Saturday, 13 February 2016

A fees of our Craft Spaces

Maria's Craft Space
Maria's dual purpose work tops!

This looks like Maria's craft desk !

Maria's storage corner
A photo of from Maria's holiday

Maureen's Craft Room

 Maureen's 'technical' area and storage

 Very organised storage racks
 More fabulously organised storage
Yet more of Maureen's stash storage.

Lynda's Craft Room

 Lynda's New Todo machine

 Lynda's very well organised work/storage area

Lynda's computer desk 

Brenda Lello Craft Room

 Brenda's Work area and storage

 Under counter storage, very organised

 Another lovely work area and lovely storage

 Made to measure shelving by John

Genius shaped storage by John

My Craft Room

 My Craft desk

 Some storage

My work table 

 My Jewellery making desk

Paper storage

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Thank you ladies for giving such a warm welcome to our visitors yesterday, there was a great reaction on SET craft's Facebook page, over 100 likes and there comnents were all so lovely.

Brenda made an order with Set Craft on Thursday and received her parcel on Friday morning, great service as well as prices. 

Today we get too go 'through the keyholes' of some of the craft rooms/areas of a few of our blog friends.

Maria was the first to send me in photos of her craft area, as you can see Maria uses the work space in her kitchen, the good thing about this is that you can carry on crafting while cooking the dinner!!!  You seem very well organised Maria, with everything being close to hand.  
Maria also included a photo from her holiday, I believe that Maria went to the bar at the top of that hill, it sounded like you walked for miles Maria, thank you so much for sharing your craft space and your holiday photo xxxxx

Maureen's craft space is next, as you can see Maureen is very organised, lots of fantastic shelving and those drawers are amazing, I spied Maureen's Cricut hiding in the corner, its a good idea having your computer monitor and printer up on the shelf as it increases your desk space, (although I didn't see a photo of Maureen's desk), she must have missed that part!? Maureen, you have made such good use of every inch of space available, I wish I was as organised as you, thank you so much for sending your photos in xxxxx

Lynda is next, I was a little afraid of peeking through her keyhole though as I was afraid that Freddy **** legs might be out, I have had that in my hair once and NO, it didn't bring me luck!!!!
Lynda again is very organised, if you zoom in like I did each little box is labelled, contents all neatly inside, you will notice that Lynda has had to make room for her Todo machine, she has all of its crafty bits neatly stored behind too. I see photos of Lynda's grandchildren dotted around the craft room and a card that I recognise too!
Thank you Lynda for taking part, I know you went to a lot of trouble sorting the photos out xxxxx

Brenda's new craft room up next, what can I say!!!, John has worked wonders Brenda, you have such a lovely amount of work space, you need it too with the Platinum machine!  The units are just perfect for storage of both large and small things, John's genius becomes evident at the other end of the craft room though, where he has made bespoke shelving to fit beside and even angled shelving to make the most of the space behind the door, John you are just brilliant !!
Brenda, you are too, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us, I wonder how long it will look like that (I might ask john to take a sneaky pic next week)!! 

Last up is my craft room, well I couldn't expect you to show yours and me not show mine!!!  Although I will confess it doesn't look as tidy as this now, the Grand Calibur has also been replaced with the Platinum machine too! 

Thank you all for taking part, there is still time if you would like to send me your photos.

Don't forget your Challenge card photos ladies, I am excited to see what you have all come up with for this one!!

Have a lovely day ladies,
Love and hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Goodness-what a wonderful collection of photos. I love seeing everyone's crafty space, it gives me ideas on how to reorganise my own space.

    Quick trip to the co-op this morning (vegetables & a chocolate sponge cake) as I can't face baking for some reason. Then I can get crafty- if I can find some inspiration that is!!!


  2. Morning Everyone
    Well what a fantastic set of pictures of Craft/Work Rooms and yes I'm so envious of all of you who have dedicated rooms and how neat and tidy you all are. There are some very good ideas on the storage front and I just might be helping myself to one or two of them if you all don't mind.

    We have a very busy day ahead. Off for the usual Saturday morning shopping and then this afternoon we're off to my Granddaughter's for Lily-Mae's 2nd Birthday Party. It's her birthday tomorrow but they are having a family day out if the weather allows so we're all partying today. I shall have my two Daughters (their OH are either working or baby sitting poorly animals), my 2 Grandchildren and my 4 Great Grandchildren and a few other toddlers. We shall be having a very quiet evening with a nice bottle of red wine as our 'time out'.

    It was lovely to see new faces in the cafe yesterday and hopefully one or two may return. I think everyone behaved themselves and Norah actually managed to keep all the Huggles in their baskets. I actually did manage to send Sandra my Challenge card so all is well in that little corner of my crafting brain. I just have to remember all the other little jobs that need to be done this week-end.

    Karen, Maria and Brenda have a lovely meet up today and don't forget best behaviour in John Lewis.

    If anyone is going to craft shows today have a lovely time and don't spend too much hahaha.

    Off now to ready myself for shopping. I'll try and get back later.
    Hugs to everyone who are findings things a little difficult at the moment. You're all in my thoughts.
    Hugs are in their basket just waiting.
    Oh all set in the Cafe and I've refilled the goody box but please keep the Huggles away from it or we'll have mayhem if they get a sugar overload.

    1. Crikey Janet, how time flies as it doesn't seem two years since that wee lass was born and now she's a big sister as well. I hope she enjoys her party and her big day out tomorrow. Now Janet if you be naughty you could sit on the naughty step with that bottle of red and then you wouldn't have far to the floor, lol. Enjoy flower although the thought of shopping for messages on a Saturday does not fill me with delight some how but the party should lift that miserable part of the day up.

  3. Good morning Sandra and lovely ladies. Well what lovely organised craft rooms. Everything neat and ridy in its own place. If any one you have a bit of spare time youre welcome to come over and do something/anything with my disorganised room. I can hardly open the door at the moment to get in - I kid you not.
    Well, were off out for a drive to a place I've not been to before called Cartagena. It has an ampitheatre and a museum. Sounds interesting. I'll pop back later and let you know.
    Enjoy whatever youre up today.
    bye for now.
    Val x

    1. Morning Val,
      We have been to Cartagena, its a lovely place!
      Have you been to (I can't remember the name) but you drive up some pretty big hairpin bends, but its so worth it as there is a little place at the top that has the bluest lake I have ever seen, stunning views too!
      Have a lovely day
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Guadalest that's what its called, its an old fortified town, stunning and well worth a visit !!
      Be a great birthday treat xxxx

    3. Afternoon Val - watch out my lovely invitations to visit to do anything could really come true. All my very Dear Friends here last year were organising an 'away week-end' in the summer to come and visit me in France all travelling in their motor scooters and using the motorways down France but in the end the Passport Controls decided it wasn't a good idea so they settled for a Retreat Week-end near Birmingham. (now you see just how daft we all can be can't you! heheha) Have a lovely day.

  4. Morning Sandra and all in today, hope you all have a nice day. OMG I am so green, all your fantastic craft rooms !
    As you can see I got mine in the Kitchen so every night I move it together into one corner next to the kitchen door and washing basket. It is fabulous to see how others have made theirs and Brenda is very lucky to have John, he have made some great storage space for all her things.
    I love you paper storage stand Sandra, where did you get that from ? You all look so tidy, bet it doesn't last tihi Got to get a wiggle on ,I'm meeting some very important people in a bit. Be good, hmmm I'll think about that one.... Love and hugs to you all, Xxxxx

    1. Hi Maria,
      Love the picture of your holiday. Hope you have had a lovely day, love Margaret xx

  5. Good morning from a snowy, wet, soggy north east of Fife. We are not meant to have this! more south of Edinburgh some 60 miles away, I wish it went down there right now. I was like a snowman when I got back in from dog walking. Gosh I didn't realise how much Charlie did in a day, well I do now I am shattered by evening and because Charlie has to take is last tablets as late as possible, I am having to stay up till he has taken it. Yes I know I could set the alarm, but if it went off and I was asleep that would be me wide awake!
    Anyway I am green with jealousy at these craft rooms!!., Maria I don't have a proper place I store and cut in the spare room but put together on a lap tray in the front room. Enjoy your meet up with the others, we are hoping to arrange a meet up with Jess and Norah, but the weather is the problem.
    I must go and get things done. Take care and I hope you don't get this white stuff. Xxx

