Thursday 17 March 2016

This weeks "Guilty Secrets" and Beth's cards !!

 Beth's Beautiful Butterfly card

 Beth's 'Just to say' card

 Beth's Dragonfly card

 My Trimcraft Set

Michele's Bargain Dies

Val's amazing Crafty Haul

More of Val's craft shopping
The last of Val's shopping

Good Morning Ladies,

Today i thought we would have a look at some of Beth's fantastic cards.  As you can see Beth has really got the card making bug, she is clearly very talented too, making these cards as well as her Challenge card this week, all these fantastic cards made with only the very basic of craft supplies!  
Beth you should be hugely proud of what you have managed to create, all three of your cards are fantastic, I really love the butterfly card, its such a brilliant design, I also love the way you have put that cute little bird on the 'Just to say' sentiment!
I am really looking forward to seeing your challenge card this week Beth, thank you so much for sharing your cards with us xxx

My Trimcraft Pack was bought at the Range, it was only £9.99 and you got an 8 X 8 paper pad, a die set, an embossing folder, a set of heart top pins, 30 doilies, some vintage wooden buttons and some adhesive pearls !! The papers are lovely too x

Michele's BARGAIN Spellbinder Alphabet......a Amazon bargain find for sure £12.80 !!!  well done Michele,I think you should be the bargain spotter for the blog!  Thank you for sharing your bargain with us xxxx

Val, wow, what a fantastic array of dies, stamps, embossing folders, gorgeous paper pads too! You obviously do a bit of sewing too!  Did you end up paying excess 
Baggage ? You managed to get plenty to keep you busy until your next visit!
I am really looking forward to seeing all the amazing things you are going to
Be able to create with your new craft stash, thank you so much for sharing 
Your new craft goodies with all of us, its nice to see what everyone chooses
To craft with. Xxx

Thank you ladies, for all of your input each day and week, you really do make this blog a special place. Xxx

Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Beth-your cards are lovely, I really like the first one on the blog today.

    Sandra-your goodie bag looks very interesting, might have to visit The Range this weekend!

    Val-what can I say.....WOW!! That's one amazing craft haul, I hope you have hours & hours of fun using everything.

    My bargain die set-yes, £12.80 from Amazon. I had £5.60 credit left..long story. I ordered two tubes of lip gloss from Mr Thai Beauty (don't laugh...!) but they never arrived. I kept getting emails requesting feedback so I put a complaint into Amazon who refunded my money. I bought a couple of books for my Kindle (usually only get the free books) & the £5.60 is what was left over.
    I haven't used them yet & I still haven't attempted the challenge card-maybe on Saturday as I have a couple of cards to make-birthday and a retirement card.


  2. Morning Sandra and all, looks like a lovely day here.
    Beth your cards are spectacular, you put me to shame, I have masses of "stuff" and been doing cards for years, but I struggle to make one card.
    Love your guilty buys ladies, I bought a couple of the new Sheena stamps and dies, which I am a bit disappointed in, will show for next weeks buys.
    Well I'm going to have to get a wiggle on as I want to call in to the garden centre where they have a bonmarche outlet, hoping to spend my vouchers which were my present from work.
    Hope you all have a lovely day.
    Hugs Lilian

  3. Hello everyone
    We have a beautiful sunny but very very cold start to the day here in Marigny.

    BETH - your cards are just lovely and I can see your talent growing each time we see a creation from you. You just keep crafting as there's nothing better in the world.

    SANDRA - I love going to the Range and always find things just jump into the basket (a little like the Huggles) whether you want them or not!!
    MICHELE - I haven't any alphabet dies and really must give some more thought to buying a set. Your purchase was a really good deal.
    VAL- well what can I say other than 'good on you girl' and you have to make the best of craft shopping don't you when your visit the UK. After all it would just be rude not to now wouldn't it.

    I hope Marigny Dobbi arrived safe and sound and has set everything up for the day. I did give him strict instructions not to take any nonsense from the Huggles and just get on with his job for the day.
    I sent the usual breakfast goodies croissants/pain au chocolate and pain au raisin along with some good strong coffee and I also gave him instruction re the Porridge.

    I'm off now to have a look at my Challenge card and see what I can do. Take care everyone.
    Hugs are on their way xxxx
    PS looking back on yesterday's comments I missed a lot of mentions and so please accept my apologies I'll try and be better later today.

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Beth, your cards are beautiful. Such a talented young lady and looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations :-)
    Some fab guilty secrets this week. Sandra, that's a fantastic stash of goodies for £9.99, some beautiful bits in there :-) Love Michele's alphabet dies, a great addition to any craft stash and a great price too! Val, is sure going to have fun playing with all the new bits - enjoy :-)
    My order arrived from Wild Orchid Crafts yesterday, still waiting for another parcel from Scrap and Craft, fingers crossed it arrives today. Will send you a pic Sandra, when it's all arrived.
    Crafting for me today :-) Hope everyone has a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia
      I also went crafting today at the Caligraphy class. Long story. But I forgot my glue would you believe, so only did some die cutting.

    2. Hi Pat. Oh dear, hope you enjoyed your class anyway! At least you have some die cuts to play with :-)
      Hugs xx

  5. WOW Beth, utterly buttery butterfly. My kind of card.

  6. Good morning Sandra and ladies. I must remember to take my iPad with me today so Beth can read your lovely comments about her cards. She is really into making her cards. I took her more card and flowers the other day, she asked for the flowers as Anna big sister had used the ones she had! As for the card she only had bits of card I had given her plus plain stuff. So I sorted out some full sheets. She will be thrilled to see her cards on here today. Thank you Sandra for showing them.
    Off to start the house work things that need doing!!! Xxx

    1. Hazel, it's so rewarding when we see the work of the next generation of crafters, Beth is a credit to you. Please tell her I am really impressed with ALL of her beautiful cards. Isn't it great that you can both share an interest together. xx

    2. Hi Hazel, being a sort of newbie on here I'm guessing Beth is a youngster? Shes very talented and obviously a star in the making. Thebutterfly card is stunning and she should be very pproud of herself.x

    3. Hello Hazel and BETH,
      Wow , Beth you cards are really lovely! You have made me think of using my alphabet dies more! I love the butterfly and how you fitted the lettering in. It is so clever. The other two are cards for almost any occasion too, a very useful thing to have ready made!! Thanks Beth for sharing and making me think! Thanks Hazel for emailing them to Sandra. Xxxx

    4. Val, Beth will be 11 next month. I was nanny to her and big sister Anna, up,until last summer, when I retired. I still have loads to do with them and still do granny duties as I call it. Ie helping when the new nanny / groom can't do it. I had Anna from her being 5 months old she is coming up to 14. Beth I met at 6 hours old. Thank you for your kind comment. I will let her read them tonight as I am on pick

    5. WOWHazel, I'm even more impressed now I know shes only 11. You must have passed on your talents really well. How lovely to still be in touch ,they must love you very much. X

  7. Good morning Sandra and ladies.
    Beth your cards are gorgeous, love the butterfly one, you certainly have a talent for crafting.
    Sandra your haul at the Range was really good, a lot for your money.
    Well Val what can be said about your purchases, I hope you weren't charged for excess baggage! Have a lot of fun with all your new crafting stash.
    Not much to do for me today, off to the hairdresser, then a bit of food shopping.
    Take care everyone, Jess xxx

    1. Hi Jess,I'm lucky enough to keep clothes in various places in the UK so I can take an almost empty case over and bring a very full one back. The caes actually weighed 19.7 so just inside the limit. Youd be proud of me if you saw how many things I could have put in my basket and didnt especially in The Range which is a wonderful new shop to me.
      Enjoy your trip to the hairdresser. Doesnt it always brighten your when you have your hair done.
      Take care. Valx

  8. Morning Sandra and all popping in today.
    oh Beth, you do put me to shame as well. It takes me days to put together a card and they never look as good as yours. What's your secret ? Love them all!
    The goodies this week are great too :-) Just showed the lovely pack you got Sandra to Son, he's pretty poor after his holiday but he might get it for me hihi.
    Michele, you are defiantly our bargain spotter. The letters look a good size. Another for the wishlist, tick.
    ooooh Val, you did do well girl. So many lovely 'stuff' to take back home. Cats, crazy bird, hand bags, puzzles and things for the 'pesky' men etc. Can't wait to see what you make.
    Marigny Dobbie have done well this morning and I'm sitting here with a lovely strong black (stomach hush) and a nice pain au raisin. Not sure what Norah said to the Huggles but they have been very quiet lately, is that a good sign or are they planning something, hmmm ?
    I will have a day home alone after 10am so will take my time in the kitchen for putting the challenge card together. Have not got many flowers so will see what else I could use. A friend passed on Monday so I might make the card but sometimes I buy one and use the front, not sure yet what I'll do.
    The sun is out but it is very, very cold so if you going out, wrap up warm still. Have a nice day all whatever you are doing . love and hugs Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria
      Huggles being quiet is definitely a bad sign. I'll make sure the napkins haven't been left out as they like to use them for parachutes.

    2. Hi Maria - I'm always worried when the Huggles are quiet. I never know what to expect next of them and I dread the though of them teaching Marigny Dobbi some of their tricks.
      Pleased Dobbi did his job well this morning. He'll be on duty for the next few weeks.
      Hugs xxxx

  9. Another stunning card , I hoping all your talents just seep into my brain through my eyes and help me with my card making.... And wowzer what a crafty delight of goodies you both bought . I think I need the Sweet Paris collection Sandra will be looking next time I'm out of the dungeon and have time to go to the Range .... Typing in my dressing gown today as my boiler has died a slow painful death but hey saves on the gas bill ... hope you all have a fab day ...have fun x Amanda

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Beth, what lovely cards you have made,I especially love the butterfly one. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cards, please : )
    Michele, what a great bargain. When ever I look on eBay for dies there are no bargains, well done you : )
    Val, what a fantastic load of goodies. I bet you won't know what to use first. Enjoy yourself : )
    Sandra, I still can't get over what a great bargain your pack is. And the papers are so pretty too. You will have fun using it all, won't you : )
    I had a lovely day yesterday with Sandra and Pat, got my challenge card bits cut so I just have to put it all together now.
    Lynda, sorry, I forgot that you have an electric machine, it's a shame the boards are so heavy. Don't go doing much until you are feeling 100%. I hope the pain in your head clears up quickly, no doubt its all part of whatever bug you have had. You are going through the mill at the moment aren't you, poor thing. Take care x
    Maria, I'm glad you had a nice day out, I bet you are going to need the Peace and quiet today to relax, doing your card will hopefully go well. Take care x
    Janet, it's good to hear you are all settled on now. I love primroses, well love all flowers really, they are so welcome after the winter months : )
    To all who are struggling at the moment, hugs are on their way.
    I hope the sun is shining everywhere today, it is quite cold though so wrap up if you go out. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue thank you for your kindness. Terry keeps nagging me to sit down & rest it's very hard for me. I must have hurt myself more than I thought as still very painfull mainly on the left side & my chest. More bruises comming out on droopy bits. Well being the size of a Hippopotamus went down with a thump.HaHa. Hug's xxx

    2. Lynda
      You do yourself an injustice. You are not the size of a hippopotamus at all. Listen to Terry and try not to do to much.

    3. Oh thank you Pat yes I will be a good girl & rest I need to be ok for AP that's for sure. I might have to squeeze in the chair with Sandra haha
      Hug's xxx

    4. oj there lady ,it is only one Hippo among us and that's me. You can't just go and take my title like that hihi. Very gentle hugs to you xxx

  11. Hello Sandra,
    What an interesting selection we have today!
    Beth's cards are all lovely and it's lovely to know our crafting bug is being handed down into safe hands! Thank for showing the cards Sandra!
    Your Trimcraft set looks lovely Sandra and very pretty. It's nice to get a collection sometimes as everything mixes and matches .
    Michele - great bargain. I have a set of letters I love but have trouble getting the matching numbers. That's a great set and easily all kept together.
    Val - what a big haul of goodies! A very interesting selection. I hope you have hours of fun creating many lovely things with them.
    Did anyone else watch Leonie yesterday? I think she has real talent and I always learn a lot. Even if it's just how to correct something I don't like in the world of altered art etc. Why didn't C&C use her???
    We were out for an Italian last night as it was Grandaughter'sbirthday. We had lots of fun!
    Well must get a Diane wiggle on!!
    See you later. Xxxx

    1. Hey Myra
      I hope you well and sounds like you had a lovely meal yesterday. I didn't watch Leonie at all. But I think she was on while we were at Sandra's last week, as I vaguely remember seeing her demo. And yes, why didn't C£ C use her great talent?.

