Wednesday 30 November 2016

Presscut Stepper die card, designed by Pat

Presscut Stepper Die

Good Morning Ladies,

We had a lovely day at Pat's yesterday, we were all very productive, all beavering away, although Pat was the only one to actually make a card!
Sue was die cutting Gingerbread Men, poor things, their bits were flying everywhere, I look forward to seeing the finished card Sue, Pat had quite a few Christmas Cards made, she told us that she usually makes a 100 so She will be busy for a few more nights.  Don't forget to photograph them Pat.

I was mostly playing with things today, Using some lace and glitter, with fab results and added watercolour to coffee filters, which worked amazingly well, I will make a video sharing what you can do.
I felt a bit bad though as I did leave Pat's Kitchen with a lot more sparkle than it started the day with, luckily Pat has a super new GTech Air Ram vacuum cleaner, so she can put it to the test! Sue sadly doesn't have a new vacuum, but she does have a sparkly passenger seat.  heaven only knows how it got in my bra, my boots, just everywhere! 

I have to say I was super impressed with the Presscut Stepper die, it made a good size card and die cut really well, it had a choice of straight edge or scalloped Matt and layers too. It does save a lot of measuring, cutting, remeasuring as the first one didn't quite work palava!  So a good purchase Pat xxx

Pat made her Grandson Xander's birthday card using the Presscut stepper die, it was so quick and easy too, I am sure Xander will love his personalised card Pat,
thank you for sharing it with us today xxx

I hope that you all have a good day, wrap up warm it will be a cold one !

love and hugs to all,


Tuesday 29 November 2016

Michele's Man cards and Early Christmas Treat !!

Good Morning Ladies,

I have some of Michele's cards to share with you today, I love both of these cards, both simple designs, both look really Modern too.
The dies Michele used to create these cards are Tattered Lace 'Tuck-in Dies' they come in a variety of designs from hearts to stars and these ones are the 'Scribble' set, it comes with another design too, see below
The first of the cards is Navy and the second is Gunmetal, I believe Michele is using the Navy one for Phil's birthday.  Thank you so much for sharing Michele xxx

I also wanted to share with you Something that Michele has treated herself too, its called Stamp Perfect, it looks very similar to the 'Misti' but not as expensive.
On the reviews I watched on YouTube it was described as Looking like Misti, doing pretty much exactly the same job as Misti, has same elements, foam mat, pad of paper, magnets, etc yet it comes at almost half the cost.  I can't wait to hear how you get on with it.  I will stick with my Ikea Frame for now 😉 xx

Sue and I are off to Pat's today for some crafting and chatting, (not necessarily in that order), I must go and pack my bags!

Lilian, I bet your 11 tubs of purple and white Tulips will give you an amazing display in the Spring, will you be visiting Oxford on your trip up London to see Oscar for his birthday? if so maybe we could organise to meet you for a quick coffee?

I emailed Anne yesterday as I was worried that she was unwell, she replied explaining that she is busy right now, she wishes you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New year xx

Sending Love and hugs to all,

Monday 28 November 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

This Weeks Sketch

Good Morning Ladies,

Well here we are on Monday once again, I just can't get my head around the fact that its less than a month to Christmas, it has crept up on us so fast this year, we haven't really do any Christmas shopping at all, which is not like us!  Mind you none of my children know what they would like this year, its so much harder now that they are older. 
Actually we watched a video of Christmas when the girls were four, oh my goodness I had tears rolling down my cheeks, it really is the little ones that Christmas special, its them that make it magical. 
Now onto this weeks Sketch challenge card, I picked a super simple sketch that can be used for virtually anything from Christmas to a Christening and everything in between.  I look forward to seeking what you come up with. 

I'll apologise for my challenge card now, at 12.15 am I realised I had forgotten to make a challenge card, so had to think fast, this is the result, my thoughts were to put a number (age) in the large star for a boys birthday, some of isn't stuck down yet, but wanted to give you an idea, as I am typing this it is 1.39 am, goodnight xxx

Karen, sending extra gentle hugs your way xxx

Maria, I hope you are having a better day today, I was sorry to read you were having a bad day yesterday sweetheart, huge hugs heading your way xxx

Val, so pleased to read that you got to have a nice lunch with your son yesterday, I think technology is amazing these days, bringing us all closer together, but there is nothing better than sitting down with them sat oppoisite you, have you managed to do plenty of craft shopping? xxx

Lynda, I think I may have heard you going up stairs last night!!! There was a definite rattling noise coming from your general direction, it must be the extra tablets you've been prescribed!  We would make a good pair of Maracas, we wouldn't need anyone to shake us to make our 'wobbly bits' rattle though, would we!!! hahaha
Which one are you Lynda? 

I have a busy day today, on Saturday I started to tidy and declutter a cupboard (built in wardrobe ) in my craft room, well it seems to have turned into a full scale craft room clear out, my goodness I bought some rubbish back in the early days, I found some hideous peel off, sticker things, some almost psycedelic patterned vellum, mostly from QVC. as I shopped there before I found create and craft, I think that craft was on a Tuesday back then, oh I remember the excitement when they had a Craft item as their 'TSV', I used to stay up half the night watching the live shows!  Now I look back and think why did I buy that!!! In those days die cutting was never invented, I sound really old now!!! haha

Come on ladies, what are your first craft memories???

Have a lovely day ladies,
love and hugs,

Sunday 27 November 2016

Your Sketch Challenge cards

 My First Challenge Card

The sketch

My second Challenge card

Janet's cards

These first three cards have been made by Our Janet, three fantastic birthday cards this week, you have well and truly made up for lost time, you are so talented when it comes to making cards for men Janet, those first two cards are better than any I have seen in the shops.   The third card is a pretty card, The lovely flower giving a pop of colour to the white on white background, I love that Heartfelt Creations Bella Flourish die, it gives such texture to the card.  Thank you so much for taking part Janet xxxx

Lilian's Challenge card
Lilian, your beautiful card looks like an illustration from one of those  amazing Botanical Encyclopedias, you know those ones with the gold edged pages!  
I love the delicate green, decoupaged Christmas Rose, with the script as background, a perfect card that I could easily see for sale in a National Trust Shop! Thank you for taking part Lilian xxxx

 Margaret's cards

Margaret, 3 fantastic festive cards from you this week, all beautifully stamped and coloured, your matting and layering first onto white and then onto the red scalloped die cut circle, really sets the stamped image off perfectly.  I love the backing papers too, they work so well with your stamped images. Thank you so much for taking part, xxxx

Maria's Challenge Cards

Maria, two fab Christmas cards from you this week, the first card is just so pretty with the green strips of card in the background and the wonderful white poinsettia
placed upon those white fronds of foliage, that foliage looks just like snowflakes too, very clever Maria, the second card, you have created a lovely red glitter frame,
inside which you have stamped 3 trees, with ' iced snow' gathered at their bases, which looks just like a snow drift. I love the 3 gems that actually look like glowing
stars at the tops of your trees, the poinsettia in the top corner finishes your card nicely, thank you Maria for taking part xxxx

Michele's Challenge Card
Michele, I am not sure if its just my eyes,  but the Christmas tree looks as though it's made of 'snowflakes',  which is such a clever idea, so unusual too, the flat back gems you have added look just like baubles on the tree, I love the pink card too, not something you usually use. I love it, love that die too, thank you so much for taking part, you need to get that card box filled for work asap! xxxx

Sonia's challenge card
Sonia, Such a pretty, sparkling silver snowflake you have used as the centrepiece of this weeks challenge card, the sentiment embossed in gold glitter works so well in contrast to the silver snowflake, sometimes its the simple designs that are most effective, thank you so much for taking part, I know time is precious when you get home from work xxxx

Val's Challenge Card
Val used this weeks sketch as the layout for her friends birthday card, a fantastic man card Val, I'm not surprised your shop stock is always needing to be replenished! 
I love seeing your cards each week, thanks for taking part Val xxxx

Thank you once again ladies for taking part this week, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, we are 'puppy sitting' this weekend for our other 'grand dog' Harley, he's a very energetic Border Collie....
He is bigger than he is in this photo, still very cute though, he is keeping Paul on his toes!  

Anne sending hugs your way, hope you are well xxxx

Sending Love and hugs to all of you,

Saturday 26 November 2016

Cheryl's Cute Snowmen and your Craft Buys

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
Did you all get some bargains in the Black Friday sales?? I was sick of hearing all about Black Friday by about 10am, I had to explain to a lady in the shop what it meant, she was most confused, I'm not sure she was any clearer after I explained that it was called "black " Friday as it is the biggest shopping day in America as people finish celebrating Thanksgiving and start Christmas shopping, therefore retailers take in so much money that they go out of the 'Red' and into the 'Black', she wanted to know why that meant we had to have it too, there is no answer to that, so I just smiled, told her that I hope she found a bargain because of it and moved on!

I will say that I got a good few emails shouting about their Black Friday Bargain offers, but i didn't find anything that I wanted.

Now onto our first photo of the day.........

How cute are these amazing "Snowfolk", Cheryl has made all of these, they are made from a sock, plenty of tutorials on YouTube, each one is different and just adorable as the next, I am sure these will be gone in minutes Cheryl, hopefully leaving you with a good amount for Pete's Charity.  Good luck for tomorrow, I look forward to hearing how you get on at this new Venue.  Thank you for brightening our day with this gorgeous photo xxxx

Now onto your Craft Shopping.......
Michele's Purchases

This haul was from Garden Centre Craft shop,
Michele had a discount, so whole lot was About £9.50 !

This set Michele picked up at Co-op Charity Table,
it just needs a pen added, perfect gift to 'Crazy Friend'

This cute coastser set from Hobbycraft was purchased for a colleague.

Some great bargains Michele, lovely gift ideas too, your craft shop haul was great bargain, thank you for sharing xxxx

Lynda's Buys

Unable to craft this week, Lynda turned to the next best! 
3 Great sets of Sue's Dies, I look forward to seeing what you create, I hope you will soon be able to take on some 'light' crafting my lovely xxxx

Brenda's Buys

Brenda has bought the latest Colour pencils from Crafter's Companion, with some Blending Solution and accessories, these pencils have had some great reviews, I can't wait to hear how you get on with them Brenda, thank you for taking part xxxx

Pat's Craft Buys 

These first buys of Pat's were partly my fault, I needed to pop over to our local (well 22 miles away) craft shop for some Glitter Embossing Powder, I couldn't go without Pat, so it would have been rude for Pat not have bought anything! haha 

Pat, I love these  stamps that you have bought, what makes them 3D? I can't wait to have a play!!  I think that Pat also has a Stepper Card die, but may be wrong, i look forward to having a go though! 

Lastly Pat has bought two fab Creative Expression Embossing Folders, Nordic Tiles and Snowflake Mosaic, next weeks meet up will be fun Pat, look forward to seeing your cards, thank you Pat xxxx

Karen's Buys

Karen has spent some of her Birthday money, first we have these great Tattered Lace dies, Linking Apertures, in three different shapes and the Pet "Paw-Traits", Cat and Dog.  

These are a couple of examples of the dies Karen bought, I just found these on 
Google.  You wouldn't think to look at them, but I think that those 'Linking Apertures' dies will be really useful.  

Karen's other birthday buy was the fabulous Cutterpillar Crop, It is a rotary cutter/ trimmer that sharpens itself each time you cut.  I have the large one of these (my birthday gift from Paul) and so far so good, I wouldn't rave about it like Mel does on 
Create and Craft, it cuts well, one thing I have noticed is that we always assume the paper we buy is straight to start with, but more often than not it isn't, so you could be forever trimming a piece of card, I now check all 4 sides up against the lines on my cutter or on my glass mat.  
I have cut many different things, from vellum to Acetate, all of which it cut perfectly, it didn't cut Tumble drier sheets though! haha, Thank you for sharing Karen xxxx

That's all for today ladies, I hope you have a lovely weekend.  I am looking forward to sharing your Challenge Cards tomorrow xx

Love and hugs to all of you,


Friday 25 November 2016

Another Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,
 How many of you have been busy doing your "Black Friday" bargain hunting???
I'm a bit sick of hearing it to be honest, I'm sure its only started to be popular this past couple of years, I have images of sad people fighting for things in shops that aren't actually that much of a deal!! Certainly not a day to go shopping! 
We have the girls home today, they have an extra day off as their Headmistress miscalculated the number of teaching days, so staff need an extra day off!!!
Now image the response I would have got if I'd have told them I was taking them out of school for a day for a day out!  
Not that i mind, they are good company and we always manage to have a giggle over something or other, usually something silly!

Now today's card is based on this weeks sketch (upside down), I die cut the snowflake into the centre of a piece of Centura Pearl card, I Then embossed around that with Sue Wilson's Snowflake Frame Embossing Folder, I inked up a sponge with Summer Sky Colour Cloud and brushed it around the outside of my card, I then placed a piece of Acetate over the aperture, wiped it with an anstatic bag, carefully placed foam tape around the acetate, I then added a little scoop of Iced snow, added some Cosmic Shimmer glue to the foam tape, followed by another piece of acetate, this totally encapsulates the iced snow. I Then added a piece of decorative "Let it Snow" paper over the acetate and added more foam tape around the edge of the whole card and placed onto a base of white card, coloured with Summer Sky Colour Cloud, I added a matching Ribbon, Bow, topped with a snowflake.  To finish I added some litter AB sparkles and some blue tinted snowflakes.
I hope you like this fun card.

I will feature your craft purchases tomorrow, as our mixed crafts have all been shown, we will resume once we have some more to share.

Enjoy your day ladies, don't be spending too much in the sales! 

Love and hugs to all,

Thursday 24 November 2016

Lilian & Pat's missing challenge Cards

Lilian's Lovely Christmas Tree card

Pat's first Christmas tree card

Pat's 'Groovi Plate' Christmas Tree

Good Wednesday Morning Ladies,

After experiencing another melt down by my tablet and having to reboot/reload everything I came across some of the photos that I had somehow missed on Sunday, I will always make sure that every card you make gets displayed!

Lilian's lovely, snowy covered tree card is first up today, I think the tree is the " lovely as a tree" stamp set from Stamping Up, there is an Old Oak tree, a Christmas/pine tree and a row of trees together in the set, this Christmas tree is my favourite and the reason I bought the set, Sue and I scoured the internet last year for a proper "Christmas" looking pine tree, this set had the perfect one! 
Now I'm not sure how Lilian has achieved the snowy look on the tree, it looks like she may have stamped the tree in green, then placed a piece of vellum over, stamp tree again in perfect medium, then added white embossing powder and heated, the lovely "Snowflake Merry Christmas" is a Crafter's Companion Die, it is lovely, I love the font and the layout.
A perfect Winter Tree Christmas card Lilian, thank you for taking part and sorry I missed adding it on Sunday xxxx

Pat's cards up next, the first card to me looks like a 'designer' style card, very expensive looking, Pat has used the 'Woodward Clear Magic' stamp called "Forest", a trio of stamps that come with two sentiments 'Winter Wishes ' and " Seasons Greetings' and a couple of snowflakes : 
I saw it yesterday for just £5.99 online. 
Pat has used all three tree stamps in ascending order, stamped in clear ink and sprinkled with white embossing powder and heated, Pat used the 'Winter Wishes' sentiment, I love the part that Pat did next, using some left over bits of that lovely purple card to create 3 tree shape pieces to which Pat added some decoration, this created a matching tag to add to the side of the card with matching ribbon, this is the part that gives the card that 'designer' touch, I love this card Pat, it really stands out from the crowd, you creative genius you!! xxx
Pat's second image is the start of another card, this time using Vellum and the 'Groovi' System by Clarity Stamps. 
This is the plate, it is simply called 'Christmas Tree' plate.
Pat has used this plate to emboss the image onto some white Vellum/ parchment, adding touches of blue colour pencil to the Ribbon sections of the tree, the little hints of colour add dimension to the image as well as colour.  Pat has then added the sentiment beside the tree.  I look forward to seeing this mounted up onto a card Pat, you have really mastered the "Groovi" system now Pat, I wonder how many of you ladies have this system too, I know Sue has and Brenda too, be good to see some more cards made with it.  Thank you Pat for sending me your cards to share xxxx

If any of you have any craft purchases that they made recently, can you send me a photo please?  I have one from Michele, a few more would be great too .

Have a lovely day ladies, whatever you are up to, I think we will be contacting the Shop we purchased my tablet from, as it was had "Android has stopped working" message come up twice now, it then goes on to close down and wipe contents of all files and all apps ! Even those I thought I had safely saved to SD card, its so frustrating, the Warranty expires next month, so I think we need to act now, wish me luck!

Love and hugs to all of you,


Wednesday 23 November 2016

A Wintery Scene card from Brenda x

Good Morning Ladies,

First up today I want to say how happy I was to find out that Lynda was such a great patient that they let her go home early! So much better to spend the night in your own bed, I think you recover better at home where you are relaxed.  I reckon you'll be chasing Terry around my next weekend!  Please be a good girl and RELAX, is Terry a good cook???  I am genuinely so happy that all went smoothly me lovely . xxx

Lilian, you have been in our thoughts during this terrible weather, I am relieved to know that you are safe and well. Sadly it has become almost 'Normal' to hear about such adverse weather, it breaks my heart to see people going through such upheaval, friends of ours had to live in a Mobile Home for over a year after their home was devastated during floods, they moved back in in July, only to be flooded again on Christmas Day and the same the following year, heartbreaking, the cost of their house insurance is so ridiculous its not worth them bothering.
Let's hope we have seen the worst of it this Winter. So glad you are safe Lilian xxx

Janet I hope you have taken lots of Photos Of Gracie-Leigh's First year Book, knowing you it will be absolutely gorgeous, I would love a peek xxx

Michele, I hope you have a much better day in work today, what a muddle it sounds, so frustrating for yoh , hugs on route, hope the weather has improved. xxx

Now onto Brenda's stunning  Christmas Card,  wow, Brenda, I love the white on white look, with the added touch of Sparkle from the Iced Snow, The main Christmas die is Crafter's Companion Create-a-card Die 'Christmas Cheer', I love it, it looks a very versatile die. The sentiment is also Crafter's Companion Create-a-card metal die "Merry Christmas".
A absolutely gorgeous card Brenda, thank you so much for allowing me to share it xxx

Let's all hope and pray that we have seen the worst of this terrible weather, stay safe my lovelies xxx

Pat, see you at about 11:30, looking forward to it xxx

Love and hugs to all of you,


Tuesday 22 November 2016

A 'Particular' Card Commission

Good Morning Ladies,

The girls came home from School yesterday afternoon and asked me if I would make a card for their friend Jaz, but the request came with a long list of what I could use and couldn't, apparently "she isn't a 'girly girl", bit of a "Goth/Emo", so "nothing too pretty"!  So I sat and scratched my head for a bit, then An idea popped into my head, I used my Scan and Cut to cut the '17' into a piece of black card (not blue as it looks in photo).  
The girls then chose a Gold Pearlescent card to go behind the '17' aperture, I used this to die cut the rest of the embellishments for the front of the card. I used my Stampin Up Flourish Thinlets to die cut the flowers, I thought that they added a touch of prettiness without being too girly, I added pearls coloured with a gold metallic pen for the flower centres and corners. 
The insert was decorated with the same flowers, the Sentiment is from a Stamping Up set called "Curly Cute", it is sadly no longer available.  I even had to make an envelope to fit this 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch card. 

Lynda, I hope all went smoothly with your surgery, I hope you make a super speedy recovery too, sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx

I hope you all have much better weather today, it felt cold all day here.
Have fun, whatever you are up to,

love and hugs to all of you,


Monday 21 November 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

My Challenge Card

The Sketch

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I thought I would return to the 'old style' sketches this week, I believe it makes it a little easier for anyone who's 'mojo' has taken a vacation, as you have a plan to work to.  You can of course do anything you like, the only rule is that the layout is similar, you can turn it anyway round you like, it can be Christmas, birthday, anything you please.
I still have a ton of Christmas cards to make so that's what I chose to make, I used the Aurelie Christmas Background die I purchased from Amazon, for the background, I edged the card with a metallic gold pen, I used Sue Wilson's Christmas Rose die and stamps for the focal element of my card, die cutting them in white and them stamping with Perfect Medium and adding glitter gold embossing powder and heating. I arranged them with their matching foliage.
I then cut a piece of card and embossed it with the gold sparkle embossing powder, I then added the Spellbinders Merry Christmas sentiment.

My other idea for this sketch is a 'shaker ' card, so I may make that today, if as usual I don't get distracted with something else.

Isn't it a shame we aren't all meeting up again this week, I still get to meet up with Pat and Sue though, best part of the week xx

Lynda, its a big day for you this week, we are all here for you, we will all be virtually holding your hands, hey, can you imagine the noise if we were all actually in there with you??? Please make sure you do as you are told and take it easy. We love you lots xxxx
Lilian & Roger, Belated 51st Wedding Anniversary, I hope you had a lovely day xxx

Anne, I hope you are well, I have missed you this week xxxx

Have a lovely day ladies, 
Sending love and hugs,

Sunday 20 November 2016

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Trees & Wreaths were the theme for this weeks Challenge cards, you really have embraced this challenge, I have seen some gorgeous cards.  So without further delay here they are.....................

Janet has covered both parts of the challenge making both tree and wreath cards, the first two cards both have beautiful scenes, two wonderful snowy door scenes, the first is just such a pretty decoupage style card.
I love the third card too with Sue's Word Tree with the Music sheet background, it really works Janet, I love the gorgeous bow you have finished the tree with too.
The last card is just a stunning wreath, that foliage looks amazing, I never found the 'Joy' die an easy one to work with but you have given me a great idea Janet, which is exactly what this challenge is all about, thank you so much for four fantastic cards Janet, you are back with a bang! xxxx

Karen's card is an amazing Wreath card, it is a Kraft Card base, the foliage was made using Sue Wilson Maiden Hair Fern die to cut different shades of green card, Sue Wilson Poinsettia die and Tattered Lace Pearl Flourish. Tonic Nuvo drops in White and Gold add the finishing touches to Karens Wonderful Wreath, thank you so much Karen for taking part xxxx

Lilian, two fabulous cards from you this week, oh I love that Wreath Lilian, so delicate, perfectly framed by the Creative Expressions Poinsettia Frame Embossing Folder.  The delicate finish of the little red gemstones is just perfect. Thank you so much xxxx

Lynda, two fabulous Tree cards, the first looks like a combination of Inkyliscious stamps, used together to create a pretty scene, I love the Sun, setting behind the clouds and the reflection of the trees in the water. Incredible stamping skills Lynda.
The second card Lynda used a Willow Tress mask and put some Dark Green paste through, she then did the Tumble dryer sheet technique, which adds softness and sparkle to the card, some pretty silver twine and two poinsettias finish the card perfectly.  Thank you so much for taking part, I know your mind must be in other places right now xxxx

Margaret, two terrific tree cards from you this week, the first card has three fab trees, that have such a lot of texture embossed into them, with a touch of added sparkle, I love the 'Season's Greetings' sentiment you have used too.
The second card has such a pretty Christmas tree stamp, the tree has been beautifully decorated with red gem stones and topped with a super star, thank you so much Margaret for taking part this week, I know you have been feeling poorly, I really do appreciate you taking part xxxx

Michele, A Trio of Trees from you this week, all fabulous and all very different, The first quartet of cards are fab, with silver star embossed card in the backround, blue pearl card toppers with silver trees, great for Christmas cards or  Christmat thank you cards, 
The second card has a pretty lilac pearl card Grand Spellbinders Circle topped with Sue Wilson's first Tree die cut, decorated with tiny pearls, such a fantastic card.
The third card Michele has made using the 'Lacé', a combination of cutting and folding the card to form a pattern, it is a very effective technique as you can see by Michele's fantastic Tree. Thank you so much for taking part Michele xxxx

Sonia, Omg, I love this tree stamp, and that sweet, sweet sentiment, the Tree has been beautitfully framed by a matt of red card and Sue Wilson's "Delicate Frame'' from the Italian Collection, more matching matt and layering and the addition of that beautiful sentiment finish Sonia's card. Stunning Sonia, could you please let me know what the stamp is you used?  Thank you so much for taking part I know you have been super busy in your new job, I am so happy you are enjoying it xxxx

Val, Such a peaceful scene that you have created on this card, the snowy mountains with the trees in the foreground, the birds soaring over head and the proud stag stood taking everything in.  A very thought provoking card, peaceful, great for 'thinking of you' or 'man' cards.  Thank you so much for taking part Val xxxx

Wow ladies, what an amazing range of cards, my poor fingers are aching, but it is well worth a little stiffness in the fingers to see such an incredible display of cards.

It's you amazing ladies that make every second I put into this blog worth while, I wake each morning wanting to check in to see who's been in and how they are doing. I have done the same thing each morning since starting my daily blog, which thankfully changed my life, so thank you all once again, it really does mean the world xxxx

Have a lovely Sunday, 

Love and Hugs to all of you,