Thursday 27 October 2022

Another Z Fold Christmas Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that today finds you all as well as can be expected.  Thankfully I have finished my last course of antibiotics, the Keffir (fermented yoghurt) seems to be really helping my tummy, I think I am going to continue drinking it, I have been adding it to my smoothies or drinking the pre flavoured ones which are very pleasant.   

Karen how was Wimpole Hall?  

It looks a stunning house with amazing gardens, if you had the same weather we did it would have been nice to walk around if a little windy!  I would love to know your thoughts, was there plenty to see?  I hope you had a lovely day out XXX 

Sonia I hope the road trip to Scotland wasn't to long and the traffic wasn't too terrible,  I guess that being in the bus with the band family made the journey more fun, how is your hotel?  Enjoy every moment, if you get a chance go take a look at the scenery, its breathtaking XXX 

Maria, We were the same as children we got what we were given for dinner,  if you didn't like it you went without,  (no cooking alternatives)! The only thing I really hated was Liver, thankfully Mum didn't like it much either so we rarely had it, I also dreaded my Dad's hunting days there were often pheasants or rabbits 'hanging ' in the garage! 🤮 We were so relieved that Mum refused to do anything with them so we didn't have to eat them,  Dad did encourage us to try them.  One thing that my lot would hate is that we always had the same thing on the same night of the week!! 
Now I looked up 'Palt' a meat filled potato dumpling....
This is one of the images I found, I guess it depends on the filling.  I love hearing about your Swedish food.  Thank you for sharing XXX

Today's card is a twist on a card a I made before this one (which I will share another day). You know when you make a card and then think...I wonder if ?!! 
Well that's how this card evolved, I used Evening Evergreen card to make a Z fold card, I then die cut the brushed gold 'Merriest Moments' frame, and cut it to fit the front fold of the 'Z' fold, with a sentiment stamped in Evening Evergreen ink in the centre of the frame,  the inside part was created by cutting another piece of card and ran it through the Merriest Moment Embossing folder,  for this card I decided to gently add some gold Gilding wax to highlight the embossed areas, making them really stand out.  I added another sentiment to the inside of the card and finished the card with some green sparkle gems and a die cut gold flower.  I really love how this card turned out.

I hope that you all have a pleasant Thursday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Lovely card That green is gorgeous I shy away from green I think it’s because that was my school uniform colour
    Wimpole Hall is lovely It’s not huge and the upstairs wasn’t open because they didn’t have enough volunteers to “steward” My favourite part was seeing the pantries and housekeeper and butler’s rooms - very Downton Abbey The farm was lovely and we watched them harness up a shire horse which was interesting AND the pigs! There some beautiful breeds and some piglets of varying sizes
    The Partere (which you can see in the photo) was beautiful but even better in full bloom We chatted to a gardener as my SIL wanted to ask why their box hedge was managing to survive He said that the moth hadn’t reached them yet But he can’t see it surviving Either the moth or blight will get to it which is a real shame
    It was lovely to get out in the sunshine and be with good company
    I am going to try and finish a Halloween costume for OH today We have 3 Salsa events we need costumes for!
    Take care everyone

  2. Morning Everyone
    OH SANDRA what a gorgeous card this morning. So elegant and top class.

    It was lovely to see a picture of Wimpole and brought back many memories of when we were members of the NT years ago. Thank you KAREN for the photo.

    When I was a young girl and living in the middle of a wood Dad had shooting rights from the owners and we too had rabbit/hare/wood pigeon/pheasant etc. I used to sit and watch Mum prepare them and then cook them. Rabbit pie was always a favourite. I still buy rabbit and pheasant(when I can get it) though I don't make pies they are always cooked in a casserole.

    I have to go and have bloods taken this morning so it's a trip to the surgery. and then I need to sort out my CC for this week.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    What a lovely card. I didn’t realise the foliage was all part of the centre diecut. I was wondering how you got the ef so beautifully covered in gold. Talk about being daft!!!! It really is beautiful card. See you later my lovely xx
    I always like learning about different food, pelt sounds ok if it has the right filling. We were brought up in the country so grew up shooting and rabbiting. I have never liked any game (and still don’t) so I just had the potato and veg, our house had the same rules as the rest of yours, if you didn’t eat what was served up you didn’t get anything else.
    I hope you all have a good day. Sending hugs. Take care xx

  4. Morning everyone
    Love this card Sandra, the colour green is gorgeous together with the gold. I must get hold of some gold card, the ones I got are too yellow so not as nice as this one.
    Karen, glad you had a good day out. The building looks really nice, on my list for a visit one day.
    Janet, good luck with the nurse taking your blood. Looking forward to see your beautiful cards. Hope K&N was fun.
    Sonia, have a fun time away. Hope the weather is not too bad up there in the north.
    Sue, hope you feeling better soon. Take care
    Brenda, hope you have a good day and your meds aren't making you feel worse.
    Sandra, hope you feeling better as well now the meds are finished. The dumplings you have a photo of here are lovely. Cut in half and fry them too for some minutes, lovely. The ones I hated was the blood palt ( pigs blood) it was horrid. I tried rabbit once and never again. Might have been because we one the same day been to a petting farm and seen some really cute bunnies.
    Lilian, hope the weather is better down in Cornwall today and you are feeling better. Just seen the last episode of Doctor Martin, it's always sunny :>)
    Lynda, if you are looking in. Sending you and Terry some special hugs.
    Have a nice day everyone. Many hugs xx

  5. Hello, it’s been another wet Misty day here. The weather on Doc Martin is not very realistic, I think we are one of the wettest counties.

    Sandra love your card, very elegant. I never use green much, but when I see your cards I always think I must use more .

    Not been feeling great today, aching all over.
    Hope you are all well, Lilian.

  6. Hi everyone
    A truly stunning card today, I love everything about it 😍
    We had a very long journey yesterday, but it was fun. We stopped off at The Angel Of The North, and the Scottish border. We didn’t arrive at our apartments until nearly 7pm! Then went straight back out for a meal. The apartments overlook the outer harbour and we have a side sea view so that’s nice. There’s a few basic things missing and the provided bath towels were still in the washing machine, wet! Fortunately we all bought our own. We spent the day in the city today, so lots of walking and photo taking. Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow before the gig in the evening.
    I hope you’ve all had a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx