Sunday 6 March 2016

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Beth's Mothers Day card

Good Morning Ladies,
Firstly I would like to wish all our Mum's a very Special Day, I hope that you all get spoilt today, just as you all deserve xxx

An amazing range of Challenge cards again this week, once again everybody's cards are so different,  you would think that we would all end up using some things the same, but there isn't even a duplicate in the papers used.

Hazel, you have created a beautiful card once again this week, simple and very elegant, a perfect anniversary card, would make a nice Wedding Invitation too, thanks for taking part xxx

Angela, two lovely Easter cards from you this week, I love the spring colours you have chosen, those papers are pretty too, thank you for taking part xxx

Brenda, Such a beautiful card, so pink and girly, I see you have used some of your MDF shapes that you bought from Farnborough, they colour really well don't they. The layers of  New York border die look like Guipure lace. Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Janet, I think you have used your new Crafts Consortium paper pad for your cards this week, I love that subtle colour palette, two gorgeous, totally different cards too, thank you xxx

Jean, oh my, I love that paper you have used, please let us know who's it is, your card is just so pretty, I love that Lace border too, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Jess your card is beautiful, I love the butterfly papers and the Butterfly embellishments finish the card off perfectly, thank you for taking part xxx

Lilian, two beautiful cards from you this week, the first one with the Dragonflies is just so delicate and pretty, the second one is so gorgeous, I love the papers you have used and those darling flowers with the pearl centres are just beautiful, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Lynda, I have to say I think this is one of your nicest cards ever, I love that paper you have used at the bottom of your card Lynda, please tell me who makes it, your poppy is gorgeous too and your ribbon looks very luxurious, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Maria, your gorgeous card would be perfect for Mothers Day as well as a Thank you card, such a cute image, I love the pretty spring coloured papers you have used and that lovely sentiment die cut too, thank you for taking part xxx

Margaret, a gorgeous card from you again this week, I love the colour and the papers of course, I really love that stamp you have used too, a recent purchase by any chance, stamped perfectly too, putting Sue and I too shame, hahaha, thanks so much for taking part xxx

Maureen, so organised betting your Christmas's cards started already, I love the leaping deer in your design.
Your second card is just as amazing, I love the owl and the verse, what is the embossing folder you have used?  Now, am I the only one that can see a face in the blue inked part of the card???? It looks like a lady looking to the left !!
Thanks for taking part Maureen, xxx

Michele, two perfect cards from you this week, I love the bright and cheerful papers and design, you really did get your 'mojo' back this week, you made loads of cards, so happy that you managed to take part this week xxx

Sonia, I love your design, such a gorgeous card, I am amazed at how well the Kraft card sentiment stands out on the Kraft card background, simple elegance describes your card perfectly, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Now for our added treat this week, Beth (Hazel's Beth) had made this absolutely gorgeous card for her Mum for Mothers day, it fitted in perfectly for last weeks 'Gatefold' Challenge but Beth was away skiing so couldn't take part.  I didn't want any of you to miss out on seeing Beth's design as it is fantastic inspiration for all of us, just look at the detail, the heart on the front is perfectly aligned with the heart inside the card, such an eye for detail Beth, I can't wait to see more of your cards, I hope that you can fit the Card Challenge in with your School work each week, thank you so much for taking part, look in tomorrow for this week's challenge xxx

The girls planned a lovely evening last night as Paul was working, it was just the three of us, they had been out and but us individual tubs of ice cream, in our favourite flavours,  bars of chocolate too and some salted cashews as they are my favourite, we watched Chicago together, it was such a lovely thought xxxx

Not sure what's been planned for today, whatever you are all doing have a fantastic day,

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    What a wonderful collection of challenge cards, they've given me some ideas for more cards to make.
    Beth-beautiful card you've made.

    I thought I'd sent Sandra two different photos as I made 1 female card & 1 male card. I've sent it again just now.

