Monday 31 October 2016

Your Challenge this week.........

Your Challenge this week.....
Should you wish to accept it, it to Create
A Bauble Themed Card

Winter Lodge Bauble Kit: Would be sweet gift tag.:
The straight lines and round ornaments in black, white and grey make a stunning handmade Christmas card.  If you prefer pops of color, change up the bling on the ornaments or the color of the sentiment.: Bauble shaped card                                                                                                                                                                                 More:
Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Your Challenge this week is to make a 'Bauble' themed card, now as you can see from the examples above that I have taken from Pinterest, your baubles can be made from anything, they can be Stamped on, Die Cut, drawn, buttons, absolutely anything, if you don't have a bauble die just use a circle and add a bow on top!
You can even make the card the bauble as in the fourth photo!
My thinking behind this theme is that you can take part in the challenge and get your Christmas cards done!
If you need some extra inspiration just pop onto Pinterest and type in 'Bauble Cards', a word of warning though, take a cup of coffee with you as you will be there some time!
Please don't feel under pressure to take part if you don't have time, I always appreciate when you do take part but knowing that some of you have circumstances similar to my own, or work or Grandma duties, I never 'expect' to see a card.  But I love to open them when they do pop into my mail box.

Have a lovely week ladies, whatever your plans are!

Karen, enjoy your special day/night xxx

Love and Hugs to all,


Sunday 30 October 2016

Your Challenge Cards

My Challenge card 1

My 2nd Challenge card

Karen's Challenge card

Lillian's Challenge card

Lynda's Challenge Card

Lynda's 2nd Challenge card

Margaret's Challenge card

Margaret's 2nd Challenge card

Maria's Challenge card

Michele's challenge card

Sue's Georgeous Card

Val's Challenge card

Good Sunday Morning ladies, 

This weeks challenge was to create a card using leftover bits of card in your 'bit box',
If I'm honest I have bit boxes, I could make very many cards out of them.  I am sure you are all the same, I have one box with 'little' bits in, then one or two with larger bits in, like when you have used half an A4 piece for instance, I have started to 'die cut' the pieces that I 'gut' out of cards too, they all go in the box, along with any bits I trim off your card base, I ususally use those for sentiments.

Anyway on to your amazing cards:

Karen, a clean and simple card for you this week, 3 Spellbinders Butterflies, die cut from Valspar paint colour chart samples, I had to chuckle when I read the paint brand, when we popped into B&Q to pick up some colour charts a few weeks back, the paint rep came cover and was telling us all about Valspar paints and how they were used on Tower Bridge, London buses and the Eiffel tower, he was going to great lengths to explain how good the paint was, by this time I already had a huge handful, he asked which room we were decorating, I had to think fast and say we had just moved into a new house and had every room to decorate!!!! We got away with a few samples luckily.  Karen I love your card, thank you xxx

Lilian has used up some odd bits of Christmas paper for her pretty card this week, 
Such a beautiful combination of papers, perfectly arranged!  The narrow peel-offs finish the top and bottom of the card brilliantly Lilian, I love that sentiment stamp too, thank you xxx

Lynda has created 2 cards for us this week, the first one has circles of a pretty background paper matted onto red card, with a red sentiment, the second card has Lynda's handmade backing papers (using pixie powders) that have been matted onto black card with the 'Joy' sentiment die cut out of the same paper.  Two fabulous cards Lynda, thank you xxx

Margaret, 2 cards from you too this week, the first card is a Christmas card that Margaret has die cut snowflakes to decorate, placed upon Kraft card with a beautiful Christmas tree backing powder behind it. 
The second card is a fantastic Birthday card that Margaret said she created using left over bits from a card she made last week, I love those pretty white flowers on that dark blue background , very striking Margaret, thank you xxx

Maria, the colour theme of your card has a very 'sixties' feel with the oranges and pinks, I love the pattern you have built with the Octagon Die cuts, it really works well with the orange dotty card! thank you xxx

Michele, Diamonds are the theme of your card this week, they works so well in this configuration, I love that little background stamp you have used too, it really finishes the look of the card.  Thank you xxx

Sue, I love how you placed the snowflakes onto the Octagons to create the Christmas tree design, genius idea, I love how you have added the sentiment to the bucket too, thank you xxx

Val, fantastic Christmas card this week Val, I love how you tied the metallic blue card into the design by using it as a layer and in the pattern of your card too, In love the mix of snowflake sizes and styles, they work perfectly together! Thank you xxx

Thank you all so much ladies, once again we have an incredible mix of designs and styles.  You are amazing xxx

Do you want to continue with Challenges each week ladies or would you like a break???  Let me know below.

Sonia, its so lovely to see you back in, sorry to hear you aren't feeling 100%, we are all here for you sweetheart xxx ps,. Feel free to email me xx

Janet, hope all went well yesterday xxxx

Pat, safe journey home today xxx

Karen, have a lovely trip to London tomorrow xxx

Love and hugs to all of you,

Saturday 29 October 2016

Happy Birthday Karen & Birthday cards

๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰Happy Birthday Karen๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

My Birthday Card From Karen

My Card from Sue 

My Card from Margaret

My Card From Pat

My card from Cheryl

My card from Anne

My Birthday card from Michele

Good Morning Ladies,

Firstly this morning I would you to join me in wishing our Dear Friend Karen a very 
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day with family and friends and special hugs from Oscar xxxx

I felt terrible that I hadn't got round to sharing the rest of my Birthday cards, so today I have featured all of those that hadn't already been shared, I had so many beautiful cards, each one I treasure, the fact that each of you took the time to make a card means such a lot to me. 

Karen used a selection of Sue Wilson dies, including the fantastic "Happy" die set to create her card, I was 'on the fence' about this die, but the more I see it used the more I like it, thank you Karen xxx

Sue, I felt very honoured that you had used your "strictly for stroking" paper collection for my birthday card!!  Sue and I both have this Papermania collection and we are both reluctant to use them, Sue also used the 'Lyra' Die from Creative Expressions Gemini die collection.  Thank you Sue, I love it xxx

Margaret, you also used some of my favourite paper collections for my card, from Anna Marie Designs of course, I love how you have used that corner die to create a frame for the birthday cake, it shows how far you have come with your card designing.  Thank you so much Margaret xxx

Pat, you created your own pretty background with stamps and the used one of the creative Expressions New York collection die sets for the focal element of your card, finished with a fabulous "Happy Birthday" die cut.  Thank you so much Pat xxx

Cheryl has used the Pleated card tutorial to create her card, I cannot believe the accuracy though, the pattern across the card including that line are all
 Perfectly straight and matched up! Finished with that gorgeous Pearl trimmed lace, thank you so much Cheryl xxx

Anne has used Sue Wilson's 'Fire and Ice' technique to create the stunning background for her card, it is so bright and sparkly, the pattern in the background is made using a mini striplet die, it is gorgeous, the camera just doesn't do it justice, I do have a secret yearning for those Noble Oval dies too, thank you so much Anne xxx

Michele made me an absolutely amazing 'pop up' card,it doesn't matter how old you are, opening a pop up box card still has the 'wow' factor, my favourite colour too, it is a mini work of art Michele, thank you so much xxx  
PS.. I was going to suggest that you make a load of these for your sale table, but thinking about it, I don't think you would get enough money to cover the time it takes you to make them!  Maybe have a couple as the height and sparkle would look fantastic as part of your display xx

Paul's back in work today so its just the girls and I at home again today, I got Paul to get the bits in for them to make their own pizzas for tea, that should give them a break from homework, I will be taking easy, I really haven't shaken this sore throat all week, it has been particularly bad this last couple of days and the glands in my neck are huge, I feel generally yuck, but I want to sit and play with my stamping tool today. 
Lynda I have finally sorted a box for your Frame, I will be sending it via Hermes I think, just to make sure it arrives safely and in one piece, sorry for the delay, its a pain when Paul's at work most of the week! Xxx

Janet, special hugs on route to you today my lovely xxx

Love and hugs for the rest of you too,


Friday 28 October 2016

All that Glitters.......

Good Morning Ladies,

So that was Half Term (or whatever they call it these days)! I cannot believe how fast this week has gone, Sophie and Lucy have spent most of it with their noses in a book or drawing (in Sophie's case). Which is probably a good thing as today is Paul's first day off since Saturday, so we couldn't have gone anywhere anyway.

Matt's appointment seems to have left him with more questions than answers, bless him.  He has scans etc to wait for, one of his worries was how his medication affects his fertility and what complications his medication could cause when it comes to wanting to become a father, he seems to have gotten mixed answers and he is more confused about the whole thing, I wish he would have let me go with him as I would have sat there until someone did give me the right answers!  I think I will be making a few calls. 
Onto today's card, I have many scraps of glitter card in my 'bit box' so I decided to die cut some snowflakes and build a wreath with them, I drew around a circle die to give a guide to placing the snowflakes, I then added the "All that Glitters is Snow" sentiment in the centre, using my new Stamping Tool!  
It is another version of this weeks challenge card, how are yours coming along?!

Karen has sent in two great tips for Frugal Friday.........

First one is I quite often make 5x7 cards and use basic 5x7 dies to make squares.
1) cut out the rectactangle in the size of width you require
2) turn die 1/4 of a turn and place card along one edge
3 pass through die cutter again - yuo end up with a perfect square
It could save you a bit of money by not having to buy basic square dies as well as rectangular dies....

Second one - I can't remember who told me this tip, I put a shout out as to what to do with old cd cases. They won't replace nice expensive photo frames but I have one with a picture of Oscar stuck to my board at work and this one is of my dream man which is stuck to my pin board in my craft room. I haven't sealed the cases. So I can change the photograph as often as I like! An extremely cheap way of using cd cases that contained old pc games/cdroms.

Two great tips Karen,  you can guarantee you never have the right size square die, so this tip is great! 
Loving your CD Case idea too, I think Michele did Calenders with them too! 
Loving your Heart throb Karen!!  I was devastated when he died,  as I like many women my age adored him from Dirty Dancing, so sad.   I am quite a Vin Diesel fan, but if I'm totally honest I married my heart throb!! (Soppy I know)   
Do any of you ladies have a 'heart throb' or someone you secretly admire??.....

Sue also gave the tip that Michele mentioned a couple of weeks back, I thought she had bought some fabulous new card stock with her on Tuesday, but it was the card from a really pretty tissue box, it would have been too much of a shame to bin it, it would make some great notelet cards, or tags. 
Keep your eyes peeled for pretty serviettes too, they are great for upcycling boxes, just cover with a coat of Gesso, then just use water down PVA to apply the serviette, you will have to peel off the back layers though.

Another tip that I recently discovered is that there is so much free downloadable stuff for crafter's on Pinterest,
From sheet music to use as background papers to vintage images and background papers.  You can even just print out sentiments!  Go have a look, you will be amazed at how much there is, its sdo pretty too.

Thank you for your input today ladies!

Have a great day,
Love and hugs,

Thursday 27 October 2016

Anne's Crazy Bird's

Good Morning Ladies,

Two of Anne's cards to share with you today, I have been thinking about buying these Tim Holtz stamps for some time, I just love the expressions on the faces of the birds, each one different, making them very versatile.
The first card Anne made for her Son-in-Laws Birthday, just colouring the one bird makes the card look so much more 'dramatic'.
The second card Anne has created makes the birds look quite different, You can't help but fall for that cute face can you, he looks so pitiful  doesn't he?! Your colour blending on the birds is incredle, I love the fun feel of this card.
The dies that match the stamps cut with such detail too, even the whisps on the top of the birds head.
Thank you Anne for sharing your amazing creations with us. xxx

A day of hospital appointments and haircuts today, Matt has his Arthritis |Clinic, I am hoping he will let me go with him as I think that his Arthritis has spread to his hips and shoulders and I don't want him absorbing all of that news on his own,he already has it in his knees,elbows, wrists,ankles and the joints of his toes, he has Psoariatic Arthritis,  He can be quite independant at times, so I'm not sure if he will let me go with him.

I then want to sit down and do some crafting!

Sending Love and Hugs to you all,


Wednesday 26 October 2016

My Sketch Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

We had a lovely day yesterday, it was so lovely to all be back crafting together. Sue and Pat were eager to their 'Stamping Tool' picture frame put together, so we did that first, Sue shared my excitement, I probably bored them by showing them all of the things I had managed to stamp with this new tool, its opened up a whole new world for me and Sue too, we both struggled with getting a perfect stamped image first time.  Sue left with the excitement of showing Margaret how fantastic this tool is.......
I look forward to Margaret's reaction too, and yours too Lynda xx

Now onto today's card, made from some scraps and off cuts of mostly My Minds Eye Paper pads, I have quite a few, I love the bright cheerful colours of these ones, I die cut them using a Free Hexagon die set I got on a Crafter's Companion "inspiration" magazine. I them mounted the paper die cuts onto card for extra rigidity and arranged them on my card.  The sentiment was the only one that would work with the bits of paper that coordinated in my "bit box".

Janet, you bought a smile to my face yesterday, thanks for popping in, it was so lovely to hear from you, I can't wait to have you back regularly, fingers crossed for next appointment xxx

Pat, Have a lovely time in Essex, I hope you find Bet well, I am sure she will love the company xxx

Love and Hugs to all of you,

Tuesday 25 October 2016

A Trio of Terrific Christmas Cards By Michele

Good Morning Ladies,

I feel so privileged that I get to share the cards of other Fantastic Crafter's,  I am passionate about sharing the cards of ladies that would not get the opportunity to show their cards ordinarily.

Today's cards have been designed by our Michele, she is the 'queen' of CD ROM cards, making the very best of the digital resources available.  The first two cards today are Digital Downloads from 'Ella'S Designs', they are the cutest snowman cards, I love his rosy cheeks, the papers are all so bright and vibrant Michele, what Printer do you use?  as the papers look as though they have come from a paper pad!
The third card is another of Michele's speciality cards, 'the pop-up' box, I know first hand how amazing they are as Michele made me one for my birthday, they really do have the "wow" factor when you opoen them up!
These cards will look amazing on your Craft Stall Michele, you had better get cracking!
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your cards Michele xxx

Hopefully seeing Sue and Pat today, they will get to use their ' Faux Misti' frame for the first time, I hope they find them useful, I think Pat is hoping to buy some Altenew stamps to use in it!

Have a lovely day ladies,
Love and hugs

Monday 24 October 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Now this weeks Sketch Challenge is a little bit different......
My thinking was to make cards using what's in your Bit/Scrap Box, using up all of those odd birds of left over paper that are too small to do anything with, yet to precious to throw away!

You can use ANY shape, even flowers, butterflies or Snowflakes, triangles, diamonds, hexagons or circles,
Anything you choose, you must them arrange them into your chosen pattern on your card, add a sentiment and that's it !
This theme ties in with our 'Frugal Friday' feature.
I have added some different styles of sketches down the left hand side for your inspirastion, I will add some finished cards too, mostly from pinterest. They will be at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy this challenge ladies, it will work for any card style, Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, Congratulations!

I look forward to seeing your designs, your cards are always hugely inspirational ladies.

Not much on planned here today, frustratingly Paul has a lot of shifts this week, it always seems to work that way when the girls are home on holiday, never mind that have lots of A level homework and studying to do, so they will be busy.  We may manage a trip to the cinema, hopefully!

I hope you all have a good week ladies,

Love and Hugs to all,

Sunday 23 October 2016

Your Challange Cards

My Challenge Card

The Sketch

Brenda's Challenge Card

Karen's Challenge Card

Lilian's Challenge Card

Lynda's Challenge Card

Margaret's Challenge Card

Margaret's second Challenge card

Maria's Challenge Card

Michele's Challenge Card

Sue's Challenge Card

Val's Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you all got some use out of my 'Faux Misti' post yesterday, we had a lot of interest, lots of new people looking in and some of our old friends too, which was so nice to see.  It may have been the smell of Margaret's baking that drew them in though!  Mind you from what Maria posted yesterday Herman the Goat did his best to put people off !! hahaha

Now onto this fantastic display of your Challenge Cards,

Brenda, What a wonderful Wintery Scene, that paper is gorgeous as is that Embossing folder, oh that Snowman is just adorable Brenda, the whole card works perfectly, I love how it looks like the snowman is holding up the greeting!  Thank you so much for taking part Brenda xxx

Karen has used the My Craft Studio Charisma Bunny CD rom for her card, I love his patches, the background paper is from the same CD, the 'duo' card was from Create and craft, the little heart buttons from Sue Wilsons 'New Arrivals' die set.  An absolutely gorgeous birthday card for Brooke, Karen, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Lilian, it looks like you have been having a play with different background techniques, this looks like Pixie Powders, to me it looks like little meteors flying through the sky, the stars add to that look, I hope everyone else sees the same thing otherwise you will think I was writing this post while 'under the influence' (which I wasn't, honestly)!  A fantastic Man card Lilian, thank you so much for taking part. xxx

Lynda, A fabulous Christmas card, I love the combination of Silver and Grey papers that you have used, the pretty patterned Poinsettia's add the perfect finishing touch to this fabulous festive card, thank you so much for taking part Lynda xxx

Margaret, not one but two fantastic cards from you this week, one fabulous Christmas card with those pretty die cut bells and I love that little die cut bow on your ribbon, the ribbon is beautiful, the gold detail on it makes it look very expensive and exquisite.  Your other card is a fab 'Man' card, often so tricky to get right, your steam train will tick lots of boxes.  The bakers twine is a great addition to any man card, its often tricky to embellish them as ribbons etc aren't very 'masculine'. Thank you so much for taking part, I am hoping to see cards flying out now you have your fantastic new Gemini Machine xxx

Maria, such a pretty card from you this week, Your colour scheme is so pretty, I love that beautiful butterfly you have used (Creative Expressions I think) , your bow is stunning too, the little peg holding your sentiment is a genius finishing touch Maria, such a pretty card, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Michele, such a pretty card from your Mum in Law this week, love the monochrome look, how sweet of her to allow you to share one of her cards.  Can you ask her what die she has used to die cut the scallop border on her decorative paper, its so elegant.  Thank you for sending a card in my lovely xxx

Sue, I love the colour theme of your card, adding the purple was a touch of genius, it works perfectly, those owls are so cute! I love your birthday wishes die too!
Thank you for taking part xxx

Val, wow Val I love this card, first of all those papers you have used are fabulous, you have really showed that Phill Martin 'Happy Birthday' die off so well, adding the black die cut underneath for shadow really enhances the die cut, that also ties it in with the background, those cute little stars give a perfect touch to the card, the three little gems on opposite corners finishes the card perfectly, thank you so much for taking part Val xxx

Thank you ladies, a lovely range of cards again this week, I will get straight on with tomorrows sketch today, Paul is back on shift today so I will be crafting all day, the girls will be busy with homework, I also got organised last night and prepared tonights dinner and have in marinating in the fridge.  We are trying Nigella Lawson's Chicken Schwarma recipe from her latest TV show, I remember having a Schwarma in Amsterdam a few years ago and it was delicious, that was cooked on a kebab skewer though, this recipe is cooked in the oven, but with all of the lovely fragrant things in the marinade I am hoping for something delicious, you just serve it with flatbreads and a few side dishes, oh and a yoghurt/tahini dressing.  We are then having Cookie Dough pots for pudding, which are literally Cookie Dough cooked in a ramekin, served with icecream, yummy!  A fairly quick and easy tea, but that works best when Paul doesn't get home until after 7.30pm.  I will let you know how it turned out! 

Get well hugs for Janet and Cheryl, I hope your Antibiotics are helping you to recover quickly Cheryl  xxx

I hope you all have a restful Sunday,
Love and Hugs