Tuesday 30 June 2015

Look who's sailed in!!! & Janets Friday Treats!

Saba's Welcomes you aboard!!

 Good Morning Ladies,
I was so excited to receive this fabulous photo from Saba, aboard her boat, doesn't she look fabulous?!
This is the first photo I have seen of Saba and I have to say that I am blown away by how amazing she looks, the most glamorous granny! Saba I swear you look like you are in your late forties at the very most! 
You look like you are having an amazing time, despite the lack of fuel etc, it must be quite peaceful at times, (clearly not while in the Marina's)!
Thank you so very much for sending this photo for me to share with all of our friends in the café!
Janet's Pastries!
Yum Yum!

Now just look at these amazing pastries, I am hoping that Janet's internet allows her to get in
and do her M&S style description of the delicious Friday delights, my mouth is just watering looking
at them, they look like super fancy eclairs to me, but I am sure they are so much more than that!
Thank you so much Janet for sending the photos to tease us with xxxx
I am looking forward to this Fridays trip to the market all ready!

Now I want to share with you some information about Bra Styles and Sizes, it made me laugh......


 A man walked into the ladies department... and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, 'I'd like to buy a bra for my wife. '
 ' What type of bra?' asked the clerk. 'Type?' inquires the man,
 'There's more than one type?' ' Look around,' said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every shape, size, colour and material imaginable.
'Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types of bras to choose from.' Relieved, the man asked about the types
. The saleslady replied:
 'There are the Catholic,
 Salvation Army,
and the Baptist types.
 Which one would you prefer?'
 Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them.
 The Saleslady responded, 'It is all really quite simple.'
 The Catholic type supports the masses;
 The Salvation Army type lifts the fallen;
 The Presbyterian type keeps them staunch and upright;
The Baptist type makes mountains out of molehills.
Oh and Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD , E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes?
 If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed!
 {A} Almost Boobs.
 {B} Barely there.
{C} Can't Complain.
 {D} Dang!
{DD} Double dang!
{E} Enormous!
{F} Fake.
 {G} Get a Reduction.
 {H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!
  Not forgetting the German bra....... Holtzemfromfloppen!!

I hope this gives you a little chuckle, by the way, I'm a  'Help me I have fallen over and can't get up!!!
which one are you????

Have a great day,
love and hugs,

Monday 29 June 2015

More Male Cards as its Monday!

Brenda (Lello)'s Card Anniversary Card for her Husband
Margaret's Budgie Birthday Card

Patricia's Cog Card


Good Monday Morning Ladies,
I hope you are all well and have had a good weekend, the weather wasn't so bad after all, you have all been really busy doing  many different things from Hen Nights to Church Fete's and Scarecrow hunting to Sheep Racing, you can't say we are a boring crowd can you?
Its so lovely to be able to share all of these lovely events with all of our friends here in the café!
I also see that Spellbinders have copied our Virtual Café idea, I am shocked, maybe we should flattered, theirs will no where near as friendly as ours, I bet they won't have such a broad spectrum of topics covered in their posts!
Right onto todays fabulous selection of cards, first up we have an amazing card by Brenda (lello)
Its made using the Creative Expressions (CE) Noble Die 'Ornate Pierced Squares' designed by Sue Wilson, for the frame, the centre part of the card has been made using (CE) Weaving Dies both Classic and Striped, Brenda has layered the two colours and weaved them together perfectly,
the sentiment has been die cut with (CE) Pierced Flag dies , Brenda has finished the card with
some seam binding ribbon and some wooden hearts.
Brenda this is an amazing card, made to your usual very high standard, every element of the card is crafted perfectly, thank you for sharing your Anniversary card with us xxxx
The second card in the line up today is Margaret's Card with the Hilarious image of Budgies at the Beach, I think we should have a mini competition today for the funniest phrase to accompany this image!!!!
Margaret has framed this image with (CE) Noble Die, Ornate Pierced Rectangles, the background has been embossed with the (CE) Beaded Fanfare A4 Embossing Folder, I believe the 'Happy Birthday' Sentiment is a Spellbinders Die, Margaret has used the gorgeous Blue foiled card to cut this sentiment and as a matt to tie the colour in.
Margaret I love this card it really did bring a smile to my face, I am sure it did Alan's too, thank you
very much for sharing your card with us xxxx
The Final card today has been created by Patricia, it is a fantastic Cog themed card with a double ended flag for the sentiment, I am not to sure if the cogs have been created with the Spellbinders Cog dies or another brand, I know that Patricia has used the amazing Score-Pal, Score Buddy to add the pierced effect to the edges of the card.  I can totally recommend this fabulous little tool, it only costs about £3 -£4 and is so easy to use, I just place the edge of the card over my Hougie Board and make sure there is a score line where you want the line to be and then run the little Score Buddy down the card, you kind of have to have the crossover at the corners though as it is a bit difficult to stop in an exact spot, but it gives you a perfect spot for a pearl or brad.
Thank you so much Patricia for sharing your fabulous card our blog xxxxx
I hope that you have a great Monday,
I will call in later to catch up with all of you,
Love and Hugs

Sunday 28 June 2015

House Mouse Sunday

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
I have been looking forward to showing you this card of Sam's, I thought it was so cute that it deserved a post of its own, so here it is!
Sam has stamped and coloured the cute House Mouse Stamp perfectly, I suspect she has used her Copic pens, the blend so well and Sam has managed to get some good shade into this image.
Sam has used the Austrian Collection Innsbruck Die, from Creative Expressions, designed by Sue Wilson, it is the outer decorative die and the cutting edge that has been used to make the frame for
this cute little image.
I love the Sentiment that Sam has used, the font is nice, pretty, but not too girly! It looks like the
Creative Expressions Pierced Flag Die has been used to frame the sentiment, designed once again by Sue Wilson.
The soft green background works really well with the colours in the stamped image.
The cutest embellishment on this card is the Cocktail Sticks that Sam has used to make 'Mouse'
sized Knitting Needles, with tiny pearl beads on the ends to make then look authentic!
Sam this has to be one of your best cards, thank you so much for sending it for me to share with all
of our friends here in the Café xxx
We are hoping to have a quiet day today, the girls are busy revising, we are hoping to pop to the allotment for a couple of hours, weather permitting of course!
Its nice to get out of the house and away from all the terrible news, my Son went to Tunisia recently so the recent troubles really hit home, it was Armed Forces Day yesterday too, but you feel reluctant to go to any of the Celebrations for fear of any 'problems'!
Well are hope you all have your fans out of the cupboard and dusted off as we are supposed to have a
heat wave this week, temperatures in the 30's so they say.........we will see!
The girls were hoping to watch the Quarter Final Women's football match last night England v Canada, but it was on at midnight, so we have recorded it to watch today, I do wish the Womens football was given the same coverage as the mens( I don't mean the time that's because its live),
if you didn't look for it you wouldn't know it was on, if it was the 'Male' England team playing the country would be awash with England flags and there would be a tacky song in the charts!
That's all from me today, apart from sending
love and hugs to you all,

Saturday 27 June 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday!

 Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
We have a fantastic selection of gifts to look at today!
So lets get started.........
Look at this adorable Hedgehog that Michele has created
by Book Folding, its so clever Michele, I would love to
know how long it has taken you to complete, this would
make a great alternative to a birthday card, thank you
so much for sharing him with all of us Michele xxxx
Janet this bag is just so elegant, it looks larger than the 'Izzy' bag,
I love the Caribbean background used as that decorative panel on the
front of the bag Janet, the pretty gold twisted rope makes such pretty
handles too, I think that you will need to be doing a step by step tutorial
for this bag Janet, as I think It will make a fantastic gift bag!
Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us xx

This Fabulous selection of Teacup Candles have
been created by Cheryl, they are all so individual and so perfect.
It looks like you have made loads of different
candles Cheryl!
You have used so many pretty cups too,
 The one with the lavender colour flowers on is just so pretty, but I love green too, so the green and white one with Handbags on is gorgeous!
I am intrigued to find out how you have made
the top of the Cappuccino Cup candle look frothy!!!

 This 'Happy Retirement' teacup is a really pretty one, I see you have added just enough of colour so that is matches the soft blues in the pretty flowers on the cup.
I think that this is a perfect way to make use of gifts that you have had that have 'special' meaning to you but you don't want them shut away in the cupboard, by turning them into candles you have re-purposed them therefore they can be placed around the home on full display again.
I think that Cheryl is going to tell us about some of the mugs when she pops in later on.

Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us Cheryl, I know that they will inspire our friends here in the café xxxx
Well I hope that you all love the different ideas we have seen today, I am so blown away every week by how talented you all are, we have seen so absolutely stunning works of art over the past few months, I am so proud to be able to share your work with all of our Café family and the many hundreds of other viewers that we have everyday.
If you are a visitor that hasn't stepped through the 'door' of our friendly little 'virtual' café yet,  please come on in, you won't want to leave, we have the most amazingly friendly, caring and supportive bunch of ladies that are waiting to welcome you.
Love and Hugs to all,

Friday 26 June 2015

Fancy cards for Friday !

Good Friday morning Ladies,
Well the weekend is upon us once again, I am sure we will have rain as it's Glastonbury this weekend!  I wouldn't mind going for the experience but feel I might have a problem with my wheelchair in all that mud!
So I will watch from the comfort of my sofa, feet up in the dry! I wouldn't have minded seeing Kenny Rogers their in real life as the atmosphere seemed electric, Dolly Parton too, I don't somehow think that Paul could quite manage to hoist me onto his shoulders and if he did my Droopy Bits would obscure his view!  Hahaha xx
Now onto today's beautiful duo of delights! Sam your cards are both so pretty, I love the Canadian Background die, it is so versatile, looking so different depending on the colour and choice of embellishments. 
You have enhanced it's prettiness with the addition of those pretty flowers on either side of the focal element Sam, it's just beautiful.
Your second card with that Gorgeous Lily of the valley stamp, so beautifully coloured in, is just perfect for an anniversary, such a romantic image, once again enhanced by your beautiful choice of flowers, that delicate little pearl trim at the bottom and the lovely sentiment, it looks like a 'Justrite' stamp, I love the font they use it's quite pretty but not to over the top! 
Sam, thank you so much for sending me these cards to share with our lovely friends, they gave been a pleasure to share xxxx
Well the girls got through their stressful, exam filled day, they only have one tomorrow, maths I think, (I have lost plot with their timetables), Lucy is sitting the same Exams but she has a 'reader' to assist with her sight problems, she says it's helpful but strange as you get used to reading through the question and then reading again and breaking it down I know Lucy won't have the courage to ask the helper to do that !  Sophie asked me tonight to help her prepare for her 5 hour art exam next week, she has decided at the last minute to make a Clay tile, we were researching tonight, she has decided she wants a natural theme, so she is going for a tree, I can see a weekend of frustrations ahead! 
I wonder if the schools would be doing all this nonsense if league tables were a thing of the past?
Right I am off to toast a crumpet, 
Will pop in later,
Love and hugs to all
Sandra xxxxxx

Thursday 25 June 2015

Thursday Treat from Jean !!

Jeans Wonderful Wedding Card
Jeans Beautiful Birthday card

Good Thursday Morning Lovely Friends,
I wanted to share with you today a couple of Jean's cards, both absolutely stunning in different ways.
The Wedding Card is just so elegant and I love the fact that you have done it in cream and not
white, I never think of doing that and I don't know why, it looks amazing and is somehow 'softer' in cream.
I love the different opening of the card, allowing you to decorate with the front in a totally different way, using the rows of pearls to highlight the edges of the card is an amazing idea, those little flowers are so delicate and actually I think delicate is a good way to describe the 'feel' of the card.
I am not sure what the embossing folder is that you have used but whatever it is its really pretty, without being over the top. 
The sentiment is one I have never seen before too, but looks great on your card, the finishing touches of the bows and the little gemstones dotted here and there is just finish the card perfectly.

Now on to the second of Jeans cards, I can see that you have got something pretty in aqua behind your latticed from, that almost looks like a Moroccan Screen, I can see some pretty lace beneath the those gorgeous flowers , I just love that aqua and white colour theme and those flowers are so pretty, finished with those little aqua and white pearls.
Jean thank you so much for allowing me to share these stunning cards with our friends here in the café, I am so thankful to you for the inspiration and I know all of the ladies will be too.
Pat I was so happy to read Pete's great news yesterday, it made my day, I hope it has made Pete smile too, he is amazing the way he copes with his illness and always has such a great sense of humour!
Sending Huge Hugs to both of you, I was so grateful of your visit on Monday, thank you xxxx
Margaret, I hope that your Grandson is feeling better today and that it was a simple tummy bug and not that horrible Noro Virus, sending hugs to you all xxxx
Sam, my lovely, I hope that you get some good news regarding your operation, waiting around must be so frustrating for you, your whole house will be sparkling if you are delayed any longer, just get in that craft room and have fun, sending hugs to you xxxxx
Sue, thank you so much for coming over on Tuesday, I know you weren't feeling 100%, I want you to know it meant the world to me and Milo & Bella, they love their new tree! xxxx
Well I must go and see the girls off to school, they are doing Mock, mock exams this week and next and boy are they getting their selves wound up bless them, they have 3 today, I will be pleased for them when this fortnight is over.  Unfortunately the exam system here has changed for them, when Matt and Becca did their exams a few years ago the overall mark was made up of course work and the final exam, which I think that this was a great way of understanding the child's abilities, for Sophie and Lucy its all down to the exam on the day, which if they have got themselves in a 'pickle'
it could affect their result, so its all down to that one day, which is how we did it.
I will pop in and catch up with you all later,
Love and hugs

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Sheila's Wonder for Wednesday, no wise words needed!

Sheila's amazing Exploding box, just you wait............
The Stunning Top of the box .........
One of the beautiful layers, just look at the detail......
The next stunning layer, with photos old and new.....
The Centre of the box, just so gorgeous.....

Just look at that centre piece, those shoes are just the finishing
touch to the most Breath taking Box I have ever seen!


Good Morning Ladies,
I am sorry that there are no wise words so far today, I just couldn't wait any longer to share this
breath taking exploding box with you, so I will add some wise words later, I would love to hear yours too!
Sheila I can't wait for you to come in today and tell us everything about how you created this amazing creation, did you start with those beautiful shoes and build the box around them?
I can see that you have used the Spellbinders Triple Floral Frames, I have recently bought those dies and love them, they have framed your photographs perfectly and fit the box perfectly too.
I absolutely love the top of the box, the 'Daughter' is so pretty as is the star you have used and the little white flowers are just so pretty.
I can't thank you enough Sheila for sharing your work of art with us, I am totally blown away by its beauty.
I can imagine the lucky lady that received this perfect 21st Birthday card must have been totally speechless, or if she is anything like my 21 year old daughter she would have been taking many photos to put on 'instagram' or facebook!
Well after Sue left yesterday, we whipped up some dinner and I then accompanied Paul to the allotment, I managed to get my marigolds and nasturtiums in pots, I made the mistake of putting the nasturtiums in the polytunnel a couple of years ago and they took over, it was like entering an amazon jungle!
So this year they can be outside growing with the peas, sweet peas and beans,  their flowers add a colourful touch to a salad, the marigolds are 'companion plants' to keep the bugs off some of the vegetable crops! I may need to change our names to 'Tom and Barbara' all we need is a pig!
I wonder which of you would be 'Margo and Jerry' .........?????
Well that's me for now, I will catch up with you all later!
Love and Huge Hugs

Tuesday 23 June 2015

No Wise words, just wonderful smiles & Brenda Flips!

 A Perfect Little Angel....Harry John Fox
 Good Morning ladies,
No wise words from me today just Wonderful Smiles, just look at that perfect little face, Harry just
looks so happy and content, Norah you must be the proudest Nanny/Grandma, I bet you never want to put him down, I surely wouldn't , what does his Granddad think of him???
Thank you so very much Norah for sharing your family photo with all of us, well we are 'virtual' family after all.!! xx
Brenda's Flip Card


Now here we have Brenda (littlelamb)'s Flip card, made with the Spellbinders Triple Flip
Die set, I think this is the best example I have seen with this die, its totally stunning.
The front panel of the card looks so pretty, but not over the top, it looks so beautiful without the need for big bows and stickpins and flowers,
it just doesn't need it there is enough interest in the clean, crisp layered look, finished in the centre with that lovely die and Cornflower.
Brenda I have those papers, they are Papermania
Vintage papers and the whole pack is just so pretty, you have found a card that matches it perfectly to stamp your 'Congratulations' message on, that die is lovely too.

 On this layer you can see that Brenda has used
the Creative Expressions Butterfly, designed by Sue Wilson, its the prettiest butterfly, so elegant,
I love the embossed frame you have used here it frames the butterfly perfectly.

 Here we have the centre of the card, another
beautiful Die used to cut this stunning frame out of those gorgeous papers!
Finished with your little die cut circle with the
'Happy Anniversary' stamp in a beautiful font,
every layer finished with pretty little gems.

 Patricia, I noticed that you were enquiring about the die last night, is this the one that you purchased Maureen?
I thought I would put it on just in case, your wish
is my command (well within reason)!
You just wait until tomorrow, I have the most beautiful card from Sheila to show you all !
I hopefully have Sue coming over to play today,
Pat came to see me yesterday, which was lovely,
no crafting, we just put the world to rights and discussed Pats new toy.....she has just bought that new Parchment thingy from Clarity, it looks
really cool and looks so effective, I look forward to having a play with it and no doubt Pat will soon have a card whipped up to share with us all.
Well that's all from me today, I hope you all have a lovely day,
Love and Huge Hugs


Monday 22 June 2015

Guest Designer Sophie!


 Good Monday Morning Ladies,
This is Sophie's card that she made for Paul for fathers day, what a genius idea!
She made an Easel Card out of Black card and then printed off the keyboard image and stuck it to
the bottom of the card, she then went into word and created the "Google" page, with the question being '|who is the best Dad ever'
She then typed in the answers, they are all the different things he gets called, the 'flinch Bitch' one is a game that the three of them play, they are always jumping out on each other, trying to make it each other 'flinch'!
'Peoples Champion'  is what the guys that work for Paul call him, as he is the type of person that would never ask someone to do something he wouldn't do himself, he prefers to work with the lads rather than barking orders at them!
Anyway he loved the card and so did I, I was so proud of the fact that she made it all by herself!
Quite a modern looking man card don't you think?
I am off to Pats with Sue today, I can't wait to have a good catch up with the girls, although it will seem like a long week with us not meeting up on Wednesday !
I do hope Pete hasn't hoovered, we do tend to make a mess!
Well ladies I hope you all have a lovely week,
Love and Hugs

Sunday 21 June 2015

Two for Sunday!!!

Janet's Fabulous Recipe Card
Cheryl Pretty Best Wishes card.
Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
Welcome to the longest day, are any of you off to dance naked around some rocks for the Summer
I thought I would treat you to two cards today, well Fathers can't have all the fun can they!
Although its always a low key affair in our house as Paul hates fuss, trying to buy anything
for him is just impossible, he never 'wants' or 'needs' anything!  I just happen to now his tree loppers
broke at the allotment so we got him a new set of those and a vast amount of chocolate!
I have no idea what Matt and Becca have got him, i did remind them just in case, but they both told
me that they had it sorted! So we will see, I think he is just hoping to spend the day pottering at the allotment! Such a high maintenance father and husband! haha
Todays cards are just fabulous aren't they?, I love the idea of sending a recipe in a card, a great idea for a family recipe, that must be Janet't family recipe, I might give it a try, I use the either 6,6,6 +3,
or 8,8,8 +4 (flour,butter,sugar)! But I like an experiment so watch this space!
Cheryl's card is so pretty, I love the embossed card on the base of the card and the arrangement of flowers looks so pretty, is it Hunkydory card Cheryl??
Thank you both for sharing your fabulous cards with all of us xxxx
Well I have to be up early tomorrow, (apart from 4am to see to Milo and Bella)! As with it being Fathers day I will oversee them getting Paul a bacon roll for his breakfast in bed!
I hope you all have a fab day,
Love and Hugs

Saturday 20 June 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday!

Mixed Craft Saturday!!

Good Morning Ladies,
We have another fabulous collection of Crafts from our
very talented Café Members!
Just look at this fantastically Upholstered Chair and Foot stool,
these were a joint effort by our very own Maureen, with help from George!
It makes the room super girly, you have done a very professional job,
the piping and cushion covering looks perfect Maureen, you are clearly
a very confident seamstress, thank you for sharing xxx.

Michele's creation next, can you guess what it is yet???
Its a genius idea!

