Thursday 30 June 2016

My Prom Princesses and Your Amazing Stamp challenge cards

My Beautiful Girls

Back view to show their pretty hair and dresses.

 Anne's 1st Stamp Challenge card

 Anne's 2nd Stamp Challenge Card

Ciara's Stamp Challenge Card

Janet's Stamp Challenge Card

Lilian's Stamp Challenge Card

Lynda's 1st stamp Challenge Card

Lynda's 2nd Stamp Challenge card

Maria's Stamp Challenge Card

Michele's Stamped Challenge Card

Sonia's 1st Stamp Challenge Card

Sonia's 2nd & 3rd Stamp Challenge Cards

Anne's 3rd Stamp challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Oh my goodness you are all such incredible 'Stampers', the range of styles and colours of the cards are incredible.  
I can see that both Lynda and Anne fell in love with the same stamp from Inkylyscious, I have to say that I love it too and I am very tempted to buy it, particularly after seeing your cards ladies!

Anne, I love the simplicity of your Sympathy card, it looks similar to one of my cards, as simple as it is, it works so well, your other card is just hilarious, I love both the image and the sentiment xxx

Ciara, your card is amazing, you have created an incredible 'stormy' look to your sky, the birdhouse looks so striking, almost like a shadow, I love the mood you have created, it is a very tricky skill to master and you have mastered in so well! Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge, look out for the next one xxx

Janet, I love your stamped wreath of twigs/branches, it would work so well across the seasons, depending on the colours you use, I could see this stamped and embossed in white and used as a Christmas Wreath,  I am looking forward to seeing what else you come with, thank you xxx

Lilian, how cute is your Hedgehog?! You have stamped and coloured him beautifully, the shading really works.  The flowers and leaf vines are a fabulous finishing touch to the card too, thank you very much for taking part xxx

Lynda, two beautiful cards from you for this challenge, I love the both, the stamped face and verse on the first card and the amazingly coloured sky scene on the second card, just that change in colour, the added hills and grass at the bottom makes your card look so different to Anne's, thank you so much xxx

Maria, WOW, your card looks like a vintage postcard, I love how you have coloured and shaded your bicycle topper, It looks fabulous, I think it would also look beautful with the basked filled with flowers! What make is this stamp please? many thanks for taking part xxx

Michele, your card is so colourful, so bright and cheerful, I love it!  I absolutely love that stamp you have used, so versatile, could be used for anyone of any age.  Your pro marker colouring is flawless too, matched perfectly by your matting and layering!
Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Sonia, a Wow card from you too, I love the effect of the grasses on your first card, with the hint of red in the flowers, so effective and stunning!
Your Inkyliscious 'Copse' cards are fantastic too, the stamp looks very similar to the Lovely as a Tree stamp from Stampin up that I recently bought, I love it and you have used it to its best on your last second and third card, your colouring is incredible too. Thank you xxx

Anne, I love the colours you have used in your third card, they work so perfectly with the stamped image, as I said in Lynda's comment, I may have to buy this stamp as I love what you have both done with it, Thank you so much xxx

It just goes to show that we can all make stunning cards with the most basic of tools, these cards are equally as incredible as the ones that we all make with dies etc, I really enjoyed the symplicity of this challenge and may well do it again in a few weeks time.

I have added a couple of photos of my two beautiful daughters, they looked so beautful in their dresses, I had a huge lump in my throat and needed my tissues I can tell you, not only did they look stunning, I think they looked so sophisticated, but I am biased I guess. x

Tomorrow I have a couple of Crafty purchases to share with you and Maria's Fabulous new Kitchen!

If I have missed any cards today just let me know and I can add them on.
A huge thank you once again for all of you that took part in this challenge xxx

Love and Hugs

Wednesday 29 June 2016

A pair of gorgeous cards from Cheryl

Good Morning Ladies,

All that is going through my mind today (and yesterday) is/was eyebrow waxing, dress steaming, plucking preaning, finger nails and toe nail polishing, you get the picture!
Seeing them come home after their first ever spray tan last night was so hilarious, I asked that neither of them came into our room during the night as all I could see was the whites of their eyes! I never realised that there were so many rules after a spray tan, 'only drinking through a straw', they weren't allowed to touch their bodies as they had special lotion on their hands to prevent their palms turning brown too! Luckily I had some dark brown sheets and quilt covers, so that their new ones don't get ruined! I will be more exhausted than them tonight! I am excited to see all of the different elements pulled together for their complete make over later on.  I will take plenty of photos, I can't wait to share them with you all.

Now onto todays stunning cards, they have both been created by our lovely Cheryl, they are both 'Challenge  cards' that Cheryl caught up with and sent me after they challenges had past, but as with every card you send in, I like to make sure that they get their 24 hours on the blog.

The first card is so pretty with the stripey texture on the top half of the card and the smoooth bottom half divided by that pretty floral trim.  The tag, trimmed with that beautfil floral bow gives such an elegant focal point to the card, finished with the little pearls on the corners, a beautiful card for a special birthday xx

I love the vintage feel of the second card, those images are just so pretty, placed upon that pretty, textured, backing paper, trimmed with a delicate ribbon and pretty bow.
Thank you so much Cheryl for taking the time to make and send me your cards to share with our lovely friends here on the blog xxxx

Well, I am off to grab a quick cuppa before the drama starts!  I will catch up with you all later xx

Love and hugs

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Pretty Vintage Floral Treat from Janet

Good Morning Ladies,

What a breath of fresh air to have something beautiful and positive to share about Europe!!
Janet's amazing card has winged it's way across the channel from France (well the image has)! I think your French cards are usually slightly different to your Yorkshire cards Janet, I don't know whether it's the the different materials that you use in France, or whether you are more relaxed, maybe your view inspires you!, I think that they are more floral and vintage, it may just be my imagination though, either way I LOVE your cards!
You have used your Floral Muse Paper on this card, I'm not sure whether the back paper is Vintage Notes by Papermania, I love how you have rolled the paper in to the centre of the card, placing doillies behind, the benefit of this is that you get to see both sides of the paper you have used, it's usually a tough choice which side of the paper to go with, particularly this paper range as you have the lovely handwritten postcard images on one side and gorgeous roses and butterflies on the other.
Your flower spray looks so pretty Janet, I love the resin bows that you have used in the corners and I REALLY love those pretty resin leaf sprays on the doilies and the hearts in the other corners.  Woe, somebody's birthday is going to be brightened when they open this card!  Thank you so much for sending this card over for me to share with our lovely friends. XXX

Margaret, I was so sorry to read about your insect bite, I saw it late on Saturday night but i had already posted Sundays blog, I hope that the antibiotics have gotten to work and that you haven't reacted badly, I totally understand why you didn't want to risk going, even if you hadn't reacted to the antibiotics you wouldn't have been able to relax and enjoy your trip. Isn't it frustrating that you look forward to something for so long and something happens last minute to spoil it!  I am sure Alan was happy to have you home instead and it means we get to see you in here too, so every cloud has a silver lining!  I hope your team are successful too! Xxx

Pat, I hope your journey home was a smooth one, I am looking forward to hearing all about your holiday, I have received the rest  of your photos and I thought I would post them when you are back so that you could explain about them better than I could xxx

Val, I hope that you and Lynn have had a lovely weekend shopping, I hope that you squeezed him some craft shopping too, looking forward to seeing your haul!!

I'm sending love and hugs to all of you,
Sandra xxxx

Monday 27 June 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

My Sketch Challenge Card

The Sketch

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and had a lovely weekend, we had a busy one, so today will be a resting day, that journey seems longer every time we make it, don't get me wrong I love going to see my mum, but boy I wished she lived closer!!
Anyway the start of a new week, a busy, very exciting week in our house as I get to see my babies dress up as princesses !! I may need a handkerchief!!

Now onto this weeks Sketch, a fairly straight forward and simple sketch, quite a blank canvas for you all to add your magic to.

My card was made with the Creative Expressions original paper pads, designed by Theresa Collins, I have had it a few years but decided to quit hoarding and start using it, I quite like the outcome, the only die I used was the Spellbinders Amazing Paper Grace Swallowtail Tags Die. 
I edged the horizontal panel with irredescent ric-rac ribbon and added tiny pearls on thee edge of the paper.
I hope it gives you a little inspiration.

However you decide to create your challenge card, have fun!

Love and hugs 

Sunday 26 June 2016

Sketch Challenge Cards

My Sketch Challenge Card

The Sketch

 Anne's Challenge Card

Brenda L Challenge Card

Janet's Challenge Card

Lilian's Challenge Card

Lynda's 1st Challenge Card

Lynda's 2nd Challenge Card

Margaret's Challenge card

Maria's Challenge Card

Michele's Challenge Card

Sonia's Challenge Card

Sue's Challenge Card

Val's Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I absolutely love this sketch, I enjoyed making my card and it looks like you all enjoyed it too!
Five of you went for Christmas cards for your sketch theme this week, 
Brenda, I love your Christmas card, one of my favourite embossing folders, which you have highlighted with pearls, the Poinsettia's create the perfect festive finishing touch! 
Lynda went for cute Reindeer's to give the finishing touch to her card, which do bring 'joy' to the card. 
Michele has used lace to trim her christmas card, the focal element being that beautiful snowflake, I love the unusual spots and stripes combo on your Christmas card too Michele.
Sue I saw your card in construction, loved it then, love it even more now its finished, those snowflakes look fantastic, love the sentiment on the snowflake too.
Val, you have used my favourite 'quilted' embossing folder too, what where the chances of two of you making a Christmas using the same E folder?! Love the ribbon and Santa and his reindeers too, a fab Christmas card!
Anne you have chosen Fairies for your theme, such pretty images and love the colour theme you have used too.
Janet, what a pretty blue you have used, I love the appliqué trim with ribbon weaved through, its unique and looks amazing.
Lynda, you too have gone for the lace/appliqué style trim across your card with gorgeous pearl and silver embellishments, so pretty!
Margaret, not sure whether you'll get to see this before you set off ton France but I love your 'New Home' card, those papers are so pretty, I imagine that it must almost be in Canada by now! Have a lovely trip x
Maria, Omg! I love your card, the papers you have used, the flowers, the tag and pretty butterflies, I love all of it, so pretty!!
Sonia, like Maria, you have used stunning papers, that colour is just gorgeous! The flowers you have made work perfectly too, amazing card.

To save boring you all with repetition I will thank you all now, from the bottom of my heart for taking part each week. Xxx

Ciara, I can't wait to share your amazing stamped 'mini challenge' card on Thursday this week, your stamping is incredible xxx

We are off on Colchester to see my Mum today as it will be her birthday on Tuesday, we can't go then as its the day before the girls Prom and I'm sure we will be in a state of chaos, although we are totally organised so far! Becca is taking my two 'lily white' babies to have their first spray tan on Tuesday, I am a little apprehensive about the whole thing, fingers crossed they don't look like they have been tango'd !

 I hope you're all ready for the new Sketch Challenge tomorrow, I had a panic yesterday as I usually prepare the sketch and my card on Sunday and obviously this wasn't going to be possible this week, so I had a mad dash to do it last night before dinner! Hope you like it x

Enjoy your Sunday,
Love and hugs to each and every one of you,

Saturday 25 June 2016

Mixed up Saturday

Cheryl's Kanzashi Flower

Lynda's Tag
Lynda's Vintage tag

Some photos of the pretty areas of Margaret's Garden

Harry on his Birthday present

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and have mostly escaped from the worst of the weather, it is so sad to see the devastation that it causes to peoples lives, it must be so heartbreaking, for those little things, like your childrens art work, however simple and naive, it is irreplacable, take our wedding photos as an example, they can't be replaced, there were no digital copies, it just doesn't bare thinking about, we do have them in a high place, not that we are by a river or anything, but neither were friends of ours and they ended up living in a mobile home for 18months while thier home was dried out and rebuilt. So lets hope we have seen the last of the torrential rain for a while.  
I feel for the people that have spent £200 + on tickets for Glastonury too, what a mess, I was watching them all wade through the inches of mud and they had to pitch tents and camp in that, YUK!
I guess I can't get let the day slip by without mentioning the EU Referendum, I have to say I was surprised at the outcome, I'm can't help but wonder what lies ahead, I wonder what the exchange rate will be for my Euros in the next few weeks, hopefully its just panic 'knee jerk' reactions!! What do you all think?

