Thursday 10 March 2016

Margarets Gorgeous Blue card ,Guilty Secrets and Happy Birthday Jess,

Margaret's Beautiful Blue Card  

 Hazel's Gorgeous storage

 More of Hazel's Storage buys

 Janet's Spellbinder Collection

Lilian's Kumihimo Disc & Beads and Embossing folder 

Lynda's New Paper pad

Bargain New Stamp

Lynda's New Die & Stamp set

Michele's New Die

Myra's purchases

Three pictures of patterns in Sue's new paper pad

Beautifully packaged kit
My unpackaged kit, so gorgeous x

Happy Birthday Jess

Good Morning Ladies

Firstly I would like to wish Jess a very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day xxx

I couldn't wait to share Margaret's gorgeous blue card with you, I can't get my head around the
fact that you have only been making cards a couple of months!  I would be very proud to call this card one of my own, thank you so much for sharing with us xxxx

Now onto the Guilty Secrets.........

Hazel's purchases a both beautiful and very useful, I absolutely love how pretty they are Hazel, storage is often so plain and boring, these are just a pleasure to look at.  Where did you get them from Hazel, where they expensive? they look like they would be! thanks for sharing xxx

Janet, oh you lucky girl, what a gorgeous range of Spellbinder dies, they all look like they would work together and that border is gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you create with them, thank you so much for sharing xxxx

Lilian, I have a Kumihimo disk and I have made a few bracelets with it, they are beautiful when finished, you will love using it, a good tip is to hang a weight from the bottom of your braid to help pull it through the disk with tension.  That embossing folder is very pretty too, thank you for sharing your buys with us xxxx

Lynda has been lucky enough to grab some real bargains this week, the Shoe stamp and Die combo was £9.99 on eBay, the other shoe stamp £6.99 and she then treated herself to the matching paper pad, all paid for by her Paypal money made from selling on eBay, so she no Guilt!!! Lucky Lynda !  So pleased you got such a bargain
My lovely, I have fancied this collection for a while, cant wait to see your cards thanks for sharing. Xxxx

Michele I love your new signature Collection Die, that is going to make so gorgeous edges on cards,
I look forward to seeing your creations, thank you for sharing xxxx

Myra, what a lovely Collie tion of Creative Expressions goodies, some lovely chipboard tags and Sue's lovely new paper pad, the colours are very subltle and pretty! Thanks for the close ups Myra ! Water brushes are a very useful additions to your craft tools! Thanks for sharing Myra xxxx

My purchases are all lovely lace and trims, and a little MDF storage caddy or 2 to decorate, my laces came from the kindest, loveliest lady called Amanda 'Scrimpys craft boutique' on Facebook, she sent my a beautiful kit of gorgeousness!! You can have one made to your budget! Xxx

Thank you very much for taking part today ladies.

Have a lovely day ladies,
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Happy Birthday Jess-hope you have a lovely day.

    Margaret-WOW, gorgeous card, really beautiful.

    What a great collection of goodies on display today, I love seeing what other crafters have bought.

    Today I'm meeting a friend at Dobbies for a catch up on gossip. I used to work with this lady but she went back to work in a retail pharmacy so we try to meet up once a month for a chat. It's usually on a Saturday so today is a real treat. I'll go straight on to Tesco & do the shopping after that then we might do some more gardening this afternoon as we have a lovely sunny day here.


    1. Morning Michele
      Happy a lovely morning chatching up with your Friend. Being able to meet Friends during the week was one of the best things when I retired and not having to organise a Saturday around everything else that needed to be done. Enjoy.

    2. Hi Michele. Enjoy catching up with your friend and I hope the weather stays sunny for you x

    3. Hi Michele enjoy chatting with your friend.xx

    4. The birds are really singing here this morning Michele! I always feel Spring has sprung when that happens! Xxx

    5. Hope you enjoyed your meet up with your friend, good to have time to catch up. Thank you for comments on my card I am loving it.xx

  2. Good morning, Sandra and all who call in.
    Firstly Happy Birthday Jess have a lovely day, weather looks like it will be a good day for you.
    Margaret, your card is lovely, is that you using papers bought at the show?
    Janet,,you have bought a lot of new dies? Are they to take with you next week?
    Michele, love that edge die!
    Lilian, oh you are going to have fun!
    Myra, those papers look lovely, but after sorting out mine for last so many days, I will not be buying, looking forward to seeing what you make with all your new goodies.
    Sandra, I very pretty package, all those gorgeous goodies.
    Now my storage it's from store Twenty One. It's a clothes store with a home section, doesn't have much, but I look in when I am up in the shopping centre.the letter racks were £3, flat A4 boxes £4, magazine ones £4 you were getting 20% off so we're even better. Yes pretty, which I was wanting so to break up the look of just plastic.
    Up early as I am off out today. I am going to the chemo unit to hand in more goodies, which is still all thanks to you kind ladies that bought our pendants at the retreat and after too. I will stop at Tesco on route and buy. I feel that if I go when I am going into Dundee as it is then it save petrol. I have to go and give numbers etc to the hotel to do with our family gathering. It's ok doing over the phone but face to face to me is better, as you can see if they are taking note.
    Right off to get myself ready and a wash load put in, Charlie will see to it after that. Xxx

    1. Hi Hazel. What pretty storage. Store twenty one do have some pretty storage don't they, and they always seem to have reductions of some sort. Hope you are feeling better.

    2. Hazel, I love your storage boxes! They look so pretty. They weren't expensive either . Your room must look so nice with pretty storage instead of boring plastic. I don't mind too much if it's white but some colours they choose are awful! Thanks for sharing . Xxxx

    3. Hazel lovely storage boxes. Thank you for your kind comments, the paper I bought before the show, Sandra kindly told me when Anne Maria had a special offer so managed to get them at a good price.xx

  3. Good morning everyone
    Happy birthday Jess - hope you have a lovely day
    Michele, it's quite overcast here, please send us some sunshine, it may come our way later.
    Oh my word, such lovely goodies, you have all been busy , I have ordered the Kensington handbag from Tonic but it hasn't arrived yet so will confess next week.
    Sue wilsons paper pad looks gorgeous doesn't it.
    I hope everyone is starting to feel the benefits of us moving into spring, it's heartwarming to see the bulbs coming to life, I keep looking round the garden watching everything coming to life, love it.
    It's craft class today, or should I say, it's laugh a minute class. Really enjoy going.
    Hugs to all who need them,
    Jean xx

    1. Hi Jean. Have a lovely time at your craft class. It sounds great x

    2. I hope the sunshine reaches you soon Jean! Enjoy your class!! Xxx

    3. Jean your craft class sounds very much like the embroidery class I run, if I do half a dozen stitches I'm lucky, great bunch of ladies.
      Lovely to see the bulbs out I agree.xx

  4. Morning Everyone

    First a Very Happy Birthday Jess. Hope you spend it just as you want.

    Oh what a wonderful collection of frills, foldirolls and useful items we have bought this last week.
    I love everything and cannot wait to see the outcome.
    I had promised myself that I would not buy anything last week when I saw JW on Hochanda but I just fell in love with this set of Art Deco dies called 'Astoria'. I have tried a sample cut with them and they cut beautifully so just need time now to play.

    ANGELA - hope you had a lovely Anniversary and a beautiful meal last evening.
    SABA - Unfortunately my chair has to stay behind but of course my wonderful Daughters/SILs have suggested that as it has castors it could be towed like a caravan which reminded me of all your plans for a French Retreat last year!
    LILIAN - fingers crossed for your Sister to leave hospital. I just know she will come on in leaps and bounds when she's out of there and in more comfortable/peaceful surroundings. I can never understand how anyone can get any rest when in Hospital.

    I need to keep myself busy today as it's 22yrs today since I lost my Mum and of course it's Leanne's Anniversary on Monday too where does the time go. It's never easy.

    All's set and everything is in place just ready for you all to pop in and help yourselves.
    Hugs to all of you.

    1. Hi Janet. Can just imagine the looks you would get if you really did tow your lovely chair all the way to France : )
      Sending you special hugs on this difficult day x

    2. Hi Janet loveing all your new dies . Try & have a nice but difficult day sending special Hug's xxx

    3. Hello Janet!
      I'm sorry I got the giggles about towing the chair ! Now you know they put signs on the back of the load? EG. - Wide Load, Long Load, - any ideas for the chair? You wouldn't be in it would you?? Ha ha!
      Crafty Load! I think I'd better run and hide!
      Hope it makes you smile a wee bit today! Take care! Xxx

    4. Hello My Mad Hatter Friend
      Knowing my Daughters they probably would have me tied in securely of course with warning signs on the back of the chair.
      You know you don't have to run and hide from me.
      Hugs xxxx

    5. I know that Janet, otherwise I wouldn't be so cheeky! Love Hattie!! Xxx
      PS we had a girl at school called Hattie when I was a girl! I thought it was really her name short - for Harriet! Apparently her name was Isobel - other children called her Hattie as her Mum wouldn't let her play outdoors without a hat!!! Xxxx

    6. Janet, I mlike the look of your dies hope you get to play soon.xx

    7. Hi Janet. Sending you some special hugs and hope you are ok. Love the dies, happy crafting xx

    8. Janet meant to say special hugs on way to help you over the next few difficult days.xx

  5. What a beautiful card - a couple of months? WOW! Loving all of your beautiful guilty secrets I really must get my storage sorted I made a start on buying that folder thingy (stripey front one) It's OK but you can't see the stuff in it very well I need some magazine racks or the one like yours SANDRA where stuff is more visible Nothing much planned for today - work, work and more work

    1. Thank you Karen for your kind comments I am having fun, mind I have been lucky Sandra & Sue have been very helpful.xxk

  6. PS I have seen similar boxes to HAZELS in Dunelms if that helps

    1. Hi Karen. I need to get my stash sorted too. I hope work flies by without any problems for you x

  7. I have just added Lynda's new purchases too, I missed them earlier, i am quite envious!!!

  8. Good morning Sandra and ladies,
    Thank you all very much for your birthday wishes and cards, they are lovely, so much talent in this cafe. I have left a nice sponge birthday cake for you all to enjoy with your coffee today, hope the huggles don't get to it first!
    Today's guilty secrets are amazing, I love your storage stuff Hazel, may need to have a look at that.
    I'm covering Carolines shop today (bad planning), so might just spend a bi of birthday money there. Take care till later, xxx

    1. Happy Birthday Jess. Have a lovely time treating yourself to some goodies while you are at the shop today
      Thank you for the yummy sponge, that will be enjoyed later on x

    2. Happy Birthday Jess! I think that's not bad planning really being in a Craft Shop with some Birthday money to spend! Caroline has some lovely goodies too! Enjoy your day! Xxx

    3. Happy Birthday Jess, hope you had time to chose something nice. Thank you the sponge is lovely.xx

    4. Hi Jess, hope you have had a wonderful birthday and had fun spending some money in Caroline's shop.
      I will improve, promise xx

  9. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Happy birthday JESS hope you have a lovely day.
    It's also Sam's ( Harry's mum ) & My friend's birthdays today popping round Margaret's later this morning.
    Wow loving everyone's Guilty crafty buys all so useful have fun playing with them all.I got the same storage boxes as Hazel last year in TK Max they are very pretty & good strong boxes & same prices.i keep my colour cloud in the biggest one & guilding wax in smaller size.Thank you Sandra for adding mine.
    We have lovely sunshine this morning it does make you feel better.
    Just finished clearing up wow I'm early today. Just going to have a shower & get ready now so will see you later & catch up with comments.
    Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Hello Lynda,
      I really love that shoe too! I blame Sheila for that but shhhh, don't tell her! I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Xxxx

