Saturday, 20 February 2016

More Craft Rooms

 Angela's Craft Room

 Angela's 'work in progress' corner

 Angela's 'Tech' Corner
Some of Angela's projects

More of Angela's storage and a place to relax!

 Jean's Craft room

Jean's Very Organised storage area

 Johanna's Craft Room

 Johanna's storage area

Johanna's Very organised storage

 Lilian's Craft/Work Room

 Lilian's storage area 

Lilian's 'tech' area and work desk

Lilian's work desk

Janet's Craft Room

Hazel's Craft room

Hazel's die cutting area

Hazels organised Storage

More craft Storage and the spare bed!!
Hazel's card 'construction' area!

Good Morning Ladies,

well as you can see we had a wonderful response to our Craft Room feature, thank you so much to Maria whose idea it was, we all love to be a little bit nosey, don't we?!

First up we have Angela's Craft room, now Angela, I thought that you didn't really have that much craft stash when we were chatting in Spain last year, how WRONG was I, you have an amazing stash,I bet Trevor has no idea!! Haha, you have a lot oif very organised storage going on there, like me you should have shares in that storage box company!!!  Thank you so much for sharing your craft space and I hope you are enjoying Lincolnshire xxxx

Next up we have the VERY organised Jean's  Craft Room, you too have lots of Storage4crafts boxes, they are really sturdy though aren't they?!  Those filing cabinet style draws are fabulous too, I have my Platinum on a Butchers block too, its a good sturdy base for die cutting!  Thank you so much for taking the time to share your craft space with us Jean xxxx

Johanna's craft room is up next, I love the ribbon storage idea, it looks like you have made use of every available inch of space in your craft room Johanna, lots of lovely organised storage too, I would love to have a nosey in everyone's boxes of goodies!!
Thank you Johanna for sharing your craft space with us xxxx

Lilian's craft room is her work room too, as you will notice the lovely robust sewing machine, I bet that large sewing table is fabulous for crafting on too!!
Lilian, were you once a Stampin up rep, it looks like you have a fair few of their ink pads, can I mention 'Alcohol pens' it looks like you have a lovely collection, I would love to spend a few hours at your craft desk, I could play and keep you company while you are sewing??!! I am only joking with you, you are likev me and have been collecting craft stuff for a good few years, you would be a good craft friend to ask advice on which is the best pen range or ink pads though!  Now I know why your cards are so fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing your craft space with us xxxx

Janet, come on, that looks way too tidy, is that really all of your craft stash??!  I know how much detail and embellishments you go to the trouble of adding to your beautiful cards and I can't see where you are storing all of those lovely ribbons you use, but I guess you have 2 craft rooms, one here and another in Marigny, I bet most of your crafty goodies are over there as you  have more time to craft whilst there relaxing!  Thank you so much for sharing your craft space with us Janet xxxxx

Hazel shares her craft space with the guest bedroom, I bet Patricia loves that when she stays over!  You look very organised Hazel, not a die cut fall out piece in sight!
Did you get more storage or haved you just reorganise after having to shift everything out when Charlie's sister visited?  Hazel not only has all her craft stash neatly stashed in there but all the goodies for her gift baskets, Nappy & Beer cakes too, your room must be like Dr Who's Tardis Hazel, or maybe you are just super organised!  Thank you so much for sharing xxxxx

Well what a super long post today, but a fabulous one, it is nice to try and picture each one of  you sat creating fabulous cards at your craft stations, once again, thank you so much for taking part, I really do appreciate the time you put bin xxx

How about "Show us your 'Bit Box' " for our next feature? A small gift to the most impressive !! What do you think? I won't take part as I have 3 overflowing 'Bit boxes' as Pat or Sue will confirm, in fact I think I have a 'bit corner' !! The following week we could make a card using your 'bit box' contents only!!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for blog features, I am open to pretty much anything!!!

Hugs to our absent friends xxx
Lynda I hope you are feeling brighter today, sending gentle hugs my lovely xxx

Love and hugs to all!,


  1. Morning Ladies

    WOW-I just love seeing everyone's crafty spaces. It makes me want to re-organise my own room. They're all amazing.

    Well-it's very windy here & it's just started to rain. Not what I want when I set off driving . Just need toget dressed & call at the cash machine and I'm all set for the craft show. My plan is to price up a Spellbinders Platinum machine (& buy it if it's a good price) plus a few basics that are on my shopping list. Let's see if that's what actually happens...!!


    1. Oh good I now remembered, have a great time ! Hope you are seeing our Jean in the crowd. Happy shopping ! xxx

    2. Safe travel Michele and I hope you get your machine and a good price. Hope you manage to see Jean too! Xx

    3. I hope the Platinum was a good price Michelle and that you were able to buy one.

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a fantastic set of craft work/storage rooms/spaces today and how do you all keep everything in order and do you know where everything is or are you all like me and put things in boxes and then forget what you have? I still envy all of you who have a dedicated ROOM and it is my dream to have such a room.
    My space is under the window in the dining room and as this room is divided by an open arch to the living room it has to be as tidy as possible as it's on view all the time. My laptop and printer is kept in the living room where I can get at it all day. I do have a box upstairs which store all my Christmas crafting stuff and yes of course I have another complete crafting set of everything at Marigny so if I put everything together or had to put everything together I don't know where it would all go!!! If Sandra will allow a very late entry to this item I will take a picture when I go to Marigny in March.

    I had quite a good day yesterday after housework and made one or two mugs ready for Easter Eggs and I also managed to get the last sleeve finished of Lily-Mae's Aran jacket I'm knitting. I know have to do the front bands and hood and then the dreaded stitching up. This is where I really could do with a 'Stitching Fairy' as I've always loathed this part of knitting.

    Off to do some week-end shopping this morning. It's dry but windy.

    I've set everything up and put one or two pots of Hyacynth's in the window so can everyone please keep an eye out for the Huggles to make sure they don't try to use the leaves as slides. I can just see them doing this and everyone passing by wondering what on earth is going on in the Cafe. I found the missing teaspoons in the flower tubs outside the door so I assume it's Huggles Strike Again and they've been using them to dig in the tubs.

    Hugs to all of you and especially my lovely Friends who are finding things difficult at the moment.

    1. Sorry I'm not a stitching fairy but hope you get it finished and don't forget to take a photo!
      Can see we need to keep an extra eye out for the huggles Lol
      Have a nice day xxx

    2. Hi Janet, do you use matress stitch for seaming your knitting? I used to sell knitwear and found it very tedious.

    3. Hi Janet
      I wondered who'd dug the bulbs out of the front tubs. Now I know.
      I'd willingly stitch up you knitwear if I lived nearer. What on earth is mattress stitching Lilian?.

  3. Good morning Sandra and ladies. It's pretty miserable here today, I won't be going far I think! Then again It's early, things may change.
    Well there is some amount of money sitting in our craft rooms? Isn't there??? I think we all don't see it, until you have these photo up in front of us, I love being nosey too! As its good to see how others store their stuff, I didn't show the corner where our big computer and printer stay plus more storage as it was to dark a photograph. I also have now out in the shed in plastic drawer units all the baby bowls, plates etc. And things that can't come to harm. Not that organised at all. Right must go make a move or I will be sat here in an hour time still. Xxx

  4. Morning Sandra and everyone in today.
    Oh boy, wow. You have made this quest into an amazing insight to where we all making the craft that Sandra so kindly letting us see everyday. I for one love having a nosey in how you all keeping your'stuff' because in my head I putting together my own craft room, one day....
    It's great you joined in Angela and it's lovely to see some of your craft, your boxes are good.
    At Jean's I can see some great storage boxes and storage trolley. Going on my wishlist. You are so tidy!
    Johanna, your storage for ribbons look good and very colourful and you have plenty of space and tidy.
    Lilian, must ask what you keep your pens and stamp/colour pads in because I have been looking around but can't seem to find what I like ? Love all your storage too and it's nice now to know where you do all your work, it's a big sewing machine!
    Janet,I like that storage trolley and your space looks fine but like Sandra I wonder if most of your things are in Marigny ?
    Hazel you craft room is also a heaven for any crafter plus you have a very nice view out the window and some fabulous storage. Thank you all for sharing with us and giving us some idea's for our own storage. My wishlist is very long by now hihi.
    Sandra, any luck in the prom dress shopping for the girls. would love to see them .
    Mrs B/ Sue and Margaret P , sending you both a hug and hope you are ok.
    Lynda , how are you ,the cough any better ?
    Didn't write down what you were doing today but someone were going to Boston, have a nice time. Glad you said it was in the UK because with us we can end up anywhere Lol
    Val, how did it go at the hospital ? Can't be nice not have any feeling in you hands.
    Cheryl, everything gone well with the play ? Hope you having some rest after, you have been so busy lately,hug.
    Sheila, hope you have a nice day with Nikki.
    Hope anyone looked after the young ones over halfterm have had a fun time together.
    Hope to see you later. Going to take my son and his friend to Heathrow at noon, they are going to Hong Kong for a holiday with some other friends but they can't travel until Monday so these two are going ahead to do some hiking together first. Feeling a little anxious, silly me.
    Wish you all a good day and some special cuddles to anyone who need one, love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. Maria, your son will be fine, we are all the same! But he's young and to be able to afford to go to Hong Kong is fantastic! It will be so different from when we lived there 40years ago, it's such a different pace of life and all those oriental smells that hit you when you step out if the airport, oh memories! He will have an amazing time, I hope he brings you back a beautiful gift.

    2. Hi Maria, You are a Mum and that's what mums do, no matter what age our children are we worry about them. I hope he has a fantastic time in Hong Kong. Maybe while he is away you could use his room for crafting. LOL xx

    3. Hi Maria
      They'll all have a fabulous time in Hong Kong. We never had the money to, or never even though of going abroad when we were younger. Now we could if we wanted to, we can't, not that Pete would want to go to China, Vietnam or Hong Kong way anyway.

    4. Hi Maria,

      We all worry no matter how old they are I know I do, we wouldn't be Mum's if we didn't.
      Sending you a special "mummy" cuddle.xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love seeing everyone's craft rooms and spaces, you are all so organised. My space is by the dining table at the moment and it all needs a good sort out, but that is not near the top of my "must do" list at the moment!
    Sandra, so sorry I didnt get to talk to you yestwrday, I hope you ate getting some time to relax and craft. Have you done any more quilling? There are just not enough hours on the day to fit everything in is there? Take vare my lively.
    Had a lovely but very busy day with the granddaughters yesterday and unexpected visitors in the evening and I'm off to Mum and Pops today so not going to get anything done here again, but any excuse to spend time with Mum and Pop is always lovely : )
    Maria, of course you will be anxious about your son going off on his travels, no matter how old our children are, they are still our babies aren't they : ) I bet he will have a wonderful time and will come back with lots of fabulous pictures and tales to share with you and Ric. Have an extra slice of cake to sooth your nerves when you come back into the Cafe x
    Sending hugs to Barbara and all that are in need, no matter why.
    Must go and get on, I hope the weather is kind to you all, have a good day, take care xx

    1. Hello Sue, have a great day with Mum and Pop. Hope Magaret is managing with her hand. LOL xx

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone. Sorry I didn't pop in yesterday. Firstly, would just like to mention the pictures from yesterday's post. Sandra, your daughters drawing is fantastic - a very talented young lady. Definitely an A*! And I see another budding artist/crafter in the making in Brendas granddaughter - what a lovely card with all the attention to detail :-)
    Lovely to see more craft rooms today. It does make me think about getting my own space more organised. However, there's not much use of me doing anything until after the craft show next week, when I'm sure to come back with loads more stash to find room for!! Lol.
    Hope everyone is well, and have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sonia, you going to Farnborough ??
      There are few of us going on the Saturday if you fancy a quick meet up xxx

    2. Hi Sandra. Yes, am going to Farnborough :-) Will let you know about Saturday. Not sure if I'm going with friends that day, but would be good to meet up if poss :-) xx

    3. Hi Sonia
      Would be lovely to meet up if only to say hullo in passing. We usually meet up at lunchtime for a catchup.

    4. Thank you Pat. Would be good to meet up with fellow members :-) Will let you know xx

  7. Wow! What a lot of lovely crafty stash!
    Good Morning Sandra, I've enjoyed looking at all the craft rooms/spaces. I think we can all agree we own a small fortune in craft goodies! We are fortunate , however, in that we have found something that we love doing but which at the same time gives pleasure to others.
    At the beginning I bought bigger boxes but now I want smaller ones as it puts me off getting something out if I have to lift heavy boxes to get there! I started to re- organise the desk top and it's proving a challenge. I want to keep it less cluttered.
    Thank you ladies for sharing! You all have lovely ideas and out of all these boxes come some lovely creations!
    It's a horrid wet day here today so not a day for children to be ble to play out!
    Crafting here I come! Well after lunch that is!
    Have a good day everyone and happy shopping Jean and Michele!

