Saturday 31 October 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday

One of Hazel's Gift Baskets

Patricia's Labels One Bag

A selection of Brenda's Pottery

Good Morning Ladies,
Welcome once again to Mixed Craft Saturday, we have another amazing range of Handmade Crafts,
made by our very talented Cafe members.

First up we have one of Hazel's fabulous Gift baskets, they look amazing, giving that extra special touch to your gifts, jazzing up what could be quite ordinary toiletries.
We are hoping to learn how to put one of these together this weekend, Hazel is going to demonstrate how she has created this gorgeous basket.
Thank you Hazel, for sharing your gift ideas with us xxxx

Next up we have Patricia's amazing Spellbinders Grand Labels One die Handbag, so simple yet so effective,
it also looks like there isn't too much measuring and cutting involved, so perfect for quick and easy cards, that's the fabulous thing with these features on the blog, often it's just the idea you need, that's exactly what this is, an fantastic idea, Patricia has decorated the bag with her signature flowers and Spellbinders Foliage die.  Thank you for sharing your gorgeous bag with us Patricia xxxx

Last but not least we have a selection of Brenda's Pottery, (well it wouldn't be Mixed Craft Saturday without it) !  We Have a fantastic selection here, a gorgeous pink glazed plate, a Purple Heart Plaque, an absolutely amazing glazed blue plate and what looks like a Tankard, also blue with a gold colour edge and decoration.
Brenda I look forward to hearing how you created this amazing range of crafts, they are just brilliant, thank you so very much for sharing xxxx

Well ladies, we are on day 2 of our retreat, we have a Stampin Up Demo later on today, I wish that all of you lived near enough to drop in for the day, you would be more that welcome!
We will all pop in during the day, thank you for keeping the cafe going while I am away!
Love and Hugs

Friday 30 October 2015

Festive Friday & Belated Birthday wishes x

Anne's Version of Sue's inlaid (flowers) Snowflakes in this case!

Belated Birthday Wishes Karen (lotty)xxxxx

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
Well the day is finally upon us, our Retreat starts today, I am so excited and a little nervous, but mostly 
excited to meet everyone.
I would like to apologise, I missed announcing Karen's Birthday yesterday, so I would like to wish you
a very happy belated birthday, I am so sorry for being late, this is the second time and today I discovered why today, I have copied all the birthdays down into my diary but into the 2016 calendar and not this years,
so I thought it was your birthday tomorrow! I have even told people that the retreat started on Friday 29th!
Once again, I hope you had a lovely day xxxxx

Now on to today's Festive Friday card, this week it is Anne's card that we are sharing, Anne has done a Christmas version of Sue's inlaid flowers card, now I haven't seen Sue's card, but I totally love your version Anne!
I can see that you have used Spellbinders Floral Oval die and Creative Expression Swirling Holly Embossing Folder, I will let Anne tell us what else she has used and how she created this gorgeous Christmas card,
Thank you so much for sharing Anne xxxx

Well I must get on, so much to do before we leave today, I have a huge pile ready to pack!
We will keep you all updated on our activities this weekend,
Lots of love and hugs
Sandra xxxxxx

Thursday 29 October 2015

Pretty Floral Card

Good Morning Ladies,
I am sorry that I have not been around too much over the past couple of days, I have got lots of bits and pieces to get organised for the weekend, both for those of us that are going and for the family too!
Sophie and Lucy are off to a Halloween Party on Saturday so they need organising too, luckily Paul is
fantastic and he can do all the meals etc, so no organisation needed there, thankfully.
I have started packing the boxes of bits and pieces to bring, I haven't even thought about clothes!

Today's beautiful card has been designed by Pat, before Pat discovered dies she made most of her cards
with stamps, this is one of them and it is fantastic, a breath of fresh air almost, It looks like Pat has stamped onto patterned paper and cut it out, (but I may be wrong)!
I can see that Pat has added some glitter to the centres of the flowers, giving that extra bit of sparkle.
The finishing touches that Pat has added really draw your eye into the focal element of the card, those dots and dashes around the edge of the card look fantastic too, no other decoration or embellishment is necessary.
I love this bright, cheerful card Pat, thank you so much for sharing it with us. xxxx

That's all from me for now, so much to do, so little time!
Love and Hugs

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Anne's Beautiful basket card

