Monday 31 August 2015

Man Card Monday

Good Monday Morning Ladies,
I hope that you have a fun Bank Holiday Monday planned and that the weather is behaving for you,
is it BH in Scotland today too??
Today's Fabulous Man card has be designed and created by Anne Crawford,  I love how you have mixed the love of golf with the love of wine on this card Anne, not something you would ever be able to buy from a card shop, that's one of the many benefits of hand making your cards, you can incorporate all of the recipients interests if you so wish.
I do like both the background paper you have used and the focal image too, its not the 'traditional'
golf theme that you usually see, this one seems a bit more vintage.
Thank you so much for sharing your card with us Anne xxxx
I am off to start the dreaded packing, we leave here tomorrow, to start the long journey home!
Have a lovely day,
Love and Hugs

Sunday 30 August 2015

The final two of Maureen's ATC's !


Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all well and are enjoying a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend, I hope that the sun is
shining upon you, although that isn't usually the case for Bank Holidays!
Well sadly we are at the end of Maureen's year of ATC's, I have to say that I am looking forward to next years already Maureen.
November, Maureen has of coursed used a beautiful poppy for this months ATC, such a beautiful flower and not just the way it looks, its also beautiful for what it has come to symbolise, something we associate with remembering those that gave their lives for us, I think the image of those porcelain poppies at the Tower of London will stay with us for many years to come, were any of you lucky enough to buy one??
Maureen you have captured the theme beautifully with this ATC .
December, Maureen has chosen a gorgeous, traditional looking Father Christmas to stamp onto this months ATC, I love his gorgeous swirly beard, mixed with the snowflakes it gives such depth and texture to the ATC, it truly shouts Christmas, doesn't it !
Maureen I would like to thank you personally, I have absolutely loved showcasing your year of ATC's, it as been an absolute privilege, thank you so much for taking the trouble of photographing
and sharing them with us.
That's all from me today,
Love and Huge Hugs

Saturday 29 August 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday

Margaret P's Gorgeous baby Blanket
Michele's Amazing Advent Box

Brenda's (littlelamb) Wall Art
Good Morning Ladies, Welcome to another Mixed Craft Saturday,
We have a beautiful collection of Crafts once again,
You ladies never cease to amaze me with your amazing talent.
First up today we have the absolutely gorgeous double sided Baby
Blanket created by Margaret (Palmer), I don't think I have ever seen
such a cute, snuggly blanket before Margaret, it is so amazing and looks
so soft and warm, was this made for Christopher?
Thank you so very Much for sharing with all of us Margaret xxxx
Next up we have Michele's absolutely amazing Advent box,
Michele had the frame made to size and then made all of the little
boxes individually, I have seen this shown on Christine Emberson's
Hope & Chances Blog, she did have the frame for sale, her dad is an
amazing carpenter, he makes all sorts from little things to hold your
Fine Tip Glue bottles is to pokey tools too, so always worth a check,
I know that Christine used the Spellbinders Bracket Top Box die
for her boxes, but I imagine you can make them to size as I think
Michele has done, I know that this is one of Michele's favourite
projects and quite rightly so, its fabulous,
thank you so much for sharing Michele xxxx
Last but not least we have this gorgeous wall art made by Brenda
for her Granddaughter's bedroom wall, I am sure that Brenda will call in
and let us know what she has used to create this stunning piece,
It looks like different sizes of flowers arranged into a heart,
so pretty and so grown up, what little girl wouldn't love
one of these on her wall, once again Brenda you have
proved that there is no end to your talent!
Thank you so much for sharing xxxx
I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,
Love and hugs


Friday 28 August 2015

Christmas Card Challenge

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
The weekend is upon us once more, but not before our usual look at a Challenge card, this one is a One Die Christmas card by the super talented Myra.
Myra has used the new Festive Collection Christmas Tree Greetings Die, designed by Sue Wilson and made by Creative Expressions.
I wasn't going to buy anymore Christmas dies this year but I really like this one, I also love that musical score Embossing folder that Myra has used, is it one of Sue's ???
I noticed that Icon UK have started stocking CE embossing folders now too, although I could only see two older ones, it would be good to have them all in one place.
I love how Myra has finished the card beautifully with a Bow tied using the gorgeous Striped Grosgrain Ribbon and a little (CE) Cameo popped in the centre, that's all it needs, this is one card that would have pride of place on the mantel piece!
Thank you so much for sharing your challenge card with us Myra xxx
keep the challenge cards coming in ladies x
Have a wonderful weekend,
Love and Hugs

Thursday 27 August 2015


Good Morning Ladies,
Today's card is one of a set of cards designed by Margaret for a local Farm Shop, I have to say, I find them hilarious, you can almost look at the character of the sheep and match them up to people that you know!
I am sure we can come up with some funny captions for you to add to your cards Margaret, what do you think, mind you with this bunch of ladies I am not sure how printable they would be, there is bound to be a 'Tena' link in their somewhere!
I think that this card is genius and could be used to send to both male and female, young and old alike.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your card Margaret xxx
Love and Hugs

Wednesday 26 August 2015

A beautiful treat from Patricia

Good Wednesday Morning Ladies,
Today's absolutely stunning Card and gift box has been designed by the amazing box designer that is our very own 'Patricia' !!
Patricia you have really excelled yourself with this gorgeous duo, I think that I read that you printed these beautiful papers from a CD, if so please tell us which one as I think that they are absolutely beautiful in colour and design!
It looks as though Patricia has created this gorgeous card without any dies, apart from maybe the leaves, your roses look just like the ones on the papers Patricia, they are just so beautiful, you must visit Patricia's blog to see a tutorial of how to create them, (just click on the photo of Patricia next to her name and it will take you there)!
Thank you so very much for allowing me to share your amazing creation on my blog Patricia xxx
Love and hugs

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Good Morning Ladies,
Todays card has been designed by Michele, Its a real pretty, girly one too!
I think that Michele has used one of 'John Next Door's' stamps (sorry his name escapes me)
I actually quite like this stamp and think it could work well with the New York Dies designed by Sue Wilson.
I am not sure what the pretty square border die is that Michele has used but I really like it and look forward to Michele letting us know later on.
Michele has finished the card with a beautiful bow, trimmed with some Bakers twine and a really pretty decorative dazzler style embellishment.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share this card Michele xxx
Love and hugs

Monday 24 August 2015

Clean and Simple Man card from Pat

Good Monday Morning Ladies,
I hope the start of a new week finds you well and that the weather is being kind to you too.
Today's Man card has been designed by Pat, I know that at absolutely loves the Grand Label Dies
from Spellbinders and is frustrated that they are no longer available, I agree too, they are just the right shape for so many different things and would be an ideal basic die set for a beginner in die cutting, because you can do as Pat has done here and used it to create the card base as well as the matt and layering, I can' remember where Pat got this Happy Birthday Die from but it is a good universal font.
I hope that has given a little inspiration to you all, simple is sometimes best.
Thank you to my dear friend Pat for allowing me to share this card with all of you xxx
Love and Hugs

Sunday 23 August 2015

Maureen's ATC collection part 3

Maureen's August ATC

September's ATC

October Spooky house.


Good Sunday Morning once again ladies,
Today I am sharing with you part 3 of our Maureen's 2015 ATC collection, Maureen makes a different Artist Trading Card for every month of the year.
August :  Maureen has used a 'Tribal' image for August's ATC, I love the silhouette look and your colouring is just beautiful Maureen, really drawing your eye in to the centre of the card.
September : Maureen has used a beautiful ladies face stamp for September's ATC,  the image looks like a 'Inkyliscious' stamp, but I may be wrong!  I really love how Maureen has used that beautiful purple paper to make a frame for the stamped image with, by simply cutting through the paper to the centre and rolling it back so that it stays in place, it looks fabulous, with the addition of that tiny little purple rose with its stem coiled, giving the ATC the  perfect finishing touch.
October:  October's ATC has a very spooky looking house, with bats and ghost in residence too, you have created the perfect image for the card by using the black ink to go around the card, drawing your eye in, the little branch die looks like trees, giving the impression that this spooky home is hidden deep in the woods.
Once again Maureen, I would like to thank you for sharing your amazing ATC's with all of us xxx
That's all from me for now,
I will try and get in later, but it looks like the café is running smoothly in my absence!
Love and Hugs

Saturday 22 August 2015

Mixed Crafts Saturday

Michele's Lunch Bag

Michele's Lunch Bag (inside view)

Margaret's Grandson's Quilt

Brenda's Pottery
Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
Well ladies, its Saturday once again, so we have another amazing range of crafts from the enormously talented ladies on our blog.
First up we have the gorgeous 'Doggy' design lunch bag that Michele has sent in, I can't remember if Michele has said that a friend had made it for her or whether she has made it herself ( which wouldn't surprise is as she is super multi talented), I wouldn't have even thought about making an insulated lunch bag, but I guess as long as the lining is waterproof you would be fine.
Thank you Michele for sharing xxxx
Margaret's gorgeous, bright and colourful quilt that she created for her Grandson is up next, I would love the chance to have one to one quilting lessons from Margaret (and I know Sue would too).
Thank you so much for sharing another of your quilting master pieces Margaret xxx
And finally, well, it wouldn't be mixed craft Saturday without some of Brenda (littlelamb)'s Pottery now would it???,  as usual Brenda a gorgeous mix of colour and design, where on earth do you store all of this amazing pottery? !
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us once again xxx
Please send in your Mixed Crafts for upcoming Saturday's x
Love and hugs

Friday 21 August 2015

Jess's Challenge Christmas Card

Good Friday Morning Ladies
Today's Challenge Christmas Card has been beautifully designed by Jess.
Jess has used a Creative Expressions A4 Pin Point Embossing Folder, designed by Sue Wilson and the one die that I think Jess has used is the Noble Square Die by Creative Expressions, to cut the aperture in the front panel.
I love the cold, snowy feel of the card, the addition of the two silver snowflakes just adds to the Christmassy feel.
I absolutely love this card Jess, thank you so very much for sending it in for me to share with everyone xxxx
PLEASE could I ask for some more 'Challenge' cards to be sent in for upcoming weeks, maybe somebody would like to create a new challenge, just let me know.
Have a Lovely Weekend,
Love and Hugs

Thursday 20 August 2015

Maria's gorgeous Card


Good Morning Ladies,
Today's beautiful card has been designed by Maria.
Maria, this card is just so beautiful, you have put so much thought into the design and everything matches so perfectly, from the colour of ink you have used to the stunning background paper.
I see that you have used the Phill Martin 'With Love' stamp from his lovely range of stamps that he has designed, they do seem to stamp very well, the rose really finishes off the border stamps beautifully, they look so neat and fit your design perfectly.
I see that you have used some of Sue Wilsons Dies too, including the Dandelion Clocks, The Perfect Peony (with matching stamps) and the Splendid Swirls too, all produced by Creative Expressions.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your stunning card with everyone today Maria xxx
Love and Hugs

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Patricia's card for Audrey

Good Morning ladies,
I hope that the day finds you all well, mid week already, the days just seem to be flying by!
I hope those 'jaunt jugs' are getting nicely filled as it isn't many weeks now!
Its about 10 weeks that's all, I am so very excited to meet you all, usually I return from holiday feeling very deflated as it feels as that's the excitement over for another year, but this year will be so different, returning home and knowing that 1. I will see both of my dear friends for the first time in about a month, (miss you Pat & Sue) xxx    2. I can count down the weeks to meeting you lovely ladies that I have grown to know and love 'virtually' over the past year or so, I am just so excited!!!
Now onto this beautiful card, designed by the very talented Patricia for her lovely daughter in law, Audrey.
I am not sure if its a die cut border or a piece of Blue Lace Patricia, but my goodness it is stunning and the card needs nothing more than you have added, it is just stunning, finished perfectly with one of your gorgeous roses and a couple of stick pins!
I bet Audrey was delighted!
Thank you so much for allowing me to share with our friends today Patricia xxx
Love and huge hugs

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Michele Magazine Card

A 'VERY' true quote that Michele discovered!
Now, Our Michele has had a card published in Making Cards Magazine!

Good Morning Ladies,
Today I wanted to share with you the very funny and VERY true quote, I know my Mum for one had said to me after I spent hours making her birthday card, "I know you only give me a handmade card as its cheap"! I was both shocked and stunned!! little did she know that I could have bought her cards for the next ten years or more for what that card cost to make, so now its bargain basement shop bought cards every time, my Mum in Law is quite the opposite and says that she keeps her cards on display for months! So you don't mind putting the effort in then.
Its the same when it comes to selling at craft fairs though isn't it, people think that because its hand made its not worth more than a couple of pound, yet they don't think twice about paying for a flat, boring, mass produced card just because it has a bar code on the back, over a beautifully hand embellished card that is totally unique!
Now then, who'd have guessed our very own 'Pharmacy Michele' is famous!!!!! yes, she has had a card published in the Making Cards magazine, you must have been so thrilled Michele, thank you so much for sending me the article to share with everyone xxx
Well I am off to pack for the beach,
Love and Hugs to all

Monday 17 August 2015

Man Card Monday

Myra's Fabulous Boy Card
 Good Monday Morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all well, I haven't had a good enough connection yet to catch up with everything that has been happening, but I will eventually.
Today our male themed card comes from our lovely Myra, I love all of the little accessories you have added to the card Myra, they would also be great for a 'Back to School' or 'starting school' card too, they look like little buttons, apart from the calculator, which is just such a cute little miniature!
I also love, love, love the font you have used for the 'Timothy' could you please share with us what it is and where we can get hold of it, as its just fancy enough, without being too over the top.
Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic card with us Myra xxx
Have a great day everyone,
Love and Huge Hugs

Sunday 16 August 2015

Maureen's 2015 ATC's part 2

Maureen's May ATC
A lovely Beach Hut for June

Swimmer for July

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
Well today we have part 2 of Maureen's 2015 ATC collection ATC's are Artist Trading Cards that can be exchanged for another ATC or given away at a craft gathering.
Maureen has really captured the essence of Summer with this collection....
May : 'Naughty but very nice' wow that could cover so many things, but Maureen has focused on naughty treats like icecream and sweets, just looking at that image makes my mouth water!
June : A beautifully decorated Beach Hut, complete with Bucket and Spade, Sea gull and a Life Ring, that has been brilliantly decoupaged.  I love the colours you have used to colour your beach hut, it looks very realistic, Sue will be excited to see this one as she realised her dream when she was on holiday Devon a few weeks back and Chris and Gemma treated Sue a Beach hut for a couple of days,
what a lovely gesture, I know Sue enjoyed every minute of being in it,
July : Does my bum look big in this??  Well I just love the image of this cute lady in her vintage Bathing Suit, her bum looks just perfect to me Maureen, the colours seem to really fit with the era of the bathing suit too.
Maureen you have captured the Summer Months beautifully with this set of ATC's thanks so much for sharing them with us. xxx
I would like to take the opportunity to wish my Wonderful husband and soul mate a very, very happy birthday, I love you millions! xxxx
That's all for today
Love and hugs


Saturday 15 August 2015

Mixed craft Saturday

More of Brenda's beautiful pottery
Another Gorgeous Knit from Karen
Patricia's stunning Gift Bags

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
Welcome to another Mixed Craft Saturday!
This weeks selection, stunning as always have been made by
Brenda (littlelamb) I love the two heart plaques, the butterfly
is just gorgeous too, thank you so much Brenda for sharing more
of your amazing Pottery with us xxxx
Karen has knitted another beautiful little jumper,
I absolutely love the pattern you have used Karen and the
colour is just so pretty, thank you so much for sharing
your wonderful knits with us, I look forward to
your next one, xxxx
Patricia has made these three beautifully decorated gift bags,
each one decorated with handmade flowers and a matching ribbon,
Patricia, they are all beautiful, thank you so much for sharing
them with all of us xxxx
Well ladies that's all for today, I am running very low on items to
feature on mixed craft Saturday now, you can send me more or if you
would prefer we can change the theme of Saturdays,
just let me know either way.
Lots of love to all of you,

Thursday 13 August 2015

Maria's new baby card

Good Morning Ladies,
Today I would like to share with you Maria's cute 'New Baby' card that she made for Louis.
The Background paper is a really lovely design Maria and you have picked out a lovely colour scheme adding the yellow card candi.
Maris has used the Creative Expressions Frames and Tags collection - Dainty Rectangular Frame, designed by Sue Wilson.
Maria has cut this die with a matching paper and mounted her stork and cute baby on top of the frame, which lifts it from the background.  Louis's name has been die cut and mounted on a Creative Expressions Pierced Flag die, the addition of the little butterfly and the New Baby sentiment really finish the card off perfectly.
Thank you so much for sharing Louis card with all of us Maria xxx
I hope that you are all well and that the sun is shining,
Love and hugs

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Diane's card for the 'No Die' Challenge


Good Wednesday morning ladies,
I hope the weather is treating you kindly and that you are all well.
Today I would like to share with you this Beautifully Stamped card, created by Diane,
Diane created this card at her 'Stampin up' class I believe, I very much love the colours you
have used to stamp the flowers in, the decoupaged flower at the stop of the card finishes the design off perfectly, I really love the 'Happy Blooming Birthday' too.
For that extra special finishing touch Diane has created an envelope for the card, using the same stamp design that is on the card.
Have a great day everyone,
Love and Hugs

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Time to unwind

Good Morning Ladies,
This fabulous Retirement card has been created  by Michele.
I believe that Michele has created this card from a CD ROM, I think that it is a fantastic idea for
a Retirement card, the watch looks almost real in this picture, with that white accent on the side of the watch it looks like the case of the watch has a real shine,
Thank you Michele for sending this fab card In to share with everyone xxx
Have a lovely day ladies.
Love and hugs

Monday 10 August 2015

Man Card Monday

Good Morning Ladies,
Today's man card has been lovingly stamped by Patricia, this was the card she made for John Jr
I love the depth Patricia has captured with her amazing colouring, Patricia your shading is just fantastic. 
The sky looks really stormy,  the clouds look almost real, also the way you have captured the moonlight on the water looks just fantastic.
Patricia I think that maybe you should be giving a scenery stamp master class on our retreat.
Hopefully as you are reading this we will be the other side of Paris, depending on traffic and operation Stack!
Sending Love and hugs to all of you,

Sunday 9 August 2015

Maureen's 2015 Monthly ATC's part 1


Maureen's January ATC

February ATC

March ATC

April ATC
Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
Today I want to share with you something a little different, our lovely Maureen (Muriel, Daffy etc)
has another hidden talent, she likes to make ATC or Artist Trading Cards, these are usually made and taken to different craft events so that they can be swapped or given out, as a sample of your work. 
As you can see Maureen has put a lot of work into everyone of these ATC's. the image/embellishment is related to that particular month.
January : A beautiful winter scene of children playing on a sledge, Maureen has captured the frosty, cold feel of this image too, with the colour and technique she has used.
February : Now this has to be the cutest image ever, Winnie The Pooh walking, arms linked in a dancing fashion, in a beautiful green meadow.  I imagine this is a very popular ATC.
March : A pretty lady (hair coloured perfectly) wearing a beautiful Easter Bonnet, I love the way you have decoupages some of the flowers for dimension.
April : Well we do get out fair share of 'April Showers', this card depicts it perfectly, Maureen has used her amazing Parchment skills to create this gorgeous image of a duck with her umbrella in a proper down pour! Just look at the detail Maureen has put into this image, there are even ripples on the puddles!
Maureen, thank you so very much for sharing your ATC collection with us xxx
I have organised to show all 12 of Maureen's ATC's in 4 parts, so please look out for part 2.
I am so sorry that I have been absent from the café this passed couple of days, this packing lark is absolutely exhausting.
Car and Trailer mostly packed now, just last minute bits and bobs, packing a picnic for the journey etc.
I have everything crossed that there will be no 'Operation Stack' on the M20 today, so that we can have a smooth route to the ferry.
I will pop back in later,
Love and hugs

Saturday 8 August 2015

mixed crafts Saturday

Patricia's Beautiful Gift Box

Patricia's Beautiful Gift Box Decorated
Hazel's Beautiful Thistle button hole

Roberta'a Corsage

Hazel's Corsage
Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
Welcome once again to mixed craft Saturday, today's crafts have all been beautifully crafted by the most lovely sisters you could wish to meet, our Patricia and Hazel of course!
Thank you so much to both of your for taking the time to share your wonderful crafts with all of us!
Patricia's has made the beautiful box above by cutting three of the decorative panel die cuts and leaving a border adhering them together with one plain panel and then making the box bottom and sticking it into place, finally making the lid with a beautiful ribbon handle to use to open the box,
now I could imagine this with one of those battery tealights in twinkling away, the full details on how to make this box are on Patricia's blog, I am hoping that Patricia will let us know what that stunning die is that she has used above.
Thank you so much Patricia for sharing your crafts with us xxx

Hazel has made all three of these beautiful floral button hole and corsages for herself and guests at her daughter Gillian's Wedding last week, they have all been made using silk flowers, which is so much nicer as everyone gets to keep them as a lovely reminder of the day.
The First Button Hole looks like a Scottish Thistle with its foliage and a tartan ribbon trim.
The Second has been made using Daisy's as it matched beautifully with Hazels sister in Law Roberta's wedding outfit.
The Last one looks like Orchids (but I am no flower expert) so feel free to correct me, but it too has been beautifully trimmed with foliage and ribbon.
Hazel you could well put your local florists out of business as I am sure you made these at a fraction of the cost that you would have had to pay to have them made for you, you also get to go and choose the flowers to match your outfit perfectly.
Thank you so much Hazel for taking these photos in the midst of one of the busiest days you have had for some time, they are beautiful and I am so grateful to you for sharing them.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Love and Hugs

Friday 7 August 2015

Challenge Friday Cards

Myra's Christmas Card with One Die only

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
Today I would like to share with you Myra's card for the Challenge of Christmas Card with One Die!
Myra has created this gorgeous card using only Creative Expressions Festive Collection Peace on Earth Die, designed by the amazing Sue Wilson.
Myra has cut this Die with Blue card that she has used also in the matt and layering to tie the colour scheme together beautifully, she has then used a 'That Special Touch Mask' called Swoosh, (not sure why, must remember to ask Ali Reeve who designs them)! I think that Myra has taken the mask and applied Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Medium through it to give the stunning, silver sparkly background, almost like the sun on a frost covered ground, with being such a fabulous design the only finishing touch needed is that gorgeous Creative Expressions Crystal Sparkler, that matches perfectly with the background.
Myra, thank you so much for sharing your Challenge card with all of us today xx
If you would like to make a card for either of the current challenges which I believe are
A Christmas Card made with only one die.
Any card made with no dies.
please email them to me so that I can put them up to inspire everyone else.
Well that's me off to help the girls pack their clothes, Paul has declared today as the cut off day for packing suitcases, as previous years he has had everything packed neatly in and then the three girls all came out wheeling a large suitcase of clothes for him to 'fit in', so he ended up emptying the boot and having to repack, to say he was less than impressed was an understatement!!
I will call in later to see what you are all up to,
Love and Hugs

Thursday 6 August 2015

A beautiful vintage look by Maria


Good Thursday Morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all well and the weather is being kind to you.
Just look at this stunning card that Maria has very kindly sent in for me to share with all of you.
Maria has used some beautiful vintage looking papers on this card  that match so beautifully with
the dies that she has used to create this stunning design.
The dies on the front of the card are Creative Expressions Noble Classic Adorned Design Die and Trailing Ivy Dies, the inside of the card Maria has used Creative Expressions Lattice and Lace Striplet Die for each of the side panels and the Creative Expressions Portuguese Background Die for that beautiful pop out centre piece.
The recipient of this card is in for a huge WOW moment when they open this card up, that's for sure!
Thank you so much Maria for taking the time to send me this lovely card to share today.
I'm off for some more packing now!
love & Hugs

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Another Way with the Coverse Shoe Stamp

Good Morning Ladies,
Jess took the trouble of looking out these cards that she has made with the Stamposauras Shoe Stamp,
I can see that Jess has used a 'Brick wall effect' embossing folder on the Red shoe card, I just love how real they look and that amazing 'Graffiti' style writing really makes the perfect teen card.
The pink dotty shoe card is my favourite I think, with the musical notes and that 'Graffiti' style font once again making the card look so young and trendy, Jess has used the Creative Expressions Noble Square die to emboss a background square for this card, I am not sure if Jess has used Anne Marie Designs Dotty card, it looks very similar, the Card Candi really finishes the card perfectly.
Thank you so much Jess for going to the trouble of finding these cards out to share with us, showing how very versatile this stamp really it! xxx
Well not much progress to the holiday prep yesterday as I had a friend visit with her new born baby Oliver, oh my goodness he is so gorgeous, my heart just melted, Oh if only.....I would have another one tomorrow!  Mind you he was wailing like you would never believe when they left and it was quite nice to be able to just close the door and 'ahhh' silence !!! (not the same when they are yours)!
Got my grandchildren to look forward to!
Hazel, please wish Roberta a very safe journey home, I hope the memories she has made will last for years xxx
Pat and Sue are visiting today, so I get to relax and have fun, YAY!!!!
Have a lovely day ladies,
love and hugs

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Pretty Silouhette card from Jess

Good Morning ladies,
Today we have a beautiful card so elegant and pretty!
Jess has used a Cd Rom called Siloupage (sp), I would actually love to own this CD as it has some very elegant images on if this one is anything to go by.
I love how Jess has built up the image so that the hat stands proud of the head, the feathers finish the hat so perfectly, it looks amazing.
Now just look at the detail that Jess has put into the image, the pearl earrings and necklace, those three black pearls on the edge of the of the frame, it just all adds to the overall beauty of the card.
The five little white roses and two pearl stick pins add the perfect frame to the sentiment that has been matt and layered onto black and white card to match the monochromatic colour theme of the card.
Thank you so much Jess for sharing this gorgeous card with all of us, I for one am Hugely inspired,
I am going to go and look for this Cd rom straight away, so much easier than stamping, particularly with it being a large black area, which can be tricky at the best of times.
I hope you all have a lovely day,
love and hugs

Monday 3 August 2015

Man card Monday

Good Morning Ladies,
Today's Man Card Monday Card has been made by Pat, I love how Pat has managed to capture the
real 'Denim' look of the 'Converse' style shoe.
I can't remember the make of this stamp, I know the 'Converse' star is a separate stamp, so you can
choose whether you use the brand style part of the stamp or not.
This style card will definitely appeal to younger men, teenagers, girls too, my girls all have Converse trainers, so with a change of colour you have a girly card too.
There aren't too many stamps that will work both ways like that, so maybe this would be a good investment.
Thank you so much Pat for sending me this card to share with everyone xxxx
I think that Pat made this card when we visited the Newbury Craft show a few weeks ago, they had quite a few make and take tables. It was such a small, hot room though I couldn't get anywhere near in my wheelchair. Hopefully next year they will manage to get a few more exhibitors and move back into the bigger hall.
We don't have too many decent craft shows around us, Ally Pally obviously is worth a visit, if only to meet up with Sue and the rest of the Creative Expressions Team, there were an awful lot of £1 type stands there last time though.
I love the Farnborough show too, that seemed really well set out, especially for disabled access, it had inside parking and the stands were all easy to navigate in my wheelchair, I think that it was due to it being in a huge hall, it was all divided into two halves too, one side was Needlecrafts and the other Papercrafts, we only did the paper craft side, but I think that next time Sue and I will be looking at material for Patchwork, I know that Margaret (corgi) has already warned me that once you start collecting material for patchwork its just like how we are when it comes to cardstock, so I can see my very messy craft room bursting at the seams!!!
Well that's all from me today, I hope that you all have a lovely day,
love and hugs