Monday 31 October 2022

One Stamp 2 ways Challenge card


Thinking of you/Thank you


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Here we are on the last day of October, I know I say it every month this year but how is it possible that we will be in November tomorrow??!  I am not ready in my mind to even think about organising for Christmas!  Although it will be a quiet one for us, only Lucy & Sophie will be here on Christmas day, they work from Boxing day so it will just be Paul and I, Becca and Adam are working and then they are going to Adam's Parents as they were with us last year and Adam's twin is Backpacking on the other side of the world so Adam wants to be there for his parents which is lovely.  Matt & Alex only have Christmas Day off together so I always encourage them to spend it together, I know that Matt loves to cook too so it's even more special to him.  It used to bother me that they weren't all here on Christmas day but I thought back to how Paul and I wanted to just be together on our own on Christmas day so I quite understand that that's what they would want to do.  Plus having everyone here last Christmas was exhausting, I remember collapsing after lunch and not moving off the sofa until bedtime!  What are you ladies all up to this year, are you going to family or are they coming to you?? 

Today's cards are both made using the SU 'Winter Woods' stamp set, I used the little trees to create a Christmas scene back in 2018 and I don't think I have used it since, so I dug it out yesterday and chose a selection of Distress Oxide inks to give an 'Autumnal' look,  I used Gathered Twigs (tree trunk) then a mixture of Spiced Marmalade, Ripe Persimmon, Carved Pumpkin and Mowed Lawn to create the autumn leaves look to the trees. It was easier to do in the stamp platform as you can go back and add extra bits of colour where needed.  I matted and layered my stamped trees onto matching card, adding a layer of copper mirror card to add some lightness to the whole card.  To finish I used some skeleton leaves, now my skeleton leaves are huge so I used a smaller leaf die and come them down, getting three or four leaves from 1 large skeleton leaf.  Now I tried gluing the leaves but the glue showed, I then remembered my Wax seal kit that I bought months ago, so I fetched it all out, I was surprised at how quickly the little was pieces melted, I mixed a red/copper colour wax with a piece of gold wax and it made the perfect colour, I tried a couple of attempts as I was too scared to tip the warm wax on my card, but I just went for it, yes you can see that the seal was upside down but it's an organic design so it doesn't matter, right?!  Anyway I was pleased with how it turned out and I think this would make a lovely 'Thinking of  You card.

I hope that you all have a lovely start to the week,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Sunday 30 October 2022

Your Tic Tac Toe Challenge Cards


Die Cut/Traditional Colours/Gold or Silver

Pattern Paper/Die cut/Sparkle & Glitter 

Patterned paper/Die cut / Silver 

Patterned paper/Embossing/Stamping 

Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

Did you all remember to put your clocks back??  I don't know why I'm saying that as 95% of them reset themselves, having said that our house has a few things that aren't up to date technology so do need resetting... the cooker clock, boiler both need manual resetting, coffee machine does too as girls rely on the timer to get their morning coffee,  I dread to think of what drama there would be if they didn't get their morning brew, to them it's more important than breakfast,  I mean I like a cup of tea in the morning but I wouldn't feel incomplete if I didn't have it !  

Are any of you like me and look at your phone and think "so is that the actual time,  has it reset itself" then try to check online to make sure?!  

Let's get this Sunday started off properly,  no caffeine required, just some amazing   incredibly inspirational cards that you have all made....

Your Challenge Cards 


Embossing/Traditional Colours/Flowers

Sonia's Description:

I’ve used Sue Wilson dies and embossing folder, and the sentiment is from a Woodware stamp.

Sonia thank you your card is so pretty, you went right across the centre of the TicTacToe,  using Embossing, beautiful traditional Christmas colours and stamping for your sentiment.

Thank you for sharing your lovely card, I hope you are having a lovely time, I'm sure that Mark is loving having you with him too XXX 


Stamping/Contemporary Colours/Sparkle 

Lilian's Description:

Here is my card for this weeks challenge 

I used : stamping, contemporary colours, sparkle.

Old stamps from a magazine 

Night of navy ink

And a piece of “snip art' 

The silver paint didn’t cover like I hoped, so looks a bit messy.

Take care Lilian

Navy, Silver and white are a lovely colour combination,  so fresh looking, I must thank you, I have some of the 'Snip Art' pieces/frames etc but never know what to do with them, they are another one of those impulse buys that is sat collecting dust!!! You have inspired me to look at them again! Thank you for another lovely Challenge card Lilian XXX 


Die Cut/ Traditional Colours/Glitter

Die Cut/ stamping/ Sparkle 

Maria's Description:

I made two x-mas cards for this weeks challenge. Both the stamp
and die bought from Bedford's fair. They are both on glittery card
and I refilled the snowflake one with green and silver card.

Maria thank you so much for two amazing Challenge cards,  Your first card is so neat, I love the colours you have used, it must have taken you ages to paper piece all of those bits in, so worth the effort though.
Your second card is a proper 'Maria' card, featuring adorable little animals, so cute, a proper Maria card will always make you smile, just look at the cute squirrel,  bunny and owl.  
Thank you again my lovely XXX 


Die Cut/Silver/Glitter 

Patterned paper/Contemporary Colours/Flowers 

Janet's Description:

My first CC for this week is made using a die featuring a mountain village covered in snow. I boTught it so long ago that I cannot remember which company made it. I used Die Cut/glitter/silver from the grid.

my second CC for this week is made using LABLANCHE PAPERS - SYMPHONY IN BLUE.

I used Patterned Paper/Traditional/Contempory colours/Flowers from the grid.

Janet thank you so much for two beautiful challenge cards.  Your first card is going to stand out on any mantlepiece with that beautiful mirror card reflecting the lights from the tree!  The stopper arrangement you have created is so beautiful too. 

Your second card is just so beautiful,  so much detail, you notice more things every time you look, the dragonfly and swallow,  the script and those gorgeous flowers, I can see why you love your beautiful papers so much. 

Thanks again my lovely XXX 


Ladies as always I am truly grateful to you 
all for taking time out of your busy lives to sit and make a card or cards for our blog challenge, without you there would be no blog 🥰😘😍

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,


Saturday 29 October 2022

Mixed Up Saturday

🎉🎈🎂🥂Happy Birthday Karen🍹🎂🎈🎉

 Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Ladies please join me in wishing Our Lovely Karen the Very Best Birthday ever!  Your lunch out with family sounds a perfect way to celebrate your special day XXX

Today is going to be 20°c, which seems crazy for the end of October,  I think we might be dodging rain showers though.  I have some more bulbs to put in but I'm not doing it in the rain!  

Don't forget to put your clocks back tonight, thst means you can have extra hour celebrating your birthday Karen!! 

Wasp Update....

 Now I wanted to give you a little update on the small wasp nest beside the loft hatch in Sophie's room, it was about the size of small loaf of bread, there are no live wasps around it anymore, much to Paul's relief!! ...... BUT ...... I asked him to open up the hatch and have a look around and it would seem that the little nest Paul has been treating is maybe a piece that fell off of this MONSTER.....

He hadn't noticed the huge!  The girls both had a look and said its enormous,  they estimate thats its double size of a watermelon, or the size of a huge pumpkin.  So we need to rethink our strategy!.  I did wonder if wasps die off in the colder weather?! That would be the perfect solution. I will keep you updated,  I would love for this to stay whole so that we can look inside it. 

Some of your Garden Photos

Lilian .

Lilian has shared a photo of the last two planters that are still full of flowers!  They look amazing,  gorgeous colours and they look like they have a few more weeks on them yet.  I took the last of the tender summer bedding plants out of ours last weekend,  any plants that would last we have put in pots in greenhouse. I imagine you can leave yours out Lilian, unless you have hard winter.  Thank you so much for sharing your garden pics with us XXX


This is for Saturday if you want to use it. The rose is called Margaret and Chris bought it for me when Mum passed away. It is an old fashioned beautifully scented rose. You don’t have to use the next one that are Monkey Orchids but I thought they are was amazing. I only saw them online a few weeks ago. Take care my lovely xxxx

Your Mum's rose is beautiful Sue,  I bet it smells incredible too, what a thoughtful gift from Chris, it looks so different in an open bud than it does open, it looks so perfect when its fully open.  Even better seeing something so beautiful is a perfect reminder of your Amazing Mum. 