    Well-it was meant to be a fine day here today but as I look out its torrential rain & hailstones! I'm glad we did some gardening yesterday & hubby got the grass cut. We had planned on doing more gardening today, will have to see what the weather does later.


    1. Hi Michele,
      Thank you for sending the other card through, I have updated it for you, I love the bright colours of the second card too!
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Thank you. I can't think why I sent you the same picture twice-can I blame the pressure of work??!!


  2. Morning Everyone

    We have a bright and sunny start to the day here so fingers crossed it stays that way.

    What a beautiful array of art met me this morning when I unlocked the Cafe Door. It was a real treat and will convince anyone looking through the window to step inside for a better look.
    Each and everyone totally different. I'm amazed that not one of us has duplicated anything at all.
    Beth - Your Mummy is just going to be so proud of you when she opens here card this morning. It's beautiful.

    I'm now looking forward to this week's Challenge.

    MARIA - so nice to have you back after your holiday.
    MYRA- Again lovely to have back after your holiday. Hopefully you can keep your Huggles on the straight and narrow and behaving as they've really made the most of your absence this last week. lol.
    LYNDA - I hope you had a good day yesterday and got some very precious cuddles with Alfie.
    SABA - how was your craft shop shopping? If it's anything like our in France it really is hopeless. They cover every craft thinkable but in doing so don't have a good selection of items for individual crafts. Thank goodness for Internet Shopping is what I say.
    MARIA - hope your meal last night was good and that you both enjoyed your Anniversary.

    My new CE dies came on Friday and I haven't managed to have a good look at them yet so I'm hoping I just might have two minutes today. I'll send a pic Sandra for this week's GS.

    Hugs are in their usual place just waiting to be used. Have a good day whatever you're all planning.
    Hugs are also on their way to all of you who will find today difficult so please wrap them around yourselves when they arrive.

    Lunch today in the cafe is Roast Pork plus all the trimmings so I hope you all enjoy it.

    1. Hi JANET yes I had a lovely day it was lovely seeing Alfie & Harry loved playing with his two lots of cuddles Samantha was over the moon with all the craft stuff I gave her. She made me a lovely card with some of it & also put to Nan on it which was lovely. Nice seeing all four of them.together xx

  3. Good morning Sandra and ladies. Oh what a beautiful display of cards, each and everyone different. Which is lovely to see each of us doing our own interpretation of the design.
    Sandra, Beth will be over the moon that you have put her card up, she was disappointed she ran out of time to do the challenge card, she was given the choice by mum do the card and not go to the horse vaulting competition, or get to bed and sleep so she would be up at 6 to get to that competition! Guess which won??? I did tell her there is this weeks one. I think I know what we will be doing on Thursday. She has her invites for her birthday to start thing about, it doesn't seem like a year since she was making invites and cutting party bags.
    Yes mummy will love her card. The nice thing is too that mummy has decided she is going to put them in her glass fronted book case in her office to display them and at the same time protect them.
    Barbara, I think you need to find out who are the owners of your craft shop and let them know the business they are dipping out of. From living in Germany I do know they are real stick in the mud when it comes to being up with the times.
    Maria, I do hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Or is that today you are doing something and at the same time picking up your son? Now remember if he is old enough to go to Hong Kong he is old enough to do his own washing, point him in the right direction and leave him to get on with it. He is a big lad now, he needs these life skills.
    Everyone I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day. I am the cook here today, I don't mind as long as it's all eaten.
    Enjoy your day. Xxx

    1. Well done Beth! Your card is lovely. I'm sure Mummy was thrilled with it!
      You have a great pupil , Hazel and her teacher ain't half bad either!! Xxx

    2. Please pass on to Beth what a super card she has made.

    3. Hello BETH your card was Gorgeous I bet your mummy was over the moon with it Well done xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, such a lovely selection of cards today. All so beautiful and different. It's lovely to see how everyone takes on the sketch and makes it into their own creation :-) I love Beth's gatefold card too. Simply stunning, such a talented young lady :-)
    Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mums, enjoy your day.
    Spending the day visiting and then looking forward to my youngest son cooking me tea tonight :-)
    Sounds like you had a lovely girly evening last night Sandra. My idea of heaven - film, ice cream and chocolate!
    Hope everyone has a lovely day today.
    Hugs to all xxx

