Sunday, 16 October 2016

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Margaret's Challenge Card

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Good Morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all well, unlike me, who spent most of yesterday in my bed with some kind of sick bug :(, why is it that when you need to be on 'top form' something throws a spanner in the works, I have no idea what caused it, I spent the whole night before tossing and turning and unable to sleep, I was also itching like crazy, so whether I was just exhausted I don't know. I managed to drag myself up to cook dinner for everyone though!  So I am hoping to have a relaxed crafting day today, fingers crossed.
It looks as though you enjoyed the different style of challenge this week, with me just giving a couple of guidelines rather than a 'sketch' to follow.

Karen, although your card looks monochrome it is actually a lovelyMaroon and white Christmas card from you this week, Karen has used Spellbinders Classic Squares, Sue Wilson (CE) Snowflake Lattice Embossing folder and that gorgeous sentiment is from 'Ultimate Crafts'.
A fanstastic card karen, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Lilian has made a beautiful christmas card using a Crafters Companion Sentiment, that is still on my 'to buy' list, and a stunning Snowflake embossing folder, what a stunning Christmas card Lilian, I think this weeks challenge proves that 'less can definitlely be more'!  Thank you so much for taking part in this weeks challenge xxx

 Lynda I love the striking embossing folder you have used as your background, each time i look I see something different, either stars or crosses mostly, I also love Sue's (CE) gorgeous 'Season's Greetings' sentiment die, did you use your 'Brusho's to colour your background? 
Thank you so much for taking part this week Lynda, you have been very busy xxx

Margaret, one Sentiment, two very different looks from you this week, one very traditional style Christmas card with a pretty tree, decorated with flat back gems, the other a very 'Clean and Simple' style card, equally as beautiful as each other, I do love that sentiment though, thank you so much for finding the time to make two cards xxx

Maria, please tell me who makes the embossing folder you have used, I really LOVE it, I am also looking for a die that has little pine cones on, I think that Spellbinders have just bought one out, it would work perfectly with this embossing folder.  That Robin stamp you have used is just adorable, Christmas isn't Christmas without a card with Robins on, they are so cute, the little blue Gem in the centre of the bow is the perfect finishing touch.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make this weeks card, good luck with 'weigh in' today, my fingers are crossed for you xxx

Michele, 5 Christmas cards from you this week, That Christmas tree die is just so delicate, its all you need on a card, it has worked so well on both of the cards you have used, I do love the Pyramid one though as they are such an unusual shape, thank you so much for making the time to make them xxx

Sonia, wow, such a stunning card, as I said above, 'less really is more with this challenge', you have used Sue's (CE) Snowflake Swirl Embossing folder and that stunning Crafters Companion Christmas Sentiment die, that is all that is needed, the tiny white snowflakes to embellish the sentiment are the perfect compliment, thank you so much for taking part my lovely, I really do appreciate it xxx

Val, I have included this card of yours as it was the card that inspired me to buy some Christmas embossing folders, which in turn inspired this challenge, so its only right that its shown, The Embossing folder is from Crafters Companion, the sentiment Val has printed herself, the oval dies draw your eye into the sentiment, the christmas roses and poinsettisa are a stunning addition.
thank you Val for your inspiration.

I am off to the craft room to have a play and hopefully come up with a Sketch for Monday, have a lovely Sunday ladies.

Love and Hugs


  1. A very different array of cards all following the same theme Each one so beautiful/clever/inspiring Great news about your op LYNDA
    I'm up for a meet up at the end of November MARIA Good luck with the weigh in today
    I went to the V&A yesterday with a couple of friends to see the Revolution exhibition It was brilliant - all about the 60's - the fashion, the music, the politics, the teenager That decade truly shaped our lives of today One example, the computer! The protests in the 60's eg racism, Vietnam war, women's recognition. AND a film about Woodstock Truly inspiring
    The weather here is awful Great excuse to craft but I need to tidy a space first

    1. The exhibition sounds wonderful Karen. Being a teenager in Liverpool in the 60's was a great, exciting time to have been around. Wouldn't have missed it for the world.
      Enjoy your crafting.xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Lovely selection of challenge cards. The first ones of mine were already made & I felt bad when I'd sent Sandra the photo so I decided to make some cards for the challenge. The triangle cards have been in my stash for years & I thought the filigree tree looked quite good on them. They're all going in the collection ready for the Christmas Fair.

    We have heavy rain & it's windy here today so no gardening-it's definitely crafting weather!!

    Cheryl-you mentioned Virgin flights, they don't fly direct to Washington. You have to change somewhere in the US and as they're a partner with Delta(who we had a bad experience with) we decided that wd rather not use them. The "benefit" of using British Airways was that the flight got us in late afternoon so we should have had 5-6 hours on the first day. Heh Ho!!!!


  3. Me again- looks like you've won something on Sue Wilson's blog. Well done.


    1. WOW Michele so I have. Thanks. Love your triangle cards. So different. I bet they'll sell so well at the Fair. Xxx

  4. Hello All, well after yesterdays terrible weather, it's sunny so far today.

    Sorry you are not feeling well Sandra, hope you will be able to have a bit of me time today.

    Lovely cards everyone, sorry to copy your die Sonia, soon as I saw yours the other day knew I had to have it, ordered mine from Amazon.

    Am trying to make some male cards, I always give my friend in Oxford a box of cards, she asked if she could have some cards for men, not much ideas, have done leaves and trees, will have to check out Pinterest.

    Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, hugs to all, Lilian

    PS did post last night very late, Lynda loved your art work, hope all your med app. Goes well.

  5. Hi Sandra and all. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday Sandra. Hope you can manage to have a nice quiet day today. Was going to start off by apologising for not making a card this week and ten I saw you'd included one of mine. Thank you for you kind comments. The card was based on an idea of John Lockwoods so I can't say it was all me. I do have a thing about embossing folders. I have far too many but keep buying more. Just can't help myself.

    Ladies just love everyone's card today. The sentiments are beautiful and I'm loving the embossing folders you've used. I recognise Maria EF and stamp as I have it. It came with a magazine I bought last month in the UK. It's so pretty Maria and the colouring is lovely.

    LYNDA so pleased you have a date for your op and nt too far off either.
    MARIA. I'm sure you'll feel in less pain after your injection.

    So lucky to have won a prize on Sues blog today Yeh.

    I got all my sewing done by hand yesterday but it took me all afternoon as I kept getting cramp in my hand. Anyway just got to iron today and pack. The coach leaves at 7am in the morning so an early start.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thanks Val won't be long now I'm pleased to say
      Hug's Lynda xx

  6. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra sorry you have been poorly please take it easy today. I have the EF Maria used & I also have a small pine cone die & would love to cut some for you or you can borrow them. Makes a change to have something you want. The die was in the selection I bought by Apple Blossom & as Val said the EF was free with the robin stamp with Cardmaking &
    The selection of cards are lovely all different as usual, thank you for your ideas
    Lynda pleased you have a date for your op. the way the tome is going you will be in & out of hospital. Sending hugs xxx
    Maria hope the injections help I must admit I do find them helpful had them in knees & wrist, sending
    Cafe ready for visitors just going to make a chocolate sponge for later so please call in.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Thank you Margaret yes soon be here at least it will be over for Christmas 🎄 I have been getting more tightness/ heavy feeling in my chest & have used the Angina spray more,so will be glad when I have it.
      Love Lynda xx

  7. Janet meant to say hope you get some answers tomorrow, sending

  8. Once again I just wanted to say how fabulous the cards are I did say congrats earlier up to VAL but congrats again You'd have loved the exhibition Every corner I turned brought a smile to my face because it reminded me of those times Things like Twiggy (my hero One of my nicknames at school was "Twigs") and Vidal Sassoon with the "bob" haircut It was fascinating
    MARIA I hope the pain is easing - did the Tiger Balm help...
    Sending a hug to you all and JANET I hope you get some results tomorrow