Now I will be honest I thought that those Monkey Orchids weren't real, but I had a quick 'google' and they are real! How cute are they? They actually look like little monkey faces!  I wonder how easy they are to grow!  
Sue thank you so much for sharing your very special rose with us and making us smile with the Monkey Orchids XXX

Ladies I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love & Hugs to all of you, 


Friday 28 October 2022

Our Next Challenge

Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Woohoo It's Friday!! I am glad as it means I will get to spend some time with Paul, he has been super busy this week, hopefully he will be home early afternoon today. we can then get the shopping done leaving the weekend to do as we please!  

Lilian we could do with your sewing skills, we seem to have several wasp nests in our loft, we has managed to kill one nest off, but he and Sophie said could Lilian whip them up a Bee hood to protect them!!  😂 It's hilarious listening to them both working together to try and kill the nest that is just on the edge of the loft access hatch, had Paul opened the loft from the other side he would have knocked it out of the loft hatch! Imagine the terror of hundreds of angry wasps buzzing about Sophie's bedroom, well the whole of the upstairs really.  I bought some powder that you 'dust' the nest with, I got a long lance tool with a puffer at the bottom which you fill with the powder, this means you can squirt it at arms length, rather than having your face near the danger zone!  Now picture the scene, Sophie and Paul both at the top of the ladder, Soph holding the torch and the loft hatch, Paul has the powder in it's lance, they are basically carrying out a 'squirt/puff and run' method, Sophie has had a fit of the giggles every night so far, it's probably Paul's serious/terrified facial expression that starts her off, she also has my weird sense of humour!  Anyway this nest has no activity, it has taken 5 nights to get them all, you have to wait until dusk as that's when the wasps have all returned to the nest for the evening, that way you get them all at the same time.  So we thought that was the end of it, although it doesn't sound like it's a very big nest, considering the large amount of wasps we have seen coming and going. As Sue was leaving yesterday late afternoon we both stood watching and we were really surprised how many wasps there were still arriving and entering the loft, they are going under the flashing around the chimney, we must have seen 20-30 arrive in 5 minutes.  We are hoping that the dead nest can be removed now and Paul can get in and have a look to see where these other nests are.  They could be in the wall I guess, they have been dropping the dead wasps out onto Sophie's bathroom windowsill. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Maria I have to say that the 'Palt' I shared a picture of yesterday looked quite nice, I did look up 'Blood Palt' after reading your comment and it didn't look as nice, some of the photos looked like British Black pudding which is also made from blood and fat of pigs, some of the photo's looked like the one I shared yesterday but the filling looked like the blood palt. Either way I think I would give it a miss!! Can you tell us what your favourite Swedish dish is ??  XXX

Karen, I am glad to read that you had a lovely day at Wimpole Hall, it's a shame the upper level wasn't open, I love looking in the bedrooms and bathrooms.  My favourite part of the houses though is definitely the kitchens, with the old range cookers and all of the copper pans and jelly moulds etc, the children were always fascinated with the size of the kitchen, we went to one and they got the children to help churn butter, or break chunks of sugar off of a huge block with some big tongs.  The staff can definitely make or break a childs experience of visiting a NT house, we have experienced both!  We ended up taking turns to go in the houses, while one went to look around the other would entertain the children in the gardens, it's not the same though, which is why we stopped our membership, re-joining in last couple of years, it's much easier walking around just the two of us!  Are you and Alan members of NT ? XXX

Janet I hope your visit to the vampire went ok yesterday, have the dreadful roadworks outside your house finished?  You were much braver than I was trying the game that our Dad's hunted, there is a traditional old butchers in Lechlade and you often see a Brace of Pheasants or rabbits hanging inside, I do wonder how many they sell, I guess they must have a demand for them, I can't help thinking that they are food that the older generations would eat, unless it becomes 'Trendy' of course.  I am curious what rabbit tastes like?? XXX

Our Next Challenge

You may have guesses from the pictures above what the challenge is this week, however if not I will explain....

I would like you to take a die set or Stamp set or a Paper Collection, Embossing Folder, Mask etc and use it to create card or project for 2 different occasions, they can be any occasion you choose, for the example above I use the 'Merries Moments' die/ hybrid Embossing folder to create a card for Christmas and Birthday.  

You could choose flowers that would work well in Christmas colours as well as any occasion, some papers are sold for a particular occasion but could be used for anything, so have a rummage around and see what you can use.  This will be a fun challenge.

I hope that you all have a fantastic Friday,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx

Thursday 27 October 2022

Another Z Fold Christmas Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that today finds you all as well as can be expected.  Thankfully I have finished my last course of antibiotics, the Keffir (fermented yoghurt) seems to be really helping my tummy, I think I am going to continue drinking it, I have been adding it to my smoothies or drinking the pre flavoured ones which are very pleasant.   

Karen how was Wimpole Hall?  

It looks a stunning house with amazing gardens, if you had the same weather we did it would have been nice to walk around if a little windy!  I would love to know your thoughts, was there plenty to see?  I hope you had a lovely day out XXX 

Sonia I hope the road trip to Scotland wasn't to long and the traffic wasn't too terrible,  I guess that being in the bus with the band family made the journey more fun, how is your hotel?  Enjoy every moment, if you get a chance go take a look at the scenery, its breathtaking XXX 

Maria, We were the same as children we got what we were given for dinner,  if you didn't like it you went without,  (no cooking alternatives)! The only thing I really hated was Liver, thankfully Mum didn't like it much either so we rarely had it, I also dreaded my Dad's hunting days there were often pheasants or rabbits 'hanging ' in the garage! 🤮 We were so relieved that Mum refused to do anything with them so we didn't have to eat them,  Dad did encourage us to try them.  One thing that my lot would hate is that we always had the same thing on the same night of the week!! 
Now I looked up 'Palt' a meat filled potato dumpling....
This is one of the images I found, I guess it depends on the filling.  I love hearing about your Swedish food.  Thank you for sharing XXX

Today's card is a twist on a card a I made before this one (which I will share another day). You know when you make a card and then think...I wonder if ?!! 
Well that's how this card evolved, I used Evening Evergreen card to make a Z fold card, I then die cut the brushed gold 'Merriest Moments' frame, and cut it to fit the front fold of the 'Z' fold, with a sentiment stamped in Evening Evergreen ink in the centre of the frame,  the inside part was created by cutting another piece of card and ran it through the Merriest Moment Embossing folder,  for this card I decided to gently add some gold Gilding wax to highlight the embossed areas, making them really stand out.  I added another sentiment to the inside of the card and finished the card with some green sparkle gems and a die cut gold flower.  I really love how this card turned out.

I hope that you all have a pleasant Thursday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,


Wednesday 26 October 2022

Another Tidings & Trimmings Christmas card


Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

I hope you are all well at the midway  point of the week.  I got to spend some quality time with Lucy as it was her day off  and Paul was in the office, we popped out to TKMax and got a couple of Christmas gifts, feels great to have started, that shop is great for stocking fillers!  Mind you I keep thinking its months away but its only 61 days away! 

Today's card I made yesterday using the Tidings and Trimmings Designsr Series Paper,  the base card is cherry cobbler the layer  is Evening Evergreen  and a piece of to patterned paper . I  added gold mirror card down each side (die cut with a  border die). 

To embellish this card, I die cut  some foliage in gold mirror card and mounted the square onto the background,  & added  a gold die cut star to the centre of a Cheery  cobbler star background and then I  popped that into the centre of the Evergreen card, which was a diamond shaped  that I placed ontop of the background I created.   I think it turned out ok. 

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 

Tuesday 25 October 2022

A Christmas 'Z'Fold Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

Well what a wet & miserable start to the week, we had some torrential rain storms throughout the day, it makes the house feel chilly and damp almost.  Weather like that makes me want to eat stews and shepherd's pie, real comfort food, my girls turn their noses up at the mention of a shepherd's or cottage pie, I have no idea why, when we were children 'Mince & Mash' was a favourite tea, I honestly think my mum couldn't be bothered to dirty another dish so it always stayed as mince and mash, its one of the things I crave if I am unwell.  I think I will make a shepherd's pie for Paul and I and they can sort themselves out.

We are having food wars at the moment as the girls paid and had a food allergy/sensitivity test done,  the sent off hair samples to a lab and their hair was tested against different foods etc, they don't mention 'intolerance ' but they both received a list if foods that they should either cut out of their diet or have rarely.  Annoyingly they both had things that we have on a regular basis,  Chicken, Salmon, potatoes to name just a few,  the bit that confused me was that it was based on the DNA they extracted from their hair, now Sophie and Lucy are identical twins and therefore share the same DNA, the only difference between them is their fingerprints!   So how one could be 'Sensitive to Salmon and the other Chicken is beyond my comprehension, the other thing that made me laugh was that Lucy was told to avoid Shellfish but it has only ever been Sophie that's felt bloated or had mild upset stomach after eating prawns etc, Lucy has never had any problems eating them!!  But now every time we have chicken they moan, I have said that I had never heard one of them having any reaction to chicken before this nonsense!  What do you ladies reckon?? 

Today's card is a Z Fold card using some patterned papers called 'Whimsical Trees'  I created the card base in white card stock then added a mat of the patterned paper, I fussy cut some of the 'whimsical trees' from the patterned paper and adhered them to the bottom corner of the inside of the card.  I then die cut a panel of the patterned paper and matted it onto silver and Mint Macaron card (to tie in with papers'. I finished the card with a die cut sentiment that added 4 layers to to make it stand out, I then added some tiny silver pearls to finish the card.  I seem to be having a 'green' phase! 

I hope that you all have a terrific Tuesday,

Love and hugs to all of you,

  • xxxxxx

Monday 24 October 2022

A TicTacToe Challenge Christmas card


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

How are you all this wet Monday morning?  We had a few nice hours yesterday afternoon, Paul did a bit more on vegetable patch and I managed to get 5 pots filled with tulips and daffodil bulbs, I have loads left over but the rain clouds gathered and we had to give up and go in.  It was nice to get some done though, we will put a few more in pots and then the rest will go in the ground. I prefer to put them in puts though as you can move them around where you want them and don't have to dodge them when you are planting summer bedding.  What do you all do??  

Today's card was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest, I love the 'Soft Succulent' colour mixed with Sahara Sand', these colours work perfectly with the Tidings & Trimmings patterned papers. The stamp set is called Evergreen Elegance,  I have had this stamp set for a year or more and forget how lovely the trees were....

These trees would be lovely stamped with that lovely Cottage Ivy ink that Lilian used for her challenge card featured on yesterday's blog.  I stamped it in Soft Succulent to match the background paper.  
One thing that doesn't show up on the photo is the silver gems that I added down the tree for a little sparkle.  The other thing that I remembered to do was to create an insert, pictured above.  Having the inset matching makes such a difference to the card, why do I forget to do them? every year I say (after sitting for a whole day creating inserts) that I will make them when I make the cards. Mind you thats like us saying we will make a card every month!  Maybe next year? 🤣

I hope that you are all getting on with your Christmas cards,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Sunday 23 October 2022

Your No Die Challenge Cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

I hope the day has been as relaxed as possible, how a proper Sunday should be! We have no plans,  the weather has given us a miserable forecast of 100% chance of rain, which pretty much guarantees a wet day! 🤣😂 We didn't  bother going mattress shopping we think we have decided on a 'Simba' mattress, the reviews were all outstanding,  they deliver, for a fee take your old mattress away too which is worth the money.  You have a year to decide if its for you or not which seems fair, it's expensive but seems worth the money, the one we have cost over £500 20+ years ago!  My only concern is the bed height, our current bed is a divan and the mattress + topper bring it to the topof my thigh in height, this really works for me as getting up from low down is really hard and painful, I'm not sure you can buy a bed frame that's high though.  It feels like you solve one dilemma and then face another. 

Let's forget all dilemmas and lose ourselves in the beauty of your cards!! 

Your 'No Die' Challenge cards 


Janet's Description:

My Challenge cards for this week.

Both cards are made using STAMPERIA PAPERS.

My first card is made from VOYAGES FANTASTIQUE

And my second card was made using papers from


Janet your cards are both amazing, I love the Voyages Fantastique papers, that background paper is just incredible! I love how you have embellished it too. A brilliant man card. 

Now I am a sucker for a cute cat so your second card is so perfect to me, so beautiful.! 

Thank you so much Janet for two stunning cards and for taking part in this weeks challenge XXX


Lilian's Description:

Here is my card for this week.

Stamping up trees , rubber stamps, an old green ink that I found when I had a clear out.
Not sure if it’s ok to use embossing folder, if not sorry.
Gold and crystal  stickles. And peel off around the edge.

Oh Lilian the stamp you have used is one of my all time favourite Stampin Up stamps, I think it's one of their oldest stamps that continued to be sold until a couple of years ago.  I absolutely love the colour of that green ink you have used, it's the 'perfect' green, can you remember which ink it is??  I love the whole composition of your card.
Thank you so much for supporting the challenge every week XXX


Karen's Description:

Card 1:  A Thrinchie for the challenge 
I don’t do vintage very well but thought by using the vintage looking teddy/dog would work 
I coloured the button with an alcohol marker to match and my colouring has a bit of shading

Card 2:  Here’s another card for this week’s challenge 
Tracy Evans #650 Daisy Squares
October’s flower can be a Michaelmas daisy (Aster) so have gone with those colours 

Card 3:  Here’s another variation I have done for this week’s theme #650 Daisy Squares for an October birthday

Karen you have designed three stunning cards for this weeks challenge, I have the #650 stamp and you have really inspired me to get it out and use it, your colouring is amazing, I love the colours you have chosen.  Your Thrinchie is really cute, I love the little bear and the saying is perfect. 

Thank you so very much for always being so supportive of the blog and challenges. XXX


Maria's Description:  

I used the stamps I bought at the Bedford craft fair. The flower wreath is pretty

big so used a 7x7 card here to put it on. Coloured in with TH inks and DO

Just a Note is coloured in with watercolour pencils, also used a stencil around

to break up the white.

Maria your cards are both amazing, firstly the HoneyDoo wreath stamp card is gorgeous, I love the stamp and love the way you have coloured it,  the colours you have used work so well together and your colouring is amazing.
Your second card would make a perfect journal page, I love the style of the stamp.  the contrast between the grungy background and the beautiful flowers is inspired.  

Thank you so much for supporting both the blog and the challenge my lovely XXX


Sonia's Description:

Here’s my card, sorry it’s a quick one….
I made the background using my gel plate with distress oxides and matted it on black card. The stamp is from Inkylicious.

Sometimes simple is perfection! Don't ever apologise, your card is lovely, I love that sentiment!
Thank you for making time to create a card for this weeks challenge, I know you have been super busy with work and getting ready to go away, thank you again my lovely.  I hope you are having a lovely weekend XXX


Ladies, well it looks like making cards without Dies is no challenge for you amazing ladies, your cards are all amazing, thank you so very much to all of you for designing these incredible cards. XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Saturday 22 October 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


😍My beautiful Birthday card from Sue 😍

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Well didn't it rain yesterday,  I fully expect the Thames to be over flowing into the fields today, I was surprised at how it was pooling on the roads, the puddles around us were huge!  Mind you I expect the ground is that hard that it just flows over the surface.  Having said that it hasn't stopped our lawn from growing!   Today is forecast sun with cloud and 17° which is good to see. I'm pleased we did food shopping yesterday afternoon, leaving the weekend free.  The only thing we kind of planned was looking for a new mattress, although we have no idea where to start, should we go firm etc, our old GP recommended firm mattress for my bag issues but physio said opposite,  so I think it will be a case of trying them out.  Do any of you have recommendations?  Our current bed is Silentnight divan style bed. It's served us very well, I am embarrassed to say how old it is but we have rejuvenated twice with Memory foam mattress toppers. ☺️😳

Sonia, I hope you have an amazing weekend watching Mark and  spending time with the 'The Darker My Horizon' family.  

My Amazing Birthday Card from Sue

As you can see this was more than a card, it was a beautiful,  touching gift. 

Its an Easel style card,  with an extra piece added so that the gorgeous tags Sue created can fit in. 

These are the tags that Sue designed to match the card.  Every tag has a lovely heartfelt message written on the back that made me cry!  

I wanted to show how incredible Sue's fussy cutting is, it is so perfect it looks like it has been die cut.   

Sue thank you so very much for such a lovely gift XXX 

I hope that you all have a Super Saturday,  

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx