Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Rustic style Christmas Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Here is my Challenge card for this week, I am really loving Kraft card at the moment and the 'Rustic' feel it gives, so that's the direction I went with my card, using Kraft Card as the base card and cream card toned down with Tea Dye Distress ink as the accent colour, The Bauble is a Spellbinders Die and stamp. I decided to go with a Crocheted Lace across the card to soften the look slightly, I wove the 'garden twine' through the lace and added a bow to the top of my bauble.
The Sentiment I used is a Stampin Up set called 'Curly Cute', I absolutely love it but sadly its a discontinued set, I managed to grab one on eBay!!  The discontinued ones can be very expensive though, mine wasn't too bad, thankfully!
I added a few gold pearls to give a hint of Festive Elegance, I hope you like it xx

Sue, Pat and I had a lovely chat yesterday, we didn't get to craft at Pats as planned though as Pete had been offered a hospital appointment in the afternoon, so we stayed and had a bit of lunch with Pat and then came back here to craft.
I was sat stamping, because I can now that i have my new tool, its opened up a whole new world for me, I've routed loads of stamps out to play with.
Sue got the basics of her card started too, we got plenty of chatting in too!

Now you ladies seem to have your blood test days synchronized, I hope all went well Lynda and Brenda xxx
Val has sent in some photos of her Christmas Card Display at the shop, I will share that with you as well as the new craft shopping for this past two weeks too, so let me know if you have any!

Michele, I hope your mouth is feeling less sore, how was your trip to Crazy, Cluttered Land,??? Did you get to sit down, I am excited to hear what you picked up!!! Xx

I hope you all have a great day ladies,

Love and hugs,


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I love your card, never tried using Kraft card on a Christmas card....might have to try that!

    My mouth is fine now-clearly needed longer to recover than normal.

    I'm quite tired as I spent 3 hours shifting & moving boxes at my crazy friends last night! I came home with 5 crates of paper, 12x12 card, lots + lots of card blanks plus a crate of various punches! I was so tired last night when I got home that I just dumped everything in my craft room, had a shower & went to bed. I'll start rummaging through them tonight after work. I think my M in L will be inheriting some of this stash as there's far too much for me.

    Busy day today and we have a drugs rep coming in to see us at 9am-really bad time for us but someone else arranged it!


    1. Take care Michele and have a fun rummage through the craft goodies tonight xx

    2. Oh Michele, your crafty haul sounds wonderful. Have a great rummage tonight...
      Hope your day isn't too busy. XXX

    3. Hi Michele
      Have a good rummage, looks like you had a busy evening collecting everything together.

  2. I haven't used Kraft card for Christmas either So will give that a go
    Hope you manage to glean a few bits for yourself MICHELE
    Looking forward to seeing VAL's display in the shop
    To all those having tests, appointments, etc take care I think about you all a lot and wonder how things are going
    Will be home alone tonight, so I wonder what I'll play with.... The CC, knitting, crochet, Pixie Powders...?

    1. Speak to Maria hihi I'm too home alone tonight,sort of. Thanks for the e-mail. xx

    2. Hi Karen. Aren't we lucky that we're into so many crafts? We're never bored cos we have so many things to do. Enjoy your evening whatever you decide to play with.XXX

    3. Hi Karen
      Thanks for the email, have a great time playing while your home alone.

  3. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA- love your Craft Card. For me it always makes a fantastic statement and is underused by many.

    MICHELE- good luck rummaging through your crafty haul. Don't forget we will have a 'Rescue Party' standing by if you get stuck in the middle of your paper mountain.

    Well I managed to sit at my craft table yesterday and got three Seasonal Cards made though that's not as fantastic as that may sound as they are very simple as I used a sheet of backing paper from a paper pad 'Christmas Promise' and then just one die cut but at least it's a start.

    I'm sending HUGE and GENTLE hugs to all my Café Friends who are having to have tests and needles stuck into them along with all my usual hugs to you all.

    We have a lovely sunny but very cold start here today so please wrap up warm and take care if going out.
    I'm just going to have a lovely cuppa and sit in the corner for a while so come on in the door is always open in this CAFE.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. I'm so happy that you're getting back into crafting. Gently does it.
      Hope you're having a good day today. Keep warm. XXX

    2. Hi Janet
      I'm so glad to see you in today, sounding a bit more like your old self. Gently goes it thougH. It's sunny out but parky with it here.

    3. lovely to see you back in the café, Janet xxx

    4. Hi Janet, happy hello to you, lovely that you able to a bit of crafting

  4. Good morning Ladies,
    Sandra , your kraft card is gorgeous ! I love the faux stitching it gives a lovely handcrafted look , so happy to hear you are enjoying stamping so much more now, it's definitely my favourite as it can make cards much more personal.xo
    Michelle. I hope you have recovered after moving all those boxes and find some worthwhile treasures amongst your haul lol!
    Linda and Brenda I hope all went well for you both yesterday.
    I had to make a quick card yesterday so I used one of my new Poppy stencils ( circle of flowers) using paste and then micro powders and heating it to give a puffy effect , and it turned out quite well for a first attempt ( I love trying new techniques)
    The weather is still dry and bright so should be lovely for our walk today, better go and get my picnic lunch made to take with me.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Oh Anne, I love using paste on stencils but I've never heated micro powder. Something new for me to try. Enjoy your walk today.XXX

    2. Hi Anne
      Enjoy your walk today. It's a bit chilly here in Oxfordshire even though the sun is out.

  5. Good morning all.
    Very nice card Sandra, never really used craft card either but it do look good this way.
    +2 frosty ,sunny morning here so took my fleecy and gloves on for the walk. Felt so fresh and lovely but now going to jump in the shower before doing some house work and then hope to some more crafting this afternoon.
    Sending well wishes to all who need some and hope your day is a nice one. Love and hugs, Maria xoxxx

  6. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra love your card, I need more Kraft card so must pop into Range. Pleased the three of you met up yesterday, shame you had to go back to yours for the afternoon but at least Pete has been seen now & knows what is going
    Thank you Janet for opening up this morning, good you managed some cards, each day you will feel stronger don't rush things, hugs on
    Michele sounds as if you having a big job sorting through the stash, good
    Lynda & Brenda hope you suffer no after effects from you tests hugs on
    Lovely cold sunny morning so should nice playing Petanque this morning.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  7. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.
    Sandra very pretty card you've made for us today.
    Lovely day today and I'm back in my cut offs and t shirt.
    Glad you had a good meet up yesterday Sandra.
    Lynda and Brenda. Do hope your tests went well yesterday and you're feeling ok today.
    Just made an appointment to see the doctor on Friday re my back. I don't sleep well at the best of times but just don't know where to lie to get comfy and pain fre at the moment. Hope he just doesn't give me pain killers as is his usual practice. We'll see.
    Off to crib today. I must admit now all the Christmas cards have been done I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For the last few weeks every time I've gone out I've felt guilty cos I should be in the craft room so today I'm going to really enjoy myself.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

  8. Hi Sandra
    Love the bauble card, especially the design in the middle of the bauble.
    I've just rung the Drs for Pete to have his bloods done on Friday for the hospital. His graph yesterday showed his PSA was on the up and up. So considering that his CT scan showed no more movement in his bones I'm hoping it his PSA is on its way down.
    Hopefully everyone has got their blood tests out of the way by now.
    I've just been on Sues blog and I didn't have to sign in twice.

  9. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop ladies,

    Sandra I love this card, the twine through the lace really brings it all together, I must add a stroke of genius on your part! I have only recently started to use Kraft card, it's lovely very earthy. It just works with any other colour are you feel inclined to use with it.

    Cheryl, I was shocked to read yesterday how rude that lady was. I know we all have bad days but that's no excuse for bad manners. I'm sure she will get a comeuppance. xx

    Janet, Great to see you, and read that you had been crafting, you are on the road to recovery now, life can only get better. LOL

    Lynda, hope you are feeling better after yesterday's hospital visits. xx

    Karen, thank you for your email. xx

    Val, really looking forward to seeing the photographs of your card stand. You really must feel a great sense of achievement. I hope your visit to the doctors on Friday will give you some answers, and you don't just get fobbed off with pills. Do the doctors in Spain ever use chiropractors? I went to one and had amazing relief from my neck and shoulder is a few years ago. I would certainly recommend anyone to at least give them a try. xx

    Pat, I hope Petes PSA is on the way down. John's is next due in December, and hopefully it will also be on the way down. xx

    Maria and Karen have you arranged a date for the Meetup yet? Also will it be in Watford again. Thought I'd ask just in case I've missed something, i'd hate to do that! Ha ha

    Right ladies, I've really enjoying my coffee, I went to the Colombian today, one my favourite, must get on have two cards to make this afternoon. And one should be in the post ASAP no pressure there!
    Love and hugs to all, Brenda xxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Had to delete the above comment predictive text took over!!!
      What I was trying to say was I only just made the good morning, and I have actually been up for hours xx

    3. Hi Brenda. I had thought of a chiropractor but really don't think I'd get one here on the National Health. When I had Sciatica quite a few years ago be for I was eligible for free treatment I saw a Chiropractor and he was marvelous. If I can't get it fee I'll go privately again. I'll see what the doc says on Friday.
      Colombia coffee sounds delicious. Hope you manage to get your cards made this afternoon,.XXX

  10. Hello all, another lovely day here, but much colder,still a lot of late holiday makers here, they have been very lucky with the weather this year.
    Up since the crack of dawn as o/h gone to London on the train, home again at midnight.

    SANDRA love your card, would never have thought to use craft card for Christmas, but your card is lovely.

    Hope everyone is ok after all of the test and dr appointments.

    House work this morning , now I'm going to have a go at my challenge card.

    Have a lovely rest of the day, hugs Lilian

  11. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Not sure what happened to my comment this morning can't see it anywhere
    Those pesky aliens 👽 must have pinched it.
    Well no blood 💉Test today thank goodness. Hope your 💉went ok Brenda do you get a bruise as well. We had sun today but it was b....dy cold though winter coat on for our walk hood up even Bambie had her coat on too. Quite nice though. I have been sorting through the craft stuff I got from Margaret lots going to charity shop. Must do CC tomorrow. Terry has appointment tomorrow for a mole check on his back he saw the doctor last week all the others were ok but she wasn't sure about one so he has to go to the clinic at hospital to have it checked so fingers crossed. Well better get cleared up as OH is 💤💤😴💤
    Your card is lovely Sandra. Love Lynda xx