Thursday 31 March 2016

Angela's Fantastic Folded Card Tutorial

 Angela's Folded Card

 Angel's Folded Card Open

 Angela's Folded Card Tutorial


Good Morning Ladies,

I loved the look of Angela's Folded card that she sent in for me to share with you on Mixed Craft Saturday,  so much in fact that I asked Angela if she could do a Tutorial, I couldn't believe it when I opened an email from her today and this fantastic Step by Step Tutorial was inside.

Angela I can't thank you enough for going to so much trouble to put together this amazing tutorial.
I am sure the ladies will do you proud and I will get them to send in their folded cards so that you can see how they got on.  Angela recommends making a paper template so that its easier to work out the folds etc,   I have made it a habit after Sue (mrsB) telling me she does it every time she constructs a
dimensional project and I have found that it really does make it easier and saves making a mistake when cutting your pretty patterned paper!

My Mum is coming home today, I think she has nagged them into letting her go, I am hoping that she does as she has been told once she gets home. This is where I struggle, I so wish I lived nearer to keep a closer eye on her, not that I could do much physically, she has enough people round her to keep an eye on her and they are all keeping me up to date.

Thank you for all your messages of love and support, you really have kept me going this past few days!

Keep your 'guilty secret purchases' coming in please, love seeing your bargains xx

Thanks again Angela, I really do appreciate your hard work xxxx

Love and Hugs

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Michele's pretty Glam Card !!

Good Morning Ladies,

Michele had a good weekend of crafting and managed to get a few cards made, she sent me some photos of her work and I thought I would show this amazing card that she made for a friend at work that is quite glamorous.
It looks like Michele has used  'House Of Zandra' Decoupage for this card,
Both the super glam hat and the super high fashion dress look absolutely fabulous and have been decoupaged fantastically!!
I love the shaped mat you have used and the flat backed gems finish the card perfectly.
I am sure that your friend will absolutely love this card Michele, thank you son much for sending the photo in for me to share with everyone xxxx

I have had a very busy day today, I decided on Friday to give my craft room a good tidy, so I had pulled out cupboards and piled things all over the floor to sort out, then we got the call about Mum, so I just ended up leaving everything where it was, so when we got back Sunday night I walked into the craft room to make the challenge card and couldn't see my work space let alone get to it!!
So I made the challenge card on the dining table with a few bits that I could lay my hands on easily!!
So yesterday I thought I had better get in there and give it a good sort and reorganise, I am hoping to start videoing some tutorials so I need a good sized space with decent light, so clearing off my desk was a major priority, I have a set of drawers beside my desk that were full of reels of wire for jewellery making, I must have every coloured wire in every gauge several times over, these have all been sorted and put in a storage box, freeing the drawers for more 'everyday' craft items, like tools, adhesives etc, then I must get in control of my many bit boxes, it is ridiculous the amount of card I have that may have one 1 die cut out of them, they are too good to through away but I have loads and loads, I may just cut them down into pieces that I can use to mat and layer as I am more likely to use them.
I also have all of my new lace and trims, appliques and doilies to find homes for too,
But as I am planning to use those with the MDF shapes I have bought recently I need those quite handy too!   See I am getting more organised just by writing this down!!

I will photograph my space when it is finished, I am quite enjoying doing it as it is keeping my mind from worrying about Mum too.
She is making good progress, she had the last IV antibiotic dose yesterday and so starts on tablets today, they were also trying to wean her off the oxygen for longer and longer periods of time yesterday and the physio had her up and out not bed!
So all steps in the right direction, My sister Emily said she was so pleased to see mum sat reading her book when she walked in yesterday, a true sign that she is recovering, she has been to dizzy to read up till now.  I have asked my sister to go and buy mum a sports type water bottle to have at home, that way she can have a better idea of what she is drinking, dehydration was one of her symptoms when she collapsed on Friday, I think if we can encourage her to drink the two litres that was recommended to her yesterday she will feel much better.  They also said it helps prevent the build up of bugs and germs in her body!  The other reason I believe she was dehydrated is that she is a little bit lazy and eats mainly ready prepared meals, she will add extra veg, but I never thought I would see the day my mum was buying ready made Mash!
My sister is going to cook for her a bit more to make sure she is getting a better balanced diet.
Thank you for all of your love and support over the past few days, it has been a huge comfort xxxx

Now I hope you have all bagged some crafty bank holiday bargains, ready to photograph for this weeks feature, I love seeing what you have all been shopping for!
Also its a great way of sharing all the best deals to be had out there, I am wanting to buy some Colour Cloud inks so I would really appreciate any information on deals for those.

Have a lovely day my lovely friends,
Love and hugs

Tuesday 29 March 2016

My first you tube challenge entry & Margaret's challenge card

My Decorated MDF Heart

Margaret's Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I am so excited to be able to share with you my first ever entry to a YouTube channel challenge.  Since discovering Amanda's "scrimpy's Craft Boutique" fb group and falling in love with a!l of the gorgeous laces and trims, doilies and appliques I have been wanting to make more and more beautiful Lacey things
I then went over to Amanda's YouTube channel 'scrimping mommy' and saw the gorgeous things that Amanda had created, from that you discover more and more amazingly talented people, like Karen McClure who has recently joined us on the blog, she has some incredibly beautiful projects on her YouTube channel, another lady that I clicked on was a lovely lady called Annie, her youtube name is Rosieposie crafts, Annie was so thrilled to reach 400+ subscribers that she launched a challenge to celebrate, the winner receives a lovely project that Annie recently created, I thought I would take part as a way to get me inspired to get something created, so I took an MDF heart, (as the theme of the challenge is "a heart within a heart" I covered it with paper from a Hunkydory kit from Years ago, I then went around the edge of the heart with some gorgeous floral trim from 'Scrimpy's Craft Boutique', I attached it with hot glue, then topped each flower with a matching flat back pearl.  I then decided too make a Stick pin to hold a Rose quartz heart, to create the 'heart within the heart' I added some pearls to the stick pin too, I placed this onto the heart and made a little arrangement of pink roses to match the backing paper and then a butterfly from The same kit.  I added some matching seam binding to hang the heart and covered the hole with a small flower applique with a 
Piece of the trim I had used around the heart. I will add the link below so that you can see Annie opening my entry ... Mine is about 6th one down (has my name on it)

I didn't receive Margaret's entry for Sunday's blog so I have added today for you all to see, its fabulous Margaret, thank you for Sharing it with us xxx

Mum has improved a little today, she has eaten a little today and is managing to pull herself up the bed etc. She is waiting to be transferred to the Respiratory ward as every time they try and reduce her Oxygen her blood sats drop way too low so they have to put it up again.  Hopefully the Respiratory Consultant can investigate further and find a solution! Her temperature rose again last night so the infection is still in her system. 

Thank you all so much for your kind words of support, it so comforting to know
How much you all care. Xxx

I hope that Storm Katie didn't cause any of you too much damage.

Love and hugs

Monday 28 March 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

My Sketch Card

This weeks Sketch Card

Good Morning Ladies,

This weeks sketch is another simple one for you, one that can be made from your 'bit box' or made using off cuts of ribbon as I have done.

I am going to apologise about my sketch card this week, we got in from Colchester at about 7pm after 3 1/2 hours or so journey home.  I just a shower and bed, but I didnt want to leave  you without your Sketch challenge, so knocked my card together super fast (as you can tell), I will and making something a little more 'inspirational' later in the week. 

I do hope that you all had a lovely Easter Sunday yesterday, not too much chocolate I hope.!

That's all I can manage for today, I will be back amongst you all and on form tomorrow.

Love and hugs

Sandra xxx

Sunday 27 March 2016

Sketch Challenge Card

 My Challenge Card

The Sketch

 Brenda H Challenge Card

 Hazels Challenge Card

 Janet's Challenge card

 Jean's Challenge Card

 Karen M Challenge card

 karen M 2nd Challenge card

 Lilian's Challenge Card

 Lynda's Challenge card

 Maria's Challenge Card

Michele's Challenge Card

Sue's Challenge Card

Val's challenge card

Cheryl's challenge card

Good Morning ladies,

Another wonderful display of challenge cards, covering everything from pesky man cards to Christmas !!!

Thank you all for taking part, you know how much I appreciate it.

If I don't get to do a Sketch challenge for tomorrow it will be Tuesday as we have had to make an emergency dash to Colchester as my mum is very poorly.

Love and hugs
Sandra xxxxx

Saturday 26 March 2016

Mixed Craft Saturday

 Janet's Pretty Easter Tree

 Michele's Easter Egg Box

 Michele's Easter Egg box front

 Angela's Folded Card

 More views of Angela's folded card

 Angela's folded card open

Another View of Angela's folded card

Angela's ''Ladies that craft''

Pat's Brother In Law Bryan's Dinosaur

Good Morning Ladies,

It's so lovely to be able to bring you another Mixed Craft Saturday!!

First up today we have Janet's beautiful Easter Tree, Janet received all the 'ingredients' from Jim's Nephew and family in Holland.  It has turned out so pretty Janet, all of the eggs are so beautifully decorated.I love the little bunnies around the vase too.  Thank you Janet for sending us your fab photo. xxxx

Michele has created this fabulous Easter Egg box, a great idea to give a personally decorated box to your loved ones and a perfect way to present the eggs that you can buy without tons of plastic and cardboard, Michele found this idea on a blog called 'Stamping for Pleasure', sounds like it might be worth a look. Thank you Michele xxxx

Angela got together with her crafting group and together they made Folded cards, how amazing are they, so neatly folded and when you open them up WOW, the cards are made from to circles of card cut from two A4 sheets, so not too expensive to make but they look very 'High End' !!
Angela has shared a photograph of her ''Ladies that Craft'' group, it looks like you have a lot of fun whilst you are crafting! Thank you so much for sharing your card and friends with us Angela, I feel you could be asked for a little tutorial ! xxxx

Now last but not least and something a little different to what we normally see, we have a photo of Pat's Brother in Law Bryan with the Dinosaur puzzle that he has made using a Scroll saw, what a fantastic achievement, Bryan is clearly very skilled at woodwork, I am amazed at how balanced it must be to stand so proud on those two narrow feet.  I am so pleased that you shared this photo with us Pat, it must have taken Bryan ages to create this work of art, but worth every moment!
Thanks Pat and Bryan xxxx

That's all for now ladies, we have had a traumatic week at our house and just as I got to relax a little yesterday and earlier today it all came to a crashing halt, I had a phone call from my youngest sister to say that she found my Mum collapsed on the bathroom floor at 6 am, she got her back to bed and checked her over, later that morning while my brother was with her she fell again, he carried her to bed to rest and she slept, this afternoon they called an ambulance as she could no longer stand, she has had blood tests and xrays tonight and she has a Nasty infection and pneumonia on one lung, she also has low sodium and very low blood pressure, so she is staying in hospital overnight and will be examined again tomorrow.  It's so frustrating being so far away at times like this, heartbreaking in fact.  Hopefully the IV antibiotics and fluids will help her overnight.

I hope you all have a great day,
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx

Please make sure you get your challenge card in ladies xxx

Craftasmic craft shop

Friday 25 March 2016

Something Special for you today x

 Karen's Stunning Bow Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I am so excited to share Karen's absolutely stunning Bow Shaped card with you all today, it is so pretty !  Karen has made this card for her DT project for Shabby is Chic Boutique on fb. The card is for her Mum who is celebrating her 60th Birthday next month, your mum is going to love it Karen.
Now Karen is going to do a Video on you tube later today showing us how she made this amazing card, I believe it is from a printable template. Below I will leave a link to Karen's blog where she explains how she did it too.

 Karen's Bow Card

Karen I really wanted something special to share with my friends today and this is just the perfect Card, thank you so much for allowing me to share your project, it is also a great way of showing how laces and trims can be crossed over into card making, thanks again Karen xxxx

Now I am curious to know whether you all have different ways or family traditions that you take part in for celebrating Easter ??

After our recent worries and concerns we will be really celebrating with a family meal on Sunday. Xx

I look forward to reading all about your weekend

Sandra xx

Karen's Bow card Tutorial

Thursday 24 March 2016

Guilty Secrets, this weeks fab purchases !!

 Brenda's Purchases

 Lilian's New stamping tool

 Myra's New Die

 Myra's beautiful Gift bag

Myra's purchases

I couldn't Resist more of Amanda's laces !

Some gorgeous Resin Frames & embellishments

 Michele's first bargain

Another bargain for Michele

More of Michele's to good to miss deals

Michele's last bargain of the week 

Good Morning Ladies,

It's that time of the week again, where we get a sneak peek at what each other has been buying.

Brenda's shopping came from Hochanda, from when Crafters Companion had their launch day on the new channel.  That Big Score board is really good so useful for making larger boxes and projects, having the DVD is really handy as it helps you through a few projects giving you the confidence to go on and create your own,  the Stick It sheets are supposed to be really good too,
I have seen them demonstrated on Hochanda and it looks like you can use them for everything from adding gilding flakes to die cutting it and using it to add sentiments etc to projects.  They are super thin and easy to die cut, yet the adhesive is quite strong. I am really looking forward the projects you make with these new toys.  Thank you so much for taking part Brenda xxxx

Lilian has managed to get herself one of the much sought after Misti stamping tools, it is supposed to make Stamping easier, I have seen it on You tube, it looks quite good, I can't wait to hear your verdict Lilian, thank you so much for sharing your new purchase with us xxxx

Myra has bagged a bargain with her Grime Boss wipes, 2 packs of 60 wipes for £12.99, when usually the cost is around £5.99 for a pack of 30 !! Great Buy !!
Myra also got the Tonic Kensington bag die, and you can see how fabulous it looks when cut and assembled.  It is 4 inchs long by 3 1/2 inches high or 5 inches including the handles.
it would be perfect for a gift cards, treat bags and party favors.
Myra has also bought some Stick and stay, for those intricate die cuts and some of the Brand New
Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Paints, I hadn't seen them before and they look brilliant. I can wait to see them used on a project Myra, thank you for taking the time to send your photos in xxxx

My purchases (i just couldn't resist)) !  Some more of Amanda's beautiful laces and trims, they are gorgeous and such top quality,

The resin frames and metallic corners etc are really light son can be used on cards as well as other MDF projects. They smell lush too as some of them have Gilding Wax on them!

Michele has sent me some photos of her bargains of the week,
Those tree dies will be great for backgrounds etc, what a deal for an A4 embossing folder !! The cogs embossing folder will be the perfect match for your last bargain, the clock faces and cogs are fabulous, you even have the hands!! You can pay a fortune for them as embellishments !
The other die set looks really good too, little cameos etc! Well done Michele,
You really did bag yourself some bargains!! Thank you so much for sharing xxxx

I am so grateful for you all for taking part in the different challenges and features I post on here.
Thank you all for your love and ongoing support!
Love and hugs