Monday 29 February 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

The Sketch

My challenge Card 

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Here is this weeks Sketch Challenge for you, I have chosen a simple design this week as last weeks was a little more challenging! 
As always, you just follow the basic layout and then you can add your own special touches, embellishments etc.  You don't have to use ribbon, you could use a border die or lace as I have, Sue's Buckle Bars would work well too.  

I usually like to make two variations to inspire you but I have to say that my body was simply 'not playing along' it wanted to just lie down !  Too much in and out of the wheelchair looking for crafty bargains on Saturday, there is a lot to be said for internet shopping!!

Now for a Special Treat for all of you.....

Jean sent us a photograph of her Great Grandson Jackson,
Jean you are the most Glamorous Granny we know, what a lovely photo for the family album, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us xxx

That's well for today ladies, have a lovely day .

Love and Hugs

Sunday 28 February 2016

Sketch Challenge & Happy Birthday Janet


 The Gatefold Sketch

 My Sample Sketch

My 2nd sample sketch

 Anne's Challenge Card

 Anne's Challenge Card inide

 Anne's Challenge card 2

Anne's Challenge Card 2 inside

Brenda Lello's Challenge card

Cheryl's Challenge card

Cheryl's Challenge card inside

 Hazel's Challenge Card

Hazel's Challenge card 2

 Janet's Challenge Card

Janet's Challenge Card 2

Jean's Challenge Card

 Jean's Challenge Card inside

 Jess's Challenge Card

Jess's Challenge card inside
Karen's Challenge Card

 Lilian's Challenge Card

Lilian's Challenge card inside

Lynda's Challenge card

 Lynda's |Challenge card inside
Margaret's Challenge card

Maria's Challenge Card

Myra's Challenge Card 

 Myra's challenge card inside

Sue's Challenge card

Val's Challenge Card

 Val's Challenge card inside

Good Morning Ladies,

Firstly today I would like to wish a Very Special Friend a VERY Special Birthday,
Janet, I hope you have a day filled with love and laughter and many happy returns xx

I just can't manage to go through all of the cards today, but I would like to make a couple of special mentions.......

Hazel & Lynda, I didn't expect a challenge card from either of you this week as you have both been so poorly, I was so touched to think that you even thought about the challenge, thank you both, your cards are gorgeous xxxx

Val, you were so busy preparing for your holiday but you too found time to make and send your Challenge card in before you left, as this is only your second time of showing your cards EVER, I think it was a very special gesture, your card is just amazing, thank you xxxx

Anne and Janet, you both enjoyed the challenge so much that you made 2 cards, I wasn't expecting that, thank you for four fabulous cards.

Margaret and Sue, thank you both for your cards, Special thanks to you Margaret for giving Sue 'gentle persuasion' to get her card finished !! Haha xxxx

Jean, I love your 'love' themed card, perfect for an Anniversary, it is beautiful inside and out xxx
Jess, I was amazed at how different the rounded corners made to the look of the gatefold card, I love your design xxx

Maria, I love how your design follows through to the inside of your card, that card you have used is so pretty, did you add thee lace yourself ?? Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone xxx

Myra I love how you have used thee Striplet die to incorporate your inside patterned card to the outside of your card, it balances the card perfectly, a great card for both male or females to have in your Standby card box, thank you for the Inspiration xxx

Brenda, I love the look you have achieved by using a fancy edge die on either side of the 'gatefold', using the gorgeous Pearl card behind really highlights that beautifully intricate design, I can see why you bought those gorgeous little wooden charms today, it looks so cute on your card and gives the perfect finishing touch, thank you for your inspiration xxxx

Cheryl, I managed to download your file, extract its contents and then paste it into my card file, I hope you are impressed, I am not sure why I got the insert but couldn't open the card, the file was huge for the card, so maybe that's why, but OH MY, was it worth it, a totally gorgeous card, with such a heartfelt verse inside, I bought a lump to my throat, thank you so very much for taking part and sharing, I am sure you must be exhausted after the Panto etc, xxxx

Karen, I love your design, which embossing folder have you used? I love those dainty little stars!  your card is so bright and cheerful, I am sure Leah will love it, you were another one with a busy week of preparing, so thank you so very much for finding the time to take part, I hope you have had a lovely trip, looking forward to photos xxx