Good Morning Ladies,
I am so excited to share this gorgeous, bright and cheerful card, designed by Anne, I just LOVE the colour you have chosen Anne.
Anne has used the Scored Lines Embossing Folder from Creative Expressions, for the background of the card, I love the gorgeous die that Anne has used for the corners of the blue card, it truly is stunning.
The white frame part of the card is the (CE) Tuscany die from their Italian Collection, the centre die is a
Marianne Craftables die, I believe it comes with a little rose and a leaf too.
The Ivy is (CE) Trailing Ivy die from their Finishing Touches range, although I have to say that Anne has added some amazing finishing touches of her own to these die cuts, as I have never seen the Ivy look so realistic! I can't wait to find out what Anne has done with it, the little flowers are so pretty and just the right colour too, a perfect card, thank you so much for sharing with us Anne xxx

Well Paul is away so we are having a girly day tomorrow, we started tonight by ordering Pizza in for a treat!
With Paul not being around I am limited to what I can do with the girls during this half term, I think Becca has the day off too today so we may get to go out somewhere!
I hope that you all have a lovely day too,
Love and Hugs

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Man Card Tuesday (for one week only)

 Good Morning Ladies,
We are having a Male themed day a little late this week, so its Man Card Tuesday!
Michele is the designer of these fantastic cards today, they were both made using CD roms, Michele certainly is the master of making these CD cards looking so fantastic, both of these cards would make perfect for teenage boys and for that matter some teenage girls too, my two are frequent users of both the PS3 controller and the mobile phone as are many teenagers these days!
Your cards are fantastic Michele, thank you so much for sharing xxxx

The girls just can't get their heads around the fact that the only phone we used if we were out was phone box, then all you had to remember was a 10p piece, well actually I remember phone box's took 2p's, but to be honest how often did we feel the need to ring someone, certainly not as often as we do now!
I remember when we first got our telephone at home, it didn't take my dad long to fit a lock and put a tin beside the phone for you to cover the cost of your call! haha
We are partly to blame I believe, I always make the girls call me to let me know they arrived safe or to let me know that all is well if they aren't coming home.
Years ago our parents weren't as worried as we get to day, we used to leave early morning, be out all day, getting back in time to wash your hands for dinner, no calls to check in, I used to walk 2 miles with friends on a Friday night to the next village for the Youth club disco, we walked through a cemetery and along a dark, unlit country lane. no calls to make sure we arrived safe and I will add that more often than not my parents would be in bed before I returned so they weren't worried about me getting home, but I can honestly say that I still can't sleep if Matt isn't in yet or Becca even though she stays at Josh's!! But maybe that's just my anxiety rearing its ugly head?!
By the way do phone box's still exist??

Saba, just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers xxx

Anyway, that's all for me today, Sue is coming over to play today, Pat has ANOTHER lunch date with friends, I tell you that lady really does make the most of retirement, her diary puts mine and Sue's to shame.
Have fun Pat, we will miss you xxxx

Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx

Monday 26 October 2015

Guest Designer Sophie (GCSE ARTWORK)

`Good Morning Ladies,
Today I am excited to share with you some of Sophie's GCSE artwork, the first picture is a half Zentangled Tiger, the amount of detail that has gone into highlighting the Tiger's features with the 'Tangles' is amazing,
I can't tell you how very proud it makes me to be able to share such amazing art with you, the tiger was drawn completely in fine tip artist pen, the smaller Tiger and the Monkey have both been drawn simply ball point pen.
The Monkey was 'just' a doodle that Sophie did during an English lesson! I don't think she realises how amazing she really is!
Sadly she has said that she doesn't want to continue into 'A' Level art, but it has to be her choice.
Well we have had a totally laid back and relaxed weekend, which has been lovely, the girls now have the week off, but it sounds as though they have a ton of homework to do, which will keep them busy, Matt is working away all week, it would have been nice for Paul to have been off, he is on Friday of course to take me to Birmingham, yes its now 4 Days!!!
I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend too!
I will check in with you all later,
Love and hugs

Sunday 25 October 2015

Another of my Gorgeous Birthday Cards

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope you have all enjoyed your extra hour in bed this morning! Sadly Milo didn't recognise the extra hour,
he still came in at around 5am!
Another one of my gorgeous birthday cards to share with you today, this fabulous creation has been designed by our Lynda.
Lynda has used a combination of Sue's dies, Californian Collection, Noble Rectangle, Weaving Dies, Cornflower Dies, Classic Bow Die, all by Creative Expressions.
The background was embossed with the Rambling Blossom A4 embossing Folder, its gorgeous and I think this one will go on my 'must buy' list!
The addition of the White Tulle behind the flowers and the gorgeous hat pins create a stunning card.
The inside was just as beautiful, thank you so much Lynda, I loved it xxxx

I hope that Hazel and Charlie had a lovely evening in Dudley, the journey must have been exhausting, poor Hazel gets to do it all again in 5 DAYS time!
I do hope those amongst us feeling under the weather are feeling brighter today, Michele I hope your cough hasn't got any worse, you don't want another dose of what you had on holiday, sending hugs, by the way thank you so much for my parcel, I have had great fun with it xx
Pat, don't spend too much at Emerald Crafts today, have fun though, I am excited to see what you come home with!
I hope you all have a nice relaxing Sunday,
Love and hugs
Sandra xx

Saturday 24 October 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday

 Ann'e Beautiful Advent Calender

 Hazels's Christmas Centrepiece 

 Janet's Angel Bauble

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
Aren't these Saturdays rolling round too fast at the moment? Do you know that there are only 8 more Saturdays until Christmas (and 5 days)! Can you believe that?? Panic!!
But even more exciting news is that our retreat is only 6 DAYS AWAY !!
Sorry for those of you not able to make this one, but I am planning to organise another retreat for next year, can you all let me know what time of year would be best, I was thinking Spring time, but I am open to suggestions, I would especially love for those who couldn't make this one to come to the next one,  that is if this one is enjoyed by everyone.
Now onto today's crafts......

First up is Anne's absolutely stunning Advent Calendar that she made for her Grandchildren, it is such a work of art, I love the fabric that Anne has used, really pretty as well as being very festive, this is surely going to be one of those family Heirlooms that gets passed down for generations.
Thank you so much Anne for sharing your Advent Calendar, it really is amazing xxxxx

Next up we have Hazel's Christmas Centre Piece, it's such a clever way of displaying your napkins
etc on the table, Hazel I love that ribbon you have used, it is perfect for the centre piece, Along with that gorgeous Santa, this design would work equally as well as an actual Christmas cake.
Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas centre piece with us Hazel, I would love to share some of your Beer/Nappy cakes too! xxxx

Last but not least is Janet's cute little Angel Christmas Bauble, so pretty, I think that these would be perfect for putting little gifts in too, is the angel a little stamped image? I love how you have made it more festive buying adding the glitter for sparkle! The ribbon adds that pretty finishing touch,
thank you so much for sharing your beautiful bauble with us xxx

Well we have a more relaxed weekend, thankfully, no football, no plans, a perfect weekend, it never stays relaxed though! Paul has one more week in his current job and then he starts the new job on the Monday after the retreat, we then have to get used to his new shift pattern, although we don't know what it is yet. The bonus of doing normal office hours is that Paul had all the usual Bank holidays off, but now he will have to cover them, which isn't so great, but we will get used to it in time, we did before!
Well I think I am going to relax in my craft room for a couple of hours.
I hope you all have an amazing weekend,
love and hugs

Friday 23 October 2015

Festive Shaker card Friday!

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
Today's Card is a 'Shaker' Style card, I embossed some Periwinkle blue Foundation card and embossed it with the 'Frosty Swirls' embossing folder,both from Creative Expressions (CE), I matted this onto a piece of white card, both pieces die cut with (CE) Noble Pierce Rectangle Dies.
I then took a piece of white card and die cut the decorative die out of the Noble Ornate Decorative Die set by (CE) and then cut a matching periwinkle mat to go under it, I put some foam tape around the underside of this die cut and added a piece of Acetate, I then added some more foam tape and I placed a heap of Cosmic Shimmer 'Iced Snow' in the centre of the card and placed the acetate over the Iced snow, this forms the 'shaker' part of the card.  
I cut a piece of white card with the (CE) Merry Christmas Die and added a little Cosmic Shimmer glue to the back and stuck it on top of the acetate, adding a couple of blue pearls.
I cut some Spellbinders Poinsettia Die cuts from both Periwinkle and white card, added some glitter for sparkle and a pearl in the centre to finish, I added a white one to the top corner of the card and a blue one in the bottom corner, I then tied a triple bow using white satin ribbon and topped it with a small Poinsettia,
I added a few punched snowflakes for decoration and a few pearls too!
I hope you like it!!
 It sounds like our ladies had a lovely time at the Craft Show yesterday, they were chatting for the best part
of 2 1/2 hours!!! Numb bums all round I imagine, it makes me so happy that my blog has bought so many of you together! xx
Hazel, Anne & Patricia xxx
They look like they are having fun, don't they?!  was this before or after your shopping ladies??
So pleased to hear you had a good time.
I hope you all have a lovely day,
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx

Thursday 22 October 2015

Pretty Pink Floral card

Good Morning Ladies,
Today's card is absolutely stunning, I think that the signature flowers indicate who the creator of this
work of art really is....................
It is of course Patricia that has designed and created this gorgeous card, those flower look so realistic,
with the wrinkled edges, making it look as though the petals have just unfurled from the bud!
Patricia has used the Creative Expressions 'Tapestry' A4 embossing folder for the background of the card,
apart from the Spellbinders Foliage die I am not sure of the names of any of the other dies that have been used, so we will just have to wait for Patricia to pop in and let us know what she used and how she made it, the flowers are absolutely gorgeous as always Patricia, thank you for sharing xxx

Pat, Sue and I did get a fair amount of die cutting/ crafting done, we also got lots of chatting in too and planning for next weekend.!!!
We were like teenagers planning our first trip away, hahaha, its going to be so much fun, I fear that we will all be hoarse before the weekend is over, our husbands and families will think that it is heaven when we return and are so quiet!!!
A quiet day for me today,  too much activity yesterday, Paul is having his leaving lunch with his colleagues today too, so it really will be quiet, I will be getting busy in my craft room I think! x
I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you are doing,
Love and hugs

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Wednesday Blues

Good Morning My Lovelies,
I hope this morning finds you well and looking forward to the day as much as I am, as I get to spend the day with my two wonderful friends Pat and Sue x
I think the two of them sound like they are both going to be busy making cards! I wonder if that means we won't be doing much chatting???? I very much doubt it, we have a lot of catching up to do as Pat
was away last week!
Just think how much chatting there will be in 9 days time, that's right 9 days!!!!

Now onto today's card, I used Periwinkle Foundation card with some off white card to make today's card, I used Creative Expressions Noble Pierced Rectangle Dies to cut the Matt and Layers for this card.
I stamped a piece of the periwinkle card with the Justrite Garden Gate Background stamp, I used Perfect medium to and Cosmic Shimmer True White embossing powder, I then heat set it and mounted it onto the card.  I then die cut a piece of the periwinkle card with one of the inner dies from the Spellbinders Grand Floral Oval die set, I stamped the following sentiment, using a CE stamp
May the Wings
of the butterfly
Kiss the sun 
and find your 
shoulder to light on
To bring you luck
Happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow
and beyond.
On to a Spellbinder Oval Die, a placed it upon the blue die cut, I added some pearls around the oval.
I wove some narrow blue ribbon through some white lace and placed it upon the front of the card.
I cut some Splendid Swirls and Delicate Frond Die cuts from Periwinkle card and arranged them around the side of the focal element, I topped it with a triple bow tied with Creative Expressions Off white ribbon.  I added a flower made with Camellia Complete Petals Die by Creative Expressions.
I finished the card with a Butterfly using the CE Delicate Garden Frame die Set (butterfly element)
and a pearl swirl for the trail, a few pearls finish the corners!

So what do you think???
I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you are doing!
Love and Huge Hugs

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Triple Flip Tuesday!

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I am excited to share with you another card made with the Spellbinders Triple Flip Die,
I think it's great to see different cards made with the same die, its amazing how different it looks.
Today's fantastic Flip card has been created by Janet, I love the shades of lilac's that Janet has used
the tones all work so well together, the top layer central square has been decorated with the Creative Expressions Times Square, Center Die, and a tiny bunch of flowers, trimmed with a pretty lilac ribbon, the middle layer has a beautiful 'Happy Birthday' die cut inside a pretty square, Janet will have to let us know all about this middle layers dies!  The centre of the card has the centre die from Creative Expressions New York, 'Union Square' die, topped with a little butterfly.
The decorative papers on the edges of the die look almost like ribbon, it is so pretty and trimmed perfectly with those flat back pearls.
Thank you Janet for sharing your pretty Triple Flip card with us today xxxx
If any of you have made any cards with this die, send them in and I will see if I can make an 'album' of them to keep and refer to for inspiration.

I must apologise for not being able to pop back in yesterday, my poor body was just too tired to walk this morning, just after Paul's parents left, I went to get the bottle of bleach to soak my dish cloth in and somehow ended up face to face with the hall carpet! The worst bruise I have is on the palm of my hand, around the base of my thumb, its the colour of a stormy sky!  My knees are a bit blue too!
The funny part of the story is, I usually always carry my phone in my pocket for that very reason, so after attempting to get up and couldn't I tried to ring Paul, several times in fact, after some time I decided that I was going to have to manage this situation myself, I dragged myself to my craftroom and pulled myself up onto my chair! Sat for a few minutes, Paul came in about half an hour later, and could see straight away that something had happened, his phone was on his chest of drawers, so I had been calling the house all the time!!! Men and technology, or maybe its just mine that really doesn't like mobile phones!
A gentle day on the cards for me I think,
I hope you enjoy your day,
love and hugs,
Sandra xxxxx

Monday 19 October 2015

Man Card Monday

Good Monday Morning Ladies,
Well I guess I can officially say to some of you that 'I will see you next week'!!!!!

Today's 'Man' Cards have been designed and composed by our Anne, the images are all by La Pashe,
they are totally hilarious, the more you look at them the more you see, different little 'quirky' things that just make you smile.
These are fantastic to use if you don't have dies, as you can build up the layers as much as you like, making the card look very dramatic, I am not sure how many layers you would need to achieve that 'builders bum' look that you can see on the mechanic picture.
The extra details that you get with these images make so much difference, the funnel for instance on the plumber card, the wire cutters on the tool bag card etc, aren't they just so fantastic and so much thought has gone into the all of the images, making it a lot easier to achieve that professional finish!!!
Thank you so much for sharing the card Anne, and for all of the others that you sent too. xxxx

Well Paul's parents are leaving at 10 am tomorrow, so I will be up and about early or i might let Paul set breakfast for all of them and i will limp out when I am ready, after they leave I will probably go for a nap!! hahaha
I hope that this is the start of a week brings you happiness,
love and hugs
|Sandra xxxxxx

Sunday 18 October 2015

Time for another beautiful birthday card!

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend!
Today I would like to share with you the absolutely gorgeous birthday cord I received from Jean.
I have no idea what dies Jean has used, but they are all gorgeous, so intricate and delicate,
the papers Jean has used are all so delicate and pretty too, how professional does that insert look
The composition of the card is what makes it I think, the card is beautiful Jean and I absolutely loved
it, thank you so very much for taking the time to make and send it to me xxxxx

It is just a quick post from me today as I am extremely exhausted today, whistling for the birds like Snow White just didn't work, apart from the pooping on the windows! won't try that again! haha
Hopefully have five minutes lie on the bed to catch up with you later,
Love and Hugs

Saturday 17 October 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday

Norah's Gorgeous Knitted Jacket and Bobble hat!

Brenda's Brown Glazed Bowl

Myra' Beautiful Bauble

Myra's Blue and white Bauble

Myra's 'Pinflair' style Bauble

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
We have a fantastic range of crafts on show today, please keep the pictures coming!

First up today is gorgeous little Harry modelling Norah's Knitted Jacket and absolutely adorable
bobble hat.
I have to say I do love seeing babies dressed properly in home knitted jumpers, you have to admit
when you look at that photo you just want to pick him up and snuggle him, Norah your knitted is so neat and precise and I love the colour, it suits the wee lad a treat! Thank you so much xxxxx

Next up, as I always say there is no Mixed Craft Saturday without pottery from Brenda, this one
looks really traditional, it looks like the sort of bowl you would make cakes in and it ends up being
past down through the family, I love it Brenda, proper country farmhouse I think.
Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your pottery with us xxxx

The Next three photos are of Christmas baubles that Myra has designed and created, they are just
so pretty, I love the blue and white ones with the pretty ribbon on the best.
The last one looks like the Pinflair christmas decorations from the old days, I admire your patience
Myra, you have to pick up each sequin individually and pin it into the polystyrene baubles.
The overall effect is very opulent, they really sparkle with the tree lights too.
Thank you Myra, i look forward to hearing how you created these amazing baubles xxxx

Well that's all for today ladies, I have to go and get ready for my visitors, so much to do and so little time!
Love and hugs

Friday 16 October 2015

Festive Friday

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
Festive Friday is upon us once again, boy do these weeks fly round fast!
Two weeks today, some of you will have already started out on their journey, I will not doubt still be
awake from the night before wondering if I have remembered everything, a bit like holiday where you got to bed thinking Passports, tickets, money and for me also (medication)! Having said that I am so looking forward to meeting you all.!!
Now today's card covers different categories....its Festive and it has been made without a Die in sight, what a refreshing change.
Maureen I look forward to telling us who the stamps are by, the could be Jenny Maye's or Clarity or neither, I am just guessing, both of them do lovely scene stamps though, hurry in and put me right Maureen.
Now Maureen's colouring is just amazing as always, the different colours that you have used to create shadows and shaping in the snow banks is pure genius Maureen, the stormy sky really does look full of snow, that cottage in the distance looks like a nice warm haven. Next your eye is drawn to the cute little robin in the foreground, sitting on the bank of a chilly looking stream!
The whole image tells a story Maureen, you have captured it beautifully, I really do love this card Maureen, I think that there is more to look at with this style of card of die cut cards.
Thank you my lovely, sending you hugs, real ones in 2 weeks! xxx
Thank you for all of your support for my amazing husband yesterday, he really is my rock,
I think the whole week kind of caught up with me and I just couldn't bring myself to even look at the
lap top!
It helped that I was so enthusiastic to show your Maureen's masterpiece today, so I did sit and do it myself, I had to laugh at him though, the sheer determination that he wasn't about to stand by and see me not create a post for the first time in over a year, he is right I would have been kicking myself had I looked back and had a day missing!
I do want to thank both of my lovely Brenda's, littlelamb sent me the most delightful E card, the image was of a french cafe, with flowers on the table and everything, it really did make me smile and warm my heart xxxx
Brenda (Mumma) for just that reason, without me even saying anything, she 'knew' that I was under the weather and called me and we chatted for almost a couple of hours, the time flew by like it was ten minutes, I loved every second Brenda, I swear, it was so lovely to hear your voice, I got up from the bed and Paul said, ''well, whatever Brenda said it did the trick, you are smiling again''! So thank you from Paul too xxxx
I will try and call back in later,
Love and hugs to all,
Sandra xxxxx

Thursday 15 October 2015

A touch of class

 Good Morning,
Sandra is unwell today, but the 'show must go on'!
This card has been made using Polar White Sparkle Texture Paste, that has been spread over
the ''A touch of Class'' Mask from the 'That Special Touch' Brand.
The centre of the Creative Expressions 'Heraldic Square' Die fits perfectly in the centre of this mask,
it was cut in white with a Navy mat that was covered with a piece of Sticky sheet and Iced Snow was applied, for a bit of sparkle (so I am told).
This was then matted and layered onto alternate Navy and white Card and finished with a few Pearls.
the overall size of the card is about 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches.
Hope you all have a good day,

Wednesday 14 October 2015

a Pretty Janet Card

Good Morning Ladies,
Today we wish 'Bon Voyage' to our Janet, I do hope you have a quiet, safe journey to Marigny, I look forward to hearing from you when you get to the hotel, have an amazing few weeks there.
2 Weeks, 2 Days to go!
Today's card has been designed and Created by Janet, using Sue Wilson Striplet Die amd a Gemini die for the edge.
I love the colours you have used here Janet the purple isn't too bright, just perfect, and works perfectly  with the white card.
I love the heart in the centre Janet, it's  embellishments are exquisite, I love the flowers in the center of the background, so prescise and pretty.
The Gemini die gives a lovely lacey edge to the card too.
Janet has finished the card with some pretty pearls and pearl string too,
Janet, thank you for sharing your gorgeous card with us xxxx
Sue is coming to play today, eeeek, I can't wait!
Thank you all for stopping by.
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxxx

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Anne's 3 graces card

 Good Tuesday Morning Ladies,
I still haven't managed to unearth my new machine, I am not sure deciding to tidy and reorganise my craft room was a great idea, but my stamps were all in a box in a muddle, as were my dies.
Being in the 'reflective' mood I was I found it very therapeutic, so all the stamps were washed and returned to their sets. My dies all mounted onto magnetic sheets and popped into the new die storage folders, boy does it feel good! So once again I have created a 'positive'! I will turn around so that you can all pat me on the back! lol x
Now will you just look at this fabulous card?! I saw it and immediately thought of the image from Hazel, see the similarities!
I gave the card the title 'the three graces', although Pat is the only real drinker in our trio!
Anne has designed and created this fantastic card, the stamp is by Art Impressions, they have some hilarious stamps, I might just have to invest in a few!
Anne has stamped the image and coloured it in perfectly with alcohol pens (copics or promarkers) maybe? amazing blending Anne!
Anne has then cut the image out using the Tuscany Die by CE, you don't see these dies used as much as some of the others but they make great frames for images like this.
Anne has then matted and layered the card with colours that compliment the stamped image and mounted onto a scallop edged card.
It needs nothing else, you can just focus on the main image!
I love this card Anne, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us, it really did bring a smile to me face! xxx
Michele thank you sweetheart for taking the trouble to catalogue all of your stamps, so that we can all ask you for die cuts, you are amazing! xx
Thank you all so much for your uplifting messages of love and support, you really are the best friends a girl could wish for! xxxx
Sending love and hugs to all

Monday 12 October 2015

I Just loved the sentiment

Good Morning Dear Friends,
I am sharing with you today the amazing card that I received from Brenda (LL) for my birthday
I just love the sentiment, maybe today will be the today, I could use one right now!
Brenda has used many different stamping techniques on this card, It appears as though there are two layers of decorative papers but in fact it is an illusion, It looks to me like Brenda has masked off the edge of the card and stamped and blending different colour inks to create that stunning background, then stamped the silhouette grasses in the foreground, then it looks as though Brenda has removed the tape and inked the leaf pattern around the edges of the card with the same colour inks, just a stronger Hue, up close it looks amazing! The topper has been inked again in same colours and then the sentiment has been stamped on top, this has been matted onto dark card, to match the matt layers in the background.
The Butterfly looks real, it has been stamped and coloured so perfectly, one thing that hasn't been picked up is the sparkle, just here and there on the card, just the right amount.
Brenda the card is stunning and I love it, thank you so very much xxxx

Thank you to each and everyone of you, you are an amazing bunch of friends, without whom my life would not be complete!
Love and hugs to all of you,
Sandra x

Sunday 11 October 2015

A little trip to Paris courtesy of Janet

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
Today I would like to share with you the stunning birthday
card I received from our part time 'Madame' Janet, that makes her sound naughty, (all I actually mean in that she lives part time in France) haha!
I wouldn't know where to start with explaining how Janet designed and made the card, It is an easel style card, with a beautifully decorated tag on each day side.  The papers used to decorate the card were all french themed.
Janet also created the prettiest flower arrangement, there was so much detail in the card, it must have been so much work, the gorgeous little clock face brads were part of the finishing touches, along with beautiful ribbon and pearl strings.
I absolutely loved the card Janet, thank you so very much xx

Now I have to tell you that I was a very lucky lady yesterday,
The postman bought me a parcel that contained the amazing
Sizzix Big Shot Plus, well I was overjoyed as you can imagine.
I took it straight into my craft room to play and then realised how big it is, I ended up spending the rest of the day tidying and organising everything, do you know I have 3, yes 3 huge
'bit boxes' and some of the bits are quite big! I sorted through them all and got rid of some of the bits.  I got the new Dyson out and gave the carpet the cleaning of its life!
I am not sure how many of you have bought the Woodware Die storage folders (black with white spots), well I opened them up tonight, to sort my dies, but I found the magnetic sheet inside the pockets way too flimsy, you would struggle to pull the sheet out and the dies remain in place, so I then spent the next two hours cutting up old mount board up to stick the magnetic sheets to so that it was more sturdy and easier to pull in and out of the pockets, you could also stick another mag sheet on the other side of the mount board too, therefore doubling your storage!  It would be easier however if the magnetic sheet were better quality so that you don't have to spend time and money to make them easier to use.
So hopefully I have made enough room now to sit and play today, I did a couple of die cuts yesterday and I was very pleased with the result and an embossing folder which embossed perfectly all over.
So so far so good!!
I hope you all have a lovely Sunday,
\love and hugs,
Sandra xxxx