Saturday, 26 November 2016

Cheryl's Cute Snowmen and your Craft Buys

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
Did you all get some bargains in the Black Friday sales?? I was sick of hearing all about Black Friday by about 10am, I had to explain to a lady in the shop what it meant, she was most confused, I'm not sure she was any clearer after I explained that it was called "black " Friday as it is the biggest shopping day in America as people finish celebrating Thanksgiving and start Christmas shopping, therefore retailers take in so much money that they go out of the 'Red' and into the 'Black', she wanted to know why that meant we had to have it too, there is no answer to that, so I just smiled, told her that I hope she found a bargain because of it and moved on!

I will say that I got a good few emails shouting about their Black Friday Bargain offers, but i didn't find anything that I wanted.

Now onto our first photo of the day.........

How cute are these amazing "Snowfolk", Cheryl has made all of these, they are made from a sock, plenty of tutorials on YouTube, each one is different and just adorable as the next, I am sure these will be gone in minutes Cheryl, hopefully leaving you with a good amount for Pete's Charity.  Good luck for tomorrow, I look forward to hearing how you get on at this new Venue.  Thank you for brightening our day with this gorgeous photo xxxx

Now onto your Craft Shopping.......
Michele's Purchases

This haul was from Garden Centre Craft shop,
Michele had a discount, so whole lot was About £9.50 !

This set Michele picked up at Co-op Charity Table,
it just needs a pen added, perfect gift to 'Crazy Friend'

This cute coastser set from Hobbycraft was purchased for a colleague.

Some great bargains Michele, lovely gift ideas too, your craft shop haul was great bargain, thank you for sharing xxxx

Lynda's Buys

Unable to craft this week, Lynda turned to the next best! 
3 Great sets of Sue's Dies, I look forward to seeing what you create, I hope you will soon be able to take on some 'light' crafting my lovely xxxx

Brenda's Buys

Brenda has bought the latest Colour pencils from Crafter's Companion, with some Blending Solution and accessories, these pencils have had some great reviews, I can't wait to hear how you get on with them Brenda, thank you for taking part xxxx

Pat's Craft Buys 

These first buys of Pat's were partly my fault, I needed to pop over to our local (well 22 miles away) craft shop for some Glitter Embossing Powder, I couldn't go without Pat, so it would have been rude for Pat not have bought anything! haha 

Pat, I love these  stamps that you have bought, what makes them 3D? I can't wait to have a play!!  I think that Pat also has a Stepper Card die, but may be wrong, i look forward to having a go though! 

Lastly Pat has bought two fab Creative Expression Embossing Folders, Nordic Tiles and Snowflake Mosaic, next weeks meet up will be fun Pat, look forward to seeing your cards, thank you Pat xxxx

Karen's Buys

Karen has spent some of her Birthday money, first we have these great Tattered Lace dies, Linking Apertures, in three different shapes and the Pet "Paw-Traits", Cat and Dog.  

These are a couple of examples of the dies Karen bought, I just found these on 
Google.  You wouldn't think to look at them, but I think that those 'Linking Apertures' dies will be really useful.  

Karen's other birthday buy was the fabulous Cutterpillar Crop, It is a rotary cutter/ trimmer that sharpens itself each time you cut.  I have the large one of these (my birthday gift from Paul) and so far so good, I wouldn't rave about it like Mel does on 
Create and Craft, it cuts well, one thing I have noticed is that we always assume the paper we buy is straight to start with, but more often than not it isn't, so you could be forever trimming a piece of card, I now check all 4 sides up against the lines on my cutter or on my glass mat.  
I have cut many different things, from vellum to Acetate, all of which it cut perfectly, it didn't cut Tumble drier sheets though! haha, Thank you for sharing Karen xxxx

That's all for today ladies, I hope you have a lovely weekend.  I am looking forward to sharing your Challenge Cards tomorrow xx

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-I love your sock snowmen, they're so cute.

    Great crafty purchases. I've stashed mine away as most things are presents, the dies & white bags aren't so I might get chance to play with the new dies over the next few days. I'm off to the hairdressers at 9.30 but I need to get some shopping done before that so will have to get a move on as everything is covered in heavy frost.


  2. Morning Sandra and everyone in the cafe today.
    Cheryl- I Love your snowman ! Would love to have a few myself, they are fab. Good luck today, hope you have a really good day.
    So many wonderful buys from you ladies, Michele-you always find some bargains (cute owls) Hope you have a nice day, Pat- love your stamps, going shopping with Sandra ,oh dear hihi , Lynda- looking forward to see your cards made with these dies ,good girl doing as you told hihi. Just take it slowly. Brenda- nice pencils ,hope all the birthdays were fun and your cold is better and Karen- with the dies and the cute cards, you will have so much fun. Janet- hope you have a nice Saturday. Any plans to go to Marigny or will you wait until the new year ? Sonia- have a nice day with the family or working. Lilian- hope the weather is better and you are well. Margaret- sending you cuddles ,just because and hope your daughter is having a nice break away. Sandra- have a nice day with the family. Sue, Anne and Littlelamb, missing you ! Not doing much today, got to bed first at 3am so might just try for an airing later if the weather holds, it is a bit dark and gloomy today.
    Have a nice day everyone, love and many hugs Maria Xxxx

  3. Good morning Sandra over leaders in the coffee shop,
    Cheryl, I love your little people, as I'm sure everyone at the Christmas fayre will, these are really going to fly off the shelf. I hope you raise lots of money for your very special charity.
    What lovely lot of shopping you ladies have been doing this week. Michele love your bargains.
    Lynda, hope it doesn't get too frustrated not being able to play with your beautiful new dies. Hope you're doing well XX
    Karen, Love your cat and dog dies, how are you getting on with your paper trimmer?
    We are off to our daughters soon, granddaughter having a big party later so it's all hands on deck!

    Hope everyone has a good day, love and hugs, Brenda XXX

  4. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely lot of goodies you have all
    Cheryl your snowmen are soo cute they will fly of the stall, hope you have a successful
    Quick visit today just going to catch bus up to Sue's, we are taking the girls to the local drama group production of Cinderella this afternoon & then tomorrow making Christmas puddings with them, so fun weekend.
    Sending hugs to all who ñeed them love

  5. Hello All, dark, gloomy and cold, just been to town (Truro) glad to be home.
    Everyone seems to doing their Christmas shopping .
    I only bought a new jumper to wear at my daughters next weekend, we are going shopping at Westfield shopping centre, haven't been shopping with my daughter for ages, so really looking forward to it.

    Cheryl love your snowmen, really cute, hope you have a good day.

    Love all the crafty buys still waiting for mine to arrive from the Craft Channel, hope they arrive as Lesley has left the channel and it was her products I ordered last Saturday, usually here by now.

    Also ordered from C/C which should be arriving to day.

    Well I'd better go and make my challenge card, I don't expect any of you buy any Christmas cards ( scuse the swear word) but if you do M&S have some at 50% off.
    Have a lovely rest of Saturday, hugs Lilian

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    What a lovely lot of crafty buy this week Pat looks like Sandra was a bad influence making you buy your lovely goodies. I love the 3D stamps waiting to see how they work. Nice embossing folders & your other buys too.
    Cheryl how cute are your cute snow people they will fly of the table. Enjoy your day. Karen love your cute cat & dog Dies & your cutting crop looks good.,
    Michele your so good at finding crafting bargains you don't need Black Friday x
    Brenda love your colouring pencils ✏️ With all the extras. Enjoy your weekend with your daughter & family.xx
    Another day not being able to craft I keep looking at my new Dies & yes Brenda
    So frustrating just looking at them. I still have two birthday cards to make for next month. So hopefully by the end of next week I will try & do some cutting out. Not much going on today it's dry but a very cold day.
    Hope you all have a good Saturday love & Hug's Lynda xx

  7. Lots of super buys today I'm rushing today - I'll explain in a mo I'm a bit like SANDRA re the Cutterpillar At first when I looked at my first cut against the led lights on the machine I thought it looked "feathered" but in reality was OK I'm getting used to it I love the "butt" edge. The light is a godsend - how did I manage without that! What I would like is somehow have measurements on both sides of the cutting blades - to correct wonky borders when gluing in mats! I'll work on that
    The linking aperture dies are brilliant and thanks for theexamples SANDRA incorporating the Paw-trait dies
    Sorry I'm not commenting on everyone's purchases but today is a bit of a sad day for me and my family - it's the seventh anniversary of my son's passing Lots of tears The pain never goes but we learn to live with it

    1. Karen sending you all special

    2. Karen sending lots of🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗Hug's xxxx

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Oh Cheryl, I love the snowmen, they're so cute :-)
    Fabulous craft buys - enjoy :-)
    Karen, thinking of you and sending hugs xx
    Just remembered I haven't photographed my challenge card, so best do that and send it in.
    Hope everyone has had a good day. Hugs to all xxx