Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Prom Princesses and Your Amazing Stamp challenge cards

My Beautiful Girls

Back view to show their pretty hair and dresses.

 Anne's 1st Stamp Challenge card

 Anne's 2nd Stamp Challenge Card

Ciara's Stamp Challenge Card

Janet's Stamp Challenge Card

Lilian's Stamp Challenge Card

Lynda's 1st stamp Challenge Card

Lynda's 2nd Stamp Challenge card

Maria's Stamp Challenge Card

Michele's Stamped Challenge Card

Sonia's 1st Stamp Challenge Card

Sonia's 2nd & 3rd Stamp Challenge Cards

Anne's 3rd Stamp challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Oh my goodness you are all such incredible 'Stampers', the range of styles and colours of the cards are incredible.  
I can see that both Lynda and Anne fell in love with the same stamp from Inkylyscious, I have to say that I love it too and I am very tempted to buy it, particularly after seeing your cards ladies!

Anne, I love the simplicity of your Sympathy card, it looks similar to one of my cards, as simple as it is, it works so well, your other card is just hilarious, I love both the image and the sentiment xxx

Ciara, your card is amazing, you have created an incredible 'stormy' look to your sky, the birdhouse looks so striking, almost like a shadow, I love the mood you have created, it is a very tricky skill to master and you have mastered in so well! Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge, look out for the next one xxx

Janet, I love your stamped wreath of twigs/branches, it would work so well across the seasons, depending on the colours you use, I could see this stamped and embossed in white and used as a Christmas Wreath,  I am looking forward to seeing what else you come with, thank you xxx

Lilian, how cute is your Hedgehog?! You have stamped and coloured him beautifully, the shading really works.  The flowers and leaf vines are a fabulous finishing touch to the card too, thank you very much for taking part xxx

Lynda, two beautiful cards from you for this challenge, I love the both, the stamped face and verse on the first card and the amazingly coloured sky scene on the second card, just that change in colour, the added hills and grass at the bottom makes your card look so different to Anne's, thank you so much xxx

Maria, WOW, your card looks like a vintage postcard, I love how you have coloured and shaded your bicycle topper, It looks fabulous, I think it would also look beautful with the basked filled with flowers! What make is this stamp please? many thanks for taking part xxx

Michele, your card is so colourful, so bright and cheerful, I love it!  I absolutely love that stamp you have used, so versatile, could be used for anyone of any age.  Your pro marker colouring is flawless too, matched perfectly by your matting and layering!
Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Sonia, a Wow card from you too, I love the effect of the grasses on your first card, with the hint of red in the flowers, so effective and stunning!
Your Inkyliscious 'Copse' cards are fantastic too, the stamp looks very similar to the Lovely as a Tree stamp from Stampin up that I recently bought, I love it and you have used it to its best on your last second and third card, your colouring is incredible too. Thank you xxx

Anne, I love the colours you have used in your third card, they work so perfectly with the stamped image, as I said in Lynda's comment, I may have to buy this stamp as I love what you have both done with it, Thank you so much xxx

It just goes to show that we can all make stunning cards with the most basic of tools, these cards are equally as incredible as the ones that we all make with dies etc, I really enjoyed the symplicity of this challenge and may well do it again in a few weeks time.

I have added a couple of photos of my two beautiful daughters, they looked so beautful in their dresses, I had a huge lump in my throat and needed my tissues I can tell you, not only did they look stunning, I think they looked so sophisticated, but I am biased I guess. x

Tomorrow I have a couple of Crafty purchases to share with you and Maria's Fabulous new Kitchen!

If I have missed any cards today just let me know and I can add them on.
A huge thank you once again for all of you that took part in this challenge xxx

Love and Hugs


  1. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.
    Oh Sandra, don't your girls look fantastic. What pretty girls they are. I love their dresses and the way they have their hair. I bet they were so excited last night. Hope they had a wonderful time and I'm sure you'll tell us more about it.
    I just love all your stamping entries this week girls. Everyone is amazing. Sorry I didn't have time this week Sandra to make one and I'm sure it wouldn't have been half as good as these anyway.
    I do hope your leg has improved today Margaret.
    Maria, so glad you're kitchen is finished and looking forward to the photo's. Also hope you're feeling better today.
    So glad you had a good holiday Pat and looking forward to more photos of beautiful places.
    Cheryl hope you're feeling ok after your nasty experience.
    Up bright and early as off to the hairdresser for 9am for hair and nails. These last 6 weeks have flown by.
    Will call in and catch up later.
    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

  2. WOW WOW WOW what a way to start a Thursday morning. Two gorgeous and beautiful young ladies (you cannot call them anything other than ladies) looking so ready to enjoy a wonderful evening with their friends.
    SANDRA and PAUL - you must be so proud of your Daughters and no you are not biased at all. Well just a bit as we all are where family is concerned
    I hope they had a fab evening and made many happy memories.

    Now what a display of amazing stamping. I am green with envy of you all as your stamping and colouring is first class. I was really 'out of my comfort zone' with this challenge as I very rarely stamp. For some reason I never get the effect I want and as for colouring well that's another story.

    We're off to do a little shopping at our local Lidl this morning in Chateau Chinon. We need one or two bits you never know they may have one or two crafty things.

    CHERYL- I hope you're feeling much better today after your horrible experience with that awful man at your door. You certainly did the right thing in calling the Police. Apart from frightening people on their door steps he is giving the true rehabilitants a bad name and everyone will associate him with them. I've sent you some very gentle but big hugs for today in the hope that they help.

    MARIA- I cannot wait to see your new kitchen. You had better watch out as when we've seen the pics we'll all be at your door wanting to try out your new appliances. hehehe

    I'll send over some more supplies tomorrow as Marigny Dobbie says that the cupboard is looking rather bare. I have a suspicion that he may be the reason but I'll wait and

    Have a good day everyone and I'll have a look in later to see what's happening. All hugs have been despatched so they should be arriving very shortly.xxxx

    1. Margaret Palmer30 June 2016 at 09:27

      Janet enjoy your trip to Chateau Chinon, that's where I should be!!xx

    2. Hugs gratefully and lovingly accepted dear Janet. Wrap your arms around your shoulders and squeeze, now you have a hug from me xxxxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-beautiful photo of Lucy & Sophie who look stunning.

    Brilliant selection of challenge cards. I've just re-sent my photo to Sandra of my card but after seeing all yours...I wish I hadn't. I really don't like what I made, I did it I a hurry as I like to join in the challenges but I need to realise there isn't always time. I haven't even started the Monday challenge card + at this rate, I doubt I will.
    Hoping for a calmer day at work as we've had a few problems the last couple of days.


    1. Hi Michele
      I hope you did have a calmer day at work.

  4. Good Morning All, cloudy but bright.

    Sandra your beautiful daughters look stunning, so grown up and sophisticated, I love their dresses and their hair styles. Hope they had a lovely time.

    The cards today are also a real wow, love them all.

    Mine was a very quick one for the grandchildren when they start the school holiday as Gran always sends them a bit of spending money.

    Maria glad your kitchen is finished, waiting eagerly for the pictures.

    Hope everyone has a good day, hugs Lilian.

  5. Good morning Ladies,
    What a beautiful sight to behold this morning, Sophie and Lucy look so glamourous and elegant in their stunning dresses ( so so pretty and delicate, love all the back detail too ) they really are strikingly good looking! Thank you Sandra for sharing the photos with us, you and Paul deserve to be proud.
    Ciara, your card is a little masterpiece ! I love the moody sky you have created ,it suits the scene perfectly, I did copy your card Sandra , as I loved it so much ,but I could get the block stamping to look as smooth as yours but still liked the effect. Lynda, what great taste you have in stamps ha ha! I also loved the sentiment, I think it's the first time two of us have made such similar cards.
    I also have the bicycle stamp Maria has used so effect lively on her lovely card ,
    I used to use flower soft on the basket ( time to get it out again I had forgotten about it) .
    I think all the cards are wonderful as I adore stamping and cards made that way.
    Must pop into the cafe and see what delights are in store!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne
      Loved your card, as I really like funny cards. You can't get many stamps that have funny sentiments on them. Which reminds me I must get my wrinkles stamps out and use them again.