Now onto today's Crafts and gardens.........

First up today is Cheryl's AMAZING Kanzashi Flower, it is just so beautiful, each fold is absolutely perfect,
I thought that it would be impossible to make but after looking on Cheryl's Pinterest page and following a link to a You Tube Tutorial on the flower, I think I might have a go, thank you so much for allowing me to share your flower Cheryl, I can't wait to see all of your finished Crafts for your stall. xxx

Two Crafts from our Lynda next, a stunning tag which Lynda has covered with Gilding Flakes, then stamped a Inkyliscious Stamp on top of the flakes, finishing it off with some pretty lace.
I absolutely love the frame that Lynda has created, decorated beautifully with flowers and some metal embellishments, I love that vintage image too.  I am looking forward to finding out what you have used to create the texture around the frame Lynda, thank you so much for sharing your crafts xxx

Now onto the absolutely gorgeous images of Margaret's Garden, it looks like a wild meadow, which Alan has said was the look he was going for ! If those are the results you get I think I might follow the 'Wild' Garden look from now on, it looks like that Butterfly is enjoying the wild garden too, thank you so much for snapping your beautiful flowers and sharing them with us Margaret, I would also like to say that I hope you have an amazing time in France this coming week with your Boule group xxx

I couldn't resist sharing this adorable photo of Harry on his Birthday present, he looks like he loves it, who got the job of running up and down the road after him, hahaha, thank you for sharing Lynda xxx

We just about finished the Prom shopping, shoes, make up, gel cushions to go under the balls of their feet to prevent slipping, the biggest laugh of all was looking for the 'right' bra !! Lucy's dress is sheer on the shoulders and back, covered in gems but sheer for the most part, so no bra straps or bra back, we were originally looking for these 'stick on' things, which basically looked like strips of tape that wrap your boobs,
at between £10 - £20 for 1 use, I thought 'no', so we carried on looking and came across the perfect solution, a bra that has both a clear and 'normal' back strap and the same for the shoulder straps, you can also wear it strapless, so I thought that you couldn't get anything more versatile so I got them 1 each as Sophie will have to go strapless! I never thought that you could get a 'five-way, clear strapped' bra, which proves that every day is a school day, I was truly amazed, or easily pleased!! 
Believe me, two teenagers and that amount of shopping can and will cause headaches!!

Val, I hope you have a fun weekend away with Lynn xx
Janet, how were your first pastries, oh and what was the gossip in the cafe this week, I wonder if they were talking about Britain leaving the EU?!

Thank for so much to all of todays contributors, I am as always hugely grateful to be able to share your work.

Love and hugs

Friday 24 June 2016

Proud Gran Anne and Val's Craft Shopping !!

Abi's Card for her sister Amber's birthday

Val's craft shopping 

Good Morning Ladies,

I feel so priviliged to be able to share something very special with you all today!
Anne sent me a photograph of a card that she was so incredibly proud to share with all of us, yes it is that amazing card above, made be Anne's beautiful Granddaughter Abi for her Sister Amber's 11th Birthday.
Abi managed it all on her own too, Anne just left her to it in the craft room and was so very impressed when she saw that Abi had stamped the flowers and coloured them perfectly, I mean look at that shading, its incredible, Abi decoupaged the flowers exactly where needed too, amazing talent for someone so young. I love the flag with the sentiment, that Abi has inked through the die to match and tie in perfectly with the rest of the card. 
Abi your card is absolutely amazing, your sister will absolutely love it, I can't wait to see some more of your cards, maybe you could join Ciara in having a go at the challenge cards, your Gran can send you a copy maybe, I would love to see what you come up with, thank you so much for allowing me to share your card with your Gran's friends here on the blog, thank you to you too Anne xxxx