An altered cheese triangle box, with a matching card.
Great idea for crafting with children!
I think this is such a fabulous idea Michele,
Thank you so much for sharing xxxx

Guess who has made this beautiful Crackled effect dish??
Who else but our very talented potter....Brenda (littlelamb)!
Brenda, this is just so stunning, I love it, I am so pleased that you
don't sell your pottery close to me or I would be forever poor!
I think that I can see beautiful rose pattern in the background.
Thank you so very much for sharing with us Brenda xxxx

Myra's Beautiful exploding box!
Myra this is so pretty, I love how you have decorated the box,
its just so pretty, I love all of the different flowers you have used,
it has so much dimension too!
You even put some stick pins in too, I love it Myra,
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us xx

Well you did it again ladies, just when I thought there were
No more crafts to show, you come up with some more beautiful
Works of art, I am blown away by how talented you all are!
Thank you all so much,
Have a lovely Saturday everyone!
Love & hugs

Friday 19 June 2015

Another one of Margarets stunning Wedding Cards!

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
Well what an exhausting day yesterday was, I do hope that Margaret gets her email issues sorted out
really fast, there is nothing more frustrating that having to be suspicious of every email that you receive.
The one super bonus about yesterday was that I got to have a lovely chat with Hazel, I just love those opportunities so very much, its just like talking to an old friend (I don't mean old as in age) (i'll just go get my shovel)!!!
Seriously, the point I was trying to make was that although we haven't 'met' yet it feels like we were just having a weekly catch up, talking about events of the past week, just amazing, I felt the same when I chatted to Patricia too, It makes me so much more excited about the retreat in October, I think we will all have saw jaw's by Sunday Night!!
I want to take this opportunity to let you all know that if you haven't already booked for the retreat I am pretty confident that you will still be able to get a room and join us, there are a few of you that aren't coming and I wish with all my heart that you were! I keep having a go on the lottery roll-overs hoping for the chance of a win, I would then take Cotswold Café on the road and meet every one of you!! Then pay for all of us to go and craft in the Sun somewhere beautiful, like Sam's Beautiful Residence Hotel, oh the poor butler would be handing his notice in when he saw all of us turn up, with our various needs and requirements! hahaha .........if only the dream would come true!!!

Anyway I thought I would try and take Margaret's mind off of her worries by showing one of her beautiful Wedding cards, aren't they just so stunning???
That beautiful 'Tied Together' Embossing Folder, I have it and haven't used it for ages, I do believe that an A4 has been produced by someone, although it did match up quite easily! It has been made even more beautiful by Margaret finishing it off perfectly with tiny pearls.
Can I ask Margaret, are the rings embossed onto the card, or is it an added embellishment??
The combination of dies used for the focal element look just divine and of course the Scandinavian Border (that I now know that we don't all own)!! But think we all should as it is the perfect finishing touch with the addition of a few pearls as Margaret has done beautifully.
Thank you so much for your amazing inspiration Margaret, your cards are simply Divine!
Right ladies I must away, I have another hectic day ahead, Lucy has her Grade six Clarinet exam, we found out yesterday that she is very poorly prepared as her teacher has omitted large parts of the Aural parts of the exam and the scales too, so she is mega stressed!
Also Becca is off to Royal Ascot today to continue her birthday celebrations, although, her flight was delayed from 7.45pm to 12.45 am, so she will be exhausted, also she had me panicking, she said "mum I need to talk to you, its an emergency" so I managed to get hold of her, she asked me if there was anyway I could get into town before the shops closed, I said no, because Paul wasn't home to take me, well she got herself in a right tizzy, because......her eyelashes were falling out!!!!!
I could have killed her, stressing me out for something so trivial, she was upset as she had false ones fitted before her birthday weekend, supposed to last a good couple of weeks, but they are falling out already and taking her own lashes with them! Honestly that girl will be the death of me, her idea of an emergency just takes the biscuit! She said, "Mum, I can't to Ascot with no eyelashes" !
I had to giggle though as when she had described her outfit, she said she had also bought a Fascinator, the look on Paul's face was a picture, he waited until we were on our own and asked what a Fascinator was, he looked relieved, when I enquired why, he explained that he thought that it was something that was more likely to be purchased from Ann Summers or similar outlet!, well I guess the name could be misinterpreted and it does usually have feathers!!!
On that note, I must go,
I will catch up later,
Love and Hugs all round,

Thursday 18 June 2015

I stamp 2 ways! & Happy Birthday Norah !!


Good morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all well, can you believe its Thursday already??!
I hope you will all join me in wishing Norah the Happiest of Birthdays, what a perfect gift you have had this week!
I had an absolutely lovely day yesterday with Pat and & Sue, my best day for weeks!
We just chatted and chatted until lunch time and then got to work, I had some thank you cards to make and Sue got busy making a birthday card, Pat was making a birthday card too.
We seemed to have so much to catch up on, it was lovely hearing about Pats Italian adventures,
it sounded like an amazing holiday and did both her and Pete the world of good.
I never want the days to end when they are both here. I am so lucky to have made such amazing friends through blogging.
It got me thinking about our retreat, I just don't think the weekend will be long enough, I think we will be filling every available moment getting to know each other in person, I just can't wait
its 19 weeks and 1 day until we meet!!!!!
Onto todays cards, I used the Inkyliscious Poppy Stamp, I stamped it up with Versafine Black Ink and stamped onto white card, I cut out using the outside edge of my Quilted Squares Die by Creative Expressions, it fit this stamp perfectly, I mounted it onto black card and then matt and layered finishing with a white base card made to fit the image and matts, (its a good idea to add an extra layer
of card on the back of the card to balance the weight of the 5 layers on the front)! I added a piece of black satin ribbon around the bottom of the card and tied another piece onto it to form a knot, I then stamped a 'thank you' stamp onto a piece of white card and matted it onto a piece of black and cut it into a 'flag forked' end, I then just tucked this under the ribbon.
The second card was made in pretty much the same manner apart from colouring the stamp with Tim Holtz Distress markers, Barn Door and Mowed Lawn, I then huffed on the stamp to refresh the ink and stamped onto white card, I matted it onto red card this time and tied the green part of the image in with the ribbon. I have stamped the thank you onto the inside of this card as it just seemed to obstruct the gorgeous image on the front!
By the way I spritzed the stamp with some water and got another 'water coloured' effect image from the small amount of residual ink, (well waste not want not)!
Let me know what you think of the cards in your comments, I look forward to reading them.
Well that's all from me today, all the excitement has worn me out, I loved every moment of today though!
I think I calculate 144 sleeps to retreat day! yay!
Love and huge hugs all round,

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Diane Gorgeous Card and Box xxx

Good Morning Ladies,
I wanted to share Diane's gorgeous card and matching box with you.
I can see that Diane has used the New York collection and a Gemini die, both from Creative
Expressions, designed by Sue Wilson. I love the colour you have used too, the box has been trimmed
perfectly with one of Sue Wilsons Classic Bows.
You have created a perfect gift here Diane, I love the tulle bow with the pretty flower in the centre too, if finishes the card off perfectly without being over the top, thank you very much for allowing me to share your card with all of our friends here in the café! xx
I am struggling for tips this week ladies......
Use corks to pop on the end of your knitting needles, it stops you from getting poked and also stops your knitting from falling of your needles.  (you may have to change your tipple to wine though ladies)!
I use small cup hooks screwed into the storage shelves on my craft room, they are perfect to storing things like pearl swirls, gems etc on, they hang on them just like in the shops!
That's a couple from me, i will be back with some more later on, I have Sue and Pat coming today,
I am so looking forward to catching up with both of them!
I hope you all have an amazing day,
love and hugs

Tuesday 16 June 2015

A twinkly background for a Tuesday!