Lilian, the colours you used are so rich and oplulent, I love the little corners you have used to decorate the front seem to match that gorgeous embossing folder you have used so well, I also love that little bar you have used as a closure, the inside is as beautiful as the out, thank you for inspiring us all xxxx

Phew, I think that's it, I am needing match sticks for my eyes right now, it was a exhausting day, but I truly loved every minute, spending time with friends I love dearly, it seemed a very large hall but we were never far away from each, which was lovely as it is so much more fun sharing your bargain finds and getting each others opinions on different craft goodies, it was the longest time I have spent with Brenda and I loved every single second.  We didn't have too much trouble getting a table for all of us at lunchtime, there seemed more than Ally Pally but there were no free tables, at AP you can pretty much guarantee to get a table! The whole set up there is really wheelchair friendly, with covered parking and really wide aisles to get up and down easily.  It was so exciting being part of Margaret's first 'cardmaking' craft shopping experience, you could just feel her excitemdnt, I felt very privileged to be a part of your card making 'journey', you are going to have so much fun unpacking and organising all of your new goodies, Alan won't see you for days!! Angela was having a great time shopping too, she even managed to fit in a workshop, I will show you her fabulous creation through the week!  It was lovely to see Diane at the end of the afternoon too!  

Please remember to photograph your craft purchases ladies for our 'Guilty Secrets' feature in the week, it will be a good one this week!

I will be back with a sketch challenge again tomorrow, just a simple one this week I think, once again if there is a design you want me to include (card shape,style etc) just let me know xx

Janet, I managed to summon Marigny Dobby to fetch all of your favourite patisseries,
With some lovely homemade jam from your favourite place in France, so sit down, beside the fire, put your feet up and relax, Paul had freshly ground you some coffee beans, I have put some pretty tablecloths and napkins out for the occasion, afternoon tea later today too, I will be cutting the edges off the cucumber sandwiches later!
Have a wonderful day xxxx

That goes for all of you too,

Love and huge hugs
sandra xxxxx

Saturday 27 February 2016

For One Week Only.......Mixed Craft Saturday !!!!!

Janet's Gorgeous Aran Jacket

Sue's Beautiful Cross Stitch

Cheryl's Beautiful Wedding Ring

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I am so pleased to be able to bring you a bonus 'Mixed Craft Saturday' just for
One week, but that makes it even more special.

First up we have Janet's gorgeous Aran jacket for Lily-Mae, it is so cute and I can just imagine how cute she will look wearing it, maybe we could have a photo of her wearing it?.  I can understand that you want to make one for Gracie-Leigh, it can be something for her to grow in to.  My girls both had one and they were perfect for when its too warm to wear a big coat, but you still need a little warmth. They also look so huggable when they were wearing them!  Thank you so much Janet for sharing your gorgeous Jacket with us xxxx

Next up we have a first I think, it is a totatally amazing Cross Stitch, created by my very dear friend Sue, yes SUE ! It must have taken ages for you to complete this absolutely gorgeous image of a family of hedgehogs, it is so intricate, you can even see the spines on the hedgehogs, those flowers really make the image 'pop' to with their burst of colour.  Sue sent me three photo's but I am going to make the most of them, you will get to see them I promise.  Thank you so much Sue, you clearly read my mind! I am so proud to be able share your work xxxx

Cheryl has designed and created this Gorgeous Wedding Keepsake for Andy and Anna, you just don't see those kind of keepsakes anymore, we had Horse Shoes and a Rolling Pin to name but a few, you don't see brides with them anymore, that makes this so much more special, so beautifully made too, I love the flowers and the two hearts dangling from the top of the wreath too!  You too are a mind reader, I received Janet's photo of the Aran Jacket and wanted to share it straight away,but it has been a busy day and I forgot to come on and ask for Mixed crafts, but not to worry you and Sue both sent me crafts to share, thank you so much, xxxx

Well its off to Farnborough for us today, Pat, Sue and Margaret should all be arriving at 7.30 am, we will set off soon after and hopefully the traffic will be kind to us.
I am looking forward to meeting Brenda, Angela and Sonia as well as anyone else we may bump into!  I will be in later to tell you all about our day!

Be good now, poor Janet has a big birthday tomorrow so we can't be running her ragged around the café, I have done most of the setting up for today, so whoever is in first can take it easy!

Love and Hugs

Friday 26 February 2016

This Weeks 'Guilty Secrets' & Jess's card

 Jean's Craft Show Goodies

Michele''s Craft Show Goodies...........

Michele's biggest Craft show purchase !!

Karen's Purchases

Jess's Gorgeous card for friends 

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

One more sleep to go !!!!! Then we are off to Farnborough, I get to go with my lovely friends Pat, Sue & Margaret, will also meeting our other lovely friends Brenda, Angela and Sonia, plus many more I hope !  Paul's ears will be ringing by the end of the day ! haha 

Now onto this weeks guilty secrets, although I am pretty sure that not everybody has confessed !!

Jean, you have bought exactly my choice of goodies, I love that Heartfelt Creations Shoe Dies, it looks so gorgeous when its made up as we saw on Sheila's card last week, I think that they also bought out a matching Paper pad too !  Having both of the dies gives you alot more versatility, I think you can add a strap etc.
Those Sparkling Poinsettia Dies look fabulous too, I would love to see those made up!
HoneyDoo Stamps are on my shopping list too, I love that company and pretty much all of their products, you got some card too by the looks of it, it looks like you had a fantastic days shopping, thank you so much for sharing! Xxxx

Now onto Michele, you too had a good day, the 'Get Well Soon' is a great addition to your die stash, particularly if you are like me and aren't too accurate at stamping, with dies you can cut your sentiment with the same card as you have used in your card, so no looking around for matching ink pads !  I see you got some stamps a lovely Cat picture frame, some magazines and some kraft Card, but also you got your
Spellbinders Platinum Machine, you will love it Michele, I love the fact that I can use my Grand calibur plates, as they don't buckle like the clear ones do, I look forward to hearing your verdict Michele, thank you for sharing your purchases with us xxxx

Karen popped to the Range this week and treated herself to 2 new dies, the Xcut Heart and Butterfly die, both will be very useful, Karen says the heart is small enough to be used as petals for a flower, both leave a lovely aperture as well as having pretty, lacy designs, I look forward to seeing what you create with them, thank you for sharing xxxx 

Now I couldn't wait another day to show you Jess's Anniversary Card that she made for her friends, I love the colours you have used and your design using the Lattice and Lace Striplet die and the Heraldic Square Die both from Creative Expressions designed by our Sue Wilson, is just gorgeous, that lovely lacy background with the
Lovely blue showing through and then finished with the Heraldic die creating the 
focal point for your die cut sentiment.  A few tiny flowers and pearls is all that is needed to finish off your gorgeous design.  Thank you so much for sharing Jess xxxx

We had Parents evening last night ladies and I am very proud to say that both of my girls are doing amazingly well, achieving above target grades in all subjects, I have never heard A and A* mentioned so much, so if you are peeking in girls as I know you do, Dad and I are so very proud of both of you, keep up the good work xxxx

Love and Hugs

Thursday 25 February 2016

Thursday Already?!

Good Morning Ladies,

Can you believe its Thursday already??!!

Val have an amazing break back home, where you will be thoroughly spoiled and pampered just as you deserve, we look forward to hearing all about your adventures xx

Today's card was a little something I rustled up when I got home from Pat's,
We had a lovely catch up, Pat is away in Essex next week so if will must be the two of us.  Although we are meeting up on Saturday (early) for our Road Trip to Farnborough, who else is going ??

I used the Australian Background Die, designed by Sue Wilson, and used it to cut a piece of white card,  without all of the cutting edges,   I wrapped some Aqua ribbon around the card and popped it through a Pearl heart ribbon slider.
I took a piece of Aqua coloured card from my pack of Lidl card and used it's the background colour of my card, I placed a piece of double sided adhesive sheet behind the Australian Background die cut and added some Extra fine glitter four a little sparkle. I mounted the white card front onto some double sided adhesive for dimension and added to the Aqua card, I then mounted onto a tiny white matt and then onto the card base.  I cut the Blushing Rose die cuts, cut in Aqua and mounted onto white card covered with double sided adhesive and added glitter to the excposed areas of adhesive.  I mounted them onto my card, with their matching leaves, added a few matching pearls.  The Happy Birthday Sentiment was also cut in the aqua card, twice, mounted upon each other for
a little dimension and added to it to the bottom of the card.

I hope you like it !

Love and hugs


Wednesday 24 February 2016

Anne's Gorgeously Girly Card and Jeans image of Norah's Juggles !!!

Anne's Gorgeous Card

Jean's Image of Norah's huggles

Good Wednesday morning Ladies,
I am excited to share with you today Anne's gorgeous girly card, I absolutely love that background paper and it works so well with the pretty pink card that Anne has used.
Anne used the 'Lattice Window' Striplet die and the 'Blushing Rose' both from Creative Expressions and their French Collection 'Tag' die for the sentiment. 
Such a beautiful combination of colours and dies, thank you so much Anne for sharing your card with us xxx

I also couldn't wait to Share this cute image that Jean sent in, this is how Jean imagines those cute little  huggles look,  I have to say I think she could be right,
Just look at the mischief in their faces, you could just imagine them skidding around the kitchen, using the teaspoons as sledges or See-Saws!  

Hopefully we are off to Pat's today for some crafting and fun!!

Whatever you are up to have a great one ladies,
Love and hugs

Tuesday 23 February 2016

A little Bit Peachy !!

Good Morning Ladies,

I have been trying to get my hands on this embossing folder for some time,
Then totally by chance last week I stumbled across it and snapped it up!
Its called All-Occasion Embossing Folder, I think initially it was free with a 
Craft magazine, people went crazy for it so they did another run of them.
I can understand the interest as with one pass through your machine with your 
Embossing folder sand which and you have a perfect 6 x 6 Inch background.
You can of course add colour to your embossing folder and run that through 
Your machine, I did it with a lovely blue ink, it gives a distressed finish but
It's very effective.  
All I did to this card was to add some flowers and pearlsvall in peach tones,
Then mount it onto a similar colour card, I think I am going to Mount it 
again on to Some white card with a pierced border, just to balance out 
The size of the flowers!

I was going to play last night withs some new mixed media things that I 
treated myself to, but that wasn't to be the case, Sophie bought me her 
Coat and a needle and thread and sheepishly said that she had tried
To mend it herself, I asked for a closer look and saw a huge L shaped tear
Just beside the pocket.  I couldn't use my machine as Paul wasn't here to get it 
Out and that would have meant unpicking the lining too, so I just sat for almost 
Two hours, trying to make my stitches as invisible as possible. 
All done now, how it passes, she'll be cold if not!!

I hope you have a good day,hugs to absent friends xxxxx

Love and hugs


Monday 22 February 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

The Sketch (Gatefold Card)

My first Gatefold Sketch Card

Inside of my Gatefold card

My 2nd Gatefold Card

Inside 2nd gatefold card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Well something a little different for the Sketch Challenge this week, it is a gatefold card, I am sure that you all know what that is but for anyone new to card making here are as couple of diagrams ....

Most score boards have the score points for a Gatefold card, if not the easiest easy to to it to trim your A4 card down to 10 inches along the longest side, then you just score at 2 1\2 inch and 7 1/2 inch, fold and crease and you have your gatefold card.

I used my new 'Bella Rose' papers to decorate my card, I then die cut two heart die cuts that link together to keep the card closed, the bottom heart is attached to the right side of the card and the top heart is attached to the left. 
I arranged some pink flowers into both hearts and three pearls. I used Sue Wilson's pierced flags to put my sentiment in and added a few flowers and pearls to finish the card. The inside was decorated with the same papers.

My second card was just to demonstrate the simplicity of the card design, I used the Toy Soldier paper from an old Kanban kit, using the matching decoupage  to create the focal point across the join.

The Sketch card itself just uses a square, you could just do the same or change it up for any shape you fancy, a favourite die shape for example or a topper!
I can't wait to see what you come up with.
If you can't be fussed with making a gatefold card just use the sketch as a flat card front.  I want bit to be achievable by everybody.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me xx

Have a lovely day ladies, it looks like it is going to get seriously cold later this week, so don't put your thermal knickers and vest away yet!!

Love and hugs