  6. What a lot of lovely craft spaces you all have, Brenda yours is so tidy!
    Sandra, didn't send in a photo of my craft room as I sent you one when it was decorated, and you posted it then.
    Val I have been to Cartagena, it is lovely, it was one of the ports of call on a
    cruise we were on, you will love it.
    Been to the hairdresser, she has been a bit scissor happy today, my hair is very short, but hey how it will grow.
    Have a lovely day whatever you are all planning, xxx

    1. Jess flower, i would rather have to re cut someones hair than cut it too short to start with as i hate my scissor happy comrades. Cutting is the start and finish off a style because if it is cut properly with no scissor marks then it can lay into the hairstyle all on its own. I think the fact that when i was young the hairdresser that i actually trained through when i left the school went daft with a pair of scissors on mine and i have never forgotten it. This was him trying to get a straight line, well my hair started out nearing my waist and it came out with it at my shoulders which definitely took more than a fortnight to sort. Don't get me wrong he was a good hairdresser but he liked to cut hair into a style and not just straight across. Mum went daft when she seen it and the fact that i was always so shy and quiet(Jim was still here to make up for the lack of noise from me, and boy did he make up for me) i didn't say anything but gret my eyes out at it. Anyway the long and short of it is that it made me a more careful hairdresser that listened to what someone wanted and didn't do just what i saw fit. You would get the odd person coming in wanting something that just wouldn't suit them and you would try and talk them out of it and sometimes you succeeded or the one that wanted 6" off the bottom so i would cut say 3" at most and they would say "aye that was the length i wanted it". When i would show them what i had actually cut off they were glad that i had been on the causious side of it as the half of them didn't actually know what the amount they said looked like in actual reality on their heads. The old men used to tell me that there was only a fortnight between a good hair cut and a bad one. x

  7. Hello Sandra,
    Good morning ladies! It is a sunny day here but bitterly cold! We have the family coming for the day so I probably won't get back in until much later! However I am ready and casserole in oven. It's easy I know but one of the children's favourites and good for a chilly day!
    I'm very impressed by all the craft rooms. I didn't send mine in as I did it last time and it's much the same only more crammed !! Confession - just ordered ten A4 size boxes - slim ones in a stand! I'm going to put my Foundation card in that as the colours will then be separated and each box s lot lighter. They slide out like drawers! Hope it's ok!
    Brenda - you have a very talented husband! Your room is gorgeous! Your husband has a very tidy wife as well!!
    Val have a lovely day!
    Be good everyone! Xxxx

  8. Good Morning Everyone, how do you manage to keep your c rooms so tidy ?
    They all look lovely.
    Bitterly cold here, went for short walk, now hips are telling me they just want to sit and do nothing !!!!!
    Hope you all have a good day, love Lilian

  9. Good morning my little coffee shop cherubs,
    Maria, i'm up asides you when it comes to actual crafting space flower as i have the bottom corner of my table to work at with a bookcase behind me filled with some of my stuff, so now i don't feel as much like nae'bidies wean with some people having posh fancy craft rooms that their husbands build for them because they're loved that much. Did my green eyes show up a bit then? lol. Are you allowed to craft in your posh new craft room Brenda as it looks so neat and tidy and not even a smidgen of paper or die cuts lying on the floor? Ladies i will fully admit to being a green eyed monster today seeing all your craft rooms and that you get peace in there to craft without someone narking at you about the mess caused by cutting out the dies. Maybe that will be my dream, having my own craftroom to work in and where i can come out and shut the door so that no one complains.
    Karen, Maria and Brenda, i hope that you have a great day today as i know when i meet up with my 3 lovely friends i have the best day ever, so i hope you have a fantastic time. When i meet up with Patricia, Hazel and Jess, it's like i've known them all my life as it is that comfortable to be with them.
    Well we are having the snow coming through the rain so i think it will be a day in the house for me and i have just received my new stamps and dies that i ordered off Clearly Besotted yesterday afternoon. I have bought a few times off this wee site and their service is second to none, their stamps and dies are a good price for some of our more poorer pockets and they always have some on sale that they are finished making but 9/10 you can buy the stamp set and the die set and they are at half price. I am liking the fact that i can get the dies to cut out the stamps that i want and make them into 3d but at a reasonable price. I notice that SET has Sue's new die sets in bundles and the bundle works out to be cheaper than Icon, which is where i normally buy my dies from. Buying singularly of SET is pennies up to about 60p dearer than Icon, so it's really swings and roundabouts. Well i'm away to play with my new toys in the corner, i'm awful glad you have this wee crafty corner Sandra just so that we feel at home and if we have the unstoppable urge to craft, we can. Please can i have a latte and a bowl of lentil soup please as it is a bit nippy out. I have put all the Huggles in their basket, oh weren't they good boys and girls yesterday as i think they were on their best behaviour but i'm just wondering how long it will last,
    Norah x

