Friday, 7 October 2016

Frugal Friday Tip and Our Crafty Shopping !

 Card made with waste 

Die cut

 Craft Shopping

Brenda's Shopping

Val's Shopping

Pat's Shopping

Pat's Shopping (2)

Pat's shopping 3

Margaret's shopping

Margaret's Shopping (2)

Margaret's Free Gift

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

First of all today I want to talk about being 'Frugal', so one way of saving money on card is to make use of every little scrap.  
One way of doing that is to think about where we place the die on the card before we cut, before I thought about being frugal I crammed as many dies on a piece of card as I could, then I heard John Lockwood giving a tip about using the waste from your die cuts to make another card,  so now I think about whether I can use the die cut waste or not.  
So for instance the card above was made with the waste from the die shown below it, I cut the die and then squared the piece of waste off then created a matt of green glitter card, before sticking the die cut waste down I put plenty of foam tape on the reverse to support some of the weaker die cut areas, I then applied plenty of Cosmic Shimmer glue because I was sticking card to glitter card, foam pads alone don't really stick to glitter. 
I added a few pretty pink roses and a bow to make a pretty card from a piece of card that was destined for the bin.  
Johns Tip was to place your dies on the card almost as though you were cutting apertures in the card rather than cutting dies out of it. 
This card from pinterest is the perfect example.  
 The dies have been arranged down the left hand side of the card, leaving plenty of room to add embellishments.

Now onto the exciting part of today's blog post...........SHOPPING!!!!!

Brenda, how funny that you have colouring pencils in your shopping after yesterdays post, I can't wait to hear your thoughts, I see you were inspired by Sue's shows at the weekend too, some lovely Festive dies in your basket, the dies at the bottom are Brenda's new 'Tutti' dies, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them too, are they made by Memory Box? They look similar don't they?
Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your shopping xxx

Val, you got some lovely craft shopping while you were briefly in UK, a couple of Sue's dies, a lovely, festive embossing folder, some pretty washi tape and some gorgeous embellishments, I look forward to seeing what you make with your new craft goodies.
Thank you for sharing your shopping with us xxx

Pat has bought some lovely new Lilli of the Valley stamps, Creative Expressions Poinsettia and Holly Frame embossing folders, a pretty snowflake die too, also some pretty pearls and fine tip glue applicators.  Pat has added some lovely new plates to her 'Groovi' system and bought the Light Box to help with the embossing, some pretty Pion papers complete Pat's shopping this week, thank you so much for sharing Pat, I look forward to seeing and playing with your new buys xxx

Margaret has ordered some gorgeous dies from Craftstash, some beautiful Christmas dies in that bundle Margaret, some pretty stickles glitter glue, a must have for those Christmas cards, the stamp set was a free gift, a pretty good free gift too, some fab stamps there!  I look forward to seeing your Christmas cards Margaret, thank you for sharing. Xxx

A fantastic array of craft goodies in our shopping baskets this week ladies, thank you so much for taking time to photograph them. Xxx

Cheryl did you buy any craft bargains while in USA?? It sounds like they have some great craft stores! I do hope you are feeling better xxx

Hugs to Janet, hope you are having a good day xxx

Love and hugs to all,


  1. Good morning All, early start today, going to look at new car for R ( new to us , not new new!!! ).

    Sandra love both of your cards, will take on board die cutting to use the waste, I'm one of those who cuts a piece of card to fit the die, then thinking that the waste looks good, but not big enough for a card.

    Shopping looks great, have a big bag of junior hoods to do, so will be able to have a "little" shop, don't like to spend when I'm not earning much.

    Will pop in later, have a good day all, hugs to all Lilian

    1. Hi LILIAN
      Thank you for your email your very welcome glad you liked your card.
      Hope the car hunting goes well & you find one you like. Good luck with the hoods.
      Hug'sLynda Lynda xx

    2. Thanks for your email Lillian. Glad the card arrived and glad you liked it.
      A new car sounds exciting. Hope you find the right one.
      Good luck with all those hoods.
      Sounds like a lot of hard work
      Enjoy your day Love Valxx

    3. Thank you for Lillian for your email, please the card found you. LOL xx

    4. Hi Lilian
      I'm glad your card arrived safely. I know that Janet's birthday card didn't arrive. I posted it along with 3 others at the postbox in our street. None of them arrived.
      I've just bought a newish Note. Plenty of room for passengers and the back seats slide forward if you need a bit of extra book room.

  2. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love your pretty card, and the using up the waste tip - have used this technique before, and in the past done a similar card to the Pinterest one shown :-)
    A lovely lot of shopping this week - forgot to photograph mine! Wasn't able to get the Creative Expression border embossing folders from my local craft shop, but I did get the Octagonal Holly frame :-) Looking forward to seeing all of your creations with your new goodies :-)
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to all xxx

  3. Hi everyone. Just love both cards Sandra and I think your thrifty idea is a really good one and one which I will use.
    I love looking at all you crafty buys ladies but problem is I always want to buy them.
    LINDA I've surprised myself this year with being so organised. Most of my personal Christmas cards are made, written and stamped and in my friends in UK ready for her to post in December. I got myself in such a mess last year and was still doing orders Christmas week so this year I started in March and up to now it's going smoothly. Keeping fingers and toes crossed. Hope Harry had a good night's sleep and is feeling a lot better today.
    Well off to craft class in 30mins so better get ready.
    Love to all especially those not feeling too good.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      I think you should have a Gold medal for the most Chistmas cards made very well done. Loved your shopping enjoy playing with them
      Enjoy your craft class.
      Love Lynda xx

  4. This is a brilliant tip Like many of us I cut a piece of card to fit the die or cram as many as I can I need to put up a huge sign in my craft area "THINK WASTE"
    The shopping looks amazing with some brands I hadn't heard of So will be off looking at these later
    Hope everyone is feeling better today

  5. Hi Sandra
    Love seeing the shopping that all the ladies have bought. Not to sure what make Margaret's dies are. The packaging looks a bit like Marianne dies. I've yet to play with my light box as I need to be near a plug to work. Must try and remember to think before I cut any dies out. That could be a challenge with my brain. No news on Petes appointments for his scans. So his mantra is worry worry worry.

  6. Hi Sandra
    Well we've just had the post no letter regarding scans. However, Pete does have a date for the eye hospital to remove a lump on his bottom eyelid. His op date is the 2nd Dec. They'll send it off for a biopsy when it's removed.

  7. Hi SANDRA & everyone
    Sandra your cards are lovely both very pretty,I did some cards using the waste on some cards last Christmas. Haven't done any for a long time though.
    Not up to much today weather very dull & quite chilly so jumper on.
    So going to tidy craft room first then try & make some C cards got a long way to catch upto Val HiHi. MARGARET is haveing a sort out of her craft stuff that's been in her small bedroom for over a year & she phoned me this morning she has found some blending pencils & Sheena Douglas paints & two of her stamp & die sets & asked me if I want them all brand new she ordered the same penciles two weeks ago. She is only a 1/3rd of the way through it so I might get more Woopy . Sorry I'm back just made Terry some lunch then Margaret knocked with all the blending pencils 6 sets & 6 sets of Sheena's paints & DVD showing how to use them. Wow I'm going to look at the DVD ( not even open ) in a moment. Then have a play. So see you later. Love Lynda xx

    1. You lucky thing Lynda having a friend to give you so many pencilsand oother goodies. Hope you've had a great afternoon playing with everything..
      Love Valxx

  8. Hi again forgot to say I love everyones shopping all looks very good. Pat how do you find the Groovi plates I have them but I need lots more practice. You look like your very good at it buying all the plates & light box. Would love to see some of your work please. That's a long time for Pete's eye appointment.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      I struggled with the groovi plates at first but think I've got the hang of it now. I've done a couple of Christmas tree ones so will try to finish them off and let you have a look. Couldn't get the wording right but have bought a border with words on at Alky Pally.

  9. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Had a busy day today!! Looked in on the blog this morning at everyones shopping. Then I started to play with my colour pencils, comparing one brand against the other. They are all very good and do what the manufacturers say they will do. AquaBlend I find easier to do shading, ColourBlend are lovely to use and you can use them on there own, also use with markers and mixed media (haven't tried that yet) and they are waxed based. Polychromos are great also, they are very easy to use and glide on your paper. I've had a great day 'busy doing nothing' it's so calming sitting playing- Oops testing! my pencils. BUT I still have a long journey before I will ever be happy with my shading.

    Sandra I love your cards, like Karen I tend to use just enough card to fit the die, or put the die in the corner of a sheet of card. On many occasions I have thought I could have used that if it had been centred on the card I was using,
    I must think out of the box more often. Thank you for the inspiration. xx

    Hope everyone has had a good day, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Me again, I forgot to say the Tutti Dies are lovely to use, cut loads of the Snowman out and the Corner die have cut it out in about six different colours, it really is lovely, and that Flowery Heart is gorgeous. So yes I am very happy with them, they cut out perfect every time. xx

    2. Love the snowmen that you put on your card Brenda. Were they tutti dies as well?.

    3. Yes Pat, the Snowman were Tutti dies. They really are lovely dies. If you would like some I am happy to cut some and post them on to you. LOL xxx

    4. OOPs and anyone else who would like them xxx

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafรฉ today. What a beautiful card Sandra, and made from the waste. Like you I usually just get as many die cuts from a piece of card. I must remember this Frugal Friday tip now. Thank you for sharing it with us xx
    There is a lovely selection of goodies see of you have bought. Have a great time using it all.
    Mum, I know you didn't win yesterday but I agree, seeing everyone enjoying themselves is worth so much more hope you had a good time at the Green Home show today. Love you xx
    Lynda, I'm sorry that I didn't send hugs for Terry yesterday so I'm sending him extras with todays today. I hope he is starting to feel better. I bet you will have fun with today's goodies from your friend Margaret, with much more to follow by the sound of it, lucky you. Yes it was wonderful seeing our little wriggler on the screen, time will soon pass and he/she will be here getting lots of hugs ๐Ÿ˜ x
    Cheryl, hope you are feeling better today, staying snug and warm I hope x
    Maria, how is the shoulder today? I hope the Tiger Balm is helping dear friend x
    Janet, I bet you are itching to pack the car, how are you feeling, improving every day I hope x
    I seem to have picked up the cold that most of the family have had so not doing much today, and it is so cold and dreary here ๐Ÿ˜” Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Janey, Maria. Cheryl, Terry and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue Terry said thank you for the extra Hug's.He said he will collect them all at Ally pally in April ๐Ÿ˜
      I hope you feel better tomorrow tak IT easy & keep warm.
      Love Lynda xx

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sorry I am late we have been to The Green Home Show which is on only about 15 mins away. It was very interesting just wish I had the money to build from scratch & use all the ideas, I can dream!!!
    Sandra love your tip for today must think more when cutting out. I love all the shopping, there is soo much stuff to be tempted with.x xx
    Pat my dies are by Apple Blossom, it looks a good
    Janet hope you are feeling stronger with each day, hugs one the
    Sue sorry you are full of a cold hope you feel better tomorrow, love & hugs on way xxx
    Maria hope you are not in too much pain, hugs on
    Val you certainly put us all to shame well
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  12. Evening everyone.
    Love your card from leftover paper/card and as everyone I always putting on as many dies I can and at the corners most of the time so maybe that could be a challenge for us one day :)
    Love all the shopping, weren't some of you to AP ? The Stag look so wonderful in your stamp set Margaret and the Apple Blossom dies, very nice.
    Brenda, love the star die and all your other goodies. can't wait to see your cards.
    Val, good buys back from the UK. You amaze me with all the cards you make for the shop and private once Glad you have some help by Lynn.
    Pat- fantastic goodies and so many for the groovi ,love to see your work with them.
    Lynda- I don't think my friend and I did too much cheating hihi but we had a nice time. Oh aren't you the lucky one to be such a good friend with Margaret, she knows I'm a very good friend too if she like tihi only joking. Have a great time playing. Hope Terry is feeling better soon and you take it easy.
    Pat- long time to wait for Pete but hope it all be ok. Take care both of you.
    Painkillers and Tiger balm seem to ease it off some so it is bearable but have had problem sleeping and my walking this week have pulled a muscle in my right calf hihi I tell you I would be classed as a hopeless case and been put down if I was a animal.
    Hope you all had a nice day. Thought of Michele seeing the news this evening from Washington outside the White House, were looking out for her but remembered I never seen her so that's was no good :-)
    Cheryl- hope you feeling better. Love to hear about your journey through America.
    Janet- hope your day was alright and you soon back to 'normal' :) sending hugs to you and all who need one.
    have a good night everyone, love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi MARIA did I put cheating haha predicted text again hope you had some nice chatting.with your friend & coffee. Sorry you pulled a muscle in your leg now.hope it gets better soon, you might have to get a lovely stick like mine.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’xx

    2. Hi Maria
      How on earth did you pull a muscle in your calf. Were you walking to fast?. Your certainly a walking wounded just lately. Pete goes back to see the consultant 3 weeks on Tuesday for the results of his scans. It apparently takes a radiographer 10 days to analysis them, so in theory he should hear soon.

  13. Replies
    1. oh Pat you do make me smile with Lynda and yours writing today. Never know you had extra room in your car for the books and I can't wait to see you all again at Alky pally Lol ! Never change ladies.
      Better hit the bed, up early for going to Colchester for a couple of nights. Will look in when I can until then, take care all xoxo