Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Another Flourishing Thinlits Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I really love these Flourishing Thinlits dies, they are one of those die sets you just stop reaching for.  There are quite a lot elements in the die set that are all useful too, a mixture of flowers, borders and flourishes. 
So above is my latest card, a navy and cream theme, I used the flourish, the Flowers and the border this time.  I used the flourish in opposite corners and created a border strip with the border strip, I layered the flowers up and arranged 3 of them on the left side of the border.  I added pearls to the berry sprigs and across the border.
I just need to decide on a sentiment now.

Feeling much brighter today, thankfully, I am guessing it was just a bug, I am pleased to say that nobody else seems to have been affected either, I would feel terrible if Paul's parents became sick.  

Fun day today, Pat and Sue are coming over, looking forward to a crafting session, seems like months since we all sat and crafted together.  I may even get them to make a Challenge card!!! Wish me luck !!

I must go and clear my craft room floor before they arrive, I can't even close the door and hide the mess because you have to walk through the craft room to get to the toilet!! 

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs,


  1. Good morning,

    Such a beautiful card Sandra, the dies are very pretty.
    Did you miss out a word in sentence 'just stop reaching for? I got the gist and added the word 'can't' in-between. lol
    Have fun crafting today with Sue & Pat.
    Hopefully a doctor's appt will materialize and I can get to grips with this dizzy feeling.
    Very busy craft day today, I have to finish a wedding ring and make the card ready for Friday.
    A chest box needs the insides done for my sister's granddaughter and then a couple more b/cards ready for the end of this month.

    enjoy your day today however you have planned it.
    Gentle hugs and healing thoughts to all our poorly ladies

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl. Hope you get a Dr's appointment to sort out the dizziness - not a nice feeling :-(
      Enjoy your crafting today. Hugs xxx

    2. Hope you have a better day and no more dizzy spells, take care and good crafting day xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra, very pretty.

    Yesterday was fine at work, not too busy so I managed to clear quite a few of the 250 emails that were waiting for me. We had some disappointing news-the refurbishment has been put on hold, they're still hoping to fund it this financiall year but it looks like it will be after Christmas now. Ah well-not much we can do other than wait is there?!

    I've recorded John Lockwood's show last night & will record his shows today so I can watch them tonight as hubby is in Scotland so I'm in charge of the remote control!!!


    1. Hi Michele. Glad yesterday wasn't too bad at work. Shame about the refurbishment. Enjoy your evening with John Lockwood :-) Hugs xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and everyone. Lovely card Sandra, the dies look beautiful. Glad you're feeling better and have a great time crafting with Sue and Pat :-)
    Hope everyone is well and has a good day whatever you're doing. Sending hugs to all xxx

  4. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA - I love the look of those dies you have used. They really go well with monochrome don't they.

    Had my GP visit yesterday and as a result I need a further blood test and a visit to hospital for some investigation re my tummy problem.

    As it's raining, windy and cold here this morning it's definitely a 'stay at home' day. It's a good thing as I need to get a bday card made today as it's needed for the weekend so I really must find some mojo from somewhere.

    Lots of hugs to you all with extras for Dear Friends not feeling too good. The CAFE is looking really good.

    1. Janet lovely to see you in cafe, sorry you still need more tests, you must feel like a pincushion!!. Take care hugs on way love Margaret.xxx

    2. Hi Janet, sorry you need more tests. Hope it will clear whatever you got. Many hugs xx

    3. Hello Janet, Sorry you have to have more tests, hopefully this time you will get some answers. Take Care.
      Sending gentle hugs. Brenda xx

    4. Hello Janet, Sorry you have still not got any answers, hope they sort you out soon
      Extra hugs on the way

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I am pleased you are feeling better & your card is very delicate, I love the dies. I am beginning to realise how many dies you need or think you need. Have fun today with Pat & Sue hope you get some crafting done.xxx
    Cheryl hope you get to see Dr. dizzy spells are not nice, take care hugs on way.x xx
    Grey & has been raining out so I think waterproof is needed this morning.
    Cafe all up & running good to see Janet in come & join us for bacon butty.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxx

    1. Hello Margaret, Thinking of how many dies you need. Someone is always going to bring out a die that you just really want to own, because it does something that you didn't think was achievable or just looks so beautiful. Like the die Sandra has used today. LOL


  6. Good morning Sandra & everyone
    Sandra I love your card today can you please tell me where you bought this die from it's lovely. Just finished a pile of ironing now having a cuppa while I'm doing this. Not sure what the weather is going to do the sun is trying to show it's self but on the dark side at the moment. Might get a walk in later. I have some cards to make today a special one for my daughter so will have to get my thinking cap on. Janet sorry you still need more test's done.Sandra Pat & Sue have a lovely time together crafting enjoy.Well I'm going to have my shower now.will pop in later on. Love Lynda xx

  7. Morning Sandra and all this rather grey day.
    Lovely card Sandra,like the style of it. Had a look for the dies but couldn't find them anywhere.
    Have a great day together with Pat and Sue.
    Pat, hope that Pete will be ok. Silly neighbour.
    Not doing to much today except for some more cutting outs hopefully. Not sure where the morning gone so best get a move on. Have a nice day everyone whatever you are doing.
    love and hugs to all, Maria Xoxo

    1. Maria, How often do we say, "I don't know where the time has gone" I think we all have gremlins who steel some of the hours in our day.

      I'm almost sure the die Sandra used is from StampingUp.
      Hope your day is going well. xx

    2. Hi Maria,
      With regard to meeting up Thursday is not a good day for me & would prefer not the last week of November.
      Thanks xxx

  8. Such a pretty card SANDRA I do like this die set. Yes, VAL and quite a few others would have enjoyed the exhibition I was only 9/10 in 1966 but I remembered so much - John and Yoko's protest, Vidal Sassoon, Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton
    I am interested in your new toy SANDRA I think it's a scanNcut too. What a shame MICHELE about the refurb - typical NHS. My mojo is in the same place as yours SONIA I'm hoping the CC will spur me into action. I have made a couple of male cards that LILIAN may be interested in ... if you want them SANDRA
    I hope you get some answers from Crafters Companion MARGARET and I'm up for a meet up. If need be I will take a day off work. The only date I cannot make is 26th Nov - it's the anniversary of our son's death. What an ignorant neighbor you have PAT I hope Pete's scans go OK.
    I hope you get the dizziness sorted CHERYL
    MARIA Congrats on the weight loss and hope the steroid injection is helping with the pain. Last but not least, let's hope the new tests find out what the problem is.
    If I've left anyone out please take a hug from the basket. I am thinking of you all xxx

    1. Hi Karen, Please let me know what date you choose, I will try to be free.Thursdays are not a good day for me. LOL

  9. Hello Sandra,
    What a stunning card today, love the colours, I think these are the dies you were showing us the other day from StampingUp. Me thinks I must invest in these, they would work all year round, just by changeing the colour..... I have definitely talked myself into making a purchase! (With a LITTLE influence from you!!!!!!!)

    Hope you girls have a good meet up today, and maybe get a little crafting done as well.

    Pat, what a thoughtless neighbour you have, Pete will be well aware of all the issues connected to his condition, without a totally thoughtless person being so outwardly blunt. Mind you some people just can't help themselves and are totally oblivious to other people's feelings. Just try and keep Pete focused and not distracted by such comments. xx

    I'm back on track sorting / organising my craft room. When we were at AP I was watching a demo on Inkylicious stand and the young lady was storing her clear dies on A4 Perspex sheets in the plastic/polythene boxes most of us have for storing paper and craft goodies. I thought it was a brilliant idea. And have bought some A4 Perspex on line for £1 each. Didn't get the edges polished, which did keep the cost down, I just rubbed them with an emery board. Anyway I am now in the process of sorting out my dies......think it is going to work well. As before many were in binders and just didn't work.

    Well ladies hope whatever you are doing - it is enjoyable.
    Take care, Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

  10. Hello All, dull and wet here today, managed to get walk in before rain, seems to be drying up now.

    Sandra love your card, the dies are very useful, but I MUST NOT spend , have so much stuff that I don't use, it's Oscars birthday next month and I think he's picked out several Lego sets he wants Granny to give him.

    Have managed to do a nice big box of cars for my friends birthday, just have to put liners and sort envelopes for them, got a nice few male cards done, will have to post them tomorrow.

    Shall be able to start Christmas cards tomorrow , hopefully will get them down earlier this year.

    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian

  11. Hello, just popped in to see how we are doing. Are we all prepping for cards etc. The gremlins did this day over Brenda because it went way too fast for my liking hihi
    For a meet up, would a Saturday (the 19th) be any better for you ladies or do you prefer Midweek ??
    I'm going down to London tomorrow earl-ish so will see you when we back home again. Have to get a new passport as mine run out and it takes some weeks to get it done and then we have to go down and pick it up as well.
    Got to go, speak soon xxxx