Tuesday 31 July 2018

Cheryl's Christmas Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and that your week got off to a good start, it was a quiet day in our house, I had a very slow start as my Sciatica came back to haunt me on Sunday, it was bearable on Sunday but I knew it was going to be worse yesterday as it was impossible for me to move in bed, its the first time I have had a bout of Sciatica since we moved in here, which is good going for me.

I did manage to get into the craft room in the afternoon, after about half hour I heard the door go and had a panic moment, thinking we had intruders, luckily it was Paul, he looked like someone had punched him in the eye, on closer inspection it was a blood vessel that had burst in his eye, now Paul's Dad has quite bad Glaucoma, which worried me as Paul has never had a 'proper' sight test.  Luckily the opticians in Swindon had an appointment and would see us as soon as we arrived.
The Optometrist was happy about the pressure in Paul's eyes, so they ruled out Glaucoma, he does need glasses, he is Longsighted in one eye and shortsighted in the other, so they have recommended that he has Varifocals, good luck to him is all I can say, a lot of people struggle with Varifocals though, but as he has never, ever had an eye test his eyes might adapt better than someone that has worm a certain type for years and then changes to varifocals.
It was hilarious watching him try and choose frames, but we got there in the end, he chose some free sunglasses too but they won't be ready until after our holiday, whish is a shame, apparently they wait to see if your eyes can adapt to varifocals ok before making up the sunglasses.

Today's card is Cheryl's Christmas version of last weeks challenge, it uses Categories:  Scallop/One Layer/Rectangle.
How amazingly organised are you Cheryl, getting your Mum & Dads Christmas card made already?!
I love this card, such a lovely verse and that flower display in the corner is fantastic.
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely xxx

Sue is coming Thursday this week so today I will be home alone and crafting, fingers crossed, its the getting up and down that I am struggling with, so hopefully just sitting on my craft chair should be fine.

I am looking forward to hearing all about Val's trip to Guadalest, I imagine she will be exhausted as it is super hilly, but the views are worth the effort. xxx

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,


Monday 30 July 2018

Your Monday Challenge

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

This week's Challenge, if you choose to accept it is a ……………..

One Colour Challenge

So I would like you to make a card or cards using only one colour, you CAN use different Shades of the same colour, like I have, most colours have a huge range of tones and shades that you can use together.  You can of course mix your chosen colour with White or Black or even Kraft card, otherwise it would be too difficult.
I will continue with the extra challenge of making a Christmas card as well as an everyday/birthday card. That part is entirely up to you, it's not compulsory, it is good to get them started though.
Most of all enjoy making your challenge card.

Well most of us got the rain that our gardens were crying out for, its just a shame we had the high winds too, the played havoc with the taller plants in the garden, I was surprised at the amount of branches and leaves that were brought down, it must have been torrential rain through the night.  It has rained on and off all day, quite heavy at times too, I was praying that we weren't over run with frogs like Lynda was, I don't think my heart could cope with that right now.

Val, I hope you have a lovely day out with Pippa, Guadalest, Paul and I were lucky enough to go a few years ago when we stayed in a friends Villa in Torrevieja.  It is a long way up but has some breath taking views. I will share a couple of photos below.....

The water is the most amazing Blue and the gardens are stunning!  Take lots of photos Val and maybe we could share a couple. I hope the Sun shines for you too. xxx

We have a quiet house this week and a lonely Lucy, as Sophie is in the South of France with Lewis's family, she has sent us some photos and it looks an amazing Villa.  Lucy has put her name down to work lots of shifts this week to help make the week go quicker. She is also hoping to have a shopping trip with me, although there isn't  much point as the shops have Autumn Winter clothes in now, which seems so daft to me.

What have you all got planned for this week?

Have a lovely day, however you are spending it.

Love and hugs to all,


Sunday 29 July 2018

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all enjoying the slightly cooler weather, it is a huge relief, we had some much needed rain too, you could almost here the plants sigh with relief!!  Mind you this little bit of moisture means the lawn will be twice its current height by Monday, the only think that has grown in this dry spell is the Clovers, we have loads of them, in fact, frustratingly all weeds seem to thrive in a drought, flood, or anything Mother Nature tests us with. Why haven't scientists used their cells etc to grow plants that are as resistant?!

