Friday 14 October 2022

Our Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Time to wind down for the weekend,  that makes it sound like I have had a productive week which couldn't be further from the truth 😅   I have spent more of this week laid on my bed than anywhere else, not sure if it was down to the infection or the antibiotics, I finish them on Sunday thank goodness!  We were reluctant to plan anything for the weekend as I wasn't sure how I would be feeling, I have no energy to do anything in the garden, although I do need to repot my geraniums into snall pots to be bought in over winter, I lost all but one last year as I left them out.  You basically cut them right back, repot,  cutting any really long roots and any flower buds etc, brush off old soil and pot in fresh,  water once after potting then leave 'dormant ' over winter  you then water them in spring and revive them, fingers crossed it works!

What do you all have planned? 

Our Next Challenge 

I thought I would go for an 'old favourite ' for our next Challenge,  I don't think we have had this one for a while.....

Have you guessed yet??? .......No Die Challenge !!

So you can use anything in your Craft stash except dies!!  

5 years ago we would all have struggled with this challenge.  These days you all take stamping in your stride, we have come along way since the 'Faux Misti', do any of you still have yours ??? 

I hope that you all enjoy the challenge XXX 


Have a Fun Friday my lovelies, 

Love and hugs to you all,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    A good Challenge for this coming week.

    We had an evening out last night. I was the Autumn production of our local Drama Society.
    I feel as though it was an active evening not just sitting in a comfy seat being entertained. I suppose we're not used to being out of doors in the dark these
    Anyway as it's Friday you all know what my day is going to be like 'swearing' all morning and hopefully an afternoon with my feet up as a reward.

    HUGS are winging their way to youall. Please take care. Stay safe and have a good week-end.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Good challenge for next week. Lovely cards to inspire us.
    Hoping to join in. All my plans for today went away because my body did not want to do what I wanted so could cry. I couldn't even make any dinner last night so we had a take out. It will have to be something oven cooked tonight.
    I hope you had a good day everyone. Many hugs for you all xx

  3. Hello, dry but cold today.
    Sorry I missed yesterday, lovely card.

    Great challenge for next week, I manage to get one a bit earlier.
    Have started one for this week but the embossing paste is reluctant to dry, so am waiting to finish it off.
    Still feeling a bit rough after flu and covid jabs, apparently a lot of people are the same.
    Sandra hope you are feeling better, now you have finished the antibiotics.I’m off to see if my embossing paste is dry , if not shall have to finish it in the morning, goodnight all Lilian