    2. Afternoon Myra - I love to watch Leonie and yes she was very underused by C&C while she was there. They really did miss out having a very talented young lady. I'll miss her programmes while I'm here but then I have a TV programme to look forward to when I'm back.
      Pleased you had a good night out at an Italian. How did the waiters rate/or were they all British? hehehe.
      Hugs just for you xxxx

    3. Hi MYRA I love Leonie & her own 2hour shows on HochandaTV she is brilliant Apparently she turned up for work at C&C & the security wouldn't let her in & said go home your barred. She told my friend when she was doing Phill Martin work shop that they were horrible to her. Glad you had a good evening for your Grandaughter's Birthday.
      Hug's xx

    4. Thanks Lynda! We had fun! We went to the Trafford Centre as Birthday presents were being bought too! My husband was in shops he had never heard of!! Ha ha! Xxxx

  12. Hello SANDRA & ladies
    Sunny today but cold. BETH your cards are brilliant I love them all but my favourite is the Butterfly one. You are very talented never give up crafting it's the best thing ever.Hazel you must be very proud of her. Thank you for your message last night.x
    Wow what a lovely lot of goodies today. SANDRA you got so much for your £9.99 from the Range.VAL what amazing craft goodies you got you will have lots of fun playing with it all. MICHELE great set of bargain dies. Well done all of you.
    My friend is coming over soon so I better get a wiggle on. Oh I did manage to finish my challenge card & Emaild Sandra will have to call in later & read comments.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  13. Margaret Palmer17 March 2016 at 13:00

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe.
    Sandra your selection bag is lovely, I dare not go into Range as each time I do I come out with something! As it is only 5mins away it is too tempting. & now they have The Works in the local Co-Op! xx
    Michele lovely bargain you got as well.xx
    Val you must habe enjoyed shopping for all ypur goodies, good for you.xx
    Beth what can I say about your cards that hasn't been said they are beautiful, well done.xx
    Embroidery this afternoon so no doubt alot of chatting will go on. Lovely sunny day but very cold.
    Hugs on way to all who are missing Barbara, Maureen & Jean hope to see you soon you are missed.xx
    Lynda sorry you are still sore hugs on way.
    Higs to all who need them love Margaret xx

  14. Hi Sandra
    Beth what a super array of cards you have sent to Sandra. I especially love your butterfly card. Such a great talent for your age. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely cards.

  15. Hi Sandra
    Meant to say I love the guilty buys. I saw yours and just wished we had a Range near us. Val must be able to open a shop soon with all her buys.

  16. Hi Sandra and ladies. Having real problems commenting today. 3 times I've typed loads and pressed published and everything has disappeared. I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead and press publish. I might have better luck tomorrow.
    love Val x

  17. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    So pleased or three graces had a good day yesterday, it sounds as if a lot was achieved, will done girls.

