Friday, 15 April 2016

Angela's Beautiful Boxed card

 Angela's Boxed Card

Angela's Beautiful card
Good Morning Ladies,

How can it be Friday already?  It doesn't seem 5 minutes since we were preparing to meet up at 
Ally Pally.  

I just couldn't wait to share this beautiful all white card that has been designed and created by Angela,
your card making is just amazing Angela, this is just the most beautiful card.   The delicate embellishments, pretty pearl trimmed butterfly, a stunning lace bow, a beautiful fabric flower and some little pearl flowers just finish this stunning card perfectly. Is it one you have cut out on your Cricut ? 
The box is trimmed with a matching die cut shape and finished with a pretty ribbon and a few pearls.
Thank you so much Angela for sharing your stunning card with us, xxx
I hope you can call in today to tell us how you created this card.

Lilian, I am pleased to hear that you have family arriving at the weekend to support you xxx

Angela and Trevor, have a lovely weekend away. xxx

I apologise for not making a card for today, these new antibiotics are making me feel really rough.
Hopefully normal service will return shortly xxx

Have a good day ladies,
Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    ANGELA - a beautiful gift for any occasion. I have to say gift as I think this is more than just a card. I love white on white and I would love to know how you cut the shape etc.
    Please come and let us know.

    LILIAN - I'm pleased you're going to have some support this week-end. These are the time we all need family and friends so you can all comfort each other. Hugs for you my Dear Friend.

    Well ladies I'm still smiling from all yesterday's comments re the house next door here at Marigny. What an occasion it would be to have everyone with all crafting machines going at once just imagine it!!!! Sandra get working on Paul re buying. You know property is always a good investment hehehehe.
    HAZEL - it was lovely to have you back in the café yesterday Dear Friend.

    It's our last Friday market until the middle of June when we hope to return for the summer and it a very dull, damp and grey morning at the moment. I still haven't packed my craft box for it's return to the UK so that's the job this afternoon as I've already been asked if I've got everything together for the car to be packed!

    I see everything is ready for the door to be opened to the café so come on in, sit down, and have a welcome cup of tea/coffee and a natter.
    'll be back later to see what everyone is up to

    SANDRA -I hope your new meds have started to kick in and that you're feeling a little better this morning my Dear Friend.

    Hugs should have arrived so can someone please check the basket and make sure that those Huggles haven't pushed them all out.

    1. Janet I'm about to make a cup of tea, could I have one of your virtual pastries? I fancy something with strawberries on - please xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Angela-WOW! Stunning card & box, really gorgeous.

    Sandra-hope you start to feel better very soon.

    I'm so glad it's Friday-feels like it's been a very long week. Tomorrow I need to pop into Southport then I'm going to all in the craft shop as they left me a message a couple of weeks ago to say there was a free gift waiting for me . I stayed for a Woodware demo , bought a few basics then left & it seems that Woodware were giving bags out. Don't know any more details than that so will investigate tomorrow!


  3. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Beautiful creation by Angela :-) Just love white on white. Absolutely stunning!
    I hope you're soon feeling better Sandra, nothing worse than feeling unwell and not being able to craft :-(
    Looking forward to hearing about Michele's free gift - must have been a lovely surprise when you got the message :-)
    I did pop in quickly yesterday to see all of your purchases and what a fab selection of goodies everyone bought. Enjoy :-)
    Hoping everyone has a good day.
    Sending hugs to all, and to Lilian thinking of you and glad you have family arriving to support you.

  4. Good Morning Sandra and all,
    Do hope the medds have started to work overnight Sandra and that you're feeling a bit brighter this morning.

    ANGELA what an amazing card. So love white on white - so clean and fresh.
    Just love the shape. Is it bought or made? Bet the person you've made is for is/was overjoyed.
    JANET, Enjoy you final Friday market. Good luck with the packing.
    MICHELE Looking forward to seeing whats in your goodie bag.

    Lynn and Pauls one day off today and we're having a barbeque later. The first this year. Looking forward to it.

    No craft class todat today as after helping John out at AP last weekend, Wendy is visiting family especially her new little granddaughter.

    Sorry Sandra I still havent made my cc for this week. I just cant get my head around the pocket. Its really stumping me.

    Lilian, so glad your family are with you this weekend. Its so good to have support. Do hope you're feeling better. My thoughts are with you.

    Have a wonderful day everyone whatever you're doing.

    Love Val x

    1. Hello Val - so envious of the bbq. I've had to put the log burner on this afternoon here in Marigny. Still hope it will be better in June when we return for the summer. Hugs xxxx

    2. Oh Janet poor you. I'm sure when you get back in June you'
      ll be so warm. Which part of France are you in. Apart from Paris only ever been to Brittany. It was many years ago and we were camping. It was one of the best holidays we ever had. Lovely people and amazing food. X

  5. Good morning everyone, thank you for lovely comments. Yes Sandra, the shapes were cut using my little mini Cricut. The card was for a friends Pearl anniversary. The outside shape on the box was an afterthought as I had made a bit of a boo boo cutting the top by hand it covered up the raggedy edge nicely.
    Just getting ready for the drive to Devon, Good weekend to all, see you next week x

    1. Angela , I love your white on white card it looks so elegant and classy, I'm sure the recipient adored it, I know I would.
      Have a lovely weekend in Devon.xo

  6. Good morning Ladies,
    Hope you are feeling a lot better today Sandra.
    Also happy to hear Lillian will have her family around her, sending comfort hugs xo.
    I did pop in yesterday for a quick look at all the lovely stash, I have been trying to be good but after seeing all that , I was tempted with the Mirri card blocks and the Heartfelt frog pad, so I'm blaming you girls ha ha! I meant to call back in but spent the day working in the garden till I was too tired to do anything more.
    Janet I look forward to hearing about the luscious cakes you choose today and hope you get all your craft box packed for the journey home.
    What a lovely surprise Michele ,can't wait to hear what you get!
    Val, enjoy your barbecue , hopefully in the sunshine, lucky you!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne, I did notice a few days ago that you'd ordered some Sketchers from QVC. Don't know if they've arrived yet. I'd love a pair myself as I do so much walking with Gracie I need something comfy. I've heard the sizes are not true UK measurements so I don't know what to order. I usually take a 7 and dont want to get the wrong size as there is so much hassle sending things back from here. I'd really appreciate you letting me know how you get on with them.
      Enjoy yourday.
      Love Val x

    2. Hi Val, the Sketchers I ordered were a 7 and they fit perfectly but they are open with a toe post, I have had the slip on trainer type before and they were a 7 also , I sometimes have to take a half size bigger in some makes but haven't needed to with Sketchers, hope that's of some help, happy shopping!
      Cheers, Anne xo

  7. Hi Sandra
    I'm glad your on some new meds and that they kick in soon. I'm sorry to hear they're making you feel yucky. Been down the Drs today, guess what I have Arthritis in my other hip, surprise surprise. She said to keep worrying the hospital as they quite often have cancellations. Also my Pottasium is very low, and she wants to keep a check on my kidneys because of the Naproxen so another appointment in 3 weeks.
    Maria I actually saw your post re the paints that you bought from AP. Don't faint with the shock will you.
    Lilian I'm glad your daughter and SIL are jouning you fir the weekend and that your remembering the good times you had with your sister, gentle hugs on there way to you.
    Angela love the card and box you've made, you ladies sure are clever.
    Enjoy your prize Michelke whatever it is. I love Woodware stamps. We're coming up to Warrington at the end of May, so might have a wander round Stockport, I'd also like to see the statues at Crosby as well.
    Hugs to all in need of one today.

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Sandra I hope you're feeling a little better than you were when you wrote the blog above, it's horrible when we have to take medicines that end up making us feel really yucky, I hope that has worn off by now and you are feeling the benefit.

    Angela, I love white on white, it is so classy, your card is no exception - it is beautiful, in fact with the box it's a real gift, I'm sure the recipient was absolutely delighted with this gift. xx

    Lillian it was lovely you managed to pop in at this very sad time, you are in our thoughts and prayers. LOL

    Hope all our friends feeling unwell or in pain are getting the support and help you need, sending gentle hugs. xx

    Have a good day everyone, Brenda xxx

  9. Hi everyone, I'm really late today, have been at our craft shop all day, and it is now raining hailstones!! I wonder if Anne has had snow as it was forcast for her.
    Angela your card is lovely, I hope the person receiving it loved it.
    Just an update from C&C, no postage as it is a birthday celebration, I used my £10 voucher, and bought two packs of satin card, it was buy one get one free, couldn't resist, I only paid £3.45, bargain or what.
    Need to go, dinner to get on, please take care xxx

    1. Yes Jess, we have had snow showers then the sun would shine again , a really strange weather day, I stayed in my craft room( best place on a day like this) .
      Sounds like you got a good bargain, I was sure I only got 5 vouchers and they said I was to get six, I should have kept a note.xo

  10. Great bargain JESS Very pretty card ANGELA I hope the meds make a difference SANDRA I'm going to attempt the sketch tonight

  11. Sorry been looking after boys today. Not had a good day. No hot water unless heating on, gas board been p, needs parts so that's Monday, main computer won't power up,so it off to be repaired, and to crown it all Gillian little cat she got from Andrew the week before they got married last year, was knocked down this morning he is still with us, vets got him sedated on drips for fluids and antibiotics, he has bad face damage and it looks like he will have to have his leg amputated, nothing getting done till Monday as he is in bad shock and terribly traumatised. Gillian and Andrew not home till Sunday. So it's been phone calls back and forward all day. Stan ( cat) doesn't normally go out, he has played up the couple who have been house sitting and looking after the cats he escaped and wouldn't come in. Gillian in bits as he is the baby of the three cats and extra special as he was one of Andrews gifts on the week running up to them getting married in July last year.
    Angela, your card is stunning, love white on white cards also your box is lovely too. Xxx

    1. Oh Hazel, poor Stan. Do hope he improves and his leg doesnt have to be amputated. He's getting the best treatment anyway so hope Monday brings better news. Do let us know how he gets on.
      Not a good day for you . Hope all youre probs are sorted out soon. Val x

  12. Evening Ladies

    My boss loved her card & present-thank goodness! She said she thought it was a lovely present & very thoughtful of me. She has a huge amount of books in her house (they were her husbands, he died a few years ago aged 50) so I thought the book art she created would have a special meaning to her & her 2 daughters.

    The crossword stamp is by doCrafts Papermania & was £3.00 in case anyone wants to search for it.


    1. Hi Michele, I'm not surprised your boss loved her card and present. They were lovely and so thoughtful..
      Thanks for saying who made the stamp. I'll nip on to ebay and see if I can find it.
      Have a good weekend. Val x

  13. Hi, me again. Just bought it on ebay for £2.69 and with postage over here cost £5.04.altogether. really pleased. X

  14. Hi Sandra and all.
    Hope you have had a better day and that the meds. not make you feeling to bad. Hope you and Paul had a nice day too.
    Angela - Love your card and box to it. Absolutely Gorgeous. Glad you let Sandra show us your crafts, they are lovely !
    Oh Hazel, what a day you have had. So hope it all goes well for Stan. Take care.
    Lilian - glad you have some of the family around for the weekend. Sending you some special hugs.
    Karen- any news from Charlotte ? Waiting in anticipation :-) Fingers crossed it all goes well.
    Have been out most of the day and then promptly had a snooze in the chair infront of the Tv this afternoon so we'll see when Mr Sandman visiting next. Seeing Julia W tomorrow for some crafting with some other ladies so I'll be back sometime in the afternoon to see what you have been up too. Have a good night everyone, hugs Maria xxxx