Now let's see your incredible Challenge cards...…….


Cheryl has made a beautiful Birthday card for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge, Cheryl had used such a pretty combination of delicate shades of yellow with intricate dies to create this card, it uses Categories:  Yellow/Rectangle/Scallop
Thank you so much Cheryl for taking part and inspiring us with this beautiful card.



Janet has made Three absolutely stunning challenge cards this week, all completely different.  Janet has also managed the extra Challenge of making one Christmas and one everyday card for the same challenge.
I will add Janet's description below:

"My cards are made as follows:-

1. I used the middle section of TONIC Nordic Christmas Envelope and used categories: Blue/1 layer/Rectangle.

2. I used Crafter's Companion ' Snowdrift' die and for the sentiment a die I bought from The Works made by M&C boutique.

and used  Categories: Blue/1layer/bow

3. I used TONIC Square Flourish Die Set and used  Categories: yellow/blue/butterfly"

Thank you so much Janet for three stunning cards and for writing descriptions for each one, it makes writing the blog post so much faster.  You also makes me want to buy loads of Tonic dies!!! 



Karen has made two cards for this weeks challenge, one pretty butterfly card, Karen's second card is a very special card that Karen made for her son Gary, I feel so honoured that you shared it with us Karen.  I love that cute little monkey in a party hat!
Now onto Karen's description.....

1. Here’s a cc, I’ve gone for  Categories:  Blue/ Butterfly /Bow (or twine)
It’s a variation of a SW inspired card but have used JL’s butterflies instead

2. Here’s another card for challenge As you can see it’s our birthday card to Gary
It’s all been created in Serif His role at the zoo was looking after the primates -I have had rejected baby squirrel monkeys living in my airing cupboard! We were also bought a star after he died Alan has written a poem for the reverse and I will laminate it to put on his grave on Saturday
So my Tic Tac Toe uses Categories:
blue/one layer/rectangle   (Not a straight line but does have 3 of the elements)

Thank you my lovely, not only for making time to make your challenge cards but for sharing such a special card with us.


Just zoom in and look at the amount of work that has gone into making this card, it is exquisitely stitched around the whole applique, in a beautiful delicate yellow thread, Lilian that paper/card you have used is so lovely, is it a linen card?, it has such a lovely textured look.
Lilian has used Categories:  Yellow/Stitching/Rectangle

You never fail to inspire me Lilian, your cards are always something special.



  Maria has used Sue Wilson's Weaving dies to create the background for this fantastic Challenge card, I love the combination of colours that you have used Maria, that luxurious touch of gold adds that 'special' touch.
Maria used Categories; Blue/Stitching/Bow

Thank you so much Maria for such a lovely challenge card, I hope that the slightly cooler weather brings your creativity back my lovely.



Look how bright and summery Lorraine's TicTacToe challenge card is, my goodness you couldn't help smiling when you opened this beautiful card, I reckon it would make your chin glow like buttercups used to when you were a child, did any of you do that? (hold a buttercup under your chin and if you it glowed you liked butter)!
Lorraine just like Victoria has made all of the decorative papers for her card, using the 'Perennial Birthday' stamp set (Stampin'Up!)

Lorraine used Categories:  Yellow/Stitched/Rectangle

Thank you so much Lorraine, you must have been feeling exhausted after your Chemotherapy, so I feel honoured that you pushed yourself to make a card for our challenge. I hope you get to rest up and regain some strength today my lovely.


Lynda has made two cards for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge, the first features a gorgeous image of a Robin on a branch, such a lovely image that Lynda has framed perfectly with that Scalloped detail background.  
Lynda has used Categories: Blue/Twine/Scallop 
to create an amazing Christmas card, I love how you have let that stunning image be the main focus of the card Lynda, it really needs to stand out and not be swamped with embellishments.

Lynda's second card is a 'Just Because' card, there is no better card to receive than one you weren't expecting, it brings such a smile to your day! Lynda has used John Lockwood's Butterflies for this card, the cool blue tones work so well together.

Lynda used Categories: Butterfly/Blue/Twine

Thank you so much Lynda for taking part in this weeks challenge, your cards are amazing.


Michele has added her usual touch of magic to a CDrom card, that Seahorse is so cute, the colour scheme you have used is lovely too. You would never believe that this card is One Layer!
Michele used Categories:  Blue/Scallops/One Layer

Thank you so much my lovely for taking part.


Val has used a super cure Forever Friends bear topper for the focal element of her Challenge card this week. Embellishing it with some pretty foil die cuts, beautiful butterflies and a gorgeous Bow.
Val used Categories: Blue/Butterfly/Bow
Thank you so much Val for creating such a lovely challenge card, I'm so pleased I got it in time to add this week. 


Victoria has made an amazing Birthday card for this weeks 'Tic Tac Toe Challenge, she has used the 'Beautiful Bouquet' Stamp set to create all of the decorative papers that she has used to make this card.
Victoria used Categories: Blue/Rectangle/Twine 
I think it's amazing to be able to create a beautifully decorated card from nothing more than plain card, using some stamps and ink and matching card stock.  You have really inspired me Victoria, thank you much.

Such a varied selection of cards for this week's TicTacToe Challenge, you are all such amazing card makers, we all use so many different techniques and materials, from stamping to stitching and decoupage to die cutting to achieve the same goal. Even though you make cards for our challenges every single week you still manage to come up with fresh and fabulous card designs.
Thank you all, so very much. XXX

Have a lovely Sunday ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Saturday 28 July 2018

Mixed Craft Saturday featuring Michele's Mag Review

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

We have another jam packed Mixed Up Saturday post, a lovely range of craftiness too from Crochet to Cardmaking.
Our first photo is of Karen's adorable 'Kerry Lord' creations, I will add Karen's description below, along with a photo of her latest purchase....

Here’s the two Kerry Lord animals I have just finished
Chardonnay the palomino pony and Hamlet the cheetah

The die I ordered from Wish arrived today
Hmm! it’s very pretty and the poke holes are either non-existent or minuscule
Let’s just say the 3rd cut -pieces fell out -was better than 1st and used wax paper
 So maybe it’ll “wear in” and get easier I love the finish and for £2 wasn’t a bad price



The first of Michele's photos features some of the goodies that were donated to Michele from her friend, unusually Michele you have some really fantastic craft goodies, I particularly love that Spellbinder Spiral flower die.
Michele's second photo features her latest shopping haul from The Works, you have some amazing dies there Michele, that paper pack will be fantastic for backgrounds, it looks similar to Lynda's fab background effects.
Thank you so much for sharing your new things with us. xxx

Michele's Magazine Review

Hi Sandra

This months Magazine Review.

Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine has a pretty set of stamps, Embossing Folder & 3 mimi Dies as the free gift. Lots of ideas inside ufo h the free gifts. There’s a great article on Cards for Men-always useful.

Papercraft Essentials Magazine has a lovely Ring of Roses Die & 9 stamp set free this month , lots of ideas in the magazine on how  to use these. Great article on Paper Piecing-really easy to follow instructions. There’s a fantastic article on Ink Blending using stencils-they make it look so easy.

Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine comes with a very topical Bee set including a Die, Stamps & a mini Embossing Folder. There’s a great feature on Ideas for Gardeners which includes more than just cards

Making Cards magazine has some gorgeous papers this month-Art Deco from around the World plus another set of papers-Petals & Paws which features Woodland creatures + friends.

Papercraft Inspirations has a really lovely gift this month. Dandelion Dreams Embossing Folder & a Large set of Stamps. There are some gorgeous examples inside the magazine for Inspiration. There’s a feature on Woodland scene cards with some lovely downloads which could be used with your own stamps or Dies.

Diecutting Essentials Magazine comes with a really pretty Die this month. There’s so much inspiration inside using this free gift. There’s a great article on scores backgrounds-cards for men which is great as you could substitute an Embossing Folder plus it uses basic shapes on the cards.

