Wednesday, 12 October 2016

More pretty birthday cards

My card from Val

My card from Brenda Little Lamb

Good Morning Ladies,

Well I am all out of synch and will probably meet myself coming back at some point today!! 
Paul was back into work last night after 6 days of 'stand down' between shifts, its been so nice having him around but when he went back in last night I just lost all my normal sense of organisation and routine!  I remembered at 9.30pm (whilst playing with my new colouring pencils) that I hadn't fed the cats,I had wondered why they were so fussy! So I did that, cleaned up kitchen a bit then showered and went to bed, well I must have nodded off (so tired after late night last night) !  I woke up in a right heart racing panic at 02.15am because I hadn't done ablog post!  What am I like!!
So if this is filled with errors and mistakes that's the reason!!

I have been wanting to share some more of my birthday cards with you, 
The first gorgeous card has been beautifully made by our Val, its so pretty, If you can see behind the Lattice Stitched Frame die cut you will see that there is a gorgeous 'gilded' panel, itsso lovely, the lit doesn't do it justice.  The personalised sentiment is so thoughtful and the card is finished perfectly with that beautiful satin flower, that has some pretty gold foliage behind it, the flower matches the card perfectly too.
Thank you so much Val, I love it xxx

Now onto Brenda (littlelamb)'s card,  which is such a pretty shade of blue, the stunning die is a Cheery Lyn Doily Die 'English Tea Party', I have this die and it cuts perfectly every time, a shop called 'Stuff 4crafts' has it on offer at £12.95 at the moment, I paid about £18 for mine so its a good price!  The good thing about this die is that you always have a doily, I have cut it from all sorts before including Vellum which was really pretty.  Back to card....Brenda has cut this die from a beautiful colour card and mounted it onto a round card, Brenda has then cut 3 CE Poppy Die cuts and coloured them to match the card, popping tiny sparkles into the centres.
Thank you so much Brenda, such a beautiful card, I will treasure it xxx

Right I'm going to try and go back to sleep, all being well, fingers, toes and legs crossed, Pat, Sue and I should be going for our Anniversary lunch out today ( I hope I haven't jinxed it).  We seem to have had something that has stopped us all crafting together for the past few weeks!! I am looking forward to seeing you both later!

Love and hugs to all of you,


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-two lovely birthday cards on show today. I hope you managed to get back to sleep so you can enjoy your meal today.

    Much excitement here last night-we saw two hedgehogs at the food dish. I'd been reading & not realised the time when hubby shouted that he could see 2 hedgehogs in the garden-this was about 10.30. One looked to be the regular one and the other looked to be a young one by it's size. They stayed for a while so I just watched them then had a very late shower.

    It looks like we have a nice sunny day here, which is good as we're dropping hubby's car off at the garage in Liverpool & walking into the city centre to do some shopping.


    1. Hi Michele
      I hope you enjoyed the shopping and hubbies car is ok.

  2. Good morning Sandra and all in the cafe today.
    Two more gorgeous card Sandra, just remembered I got the lattice window die but not sure where so will look for it later. Beautiful flower. Love the doily and will see if they got it still later. Sandra , it would be a surprise if no new posting was made but don't worry and loose sleep, we come to the cafe anyway for a chat.
    How did it go with looking after Matt's puppy ?
    I'll be back later after 'walk' OH is pushing me a bit :)
    Have a good day everyone, love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria
      Where is Rick pushing you to. Only joking. Hope your feeling better today.

  3. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.
    It's always a nice surprise to see a card I made on our blog Sandra. Which reminds me I haven't used that lattice die for ages.
    Love your circular card Brenda. The doily die is so pretty and I love the colour.Just might nip over to Stuff 4crafts and have a peep.
    Hope you managed to got back to sleep this morning Sandra. It would have been strange not finding your blog this morning but I'm sure we'd have understood. It amazes me how you manage one every day anyway.A lot of dedication for which I for one am very grateful.
    It's Columbus Day here in Spain today and another excuse to close all the shops and offices, set firecrackers off since 6 this morning and party all day. All the bars are open of course.
    The ironing board's out so just a few bits to do and then it's crib afternoon. These Wednesdays come round so quickly.
    Take care everyone. Janet and Maria hope you're feeling a lot better today.
    Love Valxxx

  4. Good morning everyone,

    Oh my, such pretty birthday cards Sandra, you must have been thrilled to receive them.