  5. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    What a wonderful array of cards, every one is beautiful, well done everyone.
    It is a lovely day here sun is shining but it is very frosty, the snowdrops have dropped their heads, but they will soon pick up during the day.
    Busy day ahead, SILs youngest daughter will be here plus my family for lunch so better get a wiggle on, have a lovely day everyone, take care, Jess xxx

  6. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop ladies,

    Wishing everyone a happy Mother's Day, I hope you get spoiled rotten. Enjoy your special day.
    WOW! If th se results are anything to go bye - I think everyone is loving the weekly challenge card, each card is so different and really beautiful.

    Hazel, what a beautiful card Beth has made for her mummy, you have certainly opened up a whole new world for her, I'm sure you're very proud of her.

    Well we just about to leave, spending the day at her elder daughter's house and all the family will be there, lots of hugs and cuddles, love it!!!

    Have a lovely day everyone, hopefully will pop in this evening if I'm not too exhausted.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge, that's if Sandra hasn't run out of ideas!
    Take care everyone, love and hugs Brenda XXX

  7. Helloooooooooooooo
    There's a lovely selection of cards today, it's great to get ideas. The backing card on behind the owl was made by Zoe when I was showing her how to do things a few week's ago!! I can't remember the embossing folder but I'll have a look when i get
    home Sandra.
    Happy Mother's Day ladies I hope you are being spoiled or have been remembered by your children.
    We are up at Rachel's for the day, and will have a late lunch, I'm being thoroughly spoiled it's lovely.
    Hope to see you later.

    1. Well done Zoe! Well done Grandma too!! I love that poem and hadn't seen it for ages. Have a lovely day with Rachel and the family! Xxxx

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you are spoilt again today. The stamp is one "borrowed" from Sue, I like it as it is suitable for many occasions. As Brenda said "Please keep the challenge going" I love it.xx
    All the cards are great & I will pinch some ideas if you don't mind.
    Beth your card is beautiful, Mum will be thrilled with it.xx
    Going to have a quiet afternoon, dinner cooking in Slow cooker. Hope Sheila is coping special hugs on the way & to all who need them love Margaret xx

  9. Hello Sandra and Everyone,
    Hope you are all having a lovely Mothering Sunday!
    What a lovely selection of cards today. It is really amazing how many different ideas there are!
    Thank you all for sharing. It's a busy day today so a brief visit. Will try to come back later.

  10. Hello All, wow what a lot of beautiful cards, love everyone of them, really waiting to see what the challenge will be tomorrow.
    Wet and cold here as usual, have been busy sorting out some more of my craft room think I'm winning.
    Davis cup tennis on the TV looks as though Andy is going to loose, still he played great yesterday.
    Am away to cook my roast, it's chicken tonight, with roasted veg.
    Hugs to all. Lilian

  11. Good evening ladies. I will pass on your comments to Beth, in fact she can read them for herself when I pick her up this week. Thank you from me, she will be made up. She has messaged me to say that she got a fifth in her walk, first in the team and seventh in her canter, in the horse vaulting competition yesterday. I think mummy got high blood pressure seeing her daughter doing hand stands etc on the back of a cantering horse.
    House all quiet again as family has gone home. Been a long busy day, as I got an order for a twin nappy cake, that Tammy took to deliver on their way home, and I forgot to photograph it. Never mind Tammy said she would try and see if she could get one of it. Doing that and keeping a eye on the lunch cooking wasn't a good idea. With her delivering it, it has saved me a 50 mile round trip.
    So it's feet up for me now.
    Hope you have all had a good day and been spoilt. Xxx

  12. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight. Another late visit. We had Tim, Roz and the girls here, Chris and Gem cooked a lovely roast and then Phoebe Roz and I had a stamping session. It was Rozs first time and I have a feeling that it won't be her last as she loved it : )
    I managed to send my challenge card to Mum instead of you Sandra. I am cross as I had finished it nice and early this week!
    The challenge cards are all beautiful. Do you think we will ever get two that are similar, I love seeing all of the gorgeous papers, I'm sure some are hard to cut as they are so beautiful : )
    Maria, I'm sorry that I forgot to wish you and Rick a very Happy Anniversary. You had a lovely day together by the sound of it : )
    Pat I'm glad that all went well on Friday. Have a safe and trouble free journey home tomorrow x
    Myra, you lucky thing having a week in Scotland, the scenery is stunning isn't it, so many sights to enjoy.
    I hope you have all had a good day. Hugs for those in need. Take care xx

  13. Hi Sandra and all,
    hope you all had a lovely day, many cards and nice lunches and dinners around.
    Once again some fabulous cards and like you all said not one the same. Love all of them and given me some ideas so thank you Sandra for coming up with this challenge for us, it's brilliant. Well done too to Beth, your card for your mum is beautiful. way better then I could make.
    Well today we were lucky with the weather, spent some hours in lovely Windsor. So many things like all the shops ,I'm sure they wasn't there last time and walking up to the castle we could last time go into the grounds for free but now you have to pay to go in. Anyhow we had a nice meal out, again :-) before picking our son and his friend up from the airport. They have some great things to tell and we will be watching at photos on the tv for a good hour if not more tomorrow tihi.
    Have not seen any washing yet Hazel but he do it himself, instruction on a piece of paper is there for him.
    It's been a long day so I wish you all a good night and see you tomorrow. Wonder what the challenge you will give us Sandra, Already shaking in my knees hihi xxxx

    1. Good for you Maria, I am all for them doing their own washing etc.
      So glad you had a lovely day. Xxx

  14. Hello everyone, we have been home about 15 minutes, journey home took longer than expected. There was a long delay at Blackwall Tunnel, but we are now home safe and sound, that's all that matters.
    Hope you have all had a good day. Good night, Sweet Dreams xxx

  15. Good evening SANDRA & everyone I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day
    We went to Lisa's got spoilt Joseph gave me a lap tray with lovely Nan on it.
    Lisa gave me a Joanna Sheen voucher & flowers beautiful cards & SIL cooked dinner which was lovely so the whole weekend was lovey. Yesterday had a lovely day at Darren's was lovely seeing Alfie again Harry loved playing with his big brother & the two girls were home as well Samantha was pleased with the craft goodies I gave her. She made me a lovely card with some of it,bless her she put for my lovely Nan on it I was chuffed.i got a beautiful plant & chocolates from Darren & Sam & beautiful cards as well.if Harry wants to show you what he wants he gets hold of your hand now & takes you.
    SANDRA the papers on my card was from Heartfelt creations all glamed up 12x12 paper pad the scissors hovered over the paper haha didn't want to cut it they are all lush.the poppy is a spellbinders di lites die.thank you for your lovely comment on it.Everyones card were amazing all so different well done everyone.sorry so late we didn't get home till first comment went AWOL so I'm going now in case this one goes as well is there a crafty place in cyba space where all out posts go.?
    SHEILA thinking of you my lovely friend I hope your feeling a little Lynda xx
    Good night God bless Love & Hug's Lynda xxxx

  16. Back late last night, after a very long day (210 round mile car drive) on the river watching granddaughter competition rowing. Thankfully well wrapped up and the weather was dry we were also on the sunny side of the bank, chairs and picnic what a great way to spend Mother's Day with my daughter. But had to check out the challenge cards before tucking in. What a lovely assortment. Particularly like Sonia's card the centre dia? cut something to look out for.

    1. Hi Angela. Thankyou :-) It's from Crafter's Companion, Floral Delight - Scalloped Border. I got it at Farnborough last week :-)
      Hugs xx