Saturday 31 August 2019

My Christmas Tags, my Swap from Danielle & Michele's Magazine Review

 Good Saturday morning Ladies,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.
I am trying not to think about it being our last 'full' weekend here, although we won't actually get home until a week on Monday.  Hopefully we have a few more days of sunshine until then, the girls want to go to the Waterpark one day this week, I'm sure it will fly by.
We had another beautiful beach day on Friday, finishing the afternoon/early evening laying by the pool writing todays blog.
Oh I didnt tell you how lucky we were when we went out for Dinner on my Birthday,  I picked a place that we have been a few times as I know that there was something that everyone liked on the menu.  Lewis says it's the best Pizza he has ever eaten and coming from a fussy eater thats High Praise, we started our meal with Mediterranean Muscles and Patatas Bravas, which disappeared very quickly. 
Us girls had steak, Lewis and Paul had Pizza,  the best part of the evening was that there was a live band, so we were entertained while we ate out on the patio, it was a lovely evening.

Enough of my waffle onto today's crafts...

The first items shown today are a set of t, ree Christmas tags I made for this months Swap on Our FB page.  I used My Minds Eye Lost and Found Christmas papers, an old Spellbinders Bauble die, some SU Pine dies and SB Poinsettias.

My Embellishment Swap with Danielle 

Danielle sent me some lovely toppers for our recent swap on our FB group, made using some Paper Boutique toppers and matching papers.

She also sent a lovely card that she had made using the 'Shaving Foam' Technique, it was in my fave SU colours too. 

Michele's magazine Review 

Hi Ladies,

Simply Cards & Papercraft has a brilliant set of Dies & stamps free this month.

Some ideas from inside the magazine.

First article showing Christmas cards using the free gift.

Next few photos shows how you can create non Christmas cards using the same Dies.

More examples.

A couple more ideas.

Great value gift this month as it can be used all year round.

Happy Crafting

Love the look of this Magazine Michele,  the free dies and stamps look amazing and work for this weeks challenge too.
I love the samples they have made with them too.
Thank you so much for taking time to write these reviews each week. XXX

That's all for today ladies, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love and hugs to all,


Friday 30 August 2019

Next weeks Challenge

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Here we are at the start of another weekens, what have you all got planned?

You are probably all bored of me telling you about our day here as its pretty much the same day to day.
We did have a different day on Tuesday,  it was a little bit cloudy and threatened storms all day, although they never appeared,  we spent the day playing games, we learnt a new card game, played scrabble a few times.  Had a long leisurely lunch and then decided to go to the local 'tourist' town and have a cone of skin on chips followed by double scoops of ice cream in cones, the hardest part was choosing a flavour! I went for mango and coconut!!

Next Week's  Challenge 

Your Challenge for next week is a simple one.
There are 16 weeks until Christmas as if this week, so we really need to be getting our Christmas cards organised,  I haven't thought much about it, I made one for this Challenge and one other so far, I know Val has started hers already and I must say that when i went into a card shop with the girls before we came away,  the card shop had Christmas cards i  too, IN AUGUST!!.
There are no particular rules,  other than it being a 'Christmas card'.

I went for a different look for mine, the decorative paper is an old SU one, I teally liked the bright colours.  I made a foamiran Poinsettia using my new John Lockwood Ponsettia die,  the foam matched the 'real red' in the paper really well.  The leaves were made using Old Olive green card to match the background too.
I added some matching ribbon to hide the join of the DSP and SW Ponsettia Edger die cut. 
I hope you like it, it's quite 'non traditional ' but i love the colours.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love  and hugs to all of you,


Thursday 29 August 2019

Lilian's One Colour Challenge card

Good morning Ladies,

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes and for the lovely cards (some arrived before we left),  It was truly like opening a gift every time i opened a card. I feel very blessed ♥

I had a minor frustration at the start of my birthday,  I woke to discover that my Fb and messenger account had been hacked, loads of contacts had been sent what turns out to be acra
Craft YouTube video!  Luckily no harm done and with a few password changes I finally was able to read my birthday messages.
There was quite a breeze on the beach so we decided to spend the day at the pool. I had a lovely swim and managed to finish my second book.  It was then about 6.45pm so we went back to get ready to go out to eat.  A lovely day spent with my lovely family xxx

Today's card is Lilian's 'one colour ' Challenge card from last week's Challenge.
What a stunning card Lilian,  I honestly don't think that Stamperia make a paper range that I don't immediately fall in love with!!
Just look at that gorgeous paper, the matching  topper or journalling card is the perfect background for that beautifully intricate, sparkly butterfly.
I love your card Lilian, thank you so much for taking part XXX

I can't believe we are coming to the end of another week, our holiday is going too fast.

Sending love and hugs to all of you,


Wednesday 28 August 2019

Another 'Spotlight' Technique card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you have all enjoyed the gorgeous Bank Holiday weather that you were treated to, it makes such a difference to a Bank Holiday if the weather is good. Mind you it sounded like the heat was little over whelming for some of you which I totally understand.

Yesterday we started off the day on the beach as usual then as the wind picked up at about 2pm we packed up and headed for the grassy area around the pool, the girls and Lewis enjoy it as they can connect to the internet, although I have to say they aren't on it all the time like I thought they would be, they seem to much prefer playing Uno together or going to play Basket ball of Football.
Paul and I laid and read our books, I am on my second one, this is an 'actual' book that was in the 'free books, help yourself section' in our Holiday Reps tent.  The book is called 'Casa Clara' by Kate McCabe, in short it's about a Girl who leaves a messy life in Ireland to start over in Fuengirola  in Spain, it's quite a nice read.  The last one I read on my Kindle was about a girl who left a messy relationship in UK to help her parents renovate to Gites that were in the grounds of their home in France ready for the tourist season, as you may predict she ends up falling in love with the guy that is doing the renovation, that is a very simplified synopsis, it was a lovely read and I felt a little sad when it was finished.  I always find it hard moving on to a new book.
Paul managed to finish his too, he really enjoyed it.

Today's card is another of those 'Spotlight' cards that we all made as part of a weekly challenge a few weeks back.
I used a topper from one of the 'Lilli Of the Valley' art pads from many years ago, I have always loved the images, I just used to stroke them and put them back in the box!
I teamed this one with this gorgeous pink from SU which matches perfectly, I kept it simple with embellishments as I think the image is pretty enough without any further fuss.

I must go as everyone is getting is ready to go out and giving the 'look' !!

Have a lovely day my lovelies,

love and hugs to all you,


Tuesday 27 August 2019

Another of Pat's Groovi Masterpieces

Good Morning Ladies,

I am writing today's blog post on a Sun lounger at a little after 6pm, we spent today on the beach until 4pm, we were treated to calm sea and only a light breeze that just took the edge off of the heat.  I managed to have several trips into the sea today, the one that filled my heart with the most joy was later in the afternoon when we all decided at the same time to go in to cool off, the girls had taken a squishy ball in with them to play with, which ended up with all of us playing
A variety of games, seeing the girls delight at the fact that I was actually able to join in with a physical ball game was worth any amount of discomfort,  the weightlessness that the sea water offers makes it easier for me to move around. We played for around an hour, non of us wanting to stop the fun.  Reality soon hits home aa soon as I make the perilous journey back onto the beach, we have devised a method that seems to make it less of a drama,  Paul goes before me and I hold onto his hands for support as I climb out (its uphill and with the waves added in its a nightmare). But as i said earlier, so worth it.
We left the beach and went back home to swap to dry towels and grab a welcomed ice cream before heading to lay out on the loungers in the grass area around the pool, there isn't a breath of wind and the sun is still gloriously warm, the girls stayed with us for a couple of hours but have left to go to the shop (for chocolate) I imagine so it's just the two of us, Paul is laying beside me reading a book, in fact it's a book he started here last year but only read a couple of chapters before we left.

Pat very kindly sent me some of her finished Groovi cards to share with you while I am away.
This particular card is so pretty, I love all of the colours you have chosen Pat, the pink of those pretty flowers works perfectly with both the bright green and the blue.
There is so much detail you have to look back at it a few times to truly appreciate how much work has gone into it.  I truly believe that receiving a card that has been made with the Groovi system is a real gift, I think only another crafter would appreciate the amount of time and effort that is required to both design the layout and create it.
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work with all of us XXX

I hope that you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday  Weekend my lovelies,

Sending love and huge hugs to all of you,


Monday 26 August 2019

Michele's second Recycle Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well, we have been here a full week today, it has absolutely flown by, usually the first week goes slowly then the last two whizz by but it barely seems we have been here a couple of days.

Today's card is another of Michele's 'Recycled' Cards, this gorgeous example was made using a Cheese Triangle box, you know the Dairy Lea ones or Laughing Cow.

Michele has made a round die cut card to fit into a perfectly matching Box that has been decorated to perfectly match the card, what a fantastic idea.  It makes a simple card into more of a gift when it is presented in a beautiful matching box.
Such a great idea for using something that we would normally chuck into the Recycling box.
It gets your mind working thinking about how many other things that we mindlessly toss in the bin.

Although I have to say I have been trying to not be too much of a 'recycle' hoarder, the one thing I do have a 'collection' of is glass jars, any mustard or jam jars that have an interesting shape to them get put in the dishwasher and then put into a cupboard in the utility room.
I also keep padded envelopes (just in case they might be 'just the size' I need) and bubble wrap for making backgrounds.

I am so looking forward to seeing what the rest of you have 'Recycled' to make your cards.  I was trying to think of some different ideas myself...

You could use something as Teabags to create an 'aged' background or coffee grounds.

I have also seen some amazing home décor items made with old book pages and Playing cards too, as always Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

Right I must go as everyone has finished getting ready to go out for dinner so I had better get a wiggle on, it's a bit of a slow wiggle though as my back is still sore from being burnt.  I have stayed completely covered since I got burnt though, lesson learnt!

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Sunday 25 August 2019

Your Momochrone Challenge Cards

Good Sunday morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.
As I am writing this (saturday afternoon), we are all lounging by the pool having a very relaxing  day.  We had a walk around the small local market that sets up outside our Campsite on a Saturday morning,  there are some lovely  fruit and veg stalls mixed with many others selling anything from towels and Linen to the fake designer bags and purses.
I actually bought a leather purse from there  last year, it wasn't a designer brand or anything, I have to say 1 year on its still like new and  it is the softest leather, so there are bargains to be had if you look beyond the counterfeit  Louis Vuitton bags, purses and belts!
We are planning on going out to eat tonight, there is a local restaurant that does some lovely steaks and seafood and according to Lewis makes the best Pizza he has ever eaten!

Onto your amazing Challenge cards.....


Karen has made two lovely 'Monochrome ' cards, one Christmas and one Birthday, I will admit that I do have a favourite this time,  the Birthday card is beautiful and has sich a lovely sentiment,  that Sandra is very lucky to have you as such an amazing friend Karen 😜

Love Both Cards Karen, thanks so much for taking part XXX


Lynda also made two Challenge cards, both are amazing Lynda. I really love the unusual background of the second card, it looks very 'mixed media'
Card 1:
I glued a piece of black card to my white base card then added the black poppies & white poppies.

Card 2: is white base card I added the the black card on top then added the  flowers to a mesh background ( I bought flowers from wish can't remember name of them) added a happy birthday.

Thanks Lynda for two stunning Challenge cardsXXX 


Three fabulous Challenge cards from Janet, I have always loved those Silhouette Ladies, they make such an elegant card.
Janet's second card,  great Man card, with that  quirky Gargoyle/Vintage Door Knocker image.

Janet's third card is a Tonic die card, which Janet has die cut and embossed,  I'm not sure if Janet added guilding wax or has sanded the embossed detail to make it stand out so beautifully,  the card is finished perfectly with Ribbon woven through the die, which gives a stunning look to the card and a touch of luxury.

Thank you so much for 3 stunning cards Janet  XXX


Maria has designed two absolutely Gorgeous cards for this weeks Monochrome Challenge,  using grey  and white for one and a pretty aqua coyr for the other.

The first card Maria has designed using SW Vivien Die set which is so beautifully intricate, l that is needed is that simple fern style foliage to finish the card. 

Maria's second card uses SW New York collection die for that beautiful frame and a SW butterfly to finish.

Thank you Maria for two beautiful Challenge cards. XXX


Val has made an absolutely stunning Get Well Soon card for the Challenge this week, wouldn't that gorgeous flower brighten your day as you opened the card.
Yet again Val has used a stunning embossing folder to create the background for that pretty flower. 
The twine and that simple sentiment is all that is needed to finish the card.

Thank you so much Val, it's so lovely to see your 'mojo' returning after it's holiday XXX


Two fabulous traditional  'Monochrome ' cards from Michele for this weeks  Challenge. 

The first has a pretty embossed background topped with a pretty patterned black ribbon,  on top of which Michele has popped that cute die cut Cat. The card is finished with the die cut sentiment and some pretty gem stones in the corners. 

Michele's second Monochrome card is layered grey and white card with the addition of the sim0le but effective 'Tuck in' die cut (i think that is what they are called) they are little abstract pieces that really bring some texture to your projects.
A simple Sentiment and some black gem stones are all that is needed to finish this card.

Perfect Challenge cards Michele, as always, thank you so much for taking part despite a hectic week at work.   XXX


This card is one that Sue made for this very same Challenge a year ago, it is so beautiful its worthy of a second view.
Sue made it using the Very Vintage (SU) stamp set and my all time favourite die Spelldinders Floral Oval. 
Such a beautiful card Sue XXX


Lilian has been away so I don't think that she will have managed a card for this week, so like Sue's card I used the one that Lilian made for this Challenge this time last year.

Lilian has used a stunning stamp to create that beautiful image and then coloured the card to match the background. 
A beautiful card Lilian XXX


Finally a beautiful Thank You card that Margaret made for this very Challenge last year.
I absolutely love this die, which I believe is an 'Apple Blossom' die from  Craft Stash.
A beautiful Thank you card, thank you so much Margaret XXX

Ladies thank you so much for taking part in anothet Challenge.  I am as always very grateful for the time and effort you put in each week.

Sending love and hugs to all of you,


Saturday 24 August 2019

Mixed Up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review

Good Morning Ladies,

We have had a lovely couple of days here, glorious sunshine and calm seas, I was so excited to make it down to the beach and see it as calm as a mill pond, needless to say we were straight it, with only a slight hesitation and some heavy breathing as my body acclimatised to the temperature of the Mediterranean sea, within minutes I was floating around and it felt amazing. I think that we were on the beach at about 9.20am and didn't leave until after 6pm.  We spent a couple of hours lounging by the pool and then made our way back for supper.  I am a little sore today though as we were out in the sea for so long my back got a little burnt! Its my own fault though as I just didn't want to get out.

Now I didn't have any Mixed Crafts as such to share with you today, so I decided to share some old ones that are still as current today, they haven't dated at all.

First up (above) are Karen's  Decorated Chocolate Bar Wrappers, don't they look amazing, it's great to see a Birthday and Christmas version too. I love the one with that Spellbinders Vase and flowers on, I have that die and totally forget to use it.!
I can up load the tutorial that Karen did for this if any of you want to see it again.

Thanks Karen for some great Gift Wrapping Inspiration XXX

Next up we have Lilian's first ever try go at Quilting, not that you would ever think that this was her first attempt.
I love both your Quilted Cushions and those amazing Nautical Cushions and Door stop.  Have you done anymore quilting since you did these Lilian?  I always imagined that Quilting would be addictive once you got started.

Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us Lilian XXX

Michele's Magazine Review

Hi Ladies,

Papercraft Inspirations has a lovely Kinetic Card kit free this month.

Here’s some ideas from inside the magazine.

This picture shows what you can make using your free gift.

This article show you his to make a different style card, they’d make quite a special card.

This article explains how to create a masked background plus combining it with silhouette stamps. Some very impressive designs.

That’s all for now,
Happy Crafting.


Thanks so much Michele, this magazine has some great articles, not to mention that fantastic free gift, I think that they are great for just trying out something new, without having to invest a lot of money only to find it's not for you. There are also plenty of inspiration cards to get you going.
Those blackboard easel cards look like a great technique to try to, especially for cards for men.
Finally that last feature on using Masked off backgrounds  with your silhouette style stamps is fantastic,  it gives some new ideas to add a twist to an already fantastic technique. 

Thanks again my lovely,  I really appreciate  you taking time to inspire us XXX

Cheryl found some amazing Bargains last week to add some useful storage space to her craft room.

The Spice Rack holds sixteen bottles, Cheryl found this in a Charity shop, what a great find, so useful to have all of your embellishments in one place

Cheryl managed to get herself one of the gorgeous Duck Egg Blue storage trollies that are still half price in Hobbycraft, at £25 they are a great Bargain, here you can see a photo before and after Cheryl got organised, using those fab storage pockets for dies etc. Cheryl go those from Home Bargains.

Thank you so much Ladies for sharing your crafts and to Michele for the Review.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs


Friday 23 August 2019

Next week's Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

It hardly seems five minutes since I was saying "Here we are at the start of another week" and it's Friday already!  

Michele was kind enough to arrange and make inspiration cards for two Challenges, which really helped me out, both Challenges are great and something we haven't done for a while.

So here is Michele's first Challenge....

Hi Ladies 

This weeks challenge is to recycle something & use it on your card/project.

Here I’ve used a paint colour strip to punch out flowers for the birthday card.

You could use an old card as a topper, ribbon or buttons on a card-the list is endless!

Happy Crafting

Thanks Michele for a great Challenge, I think most of us hoard something that we could use on a card or craft project.
It could be anything from using Die packaging as acetate for a shaker card, or using bubble wrap to create a background, I have used a pretty wrapping paper as Background paper before, you can be as resourceful as you like.

I will try and think of other ideas through the week.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

We had a lovely day at the beach, the breeze was welcomed as it was around 30 degrees, sadly tge wind meant that the sea was quite rough,  so I didn't manage to get in. Paul and the girls went in, Lewis isnt keen so he and I sat chatting. 
I managed to buy some cross shaped ferules for the bottom of my crutches, tomake walking on sand easier , I wasn't sure whether they would work or not, i saw a lady with them at Farnborough in February and asked her where she got them, I managed to get mine on Amazon,  there were loads to choose from, different to last year when I could only find 1 sort that were going to be around £100 !!!
These ones cost less than £20 and really do work! It makes such difference too.

Thats all for today my lovelies,

Have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,


Thursday 22 August 2019

The last two TicTacToe Challenge cards from FB Ladies

Susan Dawson

Susan Lawson 

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all ok, how's the weather over there?.  We had a bit of a cloudy overcast day yesterday, which we really didn't mind as we were all happy to sit and read, play games etc.  We also had to go and do a big food shop, we always go on the first /second day to stock up on bottled water, fruit, crisps and snacks  to take to the beach each day.  We always take meat etc with us in our electric cooler (which plugs in to car etc), that way it costs us less as meat is more expensive out here, it is better quality but it's a lot more expensive and with the poor exchange rate for Euro it makes it even worse. 
Anyway we managed to get all stocked up for the  next week /10 days, which means Paul doesn't have to drive anywhere, so he can totally relax too. 
The camp site shop/ bakery is well stocked and unusally is very reasonably priced, milk, bread, yoghurts etc same price as large supermarkets. 
The other real money saving thing that we do is Buy Icecreams/ lollies etc by the box and fill the freezer, so we pay no more than 3 or 4 Euros for a box of 4 or sometimes 6 icecreams as apposed to paying almost €3 for 1 !!!
We finished our day with a lovely home cooked steak and Chips dinner with Garlic Mushrooms, followed by an evening of games.  Perfect !!

Now onto those STUNNING TicTacToe Cards from the two Susan's!

Susan Dawson's Easel Card 

Using Categories:  Birthday/Vintage/Feminine 

The first card is just perfection, it's absolutely gorgeous,  so much beautiful detail, without being over the top. The flowers and arranged perfectly around the stunning vintage portrait,
I love how Susan has added the 'With Love' label style on the side of the card too.
Such an inspirational card Susan, thank you so vert much for taking part in the Challenge.  XXX

Susan Lawson's Card

Using Categories:  Die cut/Favourite Colour/Feminine 

Susan has used a beautifully intricate die to cut the the main focul point of her card, the base cut in that pretty shade of purple, then the intricate detailed part die cut in white with a pretty floral  paper behind the lacy panel.
This pretty piece was mounted onto a pretty purple card base, with a die cut label for the sentiment centred beneath. 
Susan finished the card with a simple white bow.
Absolutely beautiful Susan. 
Thank you so very much for taking part in the Challenge. XXX

Margaret, i was saddened to read your news, although now that you are under the care of the Parkinson's team, which I believe have an excellent reputation, you can get the treatment to get your life back on track. I know first hand how frustrating and deeply upsetting it is seeing your partner/loved ones tiring themselves doing the things that you used to do and enjoyed doing.  I think that that one think is the hardest for other people to fully understand.  Even if they say they don't mind doing it  you can see that they are struggling.   Then there is the frustration that they don't quite do it to the same standard  as you did!! Hahaha.
I think it's so wrong that you have had to wait so many months to see this team but I am excited to see how they can help you get your strength back.  
Sending you the hugest, squishyest hug and lots of love Margaret xxxxxxxxx

That's all from me today ladies 

Have a lovely day, however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all,


Wednesday 21 August 2019

Sue's Stunning Groovi Card

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well and that the weather  is being kind to you.

We arrived safely on Monday afternoon after a relaxing and enjoyable journey, well apart from some quite heavy rain in the first couple of hours. The two hotel stops were very nice, the second was especially nice, as we had our own cabin with some stunning views of both the mountains and the Millau Bridge, the weather was a little bit cooler this time and there were a lot clouds, which meant that there were no paragliders and balloons, which are fascinating to watch.  The town was packed as there was a Petanque championships going on.  
We both said we would both like to see Millau in the Winter month's as it's a ski resort  (not that we would ski obviously) but I imagine the views of the snow covered mountains would be breathtaking! 
We are staying at the same hotels on our way home too.  
We arrived at our Resort and had totally unpacked the car within an hour and were sitting with a cake from the bakery and cup of tea ready to relax! 
The girl's flight was delayed by about 45 minutes, which gave us more time to relax before leaving to go find somewhere to eat dinner.  We finished up and set off to Girona Airport to collect the girls and Lewis, the beauty of small airports means it was easy to park and walk to arrivals, after about 10 mins their 3 beaming smiles appeared through the doors.  
We were glad to climb into bed at about 1am. 
Let the fun begin !! 

Todays card is Sue's second Groovi card, it's just beautiful Sue, I love the pretty pink background, it works so well with the pretty, floral Groovi Plate that you have used.  Adding the embossed border and then the narrow pink frame really extends the finished piece out to make more of an impact.
Using the matching pink brads finishes your design perfectly. 
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your Groovi card Sue xxx

That's all for today Ladies,

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,


Tuesday 20 August 2019

A couple more TicTacToe Challenge cards from FB ladies

Melanie Kilborn 

Stephanie Hernandez

Good morning Ladies,

The ladies over on Danielle & I's Facebook Group like a TicTacToe Challenge as much as we do, so I like to extend our Challenge to include them too.

They made some absolutely amazing cards for The TicTacToe Challenge, these are the first two of them..

Melanie's card is just so beautiful,  I love everything about it, I'm not sure if the clock is a sie or a cleverly inked mask, it looks incredible either way. 
Those gorgeous die cut flowers,  foliage and butterfly decorate the clock face perfectly.
Melanie used categories:  Vintage/Die Cut/ Feminine.

Thank you so much Melanie for taking part and allowing me to share your card on my blog xxx

Stephanie has gone for a real 'arty' look with her almost distressed looking inked floral die cut, I love the colours you have used Stephanie. 
Stephanie coloured the pretty die cut by painting with Water Colour Markers. It looks amazing Stephanie.  
Stephanie used Categories: Die Cut/Favourite Colour/Floral.

Thank you so much Stephanie for both taking part in this Challenge and allowing me to share your card on my blog. XXX 

It's lovely to see a totally different take on the challenge, it never ceases to amaze me how we all create totally different cards yet we are all working with ths same 9 categories. 

I have some more to share later in the week too.

I hope that you all have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all of you,