    What a lot of gorgeous cards made by our special member Beth I have left you a message under Hazel's comment. xx
    What a lots of lovely guilty secrets you have posted, Sandra your booty from The Range was brilliant. Michelle you really are a prize shopper, well done. Saba, you need all those goodies, because as you told us you haven't got any decent Craft shops in Germany, so I can thoroughly understand and appreciate every purchase that you made!!! ENJOY.
    John went off just about an hour ago to collect Callum from school, Ciara was staying for netball and would be dropped home later by a friend. I told John to take my phone with him (he doesn't need one - his words not mine) as he was also going to pick up teenager when she gets off the bus and bring her home up the steep hills. He had no sooner left the house then the phone rings. Ciara has had an accident playing football and has hurt her fingers she made need an x-ray. This message came by daughter who was calling from Tenerife. I ring the school you get an answer machine, I left a message anyway to say once Callum had been picked up I could ring his phone, Andy could go and pick Ciara between all this I get a phone call from the London taxi company S I L taxi has been serviced and can they drop it off tomorrow Pullman in between all this I get a phone call from the London taxi company S I L taxi has been serviced and can they drop it off tomorrow, oh and by the way the man says it needs fuel if we fill it up will you reimburse the driver. Not a problem I replied and then politely asked the gentleman to get off the phone because we had a minor emergency going on, at which he laughed. Actually this is the third time I have spoken to this gentleman today, so we are on 1st terms! This was supposed to be my quiet hour of the afternoon. Hope nothing else happens I'm exhausted. Ha ha
    Better get ready for the invasion and the walking wounded, have also got to text daughter, and the friendly taxi man is going to ring back in about half an hour, when I thought all would be a lot calmer.
    I apologise to you all if the above sounds jibber-ish it's an hour in the life of the house sitting grandmother. Oh what joy!
    If I can I will drop in at some point and update you all, oh I didn't tell you about the other day when grandson Who when he is thirsty will pick up anybody's cup, bottle, glass - whatever and take sip. Teenage sister had left on the kitchen island a bottle with some white spirit which she was going to take to school the next day. - I think you're ahead of me now. ...... You've got it he took a sip! Fortunately didn't swallow it, are use my first-aid skills, then the panicking granny sitting and I rang 111 anyway all was fine and he had no reaction to it, not sure about my blood pressure though......... Do you think our daughter will ask us to look after her children again. Catch up with you all later.
    Love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Margaret Palmer17 March 2016 at 20:35

      Hi Brenda.
      So sorry you have had a stressful day, the joy's of being a Grandma, hope you are having a quiet evening. Special hugs pn way to you love Margaret xx.

    2. Brenda, I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, it certainly can't be any worse x

    3. Oh what a day you had, hope tomorrow will be calmer, take care xxx

  18. Hi Brenda
    Well, what a carry on your having today. It never rains but it pours as the saying goes. Sounds like a script in a soap opera doesn't. Hopefully everyone is ok, and are safely at home now. Good job no one thinks fate has stepped in to stop you child sitting.
    This reminds me of a chap when I worked for Hartwells. If he was asked to do a another job to help out, he always did it wrong. They won't ask me again he always said. Not that applies to you of course.

  19. Ladies, Beth hasn't been able to look at th comments this afternoon. She had two freinds come home with her from school, and to be honest they wouldn't have let her read them. I ended up doing my nanny McPhee bit this afternoon, they had gone into Anna's bedroom and sprayed deodorant all over the place! Oh boy I was so cross, more so they tried to say they hadn't!!! I was chocking with it. Anna is coming up to 14 Beth should respect that, and tell her friends to not go into her room. So I will get her to reply on tomorrow's blog. I wasn't happy as everything I told them to do they didn't! I am sorry this is where I don't like having certain children coming after school. There is a school disco tonight and they were all going to it. Well if they get there as I left they still weren't changed, not my problem. I went home. Xxx

    1. Margaret Palmer17 March 2016 at 20:39

      Even the best behaved youngster's act stupid when with certain friends, sorry you were the one to have to deal with it.xx

    2. Margaret, you are so right. I think that's why I was so cross with Beth. If looks could kill I would have been dead with the look I got from one of them! Xxx

    3. Hazel, why is it when children visit friends homes they have to behave in such a disgusting way? they would never do - or be allowed to do this at home. I hope Beth scared by this experience. xx

    4. I think as parents we have all seen it at some point, some children are so manipulative they can get others doing all sorts! Anna is at the age where her privacy is massively important, she would have been really upset that Beth had let her friends invade her privacy!! Go go Nanny Mcphee!!

  20. Late update, Ciara was saying the pain was going up her arm, i ended up taking her to A&E. They felt it is more of a sprain and not a fracture. But for my peace of mind I had to get her checked out. She has her fingers strapped together and that have to be like that for at least three days. It's her left hand ...... And she is left handed.
    All is well, goodnight dear friends, Brenda xxx

    1. Oh Bless poor Ciara, she ius going to find that very frustrating! Sending big hugs xxx