Wednesday 23 March 2016

A late Challenge card with a few extra treats !!

 Ciara's Challenge Card

another of Ciara's cards
 Ciara's amazing flowers !
Ciara's Lilli of the Valley card
Val's Gracie
Val's cats, Olive, Harvey & Kit
Good Morning Dear Friends,

Ciara is Brenda Lello's Granddaughter (for those of you that didn't know), if my memory serves me correctly I believe Ciara is 8 (sorry if I got that wrong my brain is other places at the moment)!
Ciara your cards are so amazing, your Challenge card looks just like thge sketch i showed, it must have taken you ages to add all of those tiny roses underneath the ribbon, you even managed to get the little dots around your flowers, exactly like the Sketch card, i can't believe how brilliant your attention to detail is.
Now your second card is just so lovely, I love the image you have used on your card, but the most amazing part of the card is your flowers Ciara, oh my goodness!! They are beautiful, such perfect little roses and arranged so beautifully too, such pretty colours with some lovely leaves and ribbon to finish your card perfectly .
The last card we have today shows some brilliant colouring and very skilled cutting out too, you are better with the scissors than I am Ciara !! The colour of card you have used matches perfectly with the colour of the hand bag in the card too!
Ciara please keep sending me your wonderful cards to share with all of the ladies here on the blog, because they like seeing your cards too.  You have amazing card making skills, as well as making the most beautiful hand made flowers.
Thank you so much for sharing your cards with all of us xxxx

That's all for today ladies, it's going to be a very long day in our house today, should I not get around to posting tomorrow please continue to comment on today's post.

Love and hugs


  1. Good Morning everyone
    What a TALENTED Granddaughter you have Brenda!
    Ciara your cards are so beautiful and I cannot believe your attention to detail. It puts me to shame as I cannot for the life of me get my handmade flowers to look anything like yours. I always end up buying flowers. I love your choice of themes and colour matching is just beautiful. May we see more of your cards please.

    Well I'm living in a very untidy house at the moment as Jim made a valiant effort yesterday starting to paint the bedroom. Why oh why does every room have to be untidy when you only decorate one room?
    Anyway second coat goes on today and then maybe things will seem better.

    I see everything arrived at the Café and so the cupboards should be stocked for a little while. I've asked Marigny Dobbie to replenish the flowers on the tables and so I hope he's doing that now so that everything looks fresh when anyone pops in. I've asked him to get some Daffs/and Palm Willow as I think they are just made for each other and we are very near Easter now.

    I'll look in later via cyberspace to see what's happening.
    Hugs for those in great need and plenty for Friends old and new who walk through the door.

    1. Janet, Thank you, Ciara loved making the flowers. Whenever we go to stay it's difficult to know what to take, she wants to try everything out. Strangely the only thing she hasn't been drawn to is die-cutting, i'm sure that will change soon as she gets older. xx

  2. Good Morning Sandra and everyone.
    What a lovely surprise today to see such lovely cards from so you a lady.
    Clara your cards are beautiful and youre very talented. Your flowers are so pretty. I'd love to see more of your cards.
    JANET I can sympathise with you today. Everything from the stairs and landing is in my bedroom. The living room furniture is all in the middle of the room covered in sheet and everything from the kitchen worktops is on the pantry floor. At least the sun is shining today and I ca go outside. I keep saying it will all be worth it!
    HAZEL It's good to read that Gracie isnt the only dog in the world who has a fear of rain. To add to her trouble she also went to the hairdressers last night. She looks like a shorn sheep and very cute but not amused.
    Well as I said its sunny again and were off for a good long walk.
    Hope everything is ok with you today Sandra.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Val x

    1. Val, Thank you. I will make sure she sees your comments when we pick her up tomorrow from school, she is going to be so pleased to see it work on display. Thank you once again. xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Ciara-your cards are all fantastic. You are a very talented young lady.

    Busy day yesterday, managed to do some crafting last night but still not started my challenge card. I'll see how I feel tonight after doing the Tesco shopping. Thought it would be a daft idea going tomorrow night (shopping) as I have no idea what time I'll finish work. I usually go through to the main Pharmacy before a Bank Holiday to see if they need a hand although I'm more of a hindrance but I like to offer.


    1. Thank you Michele for being so kind on John's blog, it is very much unexpected win and whether it will actually turn out like John's card is another thing entirely, lol. Have a good day at work flower. x

    2. Michele, Thank you, this ilittle lady loves her card making, and is always eager to know is what I have been buying to add to the craft stash xx

  4. Lovely cards from the young lady, what fun her grandmother must have with her.
    Yesterday brilliant sunshine decided the next day would be devoted to spring dull and overcast ...... Can't see the dust now and the Windows look alright......have decided to leave it and sit awhile with my paper and glue he he..... Right decision or what? x

    1. Definitely leave it, crafting comes first ha ha. As the Spanish say -manana.
      Love Val x

    2. Good decision Angela as because the sun is not shining you wouldn't be able to check on there being streak free, so i would leave them for another day when it is nice but not too nice.

    3. Definitely the right decision Angela!
      Yes I have great fun with her, she really is a joy and just loves doing anything in the craft line. xx

    4. Perfect decision Angela. have a fun day crafting xx

  5. Good morning my little coffee shop cherubs,
    Ciara wee lass your cards beautiful and you should be very proud of them as i know your grandma will be bursting with pride. Oh what time and care you took to cut out those roses under your ribbon band as they are so delicate. The colouring that you have done in card number two is perfect as are your little flowers that you have made from at a guess the Itty Bitty Blossoms from spellbinders. Thank Ciara for showing your beautiful work with us in the cafe.
    Margaret(Sue B's Mum) i'm sorry to hear that you are putting your nursing skills to use, i hope that your patient will be up and about again soon. Please remember that you need to rest as well because we can't have you both being ill as it won't help so please look after yourself as well flower.
    Well been up and dropped Rory off at college, been and had a look on Sue's blog and on John Next Door's blog to find that i am one of the two winners of his demo packs, so i am fair chuffed but whether it will turn out like his card is a different matter entirely as i'm just not and good at this copy thing, even when given all the components i still manage to screw it up, lol.
    Well although it is a dry day outside, it's not that warm nor is it that bright so i think the door shall remain closed some how today and baby girl will just need to content herself in her bed instead of lying outside sunbathing. I have Mr Asda coming this tea time so we will have some fresh supplies once more although i wonder what substitutions they will have made this time.
    I think i will have a latte and a croissant as there is nothing like them nice and warm just out of the oven. I'm up in the corner if anyone wants me with the Huggles. Is someone warming up Margarets heat bag hand warmers for them as they do feel nice and warm although i do wish one of them wouldn't snore so loudly as it keeps the rest awake. I think they all need a cover as this sharing one cover is just not working as the one that is snoring is got it all to themself and just left a corner for the wee're ones.
    love Norah x

    1. Many congratulations on your win on Johns blog . You'll have to show us the card you make with it.
      val x

    2. Congratulations Norah on your win. I for one know this beautiful lady makes amazing cards, so she will put her win to good use! She gave me the most stunningly beautiful card on Monday. It has pride and place on the mantle piece. Xxx

    3. Norah, I think the gremlins are after me today all the haggles are up to their mischief! This is my third attempt to leave a message for you, they keep going off into cyberspace!! I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on being a winner on John's blog. I am so pleased for you.
      Thank you for all of your lovely comments, Ciara really does enjoy the card making, the die for the flowers is Britannia. xxx

    4. Congrats Norah for winning the pack. I'm sure you will make a stunning card out of it xx

    5. Great Win Norah, so good to see one of the cafe members winning, enjoy.

  6. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Ciara you cards are lovey sweetheart, you have a great talent, I like your flowers, you made a brilliant job of doing them, well done.
    Not much on today at chez Watson, need to go to B&Q to get a piece of trellis for a clematis, and then out with friends for our weekly catch up.
    Sandra please don't overdo things today, you will make yourself ill, take care.
    Jess xxx

    1. Jess, Thank you, Ciara is going to be so happy to have so many lovely comments. xx

  7. Good morning ladies,
    Val sent me some photos of her awesome fur babies!
    I wanted share the little cuties with all of you, something to make you smile !
    Thanks Val
    Sandra xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,
    What a surprise I had when I opened up the block today, Ciara will be delighted to see her work on show. Whenever we go to look after the children, especially if we are staying for several days I will take some of my things in the hope I might do something, Ciara is great sponge and loves to learn different things, I had taken some flowers cut out ready to colour and shape. She asked me how did I make them into little flowers? The pink one was the first one she made following me as I made a few flowers for my craft stash - well to say she was hooked would be an understatement, she carried on making little flowers long after I had packed mine away. It was quite sweet when she had finished, she said "I might not give this to anyone, I'd like to keep it for myself and put it in my bedroom" I think she was very pleased with her first efforts. I do I was very proud of her.

    Val, I love the pictures Sandra has added to the blog of Gracie. and your beautiful cats. Gracie looks adorable, she looks a great character. We used to have two cats and one of them looked like Kit, he was a big softy, we used to say he was in love with our youngest daughter always following her around and cuddling up to her. When she was away to college he used to mope about the house, if we left her bedroom door open he would sneak in. When she returned home for the holidays he was like a different animal, you could just see how happy he was. They'll all such characters you can't help but love them.

    Sandra, thinking of you today, I hope it's not going to be the long day you think it will be. XXX

    To all our sick and bruised ladies (predictive text put brewsed ladies!!!!) and missing friends, I hope today will be a better day for you all.

    Love and hugs to everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. Brenda, I know that feeling that you have with Ciara! Beth is like that too, wants to know how it all works etc.
      She has made beautuful cards to be proud of!

    2. Ciara have made some lovely cards and her flowers are beautiful. Well done young lady, I would love to see more of your work, hug xx

    3. Hello Maria, Thank you for your comments. xx

    4. Clara, what a very clever girl you are, the cards a wonderful, carry on the good work

    5. Brenda flower, thank you for being so kind first of all. Second oh i do hope you will continue with your little "sponge" in showing her new things as she obviously has a talent in her that she is taking in what you are saying but also trying to make it her own work. Mum had us crafting from we were any age and both of us loved it,Jim my twin brother had such a fantastic eye for detail to the last tiniest speck, that was just him. Rory will sit down and make with me but Kirsten couldn't sit still on her behind for 30 seconds never mind longer. She knitted a blanket for Harry's pram and that is the first i have managed to get her to lift a pair of needles in decades. She had that much fun she made one for her best friends baby girl as well, i was so proud of her efforts. I taught her how to crochet around the rectangle and she even did that first time with a crochet hook. Now this irks a bit because could i get her to do any of this kind of thing when she was younger...not on your nelly, pain in the butt she is. x

  9. Thanks Sandra for showing my fur babies. Gracie was clipped yesterday and she always looks puppylike when shes been cut even though she is 4. As with all my animals she was rescues. She started life in a small yard on her own with her owner visiting every few days and throwing her a loaf. She was taken out of the yard by a very kind lady when she was about 9 months old which is when I got her. I hadnt intended getting a dog but couldnt resist her. Shes had her problems even getting her to eat dog food instead of bread was a problem . In fact I madly cook chickenfor her every day which she has with dog biscuits. She hates being left on her own as well but is getting better.
    I have 4 cats but the eldenst Babe spends her life on my bed so is not in the picture. Olive and Harvey are brother and sister. I've had them from 2 days old when tier ferral mum was bitten by snake who was after her milk. There were 4 kittens but sadly 2 didn't make it. I fed them every 2 hours with a dropper for weeks until they went on bottles. They're so affectionate. They think I'm there mum. The youngest one Kit was about 5 weeks old when I found him lying almost dead in a wet gutter. He had a broken leg and the vet wanted to put him to sleep but a lot of love pationce and money later hes a beautiful big boyworthevery penny.
    Sorry I've waffled on. As you can tell they all are a big part of my life and I wouln't be without them.
    Love Val x

    1. Val, aren't rescues so loving??? Our little yorkie cross was a rehome the old couple that owned her were unable to care for her and the daughter was going to have her put down. She was the most adorable little dog you could get, she was 9 when we adopted her and gave us another 9 years of love. Both daughters have rescued cats along with giving homes to a friends cats kittens. Yes it's heart braking what some folk do animals, if they only knew the love and comfort these little souls give. Xxx

    2. Gracie look a bit embarrassed not having any fur left hihi she is so cute. Also your cats are sweet and a good company. I can't stand people treating animals bad, that so sad xx

    3. Val, It is lovely to read about your pets, just keep the stories coming.
      Our first cat came to us via a friends bakery, the mother had climbed in through the skylight and had her kittens there. Our friend couldn't find out where the mum had come from and had to find homes for the kittens quickly for health and safety reasons, we had one of them, John used to sit on the kitchen floor holding him and feeding him with a dinky feeder. xx

  10. Hello Sandra,
    Well I'm very nearly Tickety Boo as Patricia would say!
    Feel much better today and ready to get some things done! Please try to avoid the flu bug as it isn't nice! Hazel did warn me but I didn't listen!! Mind you it was hard to avoid in this house as it was already here!
    Ciara , your cards are beautiful! When I think of you I think of your amazing attention to detail! Your little flowers are lovely! Your colouring is beautiful too! I just love that hat! My favourite Rose is the dusky pink one! It's so realistic! Look forward to seeing more of your work!
    Val - really cute dog and cats! You have spent many hours caring for them.
    Well Sandra I do hope you are alright? Please take care.
    I've opened up my crafty parcels which arrived when I was under the weather and the duvet!! Nope - I'm not telling! Ha ha.

    1. Glad you feeling better, you are such a tease tihi
      Take care xx

    2. Myra I'm so pleased you are feeling better, ok - well enough to lift your head off the pillow, do take care, take it slowly or you will be back to square one, that would never do.xx
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Ciara cards she is going to be so thrilled to read them. xx

    3. Thank you Brenda! I'm not going mad! The washing is done though. Will worry about the ironing another day.
      As for Ciara - she is talented young lady! Xxx

  11. Any Guilty Secrets this week?
    If you have we would all love to see what you have been buying .....any bargains to be had ?????
    photos please, can't wait to see what you have been buyng!!

  12. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Wow Ciara, what wonderful cards we have to enjoy today. You are so clever, especially at making those beautiful flowers :-) Please will you give a flower making lesson as mine aren't very good? I will have to keep on trying won't I. I love all of your cards, thank you for letting Grandma share them.with us.
    Brenda, you are right to be very proud of young Ciara. She is defiantly taking after you with her craft talent : ) It is lovely to spend time crafting together isn't it x
    Sandra, thinking of you today my lovely, sending big hugs xxx
    I hope everyone is having brighter weather than I am today, really grey and dull, such a difference to yesterday, Angela, you have the same, leave the windows etc. until it is brighter to see the streaks, such a shame to have to craft instead......not! : )
    Lynda, gentle hugs for you. I hope the pain isn't quite so bad today x
    Maria, I hope the quest for a new kitchen is going well, after that bad start. Good luck : ) x
    To all in need healing hugs are on their way and to everyone, have a good day. Take care xx

    1. Hello Sue, She was in flower making heaven when she made those flowers, such concentration. Yes it really is lovely to spend time doing things together, especially when you see the satisfaction she gets out of it herself. Thank you for your comments she is going to thrilled. xx

  13. Good afternoon, I have left comments on the way down/up then realised I hadn't actually commented properly. Been trying to get things done while husband is out at the garden centre. Will call in later to see what's going on. Xxx

  14. Hi Sandra and everyone. Apologies for not popping in this week. This virus has certainly taken its hold, don't remember ever feeling so rough and wish it would just do one now!
    Some beautiful cards you've shared this week Sandra, and I love Ciara's selection today :-)
    Not sure if I will be able to join in the sketch challenge this week, all I want to do is sleep.
    Hope everyone is well.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Sorry Sonia!
      It's horrid! It does eventually go away though! Just sleep until you feel better but drink plenty of fluids! Xx

    2. Bless you, I hope you feel better very soon my lovely xxx

    3. Sonia, Sorry you are feeling so poorly with this virus, so many people seem to have it, as Myra said sleep and plenty of fluids. Take care.
      Thank you for your comments on Ciara's cards. xx

    4. Hi Sonia, oh you just sleep and ,rest and take care until it's over. Not much else you can do to this virus, it's seem to have been with a lot of us this spring. Easily done to catch it from eachother when we are in the cafe' the same time.
      Wish you better,hug xx

  15. Hi Sandra
    Well I've just lost my post as there was an error on blogger. Lovely cards that Caira has made. You wouldn't think that Caira and Beth were so young. Thanks Val for posting pictures of Gracie the dog. Olive, Harvey and Kit the cats.

    1. Hello Pat, Thank you for your comments, we won't need the car to get her home from school tomorrow, when we give her the iPad to read she will float home on a cloud.
      Hope all is well with you and Pete, has his medication been sorted or is he still sleeping most of the day? xx

  16. Hello everyone
    sorry I've not been in for a few days - apart from this cough and shivery feeling Im fine just been quite busy. Ive popped in from time to time to try to keep up.
    Ciara your cards are gorgeous, Im so impressed with your flower making, You and Beth are two very clever young ladies Its lovely that you have allowed us to see your work. Thank you both.
    I hope everyone who has a bug or is getting over one starts to feel better soon - maybe the change of clocks at the weekend may help - I hope it does.
    Ill pop in tomorrow,
    Take care everyone.
    By the way Val your pets are just gorgeous _ I have two yorkies, have trimmed them today, they look even smaller now.
    Hugs Jean xx

    1. Jean sorry you have been poorly, I hope you are on the mend now. Take care xx
      Thank you for your comments, she did enjoy making the flowers xx

    2. I think Ciara's work is amazing! You have a real talent there Ciara

    3. Thank you Karen. Hope your daughter is keeping well, how long has she to go now? xx

  17. Hi Sandra and everyone, a coffee to go please.
    It has been a very busy day, in and out all the time. Food shopping done again today, spending nearly as much as around x-mas and we are only two more from today until Sunday but three boys in the house. It won't be much leftovers :-)
    I have tried to comment during the day but sometimes it works and sometimes it won't let me so wonder if the Huggies are in a sheepish mood and up to mischief :-)
    Jean- wish you also better, wrap up warm. Also the yorkies need their jumpers on now after their haircut.
    Hazel- you got your voice back,after the meet-up or is it Jess who have a sore throat. Plenty of liquid is on order. Hihi ,had so much fun reading and remember the last time the balloon was out, oh you were soooo naughty and poor Saba was hanging of the side. It's so nice to see you and hope you will have a lovely time with the grand children. Thinking of you, and our missing ladies every day and hope you are all alright.
    Dinner need looking over so I hope to see you tomorrow and not to late. Have a good evening. Many hugs Maria xxx

  18. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing us Ciara's beautiful cards, she is very talented, mind she has a lovely teacher doesn't she. Well done Ciara look forward to seeing more.xx
    I tried several times today to comment but it kept disappearing, frustrating or what.
    Norah thank you for your concern I will be careful. Congratulations on your win, please let us see the finished card. Take care xx
    Val your dog & cats no when they are well off don't they, they are lovely.xx
    Hope those who are poorly soon pick up hugs on way to you all love Margaret xx

    1. Hello Margaret, thank you, Ciara will be so pleased with all of the lovely comments she has received today. I hope Alan is feeling comfortable and being a very good patient. Take care. xx

  19. Maria, yes it was me who had a sore throat! Yes it was fun to banter about the balloon! What are that lot like? I know we plan to meet up with Maureen at some point, it's the finding time to fit it all in? We will get there before long. Oh I am glad we don't have a big thing at Easter, I just couldn't cope. Enjoy the house full. Xxx

  20. Evening All, sorry to be late again, came in earlier but somehow lost my comment,probably forgot to press publish.
    So busy with work at the moment, just finished a load more pink hoods, this lot are part of an order for Canada. Now Spring is here everyone wants their new suits ready for the new season, plus all the big commercial orders.
    Have sent Sandra my guilty buys, but have not done my challenge card yet.
    Sorry to hear that the nasty virus is still doing the rounds, hope you all feel better soon.
    Val love your fur babies.we do not have any pets now as we live next to a very busy road, but we share next doors cat Annie, she is a beautiful long haired ginger.
    Well time for bed, hope you all have a good night.
    Hugs Lilian

  21. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    I left a comment earlier but it seems it has vanished into thin air grrrr.b
    BRENDA what a talented granddaughter you have Ciara your cards are amazing you are one clever & talented crafter.keep it up & send more of your cards into Sandra.
    Val Awww All your fur babies are Gorgeous so glad it stoped raining & you could go for a walk
    NORAH congratulations on your win on John's blog enjoy your prize.
    MARGARET I hope Allen is doing ok
    SANDRA Amanda's sale was realy good spent too much
    Have to read rest of comments tomorrow
    Hug's Lynda xx

    1. LYNDA, HAZEL AND LILIAN, Thank you for your comments on Ciara's cards, she really was proud of her efforts. As soon as Mum and Dad came into the house on returning from Tenerife she was showing them what she had made.
      I hope I haven't missed anyone, if I have I apologise, it's been quite a busy day.
      Lynda hope your bruise are getting better. xx
      Hazel and Lilian sorry I didn't thank you earlier xx

      Well it really is Good night from me. See you tomorrow LOL xxx