    2. Thank you Lynda for your kind comments. Have fun with your new goodies, I am! Hope you are feeling better.xx

    3. Hi MYRA yes SHEILA sent me some of the shoe die cuts.then i saw that bargain set & had to have it. I love all your new cards on Pinterest.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  10. Sorry MARGARET your card is BEAUTIFUL you would think you have crafted for years not a couple of months. Hug's Lynda xx

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Mum, your card is beautiful, you really are showing me up with just how quickly you are making lovely cards, I am so happy that you have found another hobby to enjoy when you do actually stop and sit down. Love you xx
    Sandra, your package of goodies is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing what you create xx
    Lynda, those stamps and dies are beautiful, have fun playing with them. I hope you are feeling better today x
    Janet, will you save these dies to use while you are away, or will you have to try them before hand? X
    Lillian, love the E folder, enjoy using the pretty beads too x
    Michele, I love the edge die, it is lovely x
    Myra, I see you have some MDF goodies and thank you for letting us see close up how pretty the new pads are x
    Maria, I hope you and your son are both feeling better today x
    I am feeling a little better, but still not right and I have no energy so it's going to have to be another lazy day, which I could do without. Never mind, it's no where near as bad as lots of you have had so I'm not complaining really.
    Those in need have hugs on the way. Take care xx

    1. I did my best Sue, but the papers are 170gsm and all are lovely but tricky to photograph! Well if you are me they are!!! Xxxx

    2. Hi Love, Hope you feel better soon, just take it easy. Thank you for your comment, you know how addicted I have become. Love you xx

    3. Hi Sue, hope you got another day rest and feeling better soon. Son back at work and myself ,I'm ok. just a nice black/ blue bruise in my bottom and across the foot. Your mum is brilliant at making cards already. Told you she would get the bug xx

    4. Hi Sue sorry your still not a 100% have you got the virus thingy it's horrible i still have this realy dry throat & i haven't got a lot of energy it must end soon surly. Yes I was chuffed with my bargains.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  12. Happy Birthday Jess,
    May your day be filled with all your favourite things.
    love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  13. Morning ladies,

    Margaret, what a stunner of a card you have produced, I love the delicate tones you have used. My favourites by far.

    Equally lovely are the bargains our ladies have picked up, a wonderful variety of crafting goodies.
    Love your bargain bag of lacey trims Sandra, did the cotton reels and tabs come with it? If so, a good storage system for them.

    Had a bit of upset yesterday whilst taking my friend Rosie for a hospital appointment. The wind was so strong when we got out of my car, that it blew her completely off her feet and she landed with such a heavy bump. I was almost pushed into the car opposite us as the wind caught my coat and it billowed out like a sail propelling me backwards. After checking she hadn't hit her head and she was just winded, I rushed into the MIU to get a porter and wheelchair to help her get into the hospital. After her original appointment it took about 1 1/2 hours to finally get seen by the nurse/practitioner, then a further 3/4 hour for her to have xrays. Thankfully nothing was broken but by then she had been sitting down for so long, her muscles had cramped up. We got there for her appointment at 10 am and finally left 1.30pm, so off we went for some lunch at the nearest Brewer's Fayre. She spent the rest of the day lying down on her settee with the heating an TV on and having a doze. I must ring her soon to check she is still ok.

    Spring cleaning is going so well this year, I have finally found my second speed. Today it is the shower room's turn to be steam cleaned, I bless the day I succumbed and bought my Shark steam mop, it has been very valuable in cutting down on the time spent and only one little pad to clean afterwards instead of gallons of bleach and numerous cloths and paper towels thrown away.
    Onwards and upwards then, see you soon.
    love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Oh my goodness Cheryl that must have really shaken your friend up! It must have scared you too. Glad all is well though! Cheryl - when you have finished your house is it a case of " Have Mop will Travel ?" If so M5, M6 and a few minor roads and you'd be here in no time!! Ha ha! Xxx

    2. How many minor roads? And what is the weather like your end of country? Cos I only spring clean when it is sunny, that way I can see the bits I've missed. Me and that dreaded swear word (housework) don't really go together in the winter/dark days. If I can't see the dust then it doesn't get done! hahahaha x