Now Val is the only one that owned up to some craft shopping this week, she got some lovely things from Joanna Sheen by the look of it, Creative Expressions Dainty Oval frame die, some lovely card stock, I love that Crafters Companion Classic Edge die, it is so pretty, looking forward to seing what you create with it,
last but not least the Britannia 'Happy' and 'Christmas', perfect for all of those 'seasonal' cards, its great to have a die so that you can match your sentiment to your card colour theme!  Thank you so much for sharing your craft shopping with us Val, although I can't help but think that next weeks will be an even bigger haul after your trip back to UK !! xxxx

I hope that you have all got a good start on challenge cards, I bet none of you had hands as inky as mine, I had to scrub them for ages, but it was good messy fun though, I hope you enjoy it as much.

Have a lovely weekend ladies,
Love and Hugs

Thursday 23 June 2016

Mini Challenge Day

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought that it was about time I gave you another Challenge, well a 'mini' challenge really.  I have been playing about with my new Stamping up Tree Stamps and I had so much fun that I thought that I would base this challenge on stamping.
So I would like you to have a go at making a card or maybe 'some' cards by using stamping alone, no dies!  

This card was created by inking Tea Dye Distress ink
Through a piece of card that I had die cut an oval out of
I then stamped the tree to one side of the oval and the
Sentiment on the other!

This one was simply inked using Basil leaf and Summer Sky
Colour Cloud and Inkyliscious brushes, I then stamped the tree
In the centre, matted and layered up, inked seam binding with same Summer Sky ink and then added the sentiment.

Simply added distress marker to an acrylic stamp block,
Spritzed with water and stamped onto water colour card.
I think stamped the inkyliscious Make a Wish stamp over the
Top of the coloured area, matt and layered.

This card was inked with Tea Dye and Marigold with Inkyliscious
Brushes, I used a die cut circle to create the moon and then swiped the 
Brush across the moon a couple of times to create the whispy cloud effect,
I then stamped all over the card with different Inkyliscious  Stamps.

Now just to explain that it usually takes me a whole day to make one card, mainly due to indecision about what to use and the fact that sitting or standing for any length is painful, so I need to take breaks, the first two cards only took me an hour!! I was amazed and really pleased with the results!  So when Sue came over yesterday I was excited to get her involved too!

So I hope you enjoy the Challenge and I will share your results next Thursday.

Now, I cannot believe that none of you have been doing any craft shopping, so where are the photos of your buys, please get them sent in, I am having withdrawal symptoms from seeing your bargains! 

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Pat Holiday & Anne New Stamp

Anne's New 'At the Alter Stamp

 The Train that took Pat & Pete through the mountains

The Breathtaking Scenery

The Deliscious Apple Strudel !!

Good Morning Ladies,

I love Anne's new 'At the Alter' Stamp, and I think that it works so perfectly with the Creative Expressions 
Lattice Window Striplet Die, as it looks just like a Church window.
Anne has stamped the image and embossed with Silver embossing powder & heat set, it looks as though she has then 'fussy cut' around the image leaving a tiny border. The card base has been made by die cutting the Lattice Window into a square of white card and then backing it with silver card, leaving abour 1/4 inch border around the edge of the white card.  Anne has then mounted the couple onto the card base and embellished with a pretty corner die and some pretty hearts.
This is the most perfect Wedding Card, thank you so much Anne for sharing your amazing card with us, I would love to know where you did eventually manage to get the stamp from? xxx

Pat has sent me a couple of photoraphs of her holiday in Germany to share with your all, these photos are of the Train journey that her and Pete went on, it took them on a tour of the Mountains and wow it looked amazing.  
But I have to say the most amazing photo is of that deliscious Apple Strudel, that pastry looks like it would just melt in the mouth. Good job you aren't going for two weeks Pat or you may have been carrying round a few extra pounds, we all know how much you like your puddings!
Thank for sharing your holiday snaps xxx

It will just be Sue and I today, I am sure we will manage to think of something to talk about though!

Have a great day ladies,
Love and Hugs