Sunday 30 October 2022

Your Tic Tac Toe Challenge Cards


Die Cut/Traditional Colours/Gold or Silver

Pattern Paper/Die cut/Sparkle & Glitter 

Patterned paper/Die cut / Silver 

Patterned paper/Embossing/Stamping 

Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

Did you all remember to put your clocks back??  I don't know why I'm saying that as 95% of them reset themselves, having said that our house has a few things that aren't up to date technology so do need resetting... the cooker clock, boiler both need manual resetting, coffee machine does too as girls rely on the timer to get their morning coffee,  I dread to think of what drama there would be if they didn't get their morning brew, to them it's more important than breakfast,  I mean I like a cup of tea in the morning but I wouldn't feel incomplete if I didn't have it !  

Are any of you like me and look at your phone and think "so is that the actual time,  has it reset itself" then try to check online to make sure?!  

Let's get this Sunday started off properly,  no caffeine required, just some amazing   incredibly inspirational cards that you have all made....

Your Challenge Cards 


Embossing/Traditional Colours/Flowers

Sonia's Description:

I’ve used Sue Wilson dies and embossing folder, and the sentiment is from a Woodware stamp.

Sonia thank you your card is so pretty, you went right across the centre of the TicTacToe,  using Embossing, beautiful traditional Christmas colours and stamping for your sentiment.

Thank you for sharing your lovely card, I hope you are having a lovely time, I'm sure that Mark is loving having you with him too XXX 


Stamping/Contemporary Colours/Sparkle 

Lilian's Description:

Here is my card for this weeks challenge 

I used : stamping, contemporary colours, sparkle.

Old stamps from a magazine 

Night of navy ink

And a piece of “snip art' 

The silver paint didn’t cover like I hoped, so looks a bit messy.

Take care Lilian

Navy, Silver and white are a lovely colour combination,  so fresh looking, I must thank you, I have some of the 'Snip Art' pieces/frames etc but never know what to do with them, they are another one of those impulse buys that is sat collecting dust!!! You have inspired me to look at them again! Thank you for another lovely Challenge card Lilian XXX 


Die Cut/ Traditional Colours/Glitter

Die Cut/ stamping/ Sparkle 

Maria's Description:

I made two x-mas cards for this weeks challenge. Both the stamp
and die bought from Bedford's fair. They are both on glittery card
and I refilled the snowflake one with green and silver card.

Maria thank you so much for two amazing Challenge cards,  Your first card is so neat, I love the colours you have used, it must have taken you ages to paper piece all of those bits in, so worth the effort though.
Your second card is a proper 'Maria' card, featuring adorable little animals, so cute, a proper Maria card will always make you smile, just look at the cute squirrel,  bunny and owl.  
Thank you again my lovely XXX 


Die Cut/Silver/Glitter 

Patterned paper/Contemporary Colours/Flowers 

Janet's Description:

My first CC for this week is made using a die featuring a mountain village covered in snow. I boTught it so long ago that I cannot remember which company made it. I used Die Cut/glitter/silver from the grid.

my second CC for this week is made using LABLANCHE PAPERS - SYMPHONY IN BLUE.

I used Patterned Paper/Traditional/Contempory colours/Flowers from the grid.

Janet thank you so much for two beautiful challenge cards.  Your first card is going to stand out on any mantlepiece with that beautiful mirror card reflecting the lights from the tree!  The stopper arrangement you have created is so beautiful too. 

Your second card is just so beautiful,  so much detail, you notice more things every time you look, the dragonfly and swallow,  the script and those gorgeous flowers, I can see why you love your beautiful papers so much. 

Thanks again my lovely XXX 


Ladies as always I am truly grateful to you 
all for taking time out of your busy lives to sit and make a card or cards for our blog challenge, without you there would be no blog ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Beautiful cards ladies
    I did send a card in (Wednesday)but looks like it’s got lost in our conversations SANDRA
    My birthday meal went OK The boys really enjoyed themselves
    We were going to go to Bekonscot today but it is so wet I doubt we’ll bother We wil visit my sister’s grave and lay some flowers It would have been her birthday today
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful selection of Craftiness this morning.
    All so very very different as always.It always amazes me how different crafters create different results from the same theme.

    Well we well and truly looked like drowned scarecrows when we finally arrived home from our shopping trip yesterday morning. Some of the roads were standing in water even on the motorway. After drying off and putting the shopping away we had a very lazy afternoon.
    Nothing planned for today.

    The CAFE is of course OPEN to all who wish to pop in.
    Today's lunch is Roast Chicken with green veg so place your orders.
    Have a good day and stay safe.HUGS are on their way to you all.xxxx

  3. Morning ladies.
    Wonderful mix of cards this Sunday morning. Love them all ๐Ÿ’•
    Were meant to go for a walk but if possible we go out tomorrow because it's so wet and my body tells me so. I have a CA to make but a bit annoyed for one packet of drills have 300 + missing. Have contacted the seller, just have to wait and see if a package arrive.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคž
    Ocado were here earlier with the shopping but it was a short date on the chicken so sent it back so if you have some left around 3pm, I'll see you later Janet ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š
    Have a nice day everyone and take care. Many hugs to you all, xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a beautiful selection of challenge cards today, all so very different and equally lovely.
    I am hoping my energy will pick up soon and my crafting mojo returns, It one of the grandsons birthday next weekend so I need some help and inspiration. These days I do a few tasks around the house then I just seem exhausted. It’s difficult to stay awake all day, even last Wednesday at the hospital I had a nap in the waiting room. Mind you it was a long wait!
    I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
    Take care and stay safe, love Brenda xxx