Crafts Beautiful Magazine -I have to be honest, I bought this magazine just for the Die!! There’s lots of non paper crafting articles in the magazine which I wouldn’t make so I’ll be giving this to my crazy friend!

That’s it for now , see you next month.

Michele XXX

Thank you so much for another Comprehensive Magazine review, I might add a few to my shopping basket as there are some amazing freebies included, I have to say that the papers that are free with Cardmaking and Papercraft (Bee themed), are of the highest quality, they are heavy weight paper and the foiling is of the highest quality.  I think that the quality of free gifts across the board are improving, particularly the ones that are from a craft company, making the costly magazines a little bit more cost effective.
Thanks again my lovely .


Karlie has designed and created another piece of Origami for us, this time it's a cute little box, perfect for a few little sweets or maybe some chocolate. The paper you have used is so bright and colourful Karlie, such a great little gift box that would bring a smile to anyone's face.
Thank you sweetheart for making this project especially for us, I am already looking forward to the next one, maybe you could make a dress or a shirt to share with everyone.


Lorraine has made some absolutely stunning cards that she has allowed me to share with all of you today, the first card is one the Lorraine made for one of our recent Sketch Challenges, Lorraine has used the 'Varied Vases' stamp set and Matching Punch to create this card, I think it is really cleverly designed, with the vases being stamped and punched out and the flowers in the vase are stamped on the die cut circles, such a brilliant idea, giving so much interest, depth and texture to the card.

Lorraine's second card has been made with the 'Memories and More' kits, from Stampin Up!, don't you just love those gorgeous rich colours?? Blackberry Bliss ,& Rich Razzleberry , the letters almost look like twirled ribbon.
Thank you so much Lorraine for allowing me to share your cards, I will always do my best to share any card you make for one of my Challenges, even if they aren't finished in time for the Saturday cut off for sharing on a Sunday, so pleased keep them coming.


Just look at how incredibly expensive Janet's stunning gift box is, it even has a matching tag, making this box in metallic/mirri card was absolutely genius idea Janet, It wouldn't matter what you put inside that box, it looks like the best give ever!
Here is Janet's description of the die used.....
"The box for Mixed Up Saturday I used Tonic Nordic Christmas  Square Cone Die set "

Thank you so much Janet for sharing this amazing gift box, I might have to buy that die!!

Thank you so very much to all of you that have taken part in today's post, I am sorry if I missed anyone off this weeks post, I just ran out of time, my fingers were dropping off! 

I will need lots of projects and cards to fill up some of the posts while I am away on holiday, I will be calling in everyday as always, but any cards that I can use to help make posts with would be very gratefully received.

Have a lovely weekend Ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Friday 27 July 2018

Something Forest For Friday by Danielle

Good Morning Ladies,

Can you believe that it's Friday already? Phew, what a week!! I will be glad when this week is over.
Is it really going to be hotter today?  I went into Swindon shopping with Sophie yesterday afternoon and I have to say that I felt so sorry for some of the shop assistants, places like Debenhams, that are really dated buildings don't have Air Conditioning and have absolutely no windows, the poor lady in the fitting room was about fit to drop, they had one desk fan on one of the tills, I'm not sure if they have guidelines the same as there is for working in a building that's too cold, I think that there should be, or the company should provide some relief from the heat, it was particularly bad in that store, it was so oppressive, I imagine that the staff were exhausted.

Today's 'Something Forest for Friday' cards have been made by Danielle, using Stampin'Up 'Lovely as a Tree', which I think is their longest running stamp set.
Danielle masked off a rectangle on a piece of white card and Blended a lovely blue and green background upon which she had stamped the 'group of trees' from the stamp set, after removing the tape Danielle stamped the larger tree in the foreground and added the sentiment in a postcard style, the card was finished by being mounted onto Old Olive card and then onto a Mint Macaron card base. A absolutely fabulous card. xxx

Danielle's second card is so sparkly, a perfect Christmas card, this card also features the 'Lovely as a Tree' stamp set, using the main 'Fir' tree that was stamped three times in shades of brown and each tree has been given a touch of sparkle too with 'Dazzling Diamonds' fine glitter.  To finish the card and make a 'Scene' Danielle has added some of the housed from the 'Hearts Come Home' Stampin' Up! Bundle.
Such a lovely Christmas card Danielle, thank you so much for sharing them with us. xxx