Good Morning Ladies,
Today I want to share with you a card I started last week and finished today, I was having a play with
some Sparkle Texture Paste by Cosmic Shimmer.
I used Spellbinders Grate Effect Die to Cut a piece of White card, I used this as a mask, I taped it over a piece of Periwinkle Colour card using Scotch Removable tape on all four sides, leaving the piece across the top to act as a hinge, once taped down I used a spreader tool to apply the Sparkle texture paste across the mask, ensuring that an even coat was applied all over, I then scraped any excess back in the pot (waste not, want not)! I then removed the tape from the bottom and sides of the tape and gently lifted the mask up using the 'hinge' to check that the paste was evenly spread, I
removed the piece of periwinkle card, set it to one side to dry over night, by the way I wiped the excess paste off of my removable tape and stuck it to my grand calibur to use to secure my dies as usual, (no need to waste it) ! I also put the white card mask to one side to dry too and it has turned out really pretty, I have the gorgeous die cut with a hint of sparkle all over, so I haven't wasted that either!
I cut another Spellbinder Grate Effect die cut, this time in Cream card and layered it over the matching sparkle background, I continued to matt and layer with cream and periwinkle card using the Score Pal, Score Buddy to make the little perforations all the way around the penultimate cream matt, I love this little tool, the process is so much quicker than piercing all the way around! So worth the few pounds that it cost, I love it when we find these little gems!
I then cut two of Sue Wilson's Finishing Touch Flourishes popped them onto the side of the card and then added a double Blue Bow topped with a little cream double bow and a sparkly flower made from
Creative Expressions Camellia Dies (5 in total), I spritzed the smallest one with water, and squished it into a 'bud', I popped that into the centre of the next Camellia layer, followed by Three more layers, I applied some Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue to the petals and dipped the whole flower into the
Cosmic Shimmer 'Iced Snow' pot and 'sparkled' it up, it looks so effective and adds the perfect finishing touch, alongside a few Blue flat back pearls and a couple of Beautiful 'Sue Wilson' Finishing Touches Stickpins in complementary Blue!
I would love to know what you think my lovelies, let me know below.
I look forward to reading your comments very much,
PLEASE.... remember your Tips for Tomorrow's blog, you can send them to me if you like and I can feature them in the Post (paul.riley01@ntlworld.com).
Love and hugs

Monday 15 June 2015

Man Card Monday once again!!

Good Monday Morning My lovely friends,
Goodness me I feel that I have been really missing out on everything that's been going on this past week, so once our visitors have left I will be reading back through the goings on of the last few days and look forward to doing so, I feel like I have been separated from my family!
Any way its Man card Monday and as its the last run up to Father's Day, it seems good timing.
The first card in our line up today is by Brenda (littlelamb) and features the one thing that many men like to think is their own space, the Garden Shed or (Man Cave), I love the scene you have created here Brenda with the colour blended background, the birds, then the Wheelbarrow in the foreground gives the card great perspective (I think that's the right word)! To be honest I am so exhausted after the last few days that I could actually be writing anything!! haha! Thanks Brenda for sharing the
card with all of us! xxxx

Michele's fabulous Wellie card, I love the grass border on the front of this card,
the leaves in the background work really with the theme too.
An amazing Man card Michele, thank you for sharing xxxx
I absolutely love these scene style cards by the amazingly talented Patricia,
Both the coloured and the black and white image work so perfectly,
I believe that the stamps are separate images and you build the scene just as want it.
I love the way Patricia has added that tiny black border to the images and it lifts
and frames them perfectly, the sentiment adds the perfect finishing touch!
Thank you very much Patricia for sharing these amazing man cards with us xxx
Well ladies that's all for today, I have Sophie and Lucy home today as they have
an oddly placed inset day, so we will be doing so serious chilling out,
They are both tired after 6 hours of football matches, they are both exhausted too!
Duvet day I think, after Paul's parents have left of course!
We had quite a busy day yesterday, I got up after getting to bed at the back of 1 am,
to be called by Becca, crying and saying that there had been a big bust up between Josh
and his brother/dad, and they hadn't come home with her, so I calmed her down, tried to get comfy
then Matt came in from his night out, my phone rang again at 2.20 am, Becca again,
this time to ask for Daddy to come and pick her up as there was a row at J's house,
so off he went, to return 45 mins later with Becca & Josh!!!!
So back in to bed and just getting cosy, in comes Milo, they had bought Diego (dog) back
home with them and that had got Milo all worked up, so I got up, sorted him and Bella out,
Back to bed at 4.40!! Girls up at 7 am to get ready for football, followed by Becca,
she was needing 'Daddy' to run her and Josh back to his house to get her car as he needed
to go to A & E, as he had punched a wall in frustration during the evening arguments and
has broken his hand across the knuckles, hand like a balloon, great start to the Paris trip,
they wanted to put a cast/part cast on, but he didn't want that, so he has his fingers all
strapped up and his arm in a high sling, that's gonna hurt on the flight! (I think they call it Karma)!!
I got the cake finished, then finished her card, helped Paul with the mountain of Bacon rolls,
we then went off to football tournament, got home at 4.30, out the door at 6pm for Dinner,
back home at ten, Becca then tells me she needs a few bits washed for her trip.......
she was leaving at 1am!!!!!!! , We stayed up and got as much done for her as possible!
Now you know why I am so exhausted!!
Hope you have a relaxing day my lovelies!
Love and hugs