Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sketch Challenge Cards

The Sketch 

My Challenge Card

 Beth's Challenge Card (Hazel)

 Brenda Hopkins Challenge Card

 Cheryl's Challenge Card

 Hazel's Challenge Card

 Hazel's 2nd Challenge card

 Janet's Challenge Card

Janet's 2nd Challenge card

Jeans Challenge Card

 Jess's Challenge Card

 Lilian's Challenge Card

 Lynda's Challenge Card
Margaret's Challenge Card

Maria's challenge Card

Michele's challenge card

Myra's Challenge Card

Sonia's Challenge Card

Lynda's Grandson Harry

Good Morning Ladies,

Another fantastic range of cards for this weeks challenge, thank you ladies for taking the time
to be involved, I love seeing what amazing cards you create from a basic sketch.

Beth, your card is fabulous once again, I love the colours of card that you have used and the butterfly just finishes the card of perfectly, thank you for taking part, I look forward to seeing your next card xxx

Brenda, your card is a fabulous Man card, that striplet die does lend itself really well for both male and female cards, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy week to make your card xxx

Cheryl, I love your 'Gorjuss' card, this brand works well for girls from 6 to 26 ! Muted colours with a 'pop' of pink, looks fabulous, thank you for making time to take part Cheryl, I really do appreciate it xxx

Hazel, two cards !! both fabulous, one male and one female, I love that Lilli of the Valley image, useful so many of those 'pesky' male cards.  Your girly card is so pretty, all pink flowers and lace, 
LOVE that paper you have used.  Thank you Hazel for always making time to take part xxx

Janet, two lovely cards from you too, both equally as beautiful, I love the lace you have used on the top card, the flower with with ribbon tails looks like a rosette, love,  You have made a great Man card too! I love those vintage paperd you have used. oh next weeks (if you have time) will be from France!! I always like to think that you have much more time to craft when you are out there, thank you so much for taking part each week Janet, have a safe journey my lovely xxx

Jean, a very pretty card from you this week, I love those stamped flowers, its surprising how much difference adding the stamping to the die cuts makes, it almost brings them to life.  Don't you just love those flourishes too, I have a few of those Becca Feekin spellbinders as I just love the design, she has just bought out Somme new ones I believe.  Thank you so much for making time to take part each week Jean xxx

Jess, I love those Silhouette images, they always look striking, but still very feminine, lovely monochrome card, I love that punched border you have created too, thank you for taking part each week

Lilian, I love your man card, that car is just fantastic, the cogs you have used , both die cut and embossed really work well together, an amazing 'Man' card, great inspiration for everyone, thank you too for taking the time to make cards each week xxx

Lynda, love the colour of your card, the pearl strip just sets of the border and the gorgeous little butterflies add just the right amount of embellishment, I do hope that you are starting to feel better, 
you only need to look in that gorgeous boy's eyes to bring a smile to your face, thank you for taking part in the challenge and for cheering us up with that gorgeous photo of a very cheeky looking Harry xxx

Maria, lovely girly image on your card this week, can't go wrong with bags and shoes!  That side border works really well as does your beautiful flower, the perfect finishing touch for your tag, thank you for taking part each week, I really do appreciate it xxx

Margaret, amazing Anna Marie design papers are always a winner for me, love your design, stamped perfectly too! I do like that sentiment stamp, thank you for taking part each week xxx

Michele, love your super cute Easter card, such pretty papers too, that stripey paper reminds me of the brushed cotton bed sheets we had as children!!!
Your Easter bunny is just too cute, have you noticed that some of them look scarey,
tattered lace had a cd rom with a rabbit character that looked really Scarry!
Thank you for taking time to make a challenge card each week, I know its hard sometimes after a long day at work. Xxx

Myra, oh I do love that Striplet die, lots of lovely detail. Also love the combination of die cuts
for your focal element.  Your bow is very cute too, finished with one of your signature flowers xxx

Sonia, OMG, how cute are those Bee's, love that image, you have given them the perfect background too, that striplet die makes a great border, love that pretty back ground paper too,
lovely colour scheme, thank you so much for taking part  xxx

Such a fantastic assortment of cards this week, every one different, you are all amazing! x
I am off to find a 'Sketch' for tomorrows card.  I hope the weather is as beautiful today as it was yesterday.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    What a wonderful collection of cards, all lovely & do different.

    Yesterday turned into a miserable day (weather wise) drizzle & musty. I had a lovely chat with the couple that own the craft shop. I only went I for some Nailheads (stick on metal dots) but ended up with a few other goodies-only basics. I sorted out the cards I'm going to get the ladies to make at the craft day on the 9th April . A male birthday card & 2 female cards (no greetings) which will have to do as it appears I'm not getting "paid" to do the day. I've used up some of my excess stash so that's OK.
    I think we're going to be doing some gardening later today as it looks like a nice, dry day-famous last words!


  2. Morning Sandra & ladies,

    Oh my! another gorgeous array of cards, what clever crafty ladies we are, not forgetting Beth. Honey, your card is sooo pretty, you certainly have an 'eye' for colours.

    This week I will mostly be spring cleaning ready for redecorating and clearing all the storage boxes in the guest room which will soon become Jamie's. These boxes have been there for a year now since Jamie and I created my craft room. 'They' always say "out of sight, out of mind" and that is what the contents of these boxes have become as I haven't needed anything in them since we packed it all away, so off to Scope they will go.
    Lazy afternoon crafting will be my reward.

    My Gorjuss card was made with Tiegan in mind, she is becoming a teenager on the 14th April. Where has all that time gone? One minute she's a gorgeous chubby bundle of smiles and giggles, then a determined little toddler, a young schoolgirl and now almost in her teens. I do wish Pete was here to celebrate with her. He will be gone 3 years on Saturday, can't believe that time has gone so fast too.

    Wriggle on or I will still be sitting here typing, I hope your Sunday will be kind to you however you will be spending it.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Good morning everyone
    Well it was a very busy day yesterday at Crufts my feet are still sore today but we enjoyed it immensely
    Well done everyone in the challenge this week - Sandra I think the second card listed as Janet was I supposed fact the one I sent to you I forgot to include my photo in the first email silly me.
    Well picking Nic up today and it looks like it's going to be a lovely day so hope to get out with her this afternoon
    Take care everyone will catch up soon
    Hugs Jean xx

    1. Morning Jean,
      So sorry about mix up, I knew Janet had made two but when I uploaded them only one popped up! I have sorted it all now I do apologise my lovely.
      Have a lovely day with Nic xxx

    2. Hi Jean
      I hope you and Nic had a lovely day

  4. Hi Lynda,
    My hasn't harry grown up so fast too? That cheeky little grin is infectious, I smiled as soon as I saw him. Bless him, give him a (((hug))) for me please. xxx

  5. Morning Everyone
    Oh what a beautiful display greeted me this morning when I opened the Cafe Door.
    Each and everyone a delight and they really brighten up the Cafe too.

    SANDRA - The lace on my first card is just two thin pieces of lace butted up to each other and then pearls to hide the join. The 'palm leaves' is a 'piece' of the border from my new Astoria die set. The second card that you have attributed to me isn't mine! I hope whoever it belongs to lets us know as it's a beautiful card. My second card seems to have gone AWOL but it doesn't matter at all.

    Well the car is packed and so now it's just the last bits and pieces which need to go in in the morning.
    I'll try and pop in when we get to CALAIS but it all depends on reception at the Hotel. I hope I can take part in the Challenge Card too.

    It's Roast Chicken for Sunday dinner so I hope that I don't start a stampede again. Hugs for everyone especially those missing for a while.

    1. Morning Janet,
      Sorry for mix up all sorted now, your second card didn't upload first time for some reason, I have been in and redone and its there now, phew!!
      Its the "last minute bits and bobs" that seem to take up all the room in the car, (it is for us), the look on Paul's face as the girls walk out to the car with all their extra 'essential bits and bobs" is a picture! Now Janet......DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TABLETS/MEDICATION ???? We don't want you having to cut short your holiday again.
      Do you leave clothes etc over there? I suppose it makes sense not to keep having to pack suitcases every few weeks. Looking forward to a few weeks of continental breakfasts!!
      Sandra xxx

  6. Such a wonderful array of style and colour x

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    So many beautiful challenge cards, each different with such a variety of embellishments : ) I will be "borrowing" ideas from all of them, I hope that is OK.
    Wow, Lynda, Harry has such a cheeky grin, isn't he gorgeous. And he is growing so fast! : )
    Thank you for all of the lovely comments yesterday about my cross stitch ladies.
    Sending hugs to you all with extras for those of you going through tough times at the moment.
    I hope that once the fog clears you will all have a lovely day. Take care xx

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone. Loving all the challenge cards. It's wonderful to see all the beautiful and unique creations from your sketch Sandra. I love taking part, the sketches are inspiring and I'm finding it a great way to make my cards. Thank you Sandra :-) xx
    Lovely photo of Lynda's grandson Harry - he looks adorable with his cheeky smile :-)
    Looks like the sun is trying to break through so fingers crossed for another sunny day. Hope everyone is well, and has a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xxx

  9. Margaret Palmer13 March 2016 at 10:33

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe.
    Sandra what a lovely selection of cards, you have certainly got us all motivated with the challenge cards. Thank you.xx
    Beth I love the colours on your card. It is lovely.xx
    Harry looks a cheeky little chap, he's gorgeous thanks for showing us Lynda.xx
    Hope to get some crafting done later, special hugs to all who need them love Margaret xx

  10. Good morning everyone, I can't believe it's sunday again!!! Where has the week gone.
    Oh my what a display of cards this morning, again everyone different. Lots of ideas for doing a card from just looking at these.
    As for Beth, she is just so loving doing the card, ok she puts her very own interpretation into it, but as I tell her that's what it's all about, she will love seeing what you have all done. That will be Thursday this week I think. She will be 11 next month but oh boy at times she is more like 60. Then again I can't see a 60 year old doing a shoulder stand on a cantering horse like she does.
    Off to do more ironing, oh where does it come from???
    If no visitors turn up I will pop back later. Xxx

    1. Hi Hazel loved your and Beth's card. Please let Beth know how gorgeous it is.

  11. Morning Ladies,
    Please refresh your page as when I uploaded all the cards last night and it seems they didn't all upload, missing Janet's 2nd card, adding Jeans card to Janet's name and missing Michele altogether!
    I do apologise, my concentration was off!
    All sorted now, I feel terrible as you all work so hard to get your cards made and emailed to me each week. I love showcasing your work ladies, so thank you once again for your time and patience. Your cards are all in their rightful place now! (Hopefully) haha
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxx

    1. Hi Sandra
      Thank you for thinking up the sketches, etc, this in itself is quite a lot of work and we appreciate you for doing this - Thank you once again
      Hugs Jean xx

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone this Sunday, how wonderful to walk in and see all these lovely takes on the challenge card. You do have some lovely papers, stamps and dies to use. Well done Beth,like seeing yours too every week.
    Oh Lynda, our Harry has gone so big and look at that smile hihi He is gorgeous! big hug from me.
    It's a day for staying indoors, Sooo cold. Not doing much here, might even go back under the duvet. Just have a tea first and looking forward to the roast later. Have a nice day all, love and hugs Maria xxx

  13. Hello Sandra & everyone Oh my what lovely array of Gorgeous cards today again. They are all so different but all beautiful.
    Thank you all for your lovely comments on my Gorgeous grandson Harry,I didn't expect to see him this morning in the cafe' I love this picture so angelic.
    I have been cleaning this morning trying to catch up on housework after not doing much while I was ill. OH did his best but he is not your typical Virgo star sign being tidy not But for the last few weeks I didn't care less,now getting back into cleaning properly will have to finish tomorrow as now worn out. Terry has just made me a cupper so will look in later & see who pops in.
    Hug's Lynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda - glad to see you are starting to feel better - your little grandson Harry is just gorgeous - no wonder you are so proud of him
      Hugs Jean xx

    2. Hi Lynda
      I'm so glad your feeling better, but don't do to make to soon as you'll be ill again. Hugs to Harry, hes growing up so fast.

  14. My Oh my what a lot of lovely cards on offer again today Sadly I missed it (again!) Body, brain and excess knitting is my excuse! I will try harder next week I love seeing what everyone has done and what they've used Most of the time I'm thinking "why didn't I think of that!"
    Actually I need a bit of help I've been asked to make a card for a Baby Dedication ceremony I think it's the same as a Christening Any idea would be great I'm just about to visit my Google friend

    1. Just looked on Pinterest & there's quite a few ideas on there-hope that helps Karen.


    2. Thanks Michele I always forget to look on Pinterest

  15. Hello Sandra and all, what a fabulous array of cards this week, love these challenges, they make think which is always hard work !!!!!
    Beth love your card, I can see you are going to be a very good card maker.
    Lynda , little Harry is a great little fellow.
    Another fine day here, been out in the garden again beginning to get it back in shape.
    Have a lovely evening, we are having roast pork for dinner which is smelling cooked, so I'd better go and do the veg.
    See you tomorrow, hugs all round.

  16. Hello Sandra and ladies, WOW what a lovely display of cards we have today. Just goes to show how everyone interprets a design, I'm really enjoying doing the challenges.
    Sorry for being so late today I have been at our monthly scrapbooking crop, had dinner and now relaxing for the rest of the night, my stuff can wait till tomorrow to be put away.
    Take care everyone, xxx

  17. Hi Ladies
    Just love the array of cards on display today. Such different than interpretations of cards on one sketch. I did fully intent to do a card this week but got waylaid by time. It just kept disappearing every time I though I had a bit left over. As I said in my email Janet, I hope you have a good crossing tomorrow. Looks like the weather is going to be set fair.
    Lynda isn't Harry a cutie. Such a cheeky grin.

  18. Hello Sandra,
    It's the late Myra again! I have had a bit of a busy day and then just as I thought I could sit down and relax we had to go out again to help a friend.
    Anyhow I just want to say I lIke all the cards. What a variety ! However Beth deserves special mention as she is so young . Hazel, I'm so glad Beth is enjoying making the cards and it's very obvious that she has a real talent!
    May I just say that I loved Jess's black and white one. It just appealed to me.
    Janet - safe journey tomorrow! Croissants the day after or is it pain au chocolat ? Maureen if you read this it doesn't mean death by chocolate!!! Tin Hat!
    Pat - next week will be the week you will make a card! It will truly!
    Wonder what's coming tomorrow??? Personally I think it will be origami boxes! Ha ha!
    Hope you have all had a good day! Xxxx

    1. Oh I hope not Myra. Then I will be out of the running as I just had a look how to make one and it looks very tricky indeed but they are pretty,hugs xx

  19. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful cards made by the coffee shop ladies. They are all so individual and inspiring. Not forgetting BETH she is a very talented young lady. Beth I love your card.

    Lynda, love the picture of Harry, That cheeky little face looks full of mischief. I'm sure you have lots of fun and cuddles with him!

    It's been a busy day here, Ciara asked had I any making things with me, one box I did bring was cut out petals to make flowers (Pink Frog) she wanted to see how they were put together, I gave a brief demo - I was ironing school uniform at the time so didn't go on to much, she said OK let me do one on my own - FOUR flowers later I was amazed. It was her first attempt, I had seen people make these flowers, who demo for a living. I could pick her up on a few issues, but I was so amazed at her unaided effort. It's so lovely to do things with children when they really enjoy what you are showing them ( they are like sponges) it is so rewarding.

    Time for me to go to bed, sorry my input is so late, hopefully it will improve, as they are all at school tomorrow.

    Sweet dreams everyone, Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Thank you Brenda I love that picture of him. Sam said she thinks he is starting the terrible two's haha. Xx

  20. Hello all.
    Terry took me out for a meal earlie as he said i did too much today. The meal was delishous.On way out I said hello to the floor there is a slope in the floor & going up my leg gave way & I fell flat on the floor on my boobs & knees I have a lovely black bruise on my left knee & I ache all over & my droopys hurt too.I felt so stupid as the restraunt was full I had a job to get up. I won't be doing much tomorrow. I'm going to bed now so good night God bless Hug's Lynda xx

    1. What are we like, you with a bruised knee ,I'm with a bruised bottom, you with some sore droopy ones and my twisted foot. Shall we have a dance ? bless you hope you want be to stiff in the morning. Try to have a good night sleep and I wish you all the same. Good night ladies, warm hugs Xxxx