Friday 30 June 2017

Two amazing cards from Tracy

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well, I hardly seems possible that a week as passed since I was preparing to go to Birmingham, I'm in two minds as to whether I'd go again to be honest, I enjoyed it, although pain did overshadow the fun at times, it's the days that it takes to recover to a bearable level of pain that is frustrating, the other huge thing for me is being reliant on others, I couldn't go and get my own lunch and drinks myself so always had to ask for help, don't get me wrong Danielle was hugely supportive, fetching my food and craft packs etc, but I felt conscious that I was affecting her weekend.  The hotel had thick carpets everywhere which made it impossible to propel myself in my wheelchair.   Anyway it's over now and it was worth it if only to have met Amanda and made a lovely new friend too, so every cloud does have a silver lining! 

Tracy has shared the two A4 cards that she was asked to make by a friend, one from a Grandmother and one from an Aunt for a 40th Birthday.  Tracy you have done an amazing job, creating two absolutely stunning cards, the first card is super 'girly' with those 'Cheery Lynn' Flourishes and the gorgeous flowers.  The second card has a totally different feel, I absolutely love that script background you have used, the lace really softens the feel of the card and ties in beautifully with the Heart lace doily you have used. Every element has been carefully thought out and placed perfectly.  
I know you said that you were out of your comfort zone with these large cards Tracy but my goodness you did an amazing job, they are both stunning, I feel that you will be getting many more orders for these cards.
Thank you so very much for sharing them today XXX

Michele, keep you chin up sweetheart, don't let things get you down, you will have a lot of arms around you today my lovely, just today to get through then it's the weekend.  Love and hugs on their way XXX

We have a special new feature tomorrow ladies, Our Michele has offered to do a monthly post about Craft Magazines, the freebies you get with them etc. It will be on the first Saturday of each month.  Michele has a knack of making the very best of the freebies that come with magazines so I am looking forward to seeing what she has come up with .

Lynda I hope you are enjoying the last few days if your 'sixties', have you got anything planned for Sunday? XXX

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs


Thursday 29 June 2017

A sentiment from me to all of you......

This Little Piggy Stamp set

Good Morning Ladies,

Oh my goodness, how cute are these pigs?!!
I have fallen in love with this stamp set, perfect for thank you cards, anniversary cards, well they would brighten anyone's day wouldn't they?!

I coloured my image with using the watercolour method, but I used the ink pads with a little water, painting onto watercolour card, I like how it turned out I think, I'm never sure with watercolouring though as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and you don't necessarily get a 'perfect' image with watercolours.
I used the new Stampin Up Berry Burst seam binding ribbon for the first time and it ties into bows like a dream!

Not much on the cards today, slowly getting myself moving around, the girls have Spanish mock exam today, Lucy had Biology yesterday, they both had Geography on Monday, Sophie has 5 hour Art exam on Friday, so tension is a little tight in this house at the moment.  They finish on Monday so we can all relax a little then.
My son finally starts his Councilling today, he has waited for far too long, I am hoping that this will be the start of us getting our son back, it's been a tough year for him.  He witnessed a horrific accident this time last year, a young mum lost her life under the wheels of a fully laden car transporter, she ran out to save her young daughter Cheryl had run out in front of it, Matt was working right beside the road and ran to help only to watch the poor young lady get dragged under the front wheels, he was first on scene and hasn't been able to get the image out of his mind, I was surprised that the police didn't offer any kind of Councilling as I believe they usually do.  He has suffered terribly with his health since then too which is possibly down to stress, although he does take immunosuppressant drugs for his arthritis too.
So please cross your fingers that this is the first step in the right direction for him.

Well I have waffled enough for one day, I hope I haven't depressed you all, I do think it helps to write these things down sometimes, it's a kind of therapy in itself!!

I hope you all have a fantastic day,

Love and hugs


Wednesday 28 June 2017

Good Morning Ladies,

Here are all 14 of the "One Sheet Wonder" cards in one photo, I think it is a better way to demonstrate how far you can stretch that one 12 X 12 sheet, I haven't added embellishments to all of them yet, I will hopefully get chance to do that sometime today.

We went to visit Mum yesterday as it is her 70th Birthday today, (we couldn't go over today as Paul is working).
Our journey was horrendous to say the least, we set off at about 08:30 and  it took until 10.20 to get 30 miles to the other side of Oxford, Paul then tried is hardest to make up time, when we got 1\2 way along the M25 it started thundering with lightening and torrential rain which caused really poor visibility, you can guess where I'm going next can't you?!, Yes there was a terrible accident,  it was super busy too so within minutes we were gridlocked, frustratingly the M25 uses the hard shoulder as a lane causing absolute chaos there is no access for emergency vehicles, consequently the 2 1\2 to 3 hour journey took us over 5 hours.
Luckily the place that we had reservation at for lunch were ok and kept our table.
The journey home wasn't as bad but constant rain an fog made visibility really poor, you'd be surprised how many drivers had no lights on at 9:30 pm in poor conditions.
We eventually got home at about 10:45pm.  Sadly I don't think in will be venturing far from my bed today.

Pat I'm sure you struggled with traffic as well today, apparently it was because of temporary lights at Wolvercote roundabout, it was backed up to Eynsham, we  diverted over 5p bridge but everyone else had same idea!

Thank you all for welcoming Danielle yesterday, she is so lovely, she has a blog too.

Right I'm off for some antiinflammatories!!

Love and hugs to all,


Tuesday 27 June 2017

1 sheet wonder part 1

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well, we have another busy day today as we are going over to my mum's as it's her birthday, we can't go tomorrow as Paul starts his very last shift in his current job, I can feel the tension already bless him, not because his is leaving as such, more worried about finding a new job and somewhere to live!
I am dreading the journey today as my sciatica flared up again yesterday early hours, probably from sitting on the same chair for hours, I have struggled to move today.

Today's cards are the first batch of 5 from the "One Sheet Wonder " , which means you take 1  12 X 12 sheet at cut it up to make enough pieces for 14 different cards.
Some of the cards have only a couple of small strips of the patterned paper but it seems to work.  I am definitely going to do another and I would love to share it with all of you if you fancy having a go??  Let me know in the comments below.

Sue, have a safe journey down to see Chris's brother and enjoy your stay XXX

Pat, I hope you are home safe and sound and ready for the usual Tuesday hospital visit XXX

Lilian I hope you had a lovely weekend away together, it's nice to have a change of scenery every now and then, it's good to have you back though XXX

I'm off to prepare for the journey ahead, I will share the next batch of the 14 cards tomorrow.

Love and hugs to all,


Monday 26 June 2017

Your Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Ooh I was so glad to be home last night, I was completely and utterly exhausted, I don't think I've ever felt that exhausted in a very long time.  The weekend was a huge challenge, very enlightening, some good ideas jotted down and some absolutely amazing swaps that I received in exchange for mine.
I have some fun new ideas to share with you too, one of the projects that we did was to make 14 cards from 1 sheet of 12x12 paper. I will be honest and say that we didn't get to finish the project as the cutting out took up almost all of the allotted time.
I met a lovely lady called Danielle, we hit it off straight away and we teamed up to complete the projects, which made it a lot more fun.

Now onto this weeks Challenge, now you can see there are two parts to the challenge above, you can either choose the Sketch or the Colour challenge, or if you are feeling up for a real challenge combine the two. I searched out and found some cards from the website, if you want some more inspiration I will leave a link below ....

Remember the star doesn't have to be a star, its just a shape and can be anything you fancy, flowers, hearts a flourish, balloon, anything, if you choose just to use the colours you can do whatever layout you like.  I think I will attempt a combination of the two.
I hope you like the new type of challenge, I'm always striving to keep things fresh so that you don't get bored.  I welcome your feedback though.

Maria I hope that you have recovered from your journey and can start to enjoy your holiday XXX

Pat did you get to Mevagissey? I hope you are feeling on top form now XXX

Sending love and hugs to all of you


Sunday 25 June 2017

Your Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

This weeks Challenge card post will be a little less detailed as I am not at home this weekend, your Challenge cards are as important to me as ever though so I will makes sure I include them all .

Lynda has used her favourite Clarity Northern Lights pad for the background
Of this weeks Challenge card, a Sue Wilson die creates the label part of the card
With flowers made from the Chrysanthemum Die set with Heart Spray for flourishes.
Thank you so much Lynda


Margaret has used her Anne Marie Designs paper for this weeks card, 
Such a pretty colour the flowers are gorgeous too, I bet your friend 
Loved her card Margaret, thanks for sharing


 Background is a sheet from the Travel Memories pad I bought today which inspired me to use a Serif image which I just "flat" coloured with my Chameleon pens

The nesting dies are the two sets of Spellbinders deckle edge
Sue W ribbon die for the band
Resin flower and TL Pearl Flourish dies
Thanks so much Karen for a stunning card, love it !!

Janet has used Sue's Noble Rectangle dies to create
Her challenge card this week, such a lovely
colour Janet, love the flowers and Flourish too.
Thank you so much 

I love this Poppy die that you have used Val, am I right in thinking that you coloured your card with Pixie Powders first,
I absolutely love the colour you have used, that frame is so pretty
too, your Foamiran flower works perfectly I have ordered some to play with. 
Thanks for taking part Val


Maria has managed two cards this week, the first is so pretty 
That nesting die is such a pretty shape, beautiful flowers and I really love the embossing folder you have used.
Your second card is an amazing colour Maria, those nesting 
Die cuts are so lovely too, I love the flowers you have made too.
Thank you Maria for taking part.

Michele has made her challenge card with
The die and papers that were free with a magazine, Michele you absolutely amaze me, you make such amazing cards with
Magazine  freebies that I usually put to
One side and not use  I love this card.
Thank you so much my lovely 

I would like to thank you all even more this week for crafting in the extreme heat, you are all so amazingly supportive, I am so very grateful.

Just a quick was ok, very nerve racking but I did it and I'm glad I did.
I will shAre some photos when I get home.
I am so exhausted and can honestly say that there isn't a part of my body that doesn't hurt, probably because I was holding myself so tense with nerves all  day.
Thanks so much for pushing me to go XXX 

I'm having to blog on my phone so I hope j haven't missed anyone.  

Love and hugs


Saturday 24 June 2017

Mixed up Saturday, very Horticultural !!!

Good Morning My Lovelies,

What a jam packed post I have for you today we have everything from 
Embroidery to Scenery, oh and little bit of Horticulture!!
So let's get started....

Val has had a few requests for Pop Up Cards, so as we all now Val doesn't Craft
On a small scale, just look what our amazing friend has achieved !!!
What an incredible display of gorgeousness!! 
Each and every one of those boxes is totally unique and so pretty, 
If they haven't already I just know that they will fly off the shelf, 
Thank you so much for sharing them with us Val 


Our Maria has been decluttering her garage, while she was sorting 
through boxes she discovered some forgotten treasures from 
Way back before card making took over as her hobby.
A lovely Longstitch, I did a couple of these myself and liked how 
Quickly the came together, I love your Dove Maria, such an iconic 
Image of peace, something we could all do with a little bit more of these days.
Two beautiful Cross Stitched pieces too, I love the rose table cloth, the Cherries
are really pretty too, you should have them out for all to see, not hidden 
away in a box, I think we have become a little too minimalist these
days, all treasures and heirlooms seem to be hidden away.
Thank you so much for sharing them Maria 


Well here it is at last, you can now all share in the beauty of 
Pete's Dragon's Tongue Lily, it is just amazing, I have never
Seen anything like it before this week, you must have been
So excited to see it finally unfurl itself Cheryl, it is stunning,
Cheryl says it is 22 inches from base to tip, can you believe that??
I want to thank you Cheryl as if it were not for your kindness in sharing
The pic of Pete's Lily I think most of us would have never seen anything
As Magnificent, thank you so very 

What can I say but WOw Janet, such a peaceful scene, your
Garden is so lovely, I hope to join you at that table some time soon.
I can just picture you relaxing on that swing, pad in hand finding jobs for Jim!
 Janet lives on a very peaceful lane so no traffic noise to be heard, 
This view looks out towards the front gates, where we all think about Jim arriving 
Through with the fresh bread and croissant each morning,
Thank you Janet for sharing your little piece of heaven


Brenda your garden is just beautiful, so many lovely 
Well established plants and shrubs, I just love the little
area with the mirror, everything looks very well
thought out, who spends more time in the greenhouse, you or John?
Your lawn looks like a bowling green, it looks as though John has invested a lot
Of time on it, the other thing that I love is the different spaces you have created 
With your pots and planters, so much interest everywhere .
The stunning yellow rose in the last photo is a rose that Brenda and John 
received for their Golden Wedding Anniversary and it flowers every 
Year just as they celebrate their anniversary.
Thank you so much Brenda for a walk in your garden.


Just look at the breathtaking views from Pat's Balcony, absolutely
Amazing, I would be happy to be sat there all day, with a good book and
a pot of tea, there is so much to look at from watching the
different kinds of boats come in and out to people on the beach.
I do hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy it Pat.
Thank you for sharing your view

So that's it for today ladies, as I am typing this my bags are packed, my tummy is churning and Paul is getting excited for a day of luxury and leisure, he has packed his
Swim shorts as there is a pool and sauna, he has his book, I am quite pleased he is having a day with nothing to do, it never usually happens for him, at least one of us is
Excited, thank you all for your lovely messages of support, you are the best friends any girl could ask for and I love you all.

Have a lovely weekend, I will hopefully pop in and update you.

Love and hugs

Friday 23 June 2017

Petal Garden Prettiness

Good Morning Ladies,

I finally finished all my swaps and got them all bagged up last night, added a couple of spares just in case! I finished about 10.30 last night, I then thought 'Oh no I need a card for the blog', so I made one of the cards in the Stampin' Up! Catalogue, it uses the Graceful Garden 6 x 6 paper pad and the 'petal Garden' Memories and more card pack. The Petal Garden pack has lovely die cut good foil die cuts that work so well with the colours in the collection, I think I love it as it has a lot of green in ! 

I have some lovely photos to share with you tomorrow, Pete's amazing Liky, some craft shopping, the beautiful views from Pat's balcony and Val's amazing pop up boxes!! I'm excited to share them with you.  
It was such a coincidence that Cheryl sent me the photo of Pete's Dragons Tongue Lily, as on the same day a chap from my Mum's village posted on Facebook a photo of what looks like a Lily in his garden,
If you read the comment he is asking if anyone knows what the plant is as he says it smells like a "Dead Rat" and he flies around it, to me it looks like some of the 'Carniverous' plants we used to have years ago, Pitcher plants I think they were called the rotten smell is to lure the flies in.  I think the replies to his message suggest that it is a 'Voodoo Lily', he ended up chopping it down as the smell was so strong, which is a shame as I don't think that flower very often. It looks similar to Pete's Lily though, although not as impressive ! 

Lynda the Bubble wrap will be good for your diet!! Lol, you'll be sweating those pounds off, although it will go back on when you have a drink, I'm sure wrapping yourself in cling film was a 'thing' years ago for quick loss of inches!! 
I hope you are starting to feel better my lovely XXX

Pat I am so pleased you arrived safely, your landlady sounds lovely, is it St Austell that you are staying at? Have a lovely time XXX

Lilian, I hope you had a lovely day at your friends and that you got some crafting done. XXX

I am hoping to check this hotel out as a possible venue for our meet up, it's near to the NEC so great for trains etc for those travelling by rail, it's just off the motorway for those coming by car too. It has a pool etc too, I will ask Paul to get the prices etc while I'm busy crafting. 

Well I'm going to try and get a couple of hours sleep now, it's 02:31, slightly cooler tonight so no fan rattling away thank goodness, Paul is home too and is sound asleep beside me.

Have a lovely day my very dear friends,

Love and huge hugs


Thursday 22 June 2017

My challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope you are all well and those of you that aren't feeling 100% are feeling a little brighter today.

Today's card is my version of this weeks Sketch, hopefully it will give you a little bit of inspiration, that's if you haven't started yours already.  I imagine most of you like me went into the craft room in the evening as it was a little cooler and easier to concentrate, having said that as I am writing this it is 1 am, I think I lost track of time! 
I made this card using the Stampin'Up 'Beautiful Bouquet' stamp set and matching Thinlits, it is such a bonus having the matching die to all of the flowers and it gives you so many more options than just having them as stamps.  I stamped the flowers in the following colours, 'So Saffron', 'Sweet Sugarplum' , 'Calypso Coral's and Rich Razzleberry', I used Fresh Fig card with a piece of the Graceful Garden 6x6 pad for my background paper, the ribbon is Sweet Sugarplum Striped Grosgrain. The sentiment came from the same stamp set too. 
Beautiful Bouquet

It will be a quiet day here as Paul will be trying to sleep of nights, I am hoping it will be a little cooler for him today, I will be finishing off my swaps and packing my craft bag ready for the weekend, The nerves have kicked in already ladies, with the "is it worth it, shall I go" statement's whizzing round my brain, anxiety is something that I wouldn't wish on anyone, you end up feeling so helpless even though you know that in reality things will be fine, I am so lucky that I have a husband that is willing to give up his time to support me through these things . 

I hope that you all have a lovely day, whether it's rain or shine!

Love and huge hugs


Wednesday 21 June 2017

A Trio of Treasures

Janet's beautiful Silhouette Card

Maria's Pretty Embossed Card

Sue's Fab Flags Card

Good Morning Ladies,

How are you all coping in the heat?  Sue and I managed ok yesterday, you will be pleased to know that I was fully clothed, as was Sue.  We chatted for most of the time but did manage to squeeze a little bit of crafting in too.
She had a play with the Envelope Punch Board and was very impressed, which pleases me greatly as I know it's not just me being biased. 
She then very kindly helped me with the next batch of my swap cards, so I'm a few more nearer being finished.  Thanks Sue XXX

Now onto today's cards....

First up we have Janet's beautiful Silhouette CA, such a pretty image framed beautifully with delicate die cuts, trimming around the cameo style topper with gems really lifts it. Thank you so much Janet for sharing your card XXX

Maria's Pretty card was created by Maria meticulously colouring the embossed image, the image is absolutely beautiful, enhanced by Maria's brilliant colouring, the pearl embellished flowers are so pretty too. Thank you so much for allowing me to share your card Maria XXX

Last up we have Sue's card that she made for her 'Pops', I love the multicoloured flags Sue, the stars really give that extra touch of luxury, I'm sure Pop loved his card. Thanks for allowing me to share it XXX

Pat I hope you and Pete have a lovely holiday, you both deserve a lovely break XXX

Sue I hope you and Chris have a lovely Anniversary, enjoy your day xxx

Maria I hope your new drugs are helping so that you can get your pain under control for your holiday xxx

Lynda, Lynda, Lynda, I think you need to ask Terry to wrap you up in bubble wrap, 
You must be in agony my lovely, I'm sorry to hear that your gum has got infected too, hopefully they should kicking In a couple of days and you should start feeling better, please try and stay upright, it's me that kisses the carpet not you, sending you buckets of love and huge,gentle hugs xxx

Well I'm off back into my craft room to finish those cards, I hope you have a lovely day whatever you are up to xxx

Love and Hugs


Tuesday 20 June 2017

Batch Card Making, in this heat !!!!

Good Morning Ladies,

Good Heavens somebody please turn that thermostat down a notch or two, I felt like I was actually cooking yesterday, the house from the outside looked like we were 'mourning', I kept the curtains closed to keep the Sun from baking me and the cats.
I almost had an 'Oops' moment though, I had spent most of the morning in my Bra and Knickers, after a few hours I had almost forgotten my lack of clothes, so much so that when the doorbell rang my excitement for the parcel I was expecting had me heading (in my slow and steady pace) to the front door, thank the lord that we have a porch is all I will say, as it was while opening the porch door that it dawned on me that I was just in my Knickers and Bra, I shouted 'one moment' to 'Mr Brown' (UPS Man) and went and got my dressing gown! 
He looked at me a little bewildered, probably because I was wearing a thick dressing gown at noon on the hottest day of the year, I was also melting at the effort of walking to the door twice, I just said 'Don't Ask'  as he popped the parcel in lounge for me.   So lesson learned !!
I won't be repeating the performance today though as Sue is coming over, as close as we are I think it might a little awkward, so I will look in my holiday clothes for something light and floaty!   Why is this heat more bearable when we are on holiday I wonder?  Maybe it's because it's only been a week or so since we were needing the heating on.

While sweltering in the heat I had to get started on the 44 Swaps I need to make for a Stampin Up Meeting at the weekend, the seem never ending, I thought I had chosen a simple design, but it seems to be taking forever, I'm usually a one card a day girl !!
The cards are made using the 'Delicate Daisy' stamp set and matching Punch, the background is from 'Background Bits' and the sentiment is from Teeny Tiny Sentiments' and punched out with matching Punch.
 Delicate Daisies
Background Bits

I hope that you all manage to stay comfortable in this heat.

Love and hugs


Monday 19 June 2017

Monday Sketch Challenge

This weeks Sketch

Good morning ladies,
Phew what a hot weekend!! I was literally melting yesterday, there was no air.  I guess we are never happy, either too hot or too cold.

What do you think of this weeks Sketch?  I thought it would be a good opportunity to get those nesting dies out, with some flowers and Flourishes added in.  A pretty sketch, I will get my card made today, I just couldn't do it yesterday I was too hot and my craft room was like an oven. 

I spoke to Jean Prescott yesterday, she followed the link from the blog back to the fb page that I featured cards from, it was nice to catch up, she said that her Daughter Nik had moved into her own bungalow a short distance from Jeans, she said that she pops in to see Nik quite a bit.  She said she calls in the blog often too.  So 'Hi' if you are looking in Jean xxx

Cheryl sent me a photo of the flowers she arranged for Pete to celebrate their 29th Wedding Anniversary........
They are so pretty Cheryl, are they Pete's favourite flowers??  Cheryl also sent me a photo of Pete's corner of her garden, it is so pretty, I will share it with you on Saturday, so if any of you have a garden you would like to share just send them In and I will share them with everyone alongside Cheryl's.
Thank you Cheryl, for sharing your special flowers, I hope you had a lovely family day XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely day, try and stay cool .

Love and Hugs


Sunday 18 June 2017

Your Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Everyone,

The theme of this weeks Challenge was to make an
Aperture card, you could use any style and method you liked.
As I am  a Stampin Up Demonstrator I am part of a lovely
Facebook Group called 
Stampin' For all Community Group
They are an amazing group of people. Any of you on FB are welcome to join the group any time.
I am an administrator for this group too and I extended our Blog 
Challenge to the Group too, so we have even more inspiration this week, their cards are all amazing.

To the ladies and Gent of the Stampin' For All group,
Welcome to my blog, we have been doing a Monday 
Sketch Challenge for about two years now and sharing our
Cards on a Sunday, it is a pleasure having you join us this week.
You are most welcome to come back and join us anytime you like,
Feel free to take part in our weekly challenge too.
I am blessed with an absolutely amazing group of friends over
Here on my blog, we refer to the blog as our 'Cafe', as it's a place we all meet up every day to share all things craft and literally anything else, we even have a 'Soap Box' for those days when something has really ticked you off! 

So without further delay I will share all of your amazing cards,
The regular blog ones are first followed by our lovely guests.
I look forward to reading your comments.


Two stunning cards from Karen this week, the first is for a Polish Friend, the papers are from a Serif Cd rim, the flower is made up from the Dandelion Clocks Die (SW), the sentiment is 'Happy Birthday' in Polish, a fantastic card Karen.
The second card was a special thank you for a special Lady, the papers are so pretty, the flowers are made up from Sue Wilson's Open and Closed Daisies, the leaves are from 'Marissa's Bouquet'
A gorgeous card Karen, thank you so much for sharing your cards.


Val made two cards for this weeks Challenge, the first one is so
Gorgeous, I love the background Val, the three flowers and butterfly work perfectly.
The second card is a Christmas card, I can tell you I am melting as I am writing this blog post and Christmas seems so far away, 
I will also share that I am wearing the same as you were when you made the card! 😉 
The Christmas card is so delicate and so pretty, thank you so much Val for taking part each week 

Margaret has used the Stampin'Up 
Delicate Daisies stamp set and Punch to create this
Fantastic card, there is a second card but I can't show that until 
Next week 😉
Love your card Margaret, thanks for taking part.

Oh Lilian I love this card, the beautiful coloured background
Sets the perfect canvas for those Silhouette Grasses, perfectly embellished with those Butterflies and enamel dots.
Stunning card Lilian, thank you so much for the inspiration.


Two fantastic cards from Pat this week, the first is a new card 
That Pat started on Wednesday with a new Spellbinders set
And a Nautical stamp set too, Pat will explain what they are when she calls in later.
The second card is so pretty, Pat printed the papers from a Cd I believe , I love those stamped flowers too, I think I will be having a go at making this next time we get together.
Two fantastic cards Pat thank you so much 

Oh Janet such a pretty, girly card, I absolutely love those papers
You have used the  butterflies work so perfectly resting on those flowers, the lace butterfly in the centre is so delicate too.
Beautiful card Janet, thank you so much

Maria such a pretty card from you this week, the papers 
That you have used are so pretty, I love those little gold flourishes too, they make a beautiful background.
That Butterfly is absolutely STUNNING, is it a Die??
I love it, a truly beautiful card.
Thanks you so much for sharing your card.

Lynda has used 'Touches of Texture' and Beautiful You Stampin'Up stamps, the flowers are Studio 490!
An absolutely stunning card Lynda, thanks so much
For taking part and inspiring us.

Michele's Cards

Three stunning cards from Our Michele this week, two girly cards and one for the men, my absolute favourite is still the third card, it is an absolute stunner! 
Thank you Michele for another amazing display of cards, you always go above and beyond!
So very inspirational.

Now onto the lovely ladies and Gent from the 
Stampin' For All 
Facebook Community Group's Challenge Cards

 Janet Stokes 
Card made using 'Pretty Kitty' stamp set & 'Bella and Friends' for sentiment.
Such a cute card Janet thank you 
Claudia Cladden Scucchia
Lovely card using the 'Eastern Palace' dies 
Thank you for taking part 

Steph Stoker
Lovely Chocolate Box made using 'Eastern Medallion Dies' 
Thank you Steph 

Carol Ann
Such a pretty Aperture card, thank you for
Taking part 

Jean Schultz
Fun card using 'Hey Chick' stamp set coloured with Watercolour pencils
Thank you Jean 

Marcela Calvo
This is Marcela's first Aperture card, wow it's amazing! 
Made using Stampin'Up 'Jar of Love ' Bundle
Thanks so much Marcela 

Carmel June Smith
This fun summer card has been made using 'High Tide' stamps,
Seasonal Layers (chair) and Pool Party card.
Fantastic card thanks so much for taking part

Karen McClure
Wow Karen love this gorgeous card, made using 'Lemon Lime Twist
Fresh Florals' Designer Series Paper and 'Lovely Words Thinlits'
Thanks Karen 

Grace Carranza
Gorgeous card, love these Stampin'Up paper 'Colour Theory' in Berry
Burst, which works beautifully with the Lemon Lime Twist 'Seasonal Layers'
Die cut chair and Blossoms. 
Thanks so much Grace

Gaynor Boyce
Such a delicate, pretty card, made using 'Seasonal Layers' 
Stamps and matching dies.
Thanks for the inspiration Gaynor

Debbie Harper
Beautiful card, made using 'Sending Love' suite,
Stamp and Sentiment from Floral Phrases
Thanks so much Debbie

Geraldine Regarding
Fantastic Birthday/Father's day card for her Father in Law's 
94th Birthday this weekend. Geraldine made this card with
'Love Blossoms' paper, Thoughtful Banners and Big Day stamps,
Punched out with Duet Banner punch.
Thanks so much for sharing Geraldine,

Elaine Spencer,
Such a pretty card, love those Butterflies and how you 
Have matched them to the little flowers that embellish your card.
Thanks so much

Valerie Litten,
Such a pretty card Valerie, I love the fresh yellow and white colour
Theme, love your pretty heart die and border too!
Thanks so much for your inspiration

Karen McClure
Another fantastic card from Karen, this time using 
Colourful Seasons Stamps and Dies, colours are Powder Pink, Pink Pirouette
And Berry Burst, although they look a little orange on screen, love your 
Design Karen, thanks for sharing 

Ian Potteringtons
Love the pretty, fresh colours that you have used Ian,
'Eastern Palace suite' (stamps and dies) used to create his design,
Ian was inspired by a card by  Linda Cullen, although he has added his 
own touches, fantastic card Ian, thanks so much for taking part.

Carol Ann
A gorgeous card that has so much detail, the pattern on the front of the card
Was made using the new 'Embossing Paste' with two drops of Powder Pink ink added,
This was then used with one of the Pattern party Masks also from SU, 
Leaves and twigs from Flourish Thinlits', and flowers made using the Pansy Punch.
The sentiment is from 'Big on Birthdays' stamp set.
Gorgeous card Carol, thank you so much for the inspiration

Elaine Spencer
Has made this fabulous Fairy card using the 'Fairy' Stampin'Up stamps,
Elaine you have coloured your stamped image beautifully, I love the flowers 
You have added around your card as embellishments.

Thank you all so very much for taking part in this weeks Challenge, there will be a new one up tomorrow.
Enjoy this lovely weather while it lasts .

Love and hugs