Tuesday 30 April 2019

Maria's 1st Animal Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Wow what an absolutely glorious day we were treated to yesterday, bit chilly to start with but the sun came out and stayed out for pretty much the rest of the day.  Which I was super relieved about as we have had another orphan lamb, Matt bought if back on Saturday evening and boy is she loud, she is a fraction of the size of our three little girls but can out 'baa' them without a doubt! 

Today's card is Maria's Animal themed Challenge card from last weeks challenge, I didn't see it in time to add it for Sunday so it can have it's day today and then I will share the other card that Maria made.
Maria has layered that adorable dog topper onto some perfectly matching card and then put a beautiful lace trimmed frame around the image, the card the frame is made from looks really textured, I absolutely love that die cut sentiment Maria, the font is gorgeous.
Thank you so much for such a lovely animal card Maria, like you, none of my cards are 'quick cards', regardless what technique I use!  
Thanks again my lovely XXX

Bit of a surprise today as Sue is coming over a day early this week, (could be something to do with tomorrow being some kind of special day I guess)  I'm not complaining though, it will be nice to have someone to talk to and chat with. xxx

I must admit I must have had my head under a rock as far as Sarah Davies is concerned, I had no idea about any plagiarism etc, other than the Sheena thing, I will say that I was only really aware of what she did in the early days, as I said before I am no big Crafters Companion consumer.  In those early days she was remarkably successful for someone so young.  I must do a bit of research.....

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,


Monday 29 April 2019

My 'Fancy Fold' Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend, I was so pleased that Sunday turned out to be such a lovely day, we spent most of the day in the garden with the lambs, Paul was pottering around doing some jobs, lovely and relaxed.

I decided to go and have a play in the craft room later in the day, I couldn't decide which Fold to go for, so ended up with a simple Easel Card.
I used The Paper Boutique's Butterfly Ballet papers to create my card, using different elements of their card making kit to create the background and one of the Toppers for the centre piece of the card. I had some 'Little Birdie' flowers from the range which had colours in them that matched beautifully with the papers, so I added a few of them around the card to embellish, I edged the cards with Fresh Fig ink and used some matching faceted gems to add finishing touches.
I hope you like my card. xx

Have you all seen that Crafters Companion's Sarah Davies is going to join the TV Show 'Dragons Den (as one of the Dragon's) , I had to read it twice before I believed it, although I will say that she has been an enormously successful business woman, starting out by designing a Wooden Enveloper (envelope making tool) that I actually own on of! From there she went on to design the 'Ultimate Pro' crafting tool that went on to sell in the millions, winning lots of awards along the way.  It will be fun to see how many business she invests in, I wonder if any budding craft entrepreneur will try their luck for an investment.?!

I hope you have a lovely day my lovelies,

Love and Hugs


Sunday 28 April 2019

Your Animal themed Challenge cards

Good Morning Ladies,

Janet it was lovely to read that you had a good journey, what a thoughtful friend Sylvie is for freshening up the place and lighting the fire, I think the fire makes everything feel cosy, I know when somewhere has stood empty for a while it can feel damp, I am wondering if your shopping involved cakes??? I can't wait for the first description!  Everything this end is fine, Margaret has the place looking lovely with lots of fresh cakes on display. I am not sure if she is offering a Sunday Roast though! Please relax and make the most of every second that you are at Marigny xxx

You have all made some amazing animal themed cards for this weeks challenge ladies, I struggled I'm afraid, I have no idea what's going on in my head but I just really struggle every time I go into the craft room, that Notebook is the first creative thing I have managed for a while.  I told Paul on Friday that I was going to sell all my craft stuff as I have no inspiration to use any of it right now.  To be honest I think that I haven't been fully back to normal since being so unwell earlier this year, I still can't take the Beta Blockers as the levels in my liver aren't back to normal yet.  I have to make an appointment next week and book another blood test.  I think between that and the lambs I am mentally and physically exhausted, fingers cross that my creativity returns from vacation soon.

Now let's see your cards...…..


Karen was straight back from Holiday and into the craft room to make two fantastic Animal Themed Challenge cards, I will add Karen's descriptions below.....

Here’s a cc with butterflies
It was young Nicki’s 1st wedding anniversary earlier this week which is paper I chose purple as the background colour as that was the colour her bridesmaids wore Dies used are SE Perspective HAPPY die and JL butterflies

Here’s another cc with animals A really simple card for posting I will probably add a Merry Christmas die sentiment to the inside
Made with a piece of Hunkydory Twilight Forest paper with Sizzix dies Winter Wonderland And Branched Birch.

Karen I love both of your cards, I would like to send Huge Congratulations to the lovely Nicki on her Wedding Anniversary, that first one always feels so special.
Now I love the Newsprint paper you have die cut your sentiment on on your first card Karen, it makes such a great effect against the plain coloured background, what an inspirational idea.
Your second card is stunning, I love how the Deer is walking out from behind the trees, such a clever little touch.  
Thanks so much for taking part Karen XXX


Now Val was going to go for a Cat's & Dog's theme for her Challenge card for this week, until her Craft Magazine dropped through the door with this amazing Leopard featured and that incredible background, just look at all the different animals that are featured.
Such an amazing card Val, thank you so much for taking part.  I am so pleased that you have your TV etc back on and that the sun is drying out some of flood water.  When we stayed at a friends place in Torreveija a few years ago, the weather was bright and beautiful sunshine one minute and the next there was the most horrendous rain storm that saw cars at the bottom of their street (a hill) up to their windows in water, we love to 'people watch' and that night sat on the balcony watching all of these ladies tottering along on stiletto shoes in rainwater that was running like a river, you can't pay for that kind of entertainment!  The area where we holiday on the Costa Brava has similar weather.  Having seen the news though I think that last weekend saw an exceptional amount of rainfall for your area. Luckily that amazing sunshine soon makes up for it! XXX


Lilian I know that I say it every week but you have some of the most amazing images/toppers etc that feature stunning scenes and nature, this particular one being no exception, just look at the detail, its incredible, it looks almost photographic, that is the level of skill that the amazing Pollyanna Pickering had when it came to any creature though, it must almost seem like a privilege to be able to use images that she has hand drawn.
Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful image and stunning card, I for one am totally enjoying seeing the cards you make as you work your way through your existing craft stash. XXX


Our Janet has 'only' turned in 5 cards this week, I laughed when I opened her email almost apologising for the fact that the cards were (in her opinion) 'simple'!
Janet you have produced 5 amazing animal themed challenge cards this week, whilst being super busy packing and organising for your trip to Marigny, I would have totally understood if you hadn't managed to make one, so was totally blown away to see 5 'FANTASTIC' challenge cards.

I will add Janet's description below....

Here are my CCs for this week.

As I said they are very simple ones because of the time I've had.

I went back to my CDs and found

Joanna Sheen's 'Messy Rabbit' CD which I bought years ago and so cards 1-4 are from that CD.
The 5th card is from a DIGI Crafts CD called 'Furry Friends'

I love all of your cards Janet, particularly that super smiley Pig! thank you so much my lovely XXX

Michele has provided us all with some incredible inspiration this past week with all of these amazing Animal themed cards, they have all been matt and layered perfectly, with the prettiest of background papers.
I am not sure but think some of the images are from Ella's Design, others are Digi downloads I think, Michele has probably already said but I have a head like a sieve these days!
Michele, thank you so much for so many amazing cards and SO much inspiration. XXX


Margaret has used the super cute 'Hedgehugs' stamp set from Stampin Up! to create both of these amazing cards, you just can't help but say 'awww' when you see their cute little faces.
The first card features a cute little squirrel too!

Thank you so much Margaret for two lovely challenge cards XXX



Brenda has had a trouble getting on to comment this week, so I took the liberty of uploading this super cute Cat Christmas card that Brenda had shared on a previous challenge. I love this card and the addition of the 'Fluffy Stuff' snow really gives the card so texture.
Thanks so much for such a lovely card Brenda XXX


I'm not sure if Maria made it out from under that cosy duvet, at the time of writing this post I hadn't seen any email so I looked back at some older cards of Maria's and found this card, what could be more perfect right now!!
Such a cute image of a lamb sat among the daffodils!! I think that ours would have eaten them, I was laughing yesterday as they had eaten a whole pot of chives and started on a rosemary bush, I said to Paul that they could be advertised as pre'marinated!!   (luckily these babies are going on to be Ewe's for breeding, so won't be appearing on anyone's table anytime soon!!)
Thank you for such  a cute card Maria, stay warm and snuggled up my lovely  XXX

Well ladies, so many cute cards on display this week, a good variety of animals too, thank you all for taking part XXXXX

Sue, I haven't heard from you for a couple of days, I do hope you are ok my lovely, sending huge hugs xxxxx

Love and huge hugs to the rest of you too,


Saturday 27 April 2019

Mixed Up Saturday including Michele's Mag Review

All Front Cover

Inside front cover (tuck spot)

Back Cover

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and prepared for a nice relaxed weekend, I am hoping ours will be apart from feeding and cleaning up after 3 lambs, they have really developed their vocal chords now and REALLY let me know when it's Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Supper time, hopefully we are on the count down to them being returned to the barn now!

I am sharing some pictures of a covered notebook that I have been making this week, I have actually really enjoyed sitting and playing with all the crafty bits and pieces involved, it's the first proper 'crafty' thing that I have felt that I have succeeded at in weeks, as my creative enthusiasm has gone on holiday, I am presuming it's purely tiredness from being so unwell and having our new family members.

I used the Crafters Companion Peaches & Pinks papers to decorate what was a plain Kraft card covered notebook, I added some different bits of lace down the side of the notebook, trying to draw the eye away from that ugly wire spiral thingy! I then added some pearl trim, arranged some matching coloured flowers and beads, a few pearl swirls too, I personalised the cover with my new Foil Quill tool for my Scan & Cut, I am playing a bit each day slowly getting used to the technology, although I could do with a Karen crash course!
Inside the front cover I fussy cut a large floral piece from the papers and glued it just at the very edge, this will make a 'tuck spot' for receipts, little notes etc.  The back cover is just a flat piece of the card with some lace trim and a few pearls in the centre of the flowers.
A little ribbon dangle added to the spiral to finish the look, what do you think???

Next up today we have Michele's Magazine review...….

Hi Ladies,

Papercraft Inspiration has Rosette Making kit free this month.

This article show just some of the items you can use the rosettes on.

Interesting article on inks-explains the difference between Distress ink and Oxides.

The style of the free papers inside the magazine are lovely but they’re on the shiny paper that magazines use. You can download them (or photocopy them) which would produce much better quality papers.

Making Cards & Papercraft Magazine has some gorgeous free papers-excellent quality ones!

The first feature using the free papers are suitable for many occasions especially Male birthday cards.

The second feature features the Floral papers which are so pretty. Perfect for a Get Well Card or even a wedding card.

That’s all for now.


Thank you so much Michele for another fantastic magazine review, I will say that it always frustrates me when magazines print their pretty papers on such rubbish paper, it makes them all but impossible to use, I have to admit that I had never thought of photcopying them though, thats a fantastic tip Michele.
The Floral papers in the second magazine are really pretty, so are the sample cards that they have made to inspire us.
Thanks for the time and effort you put into writing this review each week my lovely. XXX

That's all for today Ladies,

Sending love and hugs to all of you,


Friday 26 April 2019

Next Weeks Challenge / Throwback Friday






Good Morning Ladies,

As you might have guessed by the selection of cards above, I thought that we would have a different 'Challenge' This week.
I would like you all to make a "Fancy Fold'' card, it can be any shape or style you like other than the everyday side fold card that we usually make.
So you could use any of the cards above as inspiration as there are some lovely card styles there, oy you could make a 

Shaped card, 
You could use a die to cut the base of your card
Tent fold
Easel card
Stepper card
Gatefold card
Exploding Box (Val's favourite) Tehehehe!!

Oooh we are going to have some spectacular cards on display next Sunday!!

I am so glad that it's Friday, it has seemed like a really long week this week, although it was a short one.  I do wish the weather we had last weekend would return, it makes for a much quieter life, mostly as the lambs could be out side in their pen, yesterday I ended up leaving the back door open for them to come and go as they pleased, between their pen in the utility room and the garden.  The end result was a VERY messy utility room floor.

What are you all up to this weekend?  Paul had hoped to go to the allotment this weekend but I don't think that the weather is going to make that easy.  

I hope that however you spend your day you have a good one,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Thursday 25 April 2019

Some more Inspiration from Michele, such a cute card....

Good Morning Ladies,

Well ladies, the CafĂ© is open, pardon the noise of the lambs in the garden, they will keep the grass down and they are cute to watch.  Janet has left us some lovely chocolate brownies and other goodies, Margaret will bring some Coconut Lemon cake in and her famous fruit cake too (sorry for those of you that are trying to achieve your 'Beach Bodies' hahaha, as we always say though, these virtual cakes are totally 100% calorie, gluten, everything Free!! Which makes them guilt free too, so enjoy!

Today's adorable card is another of Michele's Animal cards for this weeks Animal themed challenge, I have to say I don't think I have seen a cuter image, those hedgehogs are just darling, I love their little blushing cheeks.  You have picked the background papers to match perfectly, those shades of cream and peach pick up the colour of the hedgehogs and their rosey cheeks perfectly. Your matting and layering is perfect as always and everything ties together beautifully.
You have reminded me to get my hedgehog stamps out, so thanks for that, thanks so much for the inspiration too my lovely.

Sadly Sue was unable to come over yesterday as she had a Migraine, I so wish the GP could help you with them Sue as you have them so often.  I know that a lot of people got relief from having part of their ear pierced, have you ever looked into that? It's so sad that it causes you so much disruption to your life. xx

I started to make a covered notebook yesterday for a swap over on our facebook group, (link below)which I will share with all of you as I finish it.
If ever any of you want to take part in the swaps just let me know, I loved swapping with the lady from New York last month, its so nice to see what products etc that they use, the other thing that I really enjoyed was reading a Handwritten letter, they are rare these days, which is such a shame,
the postage was only £3.40 too which I thought was really reasonable. 

Janet, Bon voyage my lovely, we look forward from hearing from you when you reach Calais or Marigny. xxx

Love and hugs to all of you lovely friends,