    1. Hi Myra
      I hope your desk top gets sorted soon. Wet here as well and windy. Must get crafting soon, but not today, perhaps after I've done the dreaded ironing tomorrow.

    2. Thank you Pat! Me too. No wonder you don't get crafting done - you are so busy helping others. Take care! Xxx

  8. Hello SANDRA & everyone
    Sorry I have been in for few days I have been quite poorly think I have had this virus thing that's going round, Gosh it knocked me for six. Today is the first sign of feeling a little better but still feel very weak.i haven't done anything all week. I did manage the challenge card yesterday the fell asleep. Now I think OH is coming down with it HELP. HIHI.
    Some great craft rooms showing today JANET how lucky are you having two craft rooms/space one hear & one in Marginy I would love to see that one too.
    Sue have a lovely day with mum & pops hope mums hand is better.
    MARIA we never stop worrying about our children however old they are mine are 45 & 39 but still worry when they go on holiday & glad when they get home. Thank you MARIA for your Hug's xx.
    I'm going for a cup of tea & try & eat something. Might see you later
    Hug's Lynda xxx

    1. Lynda, sorry you have had a rough week, this virus is really spreading, I know so many who have got/had it. Try to take things easy! Hope Terry hasn't picked it up. Rest when you can. LOL xx

    2. Lynda, hope you will soon be better , we had the virus over Christmas took us week to feel really well, so take care

    3. Sorry to hear you've been laid low with a bug Lynda. Hope Terry hasn't picked it up. Gentle hugs to you both.

    4. Thank you Brenda Lillian & Pat for your well wishes. One minute I feel better then feel rough again. Thank you for the Hug's too.
      Love Lynda xxx

  9. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Oh ladies thank you so much for letting us see your crafting areas, I think we are all a little bit nosy and love to see how others organise their craft stash.
    Angela, what a fantastic amount of crafting goodies you have.
    Jean, you look very organised, your work area looks lovely and bright.
    Joanna, love your ribbon storage idea.
    Lillian, you could stock a shop with all of those ink pads and pens, what a fantastic space you have.
    Janet, your space looks very neat and organised, I also wonder what it would look like if you combined you stash from your home in France.
    Hazel, you craft room looks very organised. And as Maria said a room with a view.

    I hope you are all having a good day, Sheila is it today you see Nikki? If it is hope you have a lovely time.
    Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

  10. Hi Ladies,
    Hazel has just sent me a photo of the place in the lounge where she sits and puts her cards together!
    I have to say that I watched some craft tutorials on you tube yesterday and atleast 3 of the ladies were raving about the trolley featured in Hazel's photograph, it his called the 'Raskog' trolley from IKEA
    (Go take a look), its not cheap but its very sturdy, you can get baskets to hang from it too!
    Thanks for the update Hazel x

    Karen has sent in some photos of her craft room today, I will save these for another post, so if any of you want to join Karen, send in your photos xx

    We have an appointment at a Prom dress shop in Witney at 2pm today, the frustrating part is that the Bridal /Mother of Bride & Prom dress section is upstairs but they have no lift, how ridiculous is that, I can't be the only Mum that ius disabled that would like to watch their daughter try on her prom dress, or for that matter in a few years Mother of the Bride that wants to be part of her daughters wedding dress trials!!
    Their solution, "well your daughters could take a photo and pop downstairs to show you between fittings!!!!!
    I don't think they will be seeing any of our money!
    I will update you later

    1. Sounds like you didn't have a fruitful day Sandra. Fancy the dresses being upstairs. Sorry I missed you today.

  11. Ladies the trolley is worth the money as you can see mine is full, it's very sturdy and doesn't tip over. I wheel it away in to the spare room when I don't want it in the front room, needless to say to spends a lot of time in the front room, only we see it. IKEA do another trolley drawer unit not as tall but has 3 drawers and you could fit a fair bit on the top.
    Sandra, it's like shoe shops having the children's dept. Up stairs, silly when you have little ones in a buggy. Hope it's nit to stressful. X

    1. I once asked a friend who was quite high up in M&S - I don't mean she was upstairs! - why they put children's wear upstairs and menswear downstairs! Oh she said - men won't be bothered trailing upstairs while Mum's will!!! So that was a financial decision! Put menswear upstairs and lose trade! Typical isn't it.
      Sorry Sandra that is a bit short sighted of them. As you say you won't be the only one! Xxx

  12. Sandra, have you got a Debenhams near you? They can have some gorgous dresses at reasonable prices. Xxx

  13. Hi Everyone. What a great insight into your wonderful craft rooms.Everyone full of goodies. I'd love to have a route ineach one of them.Sandra I can well imagineyou wont be handing any money over to that particular shop.Their organisation seems very short sighted. It like my local clinic that puts the asthma clinic on the 2nd floor and no lift. You need a lie down by the time youve clombed 2 flights of stairs.
    not a good day at the hospital yesterday. They decided not to give me the test. So nothing is going to happen for a few weeks as I go to the UK on Thursday for 3 weeks. Nothing I can do so I'll just look forward to going back and seeing my family and friends. My friend in UK and I are going to Croatia in September so lots to look forward to.
    Take care everyone. Hope youre well and truly over your virus Lynda.
    See you tomorrow.
    Love Val x

    1. Hi Val are you going to be anywhere near Farnborough, they have as fab craft show next weekend, there a few of us going on the Saturday??!
      Be lovely to meet you xx

    2. Sorry Sandra, no, ILl be in North Wales then with my daughter.
      Val x

    3. So sorry they wouldn't do the tests for you Val. Would be interested to hear where your going to in Croatia. We're off to Maderia at the end of Aug.

    4. I love Madeira Pat! That's something for which to look forward. Xxx

    5. Hi Val thank you but unfortunately not feeling 100% yet I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
      Sorry you didn't get your test done yesterday. Wish you a lovely trip home seeing your family & friends. Bring a couple of warm jumpers with you it's a lot colder than Spain. Hug's Lynda xx

  14. Oh my ladies, isn't it just amazing how your little fluffy caterpillars transform into such stunning butterflies in the blink of eye!!
    Lucy's 'pick of the afternoon' dress was a stunning powder blue dress very delicate in design, floor length with a small 'puddle' train, I could have wept she looked so beautiful, Sophie was between two choices a pretty Champagne floor length gown, the beaded bodice, and a beautiful delicate silver coloured gown, that was the same kind of design.
    I just can't believe how they suddenly looked like young ladies, they both have long (very long) dark hair with a natural wave, they both wore it down today which looked beautiful against the dresses too, I was surprised that they both chose such pale colours but it suited their complexion increidly well, I guess the assistants know their job.
    The chap that owned the shop ended up feeling very guilty (I made my feelings known) and ended up organising for the girls to have part of men's fighting area to themselves to show me their favourite 2 dresses !! I was so glad that I got to we them, Becca was with them the whole time for the fitting etc, but she wanted me to see them too.
    Neither of the dresses would have any change out of £300 so I want the girls to shop around and make sure they 'love' them before they decide!!!
    Just thought I would update you,
    Sandra xx

    PS: Make sure I have your challenge cards, xxxx

    1. Ah, both dresses sound amazing. I bet they looked lovely, so grown up. Thats quite a hefty amount to pay so yes its best if the look round and make sure they get exactly the right dress.
      Val x

    2. So glad you saw your daughters in their favourite dresses. It tugs at the heart strings when you see them. The dresses sound amazing. My son had his prom last year, and I've never felt prouder than when I saw him dressed in his suit, he looked so handsome :-) x

    3. Sandra, I am sure now they have found the style that they like you will find dresses a third of that price? As I said Debenhams have a wide range of styles and colours at very reasonable prices! Phase 8 have stunning dresses too. I think a budget needs to be set or two part time jobs are required! Xxx

    4. Oh Sandra the girls sound amazing - their choice of dresses sound so delicate and feminine - hope you find them similar within your budget
      Hugs Jean x

    5. To be fair to both the girls they are desperate for as job, up until they were 16 (two weeks ago) nobody was interesdted as they were not 16! Most companies have gone so overboard as far as health and safety are concerned which makes it so hard for them to get work, Becca's first job was washing up in a poub kitchen, my children have all worked as soon as it was possible, so hopefully they will find something soon!
      They are also very aware of our financial strains, to the point that it breaks my heart at times!
      Neither off the said 'I Want', in fact they both said to the assistant that they wanted time to think and see what accessories were available, and wehedn we got outside they both said that they loved the design and colours but wanted to look online to see if they could find a more affordable dress, the shop do offer a payment scheme, where you can divide the dress cost up interest free!
      So I was very proud of their attitude xxx

    6. Sounds like they gave they're heads screwed on the right way Sandra. Their dresses sound amazing and I know that they're not like teenagers that keep wanting all the time. I'm glad they're going to have a look round first.

    7. This sounds like the shop where my friends niece bought her prom dress, it was too long they altered it but charged a huge amount.
      Hope you find some dresses else where.

    8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe.
      Sounds as if the girls looked lovely but what alot of money. I don't know if you know but there is House of Frazer outlet shop in Swindon & you can get beautiful dresses there at good prices, just a thought. Pleased you were able to see them.xx
      Thank you to several of you enquiring about my hand, I am pleased to say it is feeling better all the, especially now all the stitches are out, thank
      Lynda sorry you have felt so rough hope for your sake Terry hasn't got it, take care xxx
      Special hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

    9. Sandra, our eldest daughter was in Materlan (it was a couple of years ago) looking for a jacket for one of her boys. Ended up with TWO beautiful full length, very elegant gowns for herself, total cost under £100. But nothing for her son!!!

    10. Hi MARGARET thank you this virus certainly take it out of you.
      Glad your hand feels better. Hug's xxx

  15. I immediately put my hand up I AM A REALLY MESSY CRAFTER but it is not my fault you understand? When looking for a certain colour, topper or texture somehow I am transported to another project along the way. Thinking all the time wow I like that better put it to one side for the time being. X

    1. I think that we all do that Angela, in fact you could follow my trail!!
      We could be crafting in the sunshine together in August this year Ang ??
      I think i could squeeze some crafty goodies in to the car somewhere!!
      Less hope its less windy though !

      How is the Rowing going? Did you find the Chip shop i told you about?!
      They even do 'scraps' do you all know they are?? Not very healthy but very yummy !!

    2. Olivia rowed 5k without going under, the weather was windy and very cold. We are waiting for the statistic report on times. Missed out on the fish n chips but expect to go back next year so will make a note in diary. Scraps take me back to my childhood. 😊

  16. Good afternoon everyone
    Im late in today - been to the show at Leigh - didn't see Michele although I kept looking around for her - There wasn't the same amount of stalls as usual, it was a nasty day but nevertheless managed to get some goodies haha. Have took photos and will send them in Sandra, it was nice to catch up with friends and quite a few ladies from our craft class were there so we had a good day.
    Michele hope you got your Platinum and had a good day with your Mum in law.
    Have had a good 'toot' through everyones craft rooms, arent we nosy but all in good fun.
    Don't know about the 'bit box' Sandra - Im ashamed of mine but it just might make me do something about it.
    Take care everyone - hugs to all who aren't very well.
    Jean xx

    1. My bit box has so much in it Jean you'd have to untangle it before you could use it.

    2. Looked out for you but to be honest, we didn't stay that long. I've sent Sandra a photo of my haul, which includes the Platinum machine! The weather was dreadful & it was horrible on the motorway. I had cake & a cuppa with my in laws then set off back to Southport.
      We'll have to arrange a meet up in Tarleton again with Myra.


  17. HinLadies
    My word what a lot of lovely craft rooms. Very tidy as well, do you all tidy up behind you and know where everything is. If I want something I generally have to look through my mess. I do have some dies in boxes, but these are downstairs. I bought a Tonic die storage bag but it's still sat empty. Sandra said the magnetic sheets aren't thick enough and need fortifying. One day perhaps.

  18. Hi Sandra, just a little late today, been quite busy.
    What a brilliant lot of photos of everyone's craft rooms, we could all stock a shop if you looked everything out I bet.
    Sandra the girls dresses sounded lovely, but a shop around is called for to try and keep within budget, they still need shoes, bags etc.,

  19. Evening all, guess what I've been doing, ? Sorting out my craft room,as you can see its ina mess, about half way through.
    I do have a lot of stuff, but Ihave been crafting for over 20 years.
    Can't remember who asked about my pen storage, some of it is crafters companion and came with the pens, another is from clever cuts,the green boxes on their side are empty Persil tablet containers !
    I keep telling my self I don't need anything more ,but then something comes along that I love.

    Hope everyone has a good evening, and those not feeling well soon feel better.
    Sandra sent my challenge card to you yesterday hope you got it.
    Just had fish and chips for dinner, so not many dishes.
    Looking forward to seeing all the cards tomorrow.
    Hugs to all Lilian