Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wonderful wintery cards from Sue & Margaret

Sue's Cute Snowman card

Margaret's Fabulous Festive Card

Good Morning Ladies,

It's a few degrees chillier here today, I was watching a weather man try to explain the reason why we have had milder /drier weather recently, something to do with the Jet stream being disrupted and our weather is being fed in from the East rather than West, apparently had this have happened next month we would have had snow and very cold temperatures!  On the plus side we are still able to get washing on the line in the morning and its dry by mid afternoon, a huge bonus as I hate having it hanging around the house, I know I have said it before but there is nothing like bed sheets etc that have been dried on the line in that crisp autumn air!  I am a sad person that gets excited at the thought of getting into a freshly changed bed, I like Crisp, white bed sheets and pillow cases, I have no idea why, we used to have white when we were growing up or candy striped brushed cotton in winter!  Funny how you remember those funny little things.

Talking of family memories brings me to today's cards, from our blog family Sue and her lovely Mum Margaret.
First of all we have Sue's card, it was to be Sue' Challenge Card but I didn't see it in time to post it.  Now I want you to zoom in and see how realistic those Gingerbread Men look, the Kraft card makes them looked like they are baked to perfection!
They have the cutest faces too, I love all of the detail that's included, including that sweet little Bow Tie, I'm afraid I would struggle to bit his head off, way too cute, I love the red spotty background Sue and that cute little Banner style sentiment, thank you so much for taking part Sue, sorry I didn't see it in time xxxx

Margaret, you sent me this card a couple of weeks ago but I downloaded it and forgot to post it, I absolutely love that pretty red snowflake paper and the clever way you have featured it oin your card, its like a 'faux' aperture, the Kraft card snowflakes work so well with the colours of your card too,  I just know that your family Christmases are full of 'peace, joy and lots of love, thank you so much for allowing me to share your cards Margaret xxxx

Have any of you got any Crafty Buys to feature this week? If see pop me a photo and I will feature it on Friday.

Well I am off to play in my craft room for a couple of hours, I hope that you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

Love and hugsto all,


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sue-love the gingerbread men on your card, they're so cute.

    Margaret-I really like the snowflake paper & the added snowflakes in each corner.

    Yesterday was busy at work, watch the craft shows last night after her another phone call from my Dad.
    I have a meeting (a waste of time one) from 8.30-10am today then business as usual.
    Not sure what the plan is for this evening-I should head into my craft room, to tidy up in there if nothing else!


    1. Hi Michele
      Hope work no your meeting goes well today. I hated having meeting that you know we're a waste of time. Much better things to do than sit in a meeting room.

  2. Very sweet cards SUE and aMARGARET I n a rush Got to get ready for woek

  3. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing my card & Sue's lovely ginger bread men, it was cutting them out that cut my mat!!xxx
    Sue they do look lovely love their bow
    Quick visit this morning already had a visitor & a phone call so must get ready for Petanque, the sun is shining & not too cold.
    Lentil or leek & potato soup simmering hope you visit us.
    Sending hugs especially to Janet & all in need love

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  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. I wasn't expecting to see my card but thank you for showing it my lovely. I couldn't think of what to use for the sentiment as I only have a very small Happy Christmas so this ended up not being part of last week's challenge.( I realised yesterday while at Sandra's that I have several die cuts of Pat's Let it Snow that I could have used, if I had found them!!!)
    Mum, love that pretty snowflake paper, it looks beautiful on the red background : ) I hope you have a good day, wrap up though please as the wind is really cutting. Love you xx
    Maria, I hope you are ok. You are doing so well with the weight loss. I agree with Lynda's new name for you as you really are getting to be a real "Skinny Lizzy" : ) sorry but I can't make Sat 19th Nov. I think a weekday might be easier but will have to find out what day is best for Sandra, Pat and Mum.x
    It was lovely spending the day with Sandra and Pat yesterday, lots of chatting of course and I managed to get most of my CC cut out so will get it finished today as I have the house to myself until I pick the girl's up from school at 3pm : )
    Janet, it was lovely to see you in the Café yesterday, so sorry that you are still waiting to get everything sorted though. Sending you big hugs x
    Sending everyone love and hugs with extras for Janet and all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone who pops into the cafe today,

    What a lovely card you have made Sue, those gingerbread men are so cute, and they look great on the red spotted paper, your card just makes me want to smile. Thank you for sharing. xx
    Margaret your card is lovely, you have matched the Die cut snowflakes with the ones in your backing paper, the balance is spot on. What a talented lady you are. Enjoy your Pétanque and as Sue said wrap up warm. xx

    Sandra enjoy the time in your craft room. Hope you get lots of satisfying results!!! LOL

    Not a lot happening here, we are on School run today as daughter is on her way to Birmingham for meeting midday, and would not make it back for school pickup. So it's Mum and Dad to the rescue.

    I'm still going through my craft room, it always amazes me how many things I had forgotten about, when I start to reorganise. Mind you I am now panicking as it only dawned on me yesterday that next week is half term, don't know how that crept up on me so quickly!!!!

    Well that's me coffee time over, were looking through the day to see what you've all been up to. Special hugs for Janet, Lynda and Pat and Pete. Cheryl hope you managed to see the doctor and are starting to feel better. Special hugs for anyone else who may be feeling under the weather or just fragile. xx

    Hope everyone is having a good day, love Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      Yes, half term does creep up on us when we're not looking doesn't it. At least most of my grandchildren can get home by themselves. Three of them are at Secrendary school and Xander us at Junior school. Mind you that's in Farringdon. Two of course are at work so no problems there.
      Take care my friend and thanks for the hugs.

    2. Hi Brenda,
      Thank you for your lovely comment, it is much appreciated. I never thought I would get to grips with card making but I love it trouble is not enough time, must not complain there could come a day when I cannot do all I do now. Hope to see you next month love

  7. Crikey blogger has let me in but my post has disappeared before I could press post again. Lovely card yesterday Sandra even better looking in the flesh. Love the gingerbread men as well Sue.
    Hugs to all who need one today. Janet I do hope your next set of bloods sort you out.

  8. Hi Maria
    Love the name that Lynda has given you. Congratulations on your weight loss. Mind you Terry might start complaining as he won't have a lot to cuddle. Wish I had the will power to lose a bit of weight. It's not as if I eat a lot, but I do like my chocolate. Thanks for the hugs and sending them back to you. Looking forward to meeting up this time round.

  9. Hello All, dull and cold here.
    Two lovely c cards today, Spurs me on to start mine.

    Glad you all had a good day crafting yesterday, I managed to send my friend a pack of 30 cards, posted in two lots as cheaper than one big one.

    Not much else happening here, going to get my Christmas card stuff out of the loft and sort through what I am going to use this year, am going to try and make them flat as last year spent huge amount on postage.

    Enjoy the rest of the day, hugs to all Lilian

  10. Hi Sandra and all.
    Hope your day have been good and if not ,tomorrow is another day for a better one then today.
    Left early this morning for London to order a new passport and normally there never any problems but when she asked me if I had any ID then my old passport which ran out four days ago it got a bit trickier because I haven't got anything else with photo on, ooops! Thankfully this time my OH had taken me down and had come with me in so he had to produce some ID and verify my identity ! lucky he wasn't just a guy from the streets who had come in to use their toilet hihi six minutes later we were back out, had a walk down to the shops and a salt beef sandwich in Selfridges, very nice . Back home I had some work to do and then it was time for dinner and after the boys wanted to see a film (Money Monster) so I'm sorry everyone that I didn't come in before now
    I Love Sue's card, it such a happy one with the Gingerbread Men and it makes you smile when you see them. Margarets card is also Beautiful with that pretty paper and snowflakes, well done both of you.
    I'm seeing a very special lady and her husband tomorrow, I feeling all jittery, like it is the first time I'm seeing our Sandra and Paul Hihi Best get some beauty sleep so I'm not being rude and yawning in their present.
    Wish you all a good night and happy crafting dreams,
    love and hugs ,Maria Xxxxx

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