    Washing,ironing and airing off all done now and clothes hanging on the door rack ready to be packed tomorrow. Then I am off to Newquay to celebrate friend John's 75th birthday.

    Still can't discover where my mobile phone has been hidden and I must say, I haven't missed being constantly interrupted by text and calls. It's been so quiet and with callers ringing the home phone instead, I actually sat down with a cuppa to enjoy talking to them instead of being constantly on the move. Think I might just give up looking for it and chill out.

    Email sent to the Tour company, can expect a report in 28 days once they have gone through the motions to find out what happened to cause the complaint. Don't know what they can actually do to give us back the lost time so will have to see what they come up with. My DIL suggested a free trip might be appropriate, let's wait and see on that score.

    love & hugs to all our poorly friends, I hope your day will become kinder to you.

    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      I hope you enjoy your trip to Newquay. I wonder where your phone is hiding itself. I wonder as well what the travel company will come up with.

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra that is 2 lovely birthday cards, well done Brenda (Little lamb) & Val. I have got everything crossed hoping you get out for your meal today. Take
    Time ran away from me this morning sorry did not manage to comment. I have been playing with the cc the last 2 afternoons, hope to finish a couple this afternoon.
    Hope all feeling under the weather are feeling better sending healing hugs to them & to anybody else who needs one love

  6. Beautiful card SANDRA I love to see what people do with their dies I don't have any of these May just need to have a browse .... I hope you managed to get a bit more sleep SANDRA Don't ever worry over not getting the blog done in time We'd all worry that there's something wrong BUT we'd understand if you don't or do it late We'd still have a chat Hope the three graces meal goes well with the added spice of lots of laughter xx

    1. Hi Karen
      Yes, we had a lovely meal thanks very much.

  7. Hello Sandra and all the coffee shop ladies,

    Val what a beautiful card you made for Sandra, I just love everything about it it's absolutely stunning. I think I have some of this gold leaf you've used, mine is called Blue Tiger Leaf, it really is so beautiful, in fact I'd put mine away safely, so safe I'd forgotten all about it.

    Hello Brenda (Littlelamb) How are you? I hope you are well and not overdoing things. xx Love the card you made for Sandra's birthday, what a beautiful colour you chose. I must invest in some circular dies, these ones look very pretty with lots of possibilities.

    Well I hope our three graces have managed to have there anniversary lunch. It is frightening how time flies though. Is it your 3rd anniversary?

    Well it's been another exciting day (not) started the day with a dental appointment, all is well thank goodness. So it was just a clean for me today. That's me for another six months - I hope!!! OH has been sorting out the filing cabinet, which is fine, except I keep getting called for my opinion. Hope now that job is finished I can play for an hour or so. He is lovely really, honestly.

    I'm off to my craft room now. Hope all of our ladies have had a good day.

    Love and hugs for everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      Yes it's 3 years since we first met up. My how time flies.

  8. Hello All, sorry to be a bit late, we've been to pick up our new car (not new new, 2yrs old ) never seen so many gadgets on a car before, will have to really study the hand book, everything is touch control in stead of switches, may be all new cars are like that, our car which we part exchanged did 219, thousand miles so you can see we don't change very often.

    Sandra, love you're two lovely cards, have that doily die also, had forgotten I had it until I saw Brenda's card, will have to fish it out.

    Hope the three of you managed your lunch today.

    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Enjoy your new car. I know what you mean about gadgets on a car. I bought a new Nissan Note 16 reg two weeks ago and the handbook was missing, so I haven't a clue what is what. One has been ordered apparently. I'm still waiting for it. I rang to chase it up today but it was the salesmans day off.

  9. Hi Sandra
    Lovely lunch today at the Royal Oak in Witney with Sandra and Sue for our Anniversary lunch. Such a shame that Sue had to go back early to take her grandchildren swimming.
    Love the cards you had from Val and Brenda Littlelamb for your birthday. The ladies on the blog are so talented and make beautiful cards.