Saturday 8 October 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Whst are you all up to this weekend my lovelies?? Just relaxing here, the weather is ok today,  dry atleast unlike yesterday which was windy and very wet, for some reason it just makes you feel yuck when its cold and damp, I literally had no energy to do anything,  I think I was feeling low as Paul hasn't been around much this week, I know I need a kick up the backside!!  It's a funny time of year I think, I feel a bit of the post summer/holiday blues, having nothing planned doesn't help as I think having something to look forward or count down to really helps.

That being said Watford meet up what dates work for you all ?? 

Sue has kindly written a magazine review for us::

Sue's Magazine Review

Simply Cardmaking & Papercraft

issue 235

This month the freebies are three stencils some are very Christmas but there are also lots that can be used all year around so very handy. The ring binder is great for keeping the stencils together. The final gift is a well made stencil brush. I just need to make up some embossing paste and I will be having a go. 

 This article makes a variety of cards in some traditional colours and others using more modern palette. The How To: use the stencil  brush with different shades of ink. A “Simply make” uses ink pad stencil and a baby wipe do a new technique to try. It makes a simple but pretty card. I hope to try this out. 

The “One sketch three ways” this month has lovely cards in muted reds, greens and white. The papers are beautiful, might have to get them. 

Some great “off the page” gift and decoration decorated wrapping paper to wrap your gifts in. What a good idea. The How to: create a lantern looks lovely and is easier than you think to make.

More decorate your own wrapping paper or this gorgeous gift bag. I could manage the baubles etc but that fabulous writing is way beyond me, even with the template downloads! Don’t the bags look wonderful?

Now these colours and decorations have a real traditional but still fresh feel. I like the up to the minute sentiments downloads, very handy if you haven’t got an old style label maker.

This is a great article about using the mini ink pads. There are five different ways of using them here and they all look fabulous. The bright colours really pop against each other and I can see lots of different backgrounds being made in a short space of time. This is a “Don’t over think it” technique or you will loose the random feeling. Not always easy to do for some of us. I know I am definitely in that camp! I always get on better with these rather than the full size ink pads and I can’t wait to have a session.

As always there are other articles and the usual prize give always etc. 
Please let me know if I can give you more information.

Sue xx

Sue thank you so much for another fantastic magazine review, this one has some brilliant techniques and lovely inspiration, thanks again my lovely XXX 

Craft Show Shopping 


Sue restocked on essential card blanks, card stock etc, she also bought some amazing stencils (come on sue you could use them for this weeks challenge)!! 😉 We managed to find the small gold ink pad that Sue wanted, I agree that the smaller ink pads are easier to use!  The stamp set Sue bought is a gorgeous corner flourish set from HoneyDoo.


Karen also bought some cardstock from Limetree, (let us know what its like Karen), glue bottles, glass beads and some embossing powder,  I love the Tag Stamp you bought, I don't think I've seen that one before,  I almost forgot the Zig Clean colour pen, I love these markers, let me know what you think my lovely! 


Our Maria did the best shop out of all of us, wow Maria you did a great shop!  I love the Altenew stamps and die sets and can't wait to see what you create with them, I have some very similar that I haven't gotten around to using yet.  That HoneyDoo Wreath die is really pretty too.  Your Christmas stamps are so lovely,  especially the little gnomes, I also have a set of those Card Making Magic box dies and they cut beautifully, you must be itching to get crafting! 


These Stampin up goodies are my rewards,  I have been saving my Achievement Awards for a few years and had collected £120 worth, so I chose some stamp and die sets that I liked and they arrived within a week 😍

These are the things I bought from the Bedford Stamperama show, I really didn't find that much that inspired me this time. I used the Frame die for the card I made earlier this week, it's really great quality and cuts really well.  I am looking forward to playing with the other stamps.

Ladies thank you so much for sharing your lovely shopping with us, I really look forward to seeing what you create. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    I'll be reading the Mag review later this afternoon.

    We're doing our usual M&S foodhall shopping this morning and then meeting Jim's Niece for our after hols catch up.
    I then have to collect my specs and Jim has to go and have his flu injection. He will be upto date with injections then.

    HUGS on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Thank you for the magazine review Sue
    Everyone’s shopping looks interesting I sort of understand what you mean SANDRA re inspiration but it was lovely to actually see craft stuff in the flesh and you ladies of course! I did like seeing Sharon demo some lovely layering stencils - a butterfly in particular BUT needs must
    I use the Limetree card for printing mainly It’s a lovely weight and is very smooth without being too shiny if you see what I mean
    I have also used it for stamping BUT it doesn’t take water very well I think I paid £6.99 for 100 sheets of 250gsm
    OH is off to Chelsea later I am going to try pulling some weeds out of the drive brickwork Any tips would be most welcome
    Take care everyone xx

    1. Karen, we have a little tool to get the weeds out between bricks, but you could try using a knife to run between them 😊 xx

    2. Have not done this ourselves yet but my sister said that road salts between the slabs would kill the weeds off so I will try that at some point

  3. Hi everyone
    I love the quote ☺️
    A great magazine review Sue, those stencils look fabulous and some beautiful inspiration throughout 😊
    Some lovely craft buys ladies, it must’ve been wonderful to actually see things before buying.
    Sandra your Stampin Up goodies look lovely too.
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Thanks Sue for the magazine review. Must have a look in town for it next time.
    Great shopping ladies. Many things to be playing with over the darker days.
    I desperately need to tidy up my crafting station. I've made such a mess making the cards. OH is very happy it is not in the kitchen anymore 🤭
    Nice you have your family down Lilian, have a lovely time together.
    Extra hugs are sent to all who need some. Have a good day everyone, many hugs to you all 🤗 xoxo

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sorry didn’t get in yesterday, John had a cataract operation, we didn’t go until the afternoon but he was following me around most of the morning - just chatting! The operation was done on the NHS but at a private hospital, he had a choice and the private hospital could do it a lot sooner than the NHS hospital. Anyway we didn’t get home until 7.45pm I did attempt to write a comment on the blog but for some reason I lost it and didn’t have the will power to try again.
    Karen your card for Sandra was lovely. Love the All&Create stamp.
    Sue thank you for the magazine review, always so
    Love all of your shopping ladies, it must have been great getting up close to all of the products at long last.
    Better get a wiggle on as daughter and granddaughter are coming over to check on the patient.
    Lilian have a lovely weekend with your family xx
    Janet have a great catch up with Jim’s Niece xx
    Sonia, John has an old screwdriver to pull out the weeds. Over time the end went out of shape, it actually curled over but it does a brilliant job hooking out the weeds.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone whatever you are doing.
    Love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. A great saying today. They always give me a smile. I struggle with this time of year too. The nights drawing in and chilly mornings are not good. The changing colours of Autumn are beautiful though. A Watford meet up will be wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my lovely xx
    All of the new stash looks good. I'm hoping to get to play with my new bits, especially the stencils. We have just said goodbye to all of the grandchildren after having them overnight so sitting here enjoying the quiet 😍 Have a good evening ladies. Sendiing hugs. Take care xx