Saturday, 5 November 2016

Some Christmas Crafts

Angela's Jewelled Snowflake

Brenda Littlelamb Candle Box

Cheryl Christmas Candle Display

Janet's Beautiful Lace and Pearl Baubles

Janet's Christmas Wreath

Janet's Stunning Baubles

Cheryl's Decorative Christmas candle

Good Morning Ladies,

As we are coming up to Christmas fayre Season I thought I would share some of our Christmas Crafts, they have all been shown on the blog before at some point but I thought it would be good to take another look.  It might just give some ideas for someone stuck for ideas.  
I know that I have all the bits to make one of Janet's Christmas wreath's, seeing it again yesterday gave me the inspiration to find all the bits out to have a go.

Cheryl's Christmas candle displays make a real impact on the Christmas table and on your Christmas stall too, they don't take too long to make and you can ask a good price for them, I think that they are stunning, I would like a few to place on the different surfaces throughout our home, adding things like Cinnamon Sticks, Pine Cones, Star anise (which look amazing with a little Inca Gold rubbed on them) look great and give a lovely aroma too.  Well worth a go i think.  

Angela's Jewelled Snowflakes are so beautiful, they don't take too long to make, I can see a fantastic Christmas fayre display with lots of these hung on a spayed branch.  At home they would look stunning hung in the window or on the Cristmas tree of course.

Brenda's Festive boxes can be used to pop those battery tea light candles in, they show off all of the pretty detail that has been die cut into the box, you could sell these with the little candle in (we picked up a pack of 5 in the £1 shop) and a few sweets.  A good profit margin and a stall full of these would look fab, maybe something you could try Michele? 

Janet's beautiful Christmas baubles are just stunning, they look very expensive and individual, they aren't something that you see everywhere, I love both the lace baubles and the one made with the Roses, you could add some essential oil to the flower one and use it as 'posh pot pourri', as with the snowflakes these would look stunning on a Sprayed Branch (similar to the Easter trees).

I would like to thank all of our amazingly talented ladies for inspiring all of us today, thank you Angela, Brenda, Cheryl and Janet xxxx

Well I am off to do some Christmas crafting, I have been blown away by all of the stunning bauble cards that have been coming in, I can't wait to share them with you tomorrow.

Love and Hugs to all of you


  1. Morning Ladies

    Wonderful collection of Christmas crafts on display-the boxes would look great on my Sale Table next Saturday. I might have a play this weekend although I seem to be running out of time already.

    I finally managed to sort through the crates last night-5 large bags to go to 4 different people. A lot of the punches don't work-they're stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions as it seems such a shame to throw them away.

    I'm planning a very quick trip into Southport this morning then I need to set up all my Christmas cards etc on the dining table two I have a plan for next Saturday. Then I'll know if I need to make any thing else-definitely want to make at least one more Card in a Box.


    1. Hi Michele, well done on sorting through all your boxes. I had a punch once that locked and I was on my way to put it in the bin when I dropped it on the flags outside and wow it jumped and unlocked. So maybe giving it a good bash will help ha ha.
      SEeing all the beautiful cards you show on here, I bet you're Christmas Stall is going to look lovely and successful. Have a lovely weekendxxx

    2. Hi Michele. I hope you get on well with laying out your lovely cards and that you don't have to make a lot more. You have done well with getting all of those bags of papers etc. I quickly googled jammed craft punches and there are lots of suggestions. Putting them into the freezer for several hours, as the metal parts often constrict and therefore releasing the punch seems to be a common tip. Have a look and hopefully you will be able to "unjam" them. Good luck x

    3. Thanks for the tip the jammed punches. I'll try that-I have nothing to lose.


    4. Hi Michele, yes to Val and Sues suggestion, and when you get it released get a piece of tin foil fold it and punch through several times, this will take off any metal burrs and also sharpen the punch. xx

    5. Hi Michele
      Congratulations on getting your goodies sorted. Punching through foil if you can, plus giving them a good bash works.

  2. Morning Sandra & ladies,

    Beautiful crafts today Angela, Janet & Brenda.
    My creations grace my home as these were the only ones I kept for myself. I'm in the process of making some as family Christmas presents this year.

    Calamity struck on Tuesday when the gentleman who installed my new Smart Meters went outside to fit the Gas one. The gas combination boiler was leaking quite copiously from the outside relief valve and he considered it too dangerous to re-light as the indicator had gone way over the red line. So ended up with defunct boiler. Couldn't get hold of Kev my plumber til Thursday (his phone was in for repairs) to make arrangements for a new energy efficient one to be installed. I had quite a bit of a double take when I read the installation bill for it. It had actually lasted over 18years ( fitted 20.01.1998)so not bad considering most 'white goods' these days are only fit until the warranty runs out. Good job it is not terribly cold just now but having no hot water is a drawback and I found out this morning the kettle is leaking! Cest la vie and all that jazz.

    Whatever your plans for the weekend are , I hope you enjoy them.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Lovely candle display Cheryl. I be your Christmas table looks so pretty.
      How frustrating that the boiler has packed up but wow you've definitely had your money's worth out of it.Hope you get your new one soon. Xxx

    2. Hi Cheryl. I love your table decorations, making them as gifts is a great idea. Sorry to hear about your boiler, thank goodness it was leaking outside though. It has certainly lasted well. Funnily enough last year ours was replaced after 18 years too, we have noticed quite a big reduction in our gas bills so I hope you do too. Please go and break a matchstick or something so that you get the three things out of the way! Have a good weekend x

    3. Hi Sue,
      I don't have any matches hahaha!
      Second thing to go was my kettle this afternoon, it has sprung a leak right below the water gauge, wasn't a cheapy kettle either. So now I am definitely going to find something that I won't miss if I break it. lol xxx

    4. Hi Cheryl
      Love your table decoration. Shame that you need a new boiler, but didn't it last a long time. You certainly got your monies worth. Hope this doesn't run in threes seeing as your kettles gone as well.

  3. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for ahowing these beautiful Christmas goodies again, I would be pleased to have any of them out on display. Thank you Angela, Brenda, Cheryl & Janet for sharing with us. Enjoy your crafting Sandra. I hope to send my Cc later too late to finish it yesterday, Sue & I had to go shopping, I would rather have been crafting but needs must. I am going to Craft Fair this morning with 2 friends but hope to get cards finished this
    Cafe all ready, nice & warm so come & visit.
    Sending hugs to all who need them, hope Janet did not do too much hoovering & dusting yesterday, take it easy love

    1. Hi Margaret. Enjoy your Craft Fair and your crafting this afternoon. Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

  4. Good morning Ladies ,
    Lots of Christmas goodies on show this morning and I love all of them , such clever ladies and wonderful ideas!
    Michelle it sounds as though you are quite organised , so you can just relax a bit now and enjoy planning and setting up your stand for next week I'm sure it will look amazing.
    Margaret, I'm sorry I missed out wishing you and your husband a Happy Anniversary, I hope you had a memorable and fun day.xo
    I'm meant to be playing golf this morning but as the forecast is not very good I think I'll make Iain's birthday cake instead ( I love the smell of baking on a cold wet day ) much more satisfying than getting all wet and miserable!
    Have a lovely weekend, love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne. Making a lovely cake sounds a lot better than golf in the rain. I love the smell of baking so if you could waft the aroma over here I'd be really happy. Have a lovely

    2. Hi Anne. Spending time baking would be my choice too and the lovely smell is so warming and comforting, isn't it 😀 x

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Beautiful Christmas goodies on show today. Angel, Brenda, Janet and Cheryl you have my admiration for creating such lovely decorations.
    Having a day in the craft room today. I have a lot of non Christmas cards to catch up on. First though Sandra I'll be making my cc.

    If any of you are near Fireworks tonight please be careful. I don't want to read of any accidents tomorrow.

    Have a lovely Saturday.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. Have a good day making non Christmas cards, that will be a nice change for you won't it 😀 x

  6. Beautiful Christmas crafting ladies Every year I promise myself that I will make more gift type items and then struggle to make just the cards that I need Perhaps next year....
    Happy Anniversary for yesterday MARGARET
    Brain's gone fuzzy again Enjoy the baking, crafting, organising cards,
    Will be crafting myself today I need need to see if my bauble card for you SANDRA Check my emails Tidy my laptop Do some knitting Sew up the reindeer Tidy my craft room as ai have a friend coming to craft on Tuesday and some other housework too
    Enjoy your day ladies

    1. Hi Karen. You have got a very busy day, haven't you! I hope you get to relax and craft with your friend on Tuesday. Take care x

    2. Hi Karen
      My brain goes fuzzy all the time. You've had a busy day today. Enjoy your evening, I'm watching darts on channel 24. Only watch CE on Hochanda now.

  7. PS I'm still watching the channel but it feels like it's getting a bit like C&C with Stephanie W that Crafters Companion are running Hochanda What do you think?

    1. Totally agree Karen, it's a real turn off. I've just tuned in and it's Crafters Companion again. This time it's a Spectrum Aqua Weekend so there won't be much else on over the weekend. AND it's that over the top blond woman demonstrating again. I just can't take to her. I think I'll put a video

    2. Agree totally, I only watch the craft channel now ,especially when Lesley is on she is so artistic.

  8. Hi Sandra. It is lovely to see all of these gorgeous decorations again. Angela, Brenda little lamb, Janet and Cheryl have all inspired me to get cracking on some decorations. Like Sandra I must find the rings to have a go at a wreath similar to Janet's.
    Maria, I hope you are ok, how is the shoulder now? X
    Lynda, I hope you have a good weekend, at least you won't be having any jabs, for a couple of days at least x
    Brenda, are you having a weekend at home? If so I hope you get to relax and craft x
    Sonia, I'm so glad that your new job is as good as we hoped. Just think how you were feeling this the last week x

  9. Oops, signed off too early!
    Sandra, maybe we could have a go at the wreath together on Tuesday, if we have found the rings by then 😀 I am off to finish my CC now, and start Gems birthday card.
    Enjoy the weekend everyone. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Janet and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue, we are home today and tomorrow going to Essex to celebrate our grandsons 18th Birthday, all the family will be there, eldest grandson has come home from University to join in the party. I'm really looking forward to everyone being together. xx

    2. Hi Brenda
      I hope you have a lovely time in Essex, celebrating with your family.

  10. Hello Everyone, cold and sunny here.

    Absolutely stunning Christmas crafts ladies, you are all so talented, lovely to see them again.

    Feeling sorry for myself today decided to kiss the garage floor yesterday, managed to fall with my arm underneath me , so have a very sore side today, but at least no broken bones.

    Been to the range this morning , not very inspiring, bought some new tulip bulbs, and some blank cards, plus a few household items.

    Have a lovely day everyone, if your going to fireworks rap up warm, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lillian, OUCH! That fall sounds horrible, do take care and try and have an easy day LOL xx

    2. Hi Lilian. Ouch is the right word, sounds like you had a horrible fall. Hope you can have a lazy day tomorrow as you'll probably be sore.

  11. Hello Sandra and all our Coffee Shop friends,

    What a lovely treat, to see all these beautiful treasures that so deserve a second viewing.
    Angela, I love your Jewelled snowflake, its absolutely gorgeous.
    Brenda (LL) your lantern with tea light would give a lovely welcome to visitors.
    Cheryl, your table decorations are stunning, they really set the festive feeling.
    Janet, your baubles are absolutely exquisite,I love the little wreath.

    Sandra, Thank you, for reminding us what a wealth of talent and inspiration you have on this blog. xx

    Hope everyone is having a good day. If you're going to see fireworks tonight please take care.
    Love and hugs for everyone, Brenda xxx

  12. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Flipping freezing today didn't go for a walk today as Terry picket Bambie up to put her coat on & she let out a load cry or scream not sure what was wrong she wouldn't let us look wondering if one of her claws is digging in her pads so will have to try & see. Later. Did the ironing this morning then hoovered.
    We are going to Lisa's for dinner tomorrow so that will be nice & to see
    number one grandson.
    I love all today's fabulous Christmas decorations
    Angela your jewelled star gorgeous. Brenda LL I love your T light lantern
    Cheryl what a stunning table decoration. Janet your lace baubles are gorgeous. Love your little wreath your all so clever.SUE yes it's nice not having any blood test at weekend but have lots of tests in the next couple weeks before I have my operation, lung function X-ray scan Diabetic clinic R A appointment & blood tests in between so lots of prodding & poking. So sorry I won't be able to meet up on the 15th as two appointments that day 😱😰.
    I'm going to sort out last bag I have got from Margaret so far it's been mostly Card some decoupage sheets so hoping this one has mote exciting.
    So hope when we sort he little bedroom & Under her ged it will be better.
    Love Lynda xxxx

    1. Crikey Lynda you are having a busy time at the hospital before your op. Shame we won't see you on the 15th.

  13. Afternoon Sandra and all today.
    I'm so glad we get to see these wonderful Christmas crafts again. Thank you Ladies for sharing them with us.
    Been to Frost today and you know Cheryl that something very similar to your candle holder with a few berries and some cinnamon sticks were costing £19.95 and it wasn't as nice looking as yours by far.
    Love the wreath by our Janet, like to make one (one day)
    Brenda- have a rest this weekend and so you can enjoy seeing everyone at your grandsons party. Lovely with them all together.
    Lilian- please take it easy, oh that must have hurt. Glad if no bones broken but ouch. Sending you some gentle healing hugs.
    Val- are you going to Iceland or was that the doc ? Hope your back/bag tihi soon feel better. Enjoy doing some non Christmas cards today. Have just made my list for posting and to see how many cards I need to make, Help! should have started with them in soooo much sooner :-(
    Cuddles to Gracie, bless her. Glad she is ok.
    Karen- hope you have a nice weekend and manage to stick whats it name together. :-)
    Lynda- thanks, yes not the answer I'd hoped for but it is much more important that you get better and April will soon be around. Good that Terry not diabetic, not fair is it sometimes. Big hugs to you both.
    How is S--t leg doing ?
    Anne- how much nicer to do baking then golf in this wet,cold weather. Wish I could bake but I have a shop bought Red Velvet in the cupboard and some Delicato balls fell in the basket at Ikea yesterday so will enjoy a little bit of that tomorrow afternoon. Always treat myself to something on the Sunday. Might buy one of Sue's new dies next time tho, it last longer :-)
    Margaret- hope you had a nice morning at the craft fair.
    I am one too that have NEC withdraws and the only reason I didn't go this year is because of funds otherwise I love seeing the Christmas and Hobby craft section but before it has been to crowdy to really enjoy it fully.
    Perhaps we should arrange for a meet up there next year November on a weekday ??
    Michele- you seem to have everything in order for next weekend and fingers crossed and good luck for a sellout.
    Shame you a bit too far away or I would come and see you at the table. Hope your friend is helping out as promised.
    Sue- hope you are alright, were you tired after looking after little Chris ? :-) it must be lovely when you have those mornings together. My shoulder is still playing up but seeing a physio for that in some weeks. My knee feels still ok after injection but felt the pain in the calf back but they said it can take time with a pulled pork :-)
    Cheryl- I really hope that everything get sorted for you asap. You cant be without heating for long. It's getting down to freezing here tonight so I hope you can stay warm enough. Sending you some hot hugs for now.
    Have some cards to put together but sorry no CC from me this week unless I get something together later. I'm home alone tonight as Son and OH is going to watch ice-hockey. I was invited and when I been it's great fun but like to be home tonight. I hope you all have had a good day and you are having a good night. Stay warm, love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. So sorry Sonia, missed you there. Very happy you first week at the new job have gone so well and that you dared to take the leap for something different. You go girl :-) hugs xx

    2. Hi Maria
      I hope the physio is able to sort your shoulder out. I ought to go with my arm. It's been bad since June when we went to Italy. I thought I might have pulled a muscle but it really can't last that long can it. Some days I don't notice it at all. Much nicer to stay in in the warm as I thought it would feel cold at ice hockey.

  14. Hi Sandra
    It's so lovely to see the ladies Christmas makes. Just the thing to get us in the mood for Christmas card making. I've already started mine. How good am I this year.
    Lovely to see one of Littlelambs lanterns. Loved seeing her pottery on the blog.

  15. Well let's see what blogger does now. I'd just posted under Karen and blogger wouldn't let me go no further.

  16. Hurray managed to g down the posts.
    Sonia seems like you had a good week at your new job. I'm glad it's going so well for you. Always a worry starting a new job.