Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Anne's Special Request Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Just look at what our Anne has come up with for her 'Special Request' card, isn't she just a design genius!!
Anne was asked to make a card with the phrase "The Traffic Goddess says GO!" , well I have to say I would have had a job thinking of what to create!  You have hit the nail on the head Anne, its an absolutely amazing card, the recipient will be over the moon when he opens this card.  As I have said before you can go to a card shop a buy cards for any amount of money, funny ones, romantic ones, age ones etc, but you simply cannot buy this level of personalisation, (i know you can moonpig etc but the cards are thin and cheap) not beautifully handmade like this one.
Anne I think that your cards are going to be constantly in demand at your local garden centre, I hope you have put up a notice saying that you can design personalised cards too, you can charge extra for those cards too.  Although card pricing is something I find really difficult, you need to cover your cost and add a little for your time, but thats the hard part. I hope you are getting a good price for yours.  People don't think twice about about paying £5 + for a card in a card shop do they! I will always remember making my Mum a Christmas card, I put my heart and soul into that card and when she opened it she said "oh you've made me a card so you didn't have to buy me one"  I was absolutely gutted, I wish I had said 'are you kidding me, this card cost loads more than a bought card" but I didn't !!   I know that if my children make me a card, it melts my heart that they have spent their time making it,  I have never thrown one of their cards away!

I think that Sue and I are off to Pat's today to craft and put the world to rights, maybe we should discuss the Europe debate? hhhmmm maybe not!

Have a fabulous day however you are spending it, I hope that you have all escaped the worst of the weather, we had a few claps of thunder and that was pretty much it, thankfully.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Arggghhhh-typed a long comment & it's gone!!
    Anne-fabulous card, a truly bespoke one to be treasured.

    Dull start here but still quite warm-off to water my tomato plants etc then collect a parcel before work.


  2. Morning Everyone
    We have another beautiful morning sunshine and already very warm. Yesterday was a scorcher and as much as a love the summer weather - well you know the proper weather for summer with sunshine etc- yesterday afternoon in the local library was over powering. We had all the windows and the fire door open but it didn't make a bit of difference. Everything had been closed up all morning and so it was like a greenhouse and we all suffered. We were down on numbers again for various reasons. I hope we aren't heading for disbanding as it's a really good afternoon; getting together to craft, have a gossip and a cuppa and a general catch up in meeting people for those who are on their own.

    ANNE- Your card is a definite WOW and I would love to have seen the recipient's face when they opened it. So much detail and everything exactly measured and in its proper place.

    SANDRA- have a good day with your other two Graces and perhaps it is a good idea to keep away from the Referendum thingy lol.

    I'm off now to fill in my fluid chart for yesterday and put away my craft bag etc etc as I just didn't have either the energy or inclination after tea yesterday. After that who knows.
    Have a good day everyone whatever you're all doing and I hope my hugs have arrived safely.

    Everything is up and running in the Cafe. I've put one or two tubs of ice cream in the freezer so please help yourselves. If you're anything like me I love love looooooooooooove ice cream.

    1. Hope your group doesn't disband Janet. Not to keen on ice cream although I do love 99's, especially from a shop in Frinton On Sea. They only charge £1.00 would you believe and it tastes just like Cornish ice cream. But I do love the choc ices on sticks from Lidl.

  3. ANNE this is super and I totally agree with you SANDRA In the years I have made cards I have never made the same card twice except Christmas cards I may have made variations on a theme I like but they're never exactly the same All of my cards are personalised for friends, family and requests Like your mum's reaction because you've made them at home they expect to get it for "nothing" Hope the exams are going ok I need to take some photos and send to you Hopefully I will have time to do that later xx

  4. Good morning Ladies,
    Thank you for liking this card, I know it won't be to everyone's taste but it was a private joke between the husband and wife, it's for her husbands 68 th birthday next week, I only made it yesterday so she hasn't seen it yet!
    Michele I've been having bother getting comments to publish lately and then up pops Google asking me to sign in and then (sometimes ) it publishes?
    Janet count me in for a Very Large ice cream , I absolutely love trying different flavours and having it in a cone is my favourite way of enjoying it!
    Sandra have a lovely day with Pat and Sue , maybe even have some ice-cream together , all that chatting and crafting makes you thirsty!
    Well, it's walking day so I'd better go and get my picnic lunch ready to take and then there's a 9 hole medal tonight at 5.30 so I'll wait and see how I feel after the walk, the warm weather can be quite draining ( not that I'm complaining) we did have a heavy shower yesterday afternoon, and one forecast gives a dry sunny day and another says we are to have a shower or two , take your pick ha ha !
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne
      On CE the card and how it's been personalised. We had a thunder early yesterday evening, plus thunder and lightening. Looks like another nice day here as well.

    2. Beautiful card Anne, so personal, right up my
      We have Blackmoor Farm on the outskirts of Cannington where they make their award winning ice-creams. I was lucky to receive a £5 voucher as a Christmas present so saved it until last week and used it buy a large tub of Honeycomb Ice-cream, my favourite of all time. Raspberry Magnums are my choice of stick ices but only when they are on

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies, first of all many thanks for your lovely comments and support yesterday. I appreciate each and every one of you.
    Just love this card Anne. Lovely stamp and so appropriate. I bet they will both be so happy with it.
    Sandra talking of handmade cards. I haven't bought a card for baout 12 years now. I make between 50 and 60 Christmas cards for familyand riends. I was horrified a couple of years ago when a friend told me I was a cheapskate for making cards and not buying them. I really didn't know what to say. Needless to say they are off my Christmas card list.
    Enjoy your get together Sandra, Sue and Pat.
    Well have a good day everyone.
    Love Valxx

    1. Hugs to you and your family are on there way to you and your family Val. Take care.

    2. Sorry to hear your news Val. Thinking of you and your family and sending hugs xxx

    3. How very dare they???? To be honest, that is the reason I don't include cards on my stalls anymore. The unkind comments from a few passers by were not nice, comparing my cards to those that are mass produced on a printer and made in sweat shops abroad is no comparison to a beautifully crafted one.
      My condolences on your loss, please know we are always on hand to lend a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on and strong arms to lift you up and carry when your load is too heavy to bear on your own. xxx xxx

    4. Hi Val
      I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your niece how awful for you & your sister in law & all the family my thoughts are with you sorry I didn't get in yesterday.Have a safe trip.

      Some friend that was saying your a cheapskate for making your own cards. I don't blame you for not sending any more.
      love Lynda xxx

  6. Hi Sandra
    Well what a stunning card Anne. I don't have the CD with this on but have a few images from the CD stored on the computer. I made the teacher one for Craig and the Rugby players for our next door neighbour. But I love the sentiment that you've put on this one though.

  7. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Anne, I love this card, I know the lady who requested it, and her husband, are going to be absolutely delighted, as you say it's a personal in joke to them, and made all the more special because you are spot on. Please remember to tell us how she reacts when you give it to her. XX

    Sandra I hope you and Sue get to Pats, and you all have a good old natter and possibly a little bit of crafting to.

    This morning we have beautiful sunshine I'm pleased to say. After lunch yesterday we had th and asunder still went on for ages e most awful thunder storm, apparently we had a months rain in about an hour. So as I said I wouldn't have to water the garden yesterday and I don't think I will today, the soil is still quirt wet.

    I have enjoyed my coffee sitting here in the cafe, lots of people looking in the window. Hello, hello why don't you come in? ....... you will always be made welcome in here.

    Have a good day everyone, Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Love your card Anne, could't been easy to make but you have done a brilliant job. Love the sentence ;-) have a nice day and enjoy the medal giving later.
    Michele- hope you have a good day at work and not sweltering away.
    Janet- hope your K&N don't be gone. I really miss the class I used to go to. Seeing Julia W.for some crafting on Saturday just outside MK. I too loooove ice-cream so if any left I have some after my lunch, thanks for bringing it in.
    Val- I/we are here whenever you need us(((hugs))).Cuddles to Gracie, do she be a bit embarrassed after a cut ? Our shih-tzu when I lived at home, were terrible and hid under the bed :-)
    Pat, Sue and Sandra -have a wonderful time together. Love to hear what the conversation was about today ?
    Pat- hope the MRI will show something up in some way so you get help, pain is a bitch ! sorry for my language.
    Also a nice day here so took my GC and sat it on the patio table and been sitting outside under a parasol doing some cutting outs but starting to get so humid so will try to put together the CC next. The sketch look so easy but have got me thinking. Unfortunately some of my craft is somewhere and I can't find it at the moment.
    Lynda- missing you my friend. Hope you are ok.
    Littlelamb- funny enough my sleep pattern have changed a bit so I'm very tired around 11pm but was up at 6am this morning and no chance to get back to sleep so cached up on some recordings I done over the weekend. Crime ,Hospital Corrie and Crafting, what more do you need tihi
    Have a good day everyone and take care, Maria Xxxx

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, what a fantastic card by Anne. Love the image and sentiment, and the traffic lights finish it off perfectly - great idea :-)
    Apologies for not commenting yesterday. Love Brenda and Margarets challenge cards, both so pretty.
    Hope you're having fun Sandra with Sue and Pat enjoying your crafting and chatting.
    Oooh Janet, all this talk of ice cream, I've now got a craving for it! May have to pop out later to buy some - might treat myself to a tub of Ben and Jerrys ;-)
    Enjoy the rest of the day, hugs to all xxx

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you get to Pat's today & have a good natter, giggle & maybe craft!xxx
    Anne love the card it would be just right for Alan as he says that to me, most look for it.xx
    Very hot here again think I will sit in shade & do nothing.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  11. Well just done a long comment and it has published on yesterday's page. Cannot understand that as I've commented on the way down. Google gremlins 1 - Cheryl 0. Frustrated. x

  12. Hello Sandra & friends
    sorry I was missing yesterday I had one of those pesky migraines so I just lay on the sofa for most of the day. Still there today but slightly better now. So just popped in too say hi. Sandra I hope you Sue & Pat had a lovely time this afternoon. I did manage a walk up the park this afternoon as sun was shining it was nice but didn't do my head a lot of good We had big storm last night & Annie was shaking as usual. Monday I picked my teeth up I HATE THEM!!!!! but have to persevere with them I think they need adjusting a bit more as banging on the bottom ones so will give dentist a ring tomorrow.
    Looking forward to seeing Harry on his birthday Sunday.
    I will bid you all good night love & Hug's Lynda xxxx

    1. Hi Lynda, Sorry you are struggling with migraine. Please try to rest as much as possible in a calm room. AND REMEMBER you are due to spend time with Harry at the weekend, So you need to be well, he needs you to be well, his special grandma. LOL xx

    2. Margaret Palmer8 June 2016 at 22:28

      Hi Lynda, I am sorry about your migraine hope you feel better soon, hugs on the

    3. Oh Lynda, sorry you been poorly ,I hope you feel better soon about everything. Sending you some special cuddles until you get some real ones from Harry, look after yourself xxx

  13. Sorry Anne I love your card it's brilliant
    HUG'S Lynda XX