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, what a beautiful sight this morning in the cafe.
    Firstly Sandra, your beautiful daughters Sophie and Lucy. They look absolutely stunning - their beautiful dresses and lovely hair and makeup. You and Paul deserve to be very proud of them. I hope they enjoyed their special evening :-)
    Secondly, the wonderful display of cards. Love each and every one of them.
    Ciara's background colours are amazing - I love the effect.
    Love the stamp used by Lynda and Anne - may have to get it too :-)
    Thank you Sandra for this challenge, I loved it.
    Looking forward to seeing the crafty buys tomorrow and Maria's new kitchen.
    Have a lovely day everyone. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Bias doesn't come into it SANDRA Your girls are stunning
    As I don't stamp I was extremely curious to see your projects Each and every one of them are glorious In a rush now to get to work Sorry I don't leave individual comments on your comments but all of you are always in my thoughts xx

  8. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the cafe' today.
    Lucy and Sophie look absolutely stunning in their dresses and with their hair up, two Beautiful girls !
    Some great stamped cc on show as well. I love the backgrounds, so many different ones and the stamping is lovely on all of them. I enjoyed making this challenge. I thought about putting some flower soft in the basket, Anne but haven't got a clue where it is,love your cards. Lilian have used the garland of leaves I had used on a gatefold card,still can't find it. Ciara, you have made a great card with a stormy looking sky. Well done .
    Val , have a nice morning having hair and nails done. hope you are alright. I'm better today thank you, so going out with OH up towards Birmingham soon.
    Janet, have a good day shopping. Good luck finding the dish/wash machine hihi. Think I need Dobbies help to find a space for it all or it will be some more for the charity bag. Cheryl, hope you ok after your ordeal with that man. Take care.
    Best get a wiggle on or I will miss the outing but I wish you all a nice day and hope to see you later.
    love and hugs to you all, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria
      I'm glad to hear your feeling better today. Look forward to seeing pictures of your new kitchen in due course. Enjoy your day out with Rick.
      Did we miss your meet up with Karen, or hasn't that taken place yet?.

  9. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra no wonder you had a lump in your throat & shed a few tears, Lucy & Sophie look beautiful & so elegant, is this the same 2 girls who play football? You & Paul have every right to be proud, I hope they had a memorable
    What can I say about all the lovely cards they are all brilliant particularly Ciara's, her shading is brilliant, well done Ciara.xx
    Well I am pleased to say I have taken last antibiotic this morning, bite has reached itchy stage so hope to start feeling better soon. Thank you all for your best
    Maria hope you sort kitchen soon looking forward to photos.xx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  10. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Sandra and Paul you have every reason to be proud of your beautiful daughters. Sophie and Lucy you look absolutely stunning in your beautiful prom dresses, your hair looks perfect, you made great choices and I'm sure you both still like princesses. I know mum and dad will treasure this picture for ever. Thank you both for allowing us to have a peep into this special moment of your life. Wishing you both every success for the future. xx

    Sandra, i'm sorry I didn't send a card in for the mini challenge, our trip to the shops yesterday turned out to be something like a marathon, originally we were only going to B&Q, we did Homebase, Asda, Wicks, and Lidl. I had originally thought I'd have the best part of the afternoon in my craft room, when we came home I had got an idea in my head for the mini C. And I just wasn't happy with it, so that's another one in the bin. SORRY.

    CHERYL how are you? I've really been thinking about you and awful lot and hope and pray you are safe. LOL

    MARGARET, pleased your leg seems to be responding to treatment. XX

    Ladies I love all of your cards they all look so professional. Maria where did you get that bicycle stamp? love it.

    Hope you are all having a good day, hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda, hope you have had a relaxing day after your shopping marathon yesterday, hope you found what you were looking for.
      The bicycle die is a wooden one from Inkadinkado I think, hopefully Anne can tell us from where because mine I bought from Michaels in New York.
      Have a nice evening, hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, thank you for enquiring after me. I didn't hear anything back from the police but I'm fine now and with Jamie moving in when he finishes his training course this weekend, I will feel a lot safer. I can't believe I have lived on my own for over 3 years now so it will be lovely to have someone else around the house again, not just for company but also for security. Thank you again dear heart and bless you. xxx

  11. Lovely photo of your girls, beautiful dresses. Hope the event went well?

  12. Hi Sandra
    What a lovely photo of your two beautiful girls. I can't get over how much like Becca they both are in all there finery. I do hope they both had a fabulous time at there prom. The dresses look fantastic as do both girls.
    Love all the cards ladies, especially love all the blending and stamping that has been done. A special mention to Caira as she's done a fantastic job considering her age. Very impressive Caira. I do have a bicycle stamp so look it out.