    1. Ha ha you're bringing back lots of lovely memories Karen. I remember back combing my hair so it stood on end and dipping my net underskirt sin sugar water so they stiffened up. Oh and so much black eye liner to look like Cleopatra. I thought I looked wonderful. I was lucky enough to work just around the corner from The Cavern and every lunch hour my friend and I went and danced our hearts out. Thinking back it was such a dive . So damp the water ran down the walls- but we loved it. I watched so many people who later became famous and stupidly never thought of getting their autographs. I bet they'd be worth a fortune now. How lovely to reminis.
      I'm delighted to have won one of Sues prizes. Lucky me.
      Have a good Sunday. xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. I'm sorry to hear that you had the bug yesterday, I feel really guilty that I may have passed it on to you, I thought that as I had been ok for the recommended 48 hours and more that it was ok to see you and Pat. Sending you big hugs and hope that you are feeling better today my lovely. What a shame that you are ill while you have Paul's Mum and Dad with you. Please get as much rest as you can once they have gone home xx
    Todays line up of this week's CCs are once again all beautiful. That gorgeous Crafters Companion sentiment that both Sonia and Lilian have used is on my Christmas wish list, and like Mum and Maria, I have the gorgeous pine cone embossing folder, haven't used it yet but now Maria has inspired me, thank you Maria. I will bring it with me this week so you can borrow it Sandra. We will have to get Mum to cut some of the cute little pine cones for us both, won't we, please Mum X : )
    I did finally manage to get a Christmas card finished late last night, very loosely following this week's challenge as I just couldn't think what to do!
    We had a lot of rain during the night too Lilian, but didn't see or hear any thunder or lightning. It is quite nice here at the moment, lots of nice blue sky : )
    Janet, I hope you get some answers tomorrow. Fingers are firmly crossed that you will soon be back to normal very soon x
    I hope you all manage to have a good day.
    I am hoping to spend this afternoon crafting as I have a couple of cards that are needed in a week or so.
    Sending love and hugs to you all and extras for Janet and all in need. Take care xx

  10. Hello Sandra & everyone
    Sandra I hope your feeling better Now what a shame it had to be this weekend you were ill not nice anytime but having company not good. Have a good play in your craft room.Hug's xx
    Well I love all your Challenge cards. All so different again. Sandra my embossing folder was a Todo one & I coloured it with Tim Holtz distress ink pad's. The photo wasn't good as flash on my camera 🎥 kept going off so it made the card look very bright / white.
    Maria I hope Weighwatchers was kind to you today. How are your aches & pains today hoping injections helped & your feeling much better. Congratulations Val on your win on Sues blog & you managed to get your trousers 👖 all sewn up
    Early night for you tonight as early start enjoy your trip Val xx
    We we had lots of rain in the night now we have strong winds so have taken a chance & put washing on the line. Not much on cards today so hope to get in craft room.. So hope you all have a good Sunday.
    Love & 🤗 Lynda xx

  11. Hi Sandra and all in today.
    Lovely CC's this Sunday again all around. Yes as Val and Margaret said it came free with Issue 161 Cardmaking and Papercraft and I'm glad because I felt a bit stumped what to use first. Have not got that many Christmas EF's.
    Love the font of your Merry Christmas Margaret, which one is it please ?
    Karen- V & A sound like a great place to see all different era's. Don't remember the 60's much but then I don't remember much at all these days hihi
    Congrats Val for winning something from Sue ! always nice to see someone you know having some luck.
    Janet- hope you get some answers tomorrow, big hug.
    Had some torrential rain this morning so no walk in but had a ok weight loss so back on track after the hols. and last weekend only going to have a small take out tonight as it is son's birthday. Thumb is alright and everything else hopefully will get better after injection, scan and massage. OH wants a season ticket for football, I got one to the docs already. Want to start the Christmas cards cutting outs this afternoon and from tomorrow or it will be like last year with too many in one go to do so I wish you all a lovely afternoon. Hope you feeling better soon Sandra and can get a good rest tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all, Maria xxxx

    1. Hi Maria,
      My Merry Christmas die is by Creative Dies, if you want I can cut some for you if you say what colours.
      Glad your thumb is better when do you have injections?

  12. Val, I forgot to say that I hope you have a nice break away, and also Congratulations on being a winner on Sue's blog. Take care x

    1. Ah thanks Sue. Looking forward to the trip and the prize when I get back.
      Hope you managed to spend some time crafting this afternoon.
      Love Valxxx