  10. Hi Sandra and everyone. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome yesterday, and to Maria for your lovely comment on my blog. Love these craft room/space pictures. It's great to see where others create. Have to admit I am a tad jealous of the craft rooms. I have an old computer cupboard in the corner of the dining area and some plastic storage drawers for all my stash. The cupboard is full and the shelves bowing and I can never find anything when I need it, lol! Our dining table is where I craft, and more often than not everything is just left out on it, so it's a very rare occasion when we sit down for a meal at the table. The carpet is always covered in glitter and little die cut off-cuts! Oh dear, doesn't sound good does it? I'm not that messy - honest!
    Anyway, I best get on. Hubby has just gone out for the rest of the day, and I still have to make his Valentines card. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute, eh?!
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Hugs Sonia xx

    1. Hi Sonia,
      Lovely to see you hope you join us often. xx

    2. Hi Sonia,
      So lovely of you to pop in, I am sat making mine too, my first attempt at this space!!
      I hope you get a nice treat too!
      Be sure to stop by on monday, we have our weekly Sketch challenge, tomorrow I will be showing the ladies cards made forv last weeks sketch!

  11. Norah, it's more than nippy you stay in as the paths are slippy. Well I am a proud nanny ( not granny) as Anna has just got the most glowing school report, she got a good for drama ( teacher put that she was well mannered and lovely pupil but wasn't interested in drama and it showed) every other teacher gave her excellent in everything and two said she was almost the perfect student and a credit to her parents upbringing, which Dad and mum said included me as I was a big part of her upbringing! The school are trying to get allowances made for her to drop art and do Spanish as well as French, now Anna is good at Spanish not that daddy talks in Spanish to them but he is part Spanish and she has the tongue! She needs her three sciences to go on to study to be a forensic scientist, which she has decided to be instead of a surgeon. I am proud of her as she is 13 1/2 and yes she is going for the forensic scientist rather than the surgeon she has always said she would be! Knowing Anna that will be what she does. Her lowest mark was 82% that was home economic's, she hates cooking! The rest of her marks were 95% and above. We will hope that's how it stays like that. So yes it's one if those proud moments. Now I am away to make the card that Anna has ordered for mummy's birthday unlike Beth Anna isn't into card making either. Xxx

  12. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A flying visit to say hi. A hectic day here as we are celebrating Chris juniors first birthday today, and I am also trying to finish my challenge card, I haven't forgotten Sandrra : ))
    Hope you are all well. Take care xx

  13. Afternoon all - just popped in for a quick cuppa and perhaps one of those zero-calorie cakes I read about yesterday ;)

    Lovely to see other people's craft rooms and storage solutions - I often forget how lucky I am to have a WHOLE room for my crafty bits (still not enough space of course).

    Anyway, must dash as I have to finish something I'm working on for my blog; but I wanted to show my face to prove I am not going to be a 'one hit wonder' now I've found you.

    Take care all and hopefully 'see' you tomorrow. :)

    1. Thanks Deborah, I will pop over to visit you too!
      Where about are you in Wiltshire??

    2. Hi Sandra - we are in Shrewton, about 10 miles north of Salisbury. Thanks for your note on the SET Craft facebook page. I'll contact you if I am heading Oxfordshire way as you must if you are heading towards us; I'm sure at some point we could find a mid-point to meet :)

  14. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of photos, you are making me very jealous with your rooms or as in Maria's case corner of kitchen, Brenda your room is lovely it doesn't look as if you had used it when photo was taken or are you always so tidy?
    I hope Maria, Karen & Brenda have had a good meet up, mind you they could still be chatting, I think there will be some sore throats & rear ends tomorrow!
    Nasty wet day again today so pleased to be in hope you are all safe & dry.
    Hugs on way to Barbara & all who need them love Margaret xx

  15. Good afternoon everyone, haven't had a chance yet to read comments, have just come in from being out all afternoon with John and Nic. She's really enjoyed having a long ride out but now wants her tea then she wants to go see Dave ( her brother ) and Carol, so we will be busy later.
    There are some really posh craft rooms around, the pics prove it, and some clever husbands too.
    I'll read back over the comments when we've eaten and I can sit and read
    Hugs to anyone not feeling A1
    Jean xx

  16. Hi Everyone. A late popping in as just got back from a lovely day in Cartagena. Really tired but now getting ready to go out for meal.
    SANDRA. Iused to live in a village near Guardalest. Such a beautiful place. A heck of a climb but well worth it.
    JANET I can well imagine Passport Control stepping in. Can you imagine the chaos on the French Motrways. The police would be asking people not to usetheir cars. All the Gendarmes would have had their leave cancelled and the troops would be out in force it could cayse an International incident. Phew what a nightmare.

  17. I got quite excited then and pressed the wrong button. Must go see you tomorrow.
    Love Val x

  18. HELLO I have had a lovely day with Maria and Brenda Sore bum but very happy! We met at 11.30 and before we knew it, it was 3.15! Thank you Brenda for coming (and for the gift, you naughty thing) It was lovely to meet you for the first time and thank you Maria too
    The craft areas look amazing I am lucky to have a room to craft in but it's always in a mess Most if my stuff is stored in odd units and ice cream cartons I usually have to climb over something to get to my work area Need to have a rest now but husband has just asked me to make a card for the DJ at a Salsa event tonight!

  19. Hello everyone. oh Karen talking about a sore bottom, think mine gone into sleep mode because can't feel anything tihi Had a great day,it was lovely to see you girls and next one not to far away ! Wonder if Brenda home yet ? Thank you for you gift, will save it to my birthday. I will try anyway hihi
    Glad I made you feel better Norah hihi I am also so green so can we be a green eyed monster together ?
    Myra, I saw those boxes and thought they looked really good but will have to go on my wishlist for about ten years or so until I hopefully get my own craft room Lol.
    Nice to see Sonia and Deborah back today, you won't know what hit you when the girls are back properly...
    Maybe the convoy do a detour and we go to Spain for a meet up. It sound very nice were you went today Val. I wish you a fabulous day for tomorrow !
    Hazel, Great grades for Anna. She got a good head wanting to be a forensic scientist at such a young age. I always wanted to work in a morgue but didn't have the head for any studying.
    Painkillers are kicking in so will go and have something to eat. Didn't got to have any lunch today, to busy talking ! Love and hugs to you all,sweet dreams Xxxxx

  20. Hello Sandra and all the Coffee Shop ladies,

    I've had a lovely day. The time spent with Maria and Karen was great, the chat just flowed - as did the time, thank you both, I really had a lovely time. Karen I have looked at your blog...... love the tiny jumper. Ladies take a peek, this very quiet lady has a massive talent. Maria, as everyone who has met her will agree, is a lovely warm, thoughtful and open lady. Thank you both I've had a great day.

    Sandra, I don't always show John the blog, but had to show him what's on it today, so he could see his handy work. Bless him he really does not get it. He thinks everyone utilities all the available resources. He has over the years saved us a LOT of money. I know I have a real treasure. xxx

    I hope you have all had a great day, loved looking into your craft rooms/areas, thank you for sharing.

    Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Very late! So pleased Maria , Karen and Brenda have had a lovely day! Totally agree Brenda! Maria is lovely!
      Sleep well everyone!
      God Bless xxx

    2. Awh Brenda you are kind Hope we meet again soon Probably won't be until Ally Pally now the way time seems to just fly

    3. You making me blush ladies, thank you. Always trying to be on my best behaviour out of the cage.
      Take care , see you in a couple of month or so xxx