    3. Yes I know , I think the sunshine has that effect on all of us! The sun really does show up the dirt and dust!today here is dry, calm but not sunny! Ha ha! Xxxx

    4. Cheryl what an ordeal for you & your friend yesterday, she will probably be still shaken up today.
      Thank you for your kind comment I am loving it.
      Hugs on way xx

    5. Oh Cheryl, I hope your friend is alright and not to shaken up. It's nice to see some sunshine but you can also see the dust and windows that need cleaning. Remember not to overdo xx

  14. Hi Sandra
    Can I say a very Happy Birthday to Jess today. I hope you have a lovely day.
    What a stunning collection of goodies. I especially love Sue Wilsons new pad that Myra has featured. Thanks for the sneak peak Myra.
    Love the card Margaret, and how clever if Lynda to get the shoe stamp and die for a great price on eBay.
    I hope all those that are feeling better under the weather feel better soon. The list is getting longer.

    1. Hello Pat, I'm going to tell you a secret , I don't want the others to know , but I spent ages last night looking for a lightbulb moment 's inspiration for this week's challenge card! Every idea I had didn't work! Back to the drawing board! How are you getting on? You can tell me - I won't tell anyone else!! Xxxx

    2. Pat thank you for your kind comments. Hope your visit to the hospital with Doreen is not too stressful.xx

  15. Hello Sandra,
    First of all it was quite tricky to photograph the papers close up as although you see the detail the colour washes out a bit! I'm glad I bought them though! I decided to buy new water brushes as the ones I have are in a bit of a state. I've had them for years and years! The MDF tags were £3.79 for 6 from CE and they are a lovely weight and finish. Leonie had them on Hochanda but as part of a bigger kit and I didn't want the whole kit.
    Margaret, your card is beautiful. Well done you! It's lovely to see you enjoy your new hobby so much. I love the colours you have used too.
    Brenda LL - hope Craft Class went well and that you are not lying down in a dark room recovering!
    Such a wide selection of crafting goodies today but I think Lynda and Hazel got the best bargains! I had never heard of that Store Hazel, but I shall look for it. Yet another shop I haven't been inside! It's becoming a bit of a joke! I do have a Dunelm not far away though - well about 20 mins by car!
    Well I've rambled on for long enough! I'm in ironing mode today! Ugh! However I love to see it all done!
    Be good - well - at least give it a try? Xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Myra I really am having fun. Love the papers will have to look out for them.xx

  16. PS! Sandra - you got a lot of very pretty things in a really pretty package! I'm sure you had fun opening it up and discovering all the goodies inside! Xxx

  17. Hi Sandra,
    I love your selection of trims so much, I tried looking at the webpage but keep getting referred to something called Squaresize. Do you know what this is all about as they wanted all my FB friends info and I do NOT give that out to any web pages. xxx

  18. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    JESS I hope you're having a lovely birthday, I do have to apologise, I thought I was organised with everybody's birthday dates, SORRY I don't know how I missed yours, Sending you my best wishes, hopefully your card will catch up with you soon. LOL

    Sandra what a beautiful array of goodies you are showing us today.

    Margaret, you have come a long way in such a short time, your card is lovely,
    You should be very proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing XX

    Hazel, your storage boxes are so pretty, I love them.

    Janet, WOW what a haul, you are certainly going to keep yourself very busy. Can we all come and play?

    Lilian, you must have very nimble fingers to be able to make such fine bracelets, I hope we get to see the results.

    Lynda, you are certainly a very good bargain hunter. Great dies and papers.

    Michele, I love your die, I'm sure it will get used a lot.

    Myra, I love your papers such beautiful subtle shades. They've gone on my Wish List.

    Sandra, when you opened your parcel it must have felt like Christmas so much in it, I'm sure it almost exploded when you took it out of the wrapping. I know you're going to have a lot of fun with all of these goodies.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, sending love and hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Brenda, Thank you, you are kind, I am loving every minute & Sandra's sketch cards are a real bonus.
      Take care xx

  19. Tea ladies at the chemo unit said to say " a big thank you". The biscuits, coffee, fruit teas and juice were well received.
    A big thank you from Patrica and I too!!! Xxx

  20. Hello All,fine but cloudy here,still a cold wind.
    Jess hope you are having a lovely day , happy birthday, sorry I haven't got your details on my list.
    Margaret love your card, very lovely colour.
    Well what a lovely lot of goodies, we have to play with. I bought mine with my c/c voucher, it's a kit but no glue included, so when my new voucher came ordered another couple of kits as double value this time. I have done this braiding for years using string to make handles, amazing how long they last just using household string.
    O/H just left with my work 106 hoods in 9 different colours, bit shattered now.
    After a bit of a sit down, I'm going to tackle this weeks card, think it's going to be a male card.
    Have a lovely rest of the day. Hugs Lilian

    1. Lilian, how long does it take you to make a hood? sounds complicated to me. Thank you for your kind comments.xx

  21. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Happy Birthday Jess - I hope you're having a lovely day :-)
    Beautiful card Margaret - love it. Can't believe you've only been crafting for a few months! ;-)
    Love today's guilty secrets - good choice of die Michele, already used mine quite a lot since buying at Farnborough. Lots of other lovely crafting goodies from everyone - enjoy :-)
    Hope everyone well and having a good day.
    Hugs to all xxx

  22. Hi Sonia, thank you for your kind comments they really help me, I never thought I would do it but I am loving it.Xx

  23. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra did not expect to see my card this morning, thank you alot is down to your good advice. I love your goody bag.xx
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

    1. Gorgeous card Margaret, love the colour. You have taken this cardmaking like a duck to water. Don't blame me you are getting poor hihi xx

  24. Here at last although the brain has departed the body and shows no signs of return at the moment.
    Happy birthday Jess flower, i hope that you have had a lovely day. Sorry that i am only wishing you this now at this time of the day but it's been one of those days flower where my brain has went up Dumyat and not returned and i am just so very tired. I hope that you get something nice for your special day that you really want and not something that someone thinks you need, pointing no elbows or names but O.H comes to mind.
    Margaret, your card is beautiful flower, clean and simple but has that elegence that goes along with CAS card. Thank you flower for letting us all see your work, but you must be proud of yourself and what you have acheived in such a short time? Sue i hope is as proud of you and your acheivement as you really are making some beautiful cards.
    Well i am getting back together after last weekend but it has taken me this long to get to grips on myself. I ended up coming home from the craft show with card from Anna Marie's stand, 1 pinflair probe(best pokey tool ever especially for making the holes with the ruler as they come out even at long last) and 3 small PCA grids for christmas. The Glasgow show had a lot less stalls at it this year but not feeling 100% it took me 5 hours to go around the 23 stands that there was in hall 5, never even got close to going into hall 2 as i was absolutely shattered by then and i still had the cemetry to go to with Mum's flowers and card. I am still that bit shaky on the feet today but i'm getting there. Kirsten took me down to Sterling Mills this morning as she wanted some things for Harry for his holidays but i think someone added in an extra couple of miles into the distance that it runs or it felt like it at least.
    Going away to the swimming to see if i can get myself wakened up and try and keep a float this week but we shall see. I am going to buy one of those noodles that you fold in half around your body to keep you upright as my face is really good at getting to the bottom of the pool but trying to keep afloat is another thing all together as the butt will float but everything else heads south.
    have a good night girls
    love and huggles
    Norah x

  25. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    So many more heavenly goodies that have been bought lately. I can see one or two things that really makes me want to buy. The SW papers are very pretty, going on my wishlist but really need to use up what I got first.
    Fourth time lucky for the challenge card. So hard to put together this time. Not totally happy but will send it to you later.
    Margaret's card is beautiful and you have learned how to make them so quick, well done girl.
    Pat, hope everything will be alright with Doreen and hope all ok with Pete. You take care.
    Hope you all had a good day as possible.
    Love and hugs Maria xxx