I hope that you all have a lovely cool, staying cool and comfortable,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Thursday 26 July 2018

Christmas challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Today's card is my Christmas version of this weeks Tictactoe Challenge, I am going to try and do this every week from now on, where challenges allow.
This card was made using Old Olive and Real Red card and ink, one of the new Christmas paper collections called 'Under the Mistletoe' it has some lovely patterns, it was one of those sets where both sides of the paper are really lovely, so you don't know which side to use.
The Label die that I have stamped my sentiment on is from a Limited edition die set called ''Stitched Seasons Framelits''
I used the Scallop Die from 'Seasonal Layers' thinlits to cut my Real Red card, I adhered this to my Old Olive card base, I then cut a piece of the 'Under The Mistletoe' paper to fit down the centre of my real red panel, I also inked the edge of the paper with Real Red ink, I then layered up the focul point of my card beginning with the pretty label from 'Stitched Label' Framelits, I they stamped my sentiment (from Snowflake Sentiments) in Real Red and die cut with the middle sized label from the ''Stitched Season'' Framelits, popped some foam dots on the back and layered them together.  I used the 'Pop Of Petals' stamp set and matching Punch to cut my festive flowers in the same colours as the rest of the card, the little bits of foliage are also from the Stitched Seasons framelits.
I finished the card with a Real Red Ribbon bow and some Faceted Gems that I coloured with a Stampin Blend Marker.

I would like to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for your love, support and kindness over the past couple of days, to be totally honest with you I have been so worried over the last couple of days to the point of making myself feel unwell, reading your emails and messages of support and advice has been such a blessing and has put my mind a little more at rest.  I will contact the Gp and make an appointment but I think that I am going to wait until after our holiday to start taking any new medication, mainly because from what I have heard and read online the Bisoprolol can make you feel exhausted and generally under the weather and I don't want to go away being only 2 weeks into taking a new medication that could have horrible side effects while we are in Spain, I hope that makes sense, this holiday will be the first break from work that Paul has taken this year and I don't want to spoil it by being unwell.  I will still go to GP and seek her advice, plus I have a list of questions as long as my arm.

Pat came over yesterday, which brightened my day, we spent a good hour trying to remember the name of a place that Pat visited and enjoyed, after a bit of online research and head scratching we came to the conclusion that it was Brixham, (the place we mentioned right at the start of the conversation). Pat did some more to her beautiful 'Groovi' piece that she has been working on for a couple of weeks, although I am not surprised it takes a while as it is so very detailed, I can't wait to see it finished.  Thanks Pat for your company & Hugs. xxx

Today I am helping our Sophie pack her bags for her first holiday with Lewis's family, they are off to the French Riviera, she is a little apprehensive, which is to be expected, I am sure she will have an amazing time, Lewis's Mum will be glad of the Girlie company, as she has 3 boys. I have been telling her to get prepared for weeks but what do I know? I think we will end up doing a panic shopping trip!

I hope that you all have a good day too, try and stay cool,

Love and hugs,


Wednesday 25 July 2018

Val's Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Today's card is Val's Challenge card, unfortunately I didn't get it in time (probably because I was a Danni's). So I am showing it today.
A lovely pet themed card, in gorgeous colours, everything works so well together, I love the small details like the paw print embossing folder.
Thank you so much Val for taking part in the Challenge and I'm sorry I didn't receive it in time to add to Sunday's post. XXX

Sue came over yesterday which was lovely, it makes such a positive difference to my week, she bought yummy cakes too! I will be getting even fatter with these mid week treats, worth it though, we had a lovely day, lots of chat and crafting too, actually I was sat writing this blog post as I just couldn't concentrate to craft.

Thank you for all of your kind messages regarding my heart issue yesterday, I did a bit of research on line and ended up more worried.  I guess it's the not knowing why I have the problem that's worrying me and what the long term effects are.  It looks as though I have to learn to live with it.
I will make an appointment with Doctor to talk the different things through, in the letter the Diagnosis's are AF (Atrial Flutter) this is when your heart beats so fast your heart is shuddering rather than beating, the other thing is Frequent Supraventricular Ectopic Beats.  All I can tell you is that they leave you feeling totally exhausted, while you are having them its extremely hard to breathe and you feel dizzy.
I am a little confused as to why I got a forwarded copy of the Consultants letter rather than being called in for an appointment.  I will look into it today.

Pat is coming over today I hope I feel more up to crafting than I did yesterday, it will be lovely to chat either way.

I hope you all have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs


Tuesday 24 July 2018

A 'cased' card made for a challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Today's card was one I a made at Danielle's on Saturday, we both decided to take part in a Challenge on a Facebook Group.
The Challenge was to 'CASE' which stands for 'Copy and Selectively Edit' or in other words find a card you like and make it your own, naming the original Designer (mine didn't have one) and we then had to explain what we changed and why.

I changed the colour scheme to Blackberry Bliss and Gold, stamped the sentiment the same and embossed with gold Embossing folder, the original card had a tiny sentiment in the bottom corner, I wanted mine to stand out more so I stamped my sentiment on to Blackberry Bliss, then die cut it with a Label die and then I added embossing powder around the outside to make it stand out from the background, I die cut another label but kept all the die cut pieces in place to create a gold mat.
I wrapped some gold ribbon around the card twice, then placed the sentiment on top, I then added a few gold pearls .
We could win £25 if we get picked !! I will share Danielle's card tomorrow.

I did get in the craft room for a few hours to prepare for my next video, all ready to film tomorrow, fingers crossed,  it was just too hot though, I had so many episodes of Palpitations throughout the day, I'm not sure if they are linked to tiredness, I got very little sleep on Sunday night, partly due to pain and fidgety legs from travelling and partly down to the heat, we have a fan running all night but its just to noisy, Paul can sleep through it, no problem luckily.

I am suffering with the back of my hands being so terribly itchy at the moment, its been a week or so, I have scratched so much that  I have bruised my right hand, they swelled up too yesterday afternoon, so much that my fingers were stiff.  There is nothing to see, just the worst itchiness you can imagine, I keep plastering them with Anthisan, which is a bite and sting relief cream, but its not really doing much.
I got the results of my Heart Monitor  Study, the Cardiologist has prescribed me with a Beta Blocker 'Bisoprolol' and an Anticoagulant called 'Apaxiban', the Monitor recorded several episodes of Palpitations some lasting more than 3 hours, I am not keen on taking more tablets, do any of you know of them? if so how did you get on with them?

Hoping to see Sue today, all being well, she has had a busy few days though, I have my fingers crossed though!

I hope you have a lovely day too,

love and hugs,


Monday 23 July 2018

Monday TicTacToe Challenge

Good Monday morning Ladies

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend, ours was so relaxed, Danielle & Simon made us so welcome in their lovely home, it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish, we got some fun crafting time in too, Danielle has a lovely spacious and cry well organised Craft Room, with not a thing out of place! 

I thought we would go for a TicTacToe challenge this week, they are great for making just about any card, I am hoping to do the same as last week and make a Christmas card as well as today's challenge card. If you want that 'Extra' challenge you can join me, but please don't feel like you have to.
I will remind you that there are 22 weeks and 3days to Christmas 2018, so take four weeks off if you send your cards on December 1st, that leaves 18 weeks to finish your cards, so it's worth thinking about making at least 1 a week but 2 would be better, saving you that last minute panic.

Today's card is made using the lovely Balmy Blue card and Whisper White, I used the Delicate Lace Edgelits for that fancy die cut top and bottom of my card, scallop and Plain Oval dies, and the Butterflies are from the 'Pop of Petals' stamp set and matching punch.
I finished the card with a few sparkles and Whisper White & Silver Bakers Twine.
I used Categories: Blue/Rectangle/Twine.

I am hoping to get in the caft room later today but I will have a very slow start to the day as the travelling takes it toll on my body, it was worth it though.

Have a lovey day my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all of you,