  13. Hi. Hope you all have had a good day.
    Nice to see you in Angela, what have you been up to since last time ?
    Lynda and Littlelamb, hope you both alright and can pop in when you got a minute.Missing you.
    If you are looking through the windows and like what you see, you are very welcome to come in, give a comment and
    have a chat. Always nice to see again old friends and meeting new friends.
    We had a nice drive out to a place called Kenilworth, OH had a meeting so I had a look in some shops and then we had a late lunch before going home for some dusting and Mr Dyson to come out for a play. Also bought,at last,hihi a Window vac so will have fun with that tomorrow and hope to make the CC. Might do some more stamping, I really liked doing that again and then give my stamps a proper clear out but that will have to wait for a 'sunny' day Haaaa ! Have a good night all and I see you tomorrow xxx

  14. l can understand why you needed your tissues, I think any Parent would have a lump in the throat. You are not biased, your daughters do look stunning and sophisticated. I hope they have a lovely time.

    1. Hi Redjin2005, a warm welcome to the Cotswold Crafter Cafe. Lovely you could join us and perhaps you would like to show us the craft you make or make up some CC. Hope you come back and tell us who you are. Have a good night xx

  15. Hello Sandra & everyone
    SANDRA SOPHIE & LUCY both look amazing such beautiful young ladies.
    You & Paul have every right to be proud of them they are a credit to you both. Hope they had a lovely evening.
    Sorry I'm so late it's been one of those days. MARIA im fine thank you . I had hospital appointment this morning at Cantabury which is two hour drive away,nothing only had my ears sucked out ( like a tiny hoover ) because I have very narrow ear canals I have this done every 6 months the normal syringes kept giving me ear aches as I was haveing them so often. Any way we were there for 10 o'clock & I didn't get seen untill 11 o'clock Terry was waiting in the car as we took Layla ( the poopy dog ) as didn't want to come home too little woopsees & damp patches everywhere. So we didn't get home till 1.30 pm it was chucking it down so slow drive home.Had Lunch then MARGARET came round so here I am at last.
    Lots of lovely stamping in the Mini cc they are all Gorgeous ANNE yes great minds I love How you have done your lovely background.
    Val thank you for your message yesterday I was going to email you but I haven't got your address. Anyway your very welcome hope it cheered you up.
    MARIA looking forward to seeing your new kitchen hope your pleased with it.
    ( I'm not really jealous haha ) sorry SANDRA I haven't take pictures of my guilty secrets. I will send with my you can put them on nexed week thanks.
    Well my friends I will love you & leave you. Lynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda, glad you are alright. Only a couple of things I have to get used to and decide where to put it all. I had to have a shelf too for the crafting stuff, OH not amused hihi You have been shopping again, looking forward to see what you got this time. Did you receive the new friend list from Sandra ? Val's e-mail is on there or if she sent you an e-mail then it should be on there. Love to meet her one day if poss. maybe we should all go to Spain ! hihi so fed up with this weather, feeling pretty low because of it. Hope you have a good night, hugs xxx

  16. Hi Sandra & ladies,

    Wow, Sophie & Lucy have certainly blossomed into lovely young ladies. Both every elegant in their prom gowns.

    Lovely stamped cards to feast my eyes upon. And all so different, well done ladies.

    One week left before the Church Fete and I'm just hoping I will have enough to stock my tables. Tiegan is still bringing some of her toys to donate to 'Granddad's fund' as she calls it.
    'Twas my friend Judy's birthday yesterday and she came round for lunch and a natter. She would have bought everything I made if I had let her!
    Just finishing off a few more altered hearts, Sandra came to my rescue and sent me some gorgeous laces to edge them.
    Will pop in later to see how you all are.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx