Tuesday 9 April 2019

My Swaps from Elaina in New York

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I am sharing with you the beautiful set of Notelets that I got from my Swap partner called Elaina, she lives in Staten Island New York, I was so excited to be doing a swap with someone from a different country, as they have completely different craft products to us and usually different card making styles too. It's a bit like having an international pen pal, as you both write a little about yourself in the card that accompanies your swap.
Elaina made four perfectly matching Notelets, they were Aperture cards with w pretty blue frame around the aperture, Elaina added the matching colour ink around the edge of the card to tie everything together.  The inside of the card has a beautiful yellow paper decorated with pretty daisies all over, Elaina even included matching envelopes that were lined with the same beautiful paper and had an extra daisy to decorate the envelope too.
So much thought has gone in to the swap, I got some beautiful tags too, I will share them with you another day.
Thank you Elaina for a lovely swap xxx

Omg Ladies, Phantom Of The Opera was just the most amazing show, the singing was out of this world, I was on the edge of my seat the whole show, I would see it again in a heartbeat!! 

Today is our last day in London, why does time go so fast when you want it to last forever?!
Although I am looking forward to getting back to see the family and the little lambs of course, I have actually missed feeding and fussing them.

I hope that you all have a lovely day however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning all. Beautiful swap cards and very exciting that they have come all the way from New York.
    Enjoy the rest of your time in London. Xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Lovely to see how someone from 'over the pond' crafts.

    A busy day for me today. It's K&N and it's my turn to do the 'take and make'. I only hope that I've done enough packs and that they have everything in them. Is it me or do you check and check and check making sure everything is where it should be.

    The CAFE is OPEN as usual so pop in for a cuppa and a chat.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Have a good day. Take care and stay safe xxxx

    1. I am a check-aholic!I check my handbag at least three times every day to check I have keys purse phone and glucose

  3. Enjoy your last few hours in smokey old London SANDRA
    I hope you’ve been able to get the new tablets sorted LYNDA and that they help Pain is such a debilitating thing
    Hope your aches and pains are getting better too MARIA and BRENDA It was such ashame I missed you all on SATURDAY
    We must do a Watford meet up soon
    I am out this evening with work colleagues for a meal but really it’s one of the colleagues stag do Be doesn’t want a fuss So it’s been described as a Team meal
    I hope to craft this afternoon
    Take care all xx

    1. The notelets are very pretty and how exciting to have a crafty friend in the US

  4. Hi ladies.
    Very pretty Notelets from Elaine across the pond.
    In NY I found it difficult to find any craft stores, even of I looked before we went Lol
    Times fly when you have fun, they say. Have a good day and drive safe home.
    Friends in pain, take care and wish you feel some better today. I'm getting there.
    Hope with some weight loss Lynda we will feel better and so looking forward to see us "slimmer" in Sept.well one can always hope.
    Margaret- you cake was so nice and light and fluffy so wont have done any damage for today's weigh in Lol jees how did you manage to drop the jar, how sticky that must have been. Did your dog have a licking feast over the floor ? :>)
    Brenda- take care and enjoy your lemon drizzle cake mmmmm
    Janet- hope you got all the packs for today and the ladies will be happy,all of them. Wish I was with you crafting. Love to see what you make. List is one thing I always make if going away and then still look again if it all there. At home I'm checking purse and phone is with me if going to town with OH as like today. Best get a wiggle on.
    Have a nice day everyone and plenty of hugs for you all xx

  5. Hi ladies,
    SANDRA such a pretty set all the way from the USA. What a lovely idea to have a craft buddy from another country.
    Glad you're having such a lovely London break.x

    Danii lovely cards yesterday. Congratulations on being selected for a design team.x

    Been to GP this morning. I have a frozen shoulder and tendonitis. He's given me pain killers. Hopefully these will be ok after the horrible side effects of the last lot.

    I have some cards to make including a couple of orders but really finding it difficult.

    Hugs to all.
    Love Valx

  6. Hello lovely sunny day here. First time iPad has behaving itself today.

    Love your swaps Sandra, as everyone has said so nice to see another country’s crafting.

    Hope you had a lovely last day in the big smoke, I would love to be fit enough to do a trip like that. At the moment only go out for Drs appointments.

    Been trying to make a card for this weeks challenge, spent ages colouring an image only to leave a big black smudge, hoping a butterfly will cover it.

    Glad you all had a lovely time at A/P, helping to keep the craft industry going. Did you see any new ideas?

    Hope Lynda, Maria and Val soon get some relief soon, hugs to you all. Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lovely swaps from Elaina, so bright and cheerful. If you look in Elaina - Hi from everyone on Sandra’s blog.

    I hope your journey home isn’t to long. Your last day in London has not been very nice, it’s been drizzling here on and off most of the day, the sun made a feeble attempt to come out an hour or so ago, but soon changed its mind. I’m sure the lambs and the family will be pleased to have you back home......and you both will be thinking “Oh for that luxurious hotel suite “ xx

    VAL you have my sympathy, I also have a frozen shoulder, it is unbelievable painful and debilitating, it has been ongoing for well over a year now. Recently I had an X-ray and am due a scan next week, I hope they have some treatment that will relieve the pain. I hope your painkillers help and without any nasty side effects xx

    Love Brenda xxx

  8. Margaret Palmer9 April 2019 at 17:45

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra I so pleased you enjoyed the show, never seen it but love the music. I hope you enjoyed your last day in London.xxx
    Elaine your swaps are lovely.xx
    Val & Brenda hope the pills help & your scan helps. Hope your back is easier today Brenda.xxx
    Lynda hope you have extra tablets now to ease your pain.xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    SANDRA What beautiful notelets from Elaina. The paper used are gorgeous aren’t they. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed Phantom last night. Like Mum I love the music but haven’t seen it. No doubt you are home safe and sound by now and have been greeted by all of the young in the house, both human and animal! I bet your aches and pains are letting you know that you have enjoyed yourself too much my lovely xx
    Sorry to hear that several of you are in pain LILIAN I hope the docs can get you on some helpful meds x
    BRENDA, the same goes for you. My fingers are crossed that the scan is helpful and the docs can relive your pain x
    I must admit I am not so good but knew I would pay for having a day out and then granddaughters over night. They were very good as always and we have had lots of fun and some crafting, photos of which will be sent once the craft has be completed!
    I’m off to my bed now so will say goodnight. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx