud of your work Ciara, you are very talented, keep practising too, I love seeing all the beautiful things that you create.  Thank you so much for sharing your work with us xxxx

Amy, your cake is just fantastic, I can't believe the detail you have put into every
Piece of the cake, the roof of the stable looks thatched, you can see the grain of the wood on the stable walls, the horses mains look amazing too, then there is
all of the extra detail in the bail of hay and the water trough.  You really do have a talent, if you can achieve this standard without any training, just imagine what you could achieve if you did a college course or something, there is a lot of money to be made in Novelty cakes, maybe its something you should look into if only for a hobby.  I can't wait to see more of your cakes, thank you so much for sharing your fantastic cakes with us xxxx

Margaret, what a beautiful piece of Cross Stitch this is, it looks like you are peeking through the flower garden up to the stunning cottage, with what
Looks like a thatched roof with lots of trees behind, its a really believable
View, which you sometimes loose in artwork, its a piece that yoiu would notice
More detail in every time you looked at it, I cannot wait to see how Maria's Cross Stitch will look once you have bought it to life! Thank you so very much for sharing your work with us xxxx

Once again you wonderful friends have made my heart swell with pride, how lucky am I to have so many talented friends?! I am so thankful xxx

Have a lovely Saturday

Love and hugs

PS.. D

Friday 22 April 2016

A little bit of Guilty Secret Confessions for Friday

Good Morning ladies,

I hope that you are all ok, all of you that have been to visit the 'Vampire' have recovered from the experience.  What a coincidence that so many of you had it the same week.

I cannot believe that Friday is upon us once again, this week has just flown, not sure if it's because Paul has been home, or that I haven't been on top form, I am feeling better, my antibiotics are all finished. Paul is back at work today, so I will be in the craft room, I am going to use the die cuts I made the other day with Pat's new Stitched Frame Lattice die, I am trying to decide whether or not I would use it enough.  Mainly because when I go through my die folder I hardly use the Californian collection that I bought or some of the dies that at the time I thought I couldn't live without !!
Maybe we should have a mini challenge next week to use a die that you haven't used for 3 months or more, what do you think???

Now onto this week's purchases.....

Pat has bought two new additions to her 'Groovi Plate' collection, both of them are Christmas themed I believe, although you could use elements from both for any card.  I was amazed at how fab the images looked when I was watching Pat colour some of her images on Wednesday.  Pat has also bought the new Stitched Lattice Frame die set from the 'Shadowbox' range of dies by Creative Expressions, I cut some of them out on Wednesday and will be having a play today, first impressions are very good, its a lovely die.  Thanks Pat for taking part today xxxx

Michele has bought the ''Techno Gadgets'' die set from Robert Addams 'All Occasion Dies'
it looks like it will be an amazing die set for Teenagers and boys in general, with Ipods and Game Console Handsets and Headphones, most of which my two teenagers have in their hands on a daily basis, I think that this die will be invaluable for making cards to sell at your Attic sale Michele, as that is a tricky age to make cards for, a very wise buy! Thank you for taking part Michele xxxx

Val, our 'shopper of the week'  I think!!  What a incredible Haul, It looks like you bought the die that Michele won yesterday, is it the Bruges Die from the Belgian Collection, I see you got the Shadow Box die too, I love the Bicycle Die, I can just picture a card with lots of flowers flowing from the basket!!  I can't quite see what the other dies are, they look like pretty corner dies, from Joanna Sheen,  You got some of the essential adhesives too, two of the best glues out there!  Thank you so much for sharing your purchases with us Val xxxx

Thank you ladies for taking the time to take part once again, this blog just wouldn't work without all of you participating each day. So thank you for your loyalty and support, you have no idea what a difference you all make to my life, making it a much brighter place, heartfelt thanks to all of you xxx

Have a fun day, oh and if any of you have any crafty things that you have made or want to show off, please send me a photo for Mixed Craft Saturday.

Love and Hugs to all of you,