Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Michele's New Gemini Die, One Die two ways!

Good Morning Ladies,

Now I have to tell you that Michele told me she wasn't going to but the Die-Cutting Essentials Magazine again, after she was a little disappointed with the first one that she purchased.
But I have to say that I am very pleased that she did change her mind, I believe she was swayed by the free die that came with the magazine....The Creative Expressions 'Pictor Die' from their Gemini Die range, designed by the Incredibly talented Sue Wilson, As we get to see these amazing cards,
both created with the same card and die.
Michele has used the die as a border on the first card, die cutting it in white and then backing it by using the outside cutting edge to cut the lilac mat to go under the intricate die cut, Michele has used one on each end and then cut them to fit down the sides, creating an amazing frame, in the background Michele has used the Stitched Lattice Frame Die, also from CE, the frame has been created with the Frame part of the same die.

The second card Michele has created by using just the Decorative part of the die cut in white to add some beautiful detail around the square frame, it doesn't really look like the same die, just by adding that square frame and adding the die cut circle with the sentiment in the centre has given the die a completely different look.

Thank you so much Michele, it is fantastic to show how very versatile dies can be, you have done this brilliantly today.  I am so very grateful that you allowed me to share your cards with our friends here on the blog xxx

I have some photos of Pat's holiday to share with you tomorrow, one being a very deliscious looking dessert,
I hope she brings us all some back.

Love and hugs


  1. Good morning Ladies,
    Absolutely beautiful cards Michele! Very creative use of the dies and design on the cards , the magazine was definitely a great buy this time!
    Overcast and windy here today so looks like we will have rain at the golf this morning.
    I ordered some Brusho powders yesterday has anyone tried them yet?
    I enjoyed watching Gwen on the Imagination shows on Hotchanda she seems very good.
    Janet , hope the second half of your journey is more pleasant and the sun is shining for you.
    Looking forward to Pat's photos, and hearing about her holiday when she gets back.
    I think it looks like a chicken soup lunch today girls!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne yes I have used Brusho powders they do make lovely backgrounds you do need water colour card though. I enjoyed getting messy HaHa. I also poked holes in the top with my pokey tool so you can shake it out better like a pepper pot.
      Enjoy playing Hug's Lynda xx

    2. Thanks Lynda, I noticed she had push pins in the top and used them like you say, so I must try and find some , preferably coloured and that would serve two purposes.Anne xoxo

    3. Hi Anne be interested to see what you do with the brusho, I'm tempted, but have resisted so far

    4. Hi Anbe. I used Brusho paints on the challenge card on Sunday. I love using them.

  2. Morning Ladies

    My cards were inspired by the magazine article-I used the featured cards as a starting point and just used my other dies & craft stash. I had great fun making the cards & I'd quite like to do more in different colour combinations. Having the week off work made all the difference to how much time I spent on making cards-perhaps I should hint to hubby??!! Ha ha

    Work was fine yesterday-no problems or drama! We even had the planning officer round with the updated plans for our refurbishment so we did a walk through & made s few minor changes. Let's see what today brings.


    1. Hi Michele WOW two Gorgeous cards & love that die the magazine was a good purchase . Have a good day.
      Hug's xx

    2. Fabulous cards Michele, I wonder if the mag is still available? Love what you have done with yours

    3. Truly fabulous I NEED THAT die! It looks amazing and two brilliant results from it too I keep looking at subscribing to this mag and then talk myself out of it

  3. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing us Michele's lovely card, I love the double colours.xxx
    Early this morning we have a mixed doubles tournament this afternoon, so have to set up before our normal game this morning. Hope the weather stays fine lovely at moment.
    Coffee pot on, love in mist on tables & date cake to go with Anne's chicken soup.
    Hope Janet has a better journey today.xxx
    Hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret good luck for your mixed double tournament this afternoon
      Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Beautiful, beautiful cards Michele. The magazine was well worth buying to get such inspiration. You could suggest to hubby that you could work part time then you'd have more time to craft ha ha. Gad your first day back at work wasn't too stressfull.
    Tai Chi morning then pensioners lunch then bingo. I really can't get enthusiastic about that part but my friend loves it.
    Before that I have a few cards to alter. 12 out of 20 Fathers Day cards were sold so I'm altering the sentiments and inserts of the other 8 to husband, son and uncle.
    Its a really hot day here today. The temperature was going on 35 when I just looked. I won't be sitting out today.
    Enjoy you day everyone.
    bye for now

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Michele your cards are beautiful. Love the layouts and the pretty colour. The magazine was definitely worth it for the free die. I haven't got any of the Gemini dies, but after seeing your gorgeous cards I may have to add some to my crafting stash ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing Pat's photos tomorrow.
    Off to work today. Eldest son coming with me to help - for payment of course! Best go wake him up!
    Have a lovely day everyone. Hugs to all xxx

  6. Morning Sandra and all in today.
    Love your cards Michele. amazing what you can do with one die. The colours is lovely too. How did you holiday hunting go ? Have a good day at work.
    Anne and Margaret- enjoy your sports today and hope it wont be a washout. Just had a nice walk in the sunshine.
    No Sue hihi when I got Ikea here I did quite of shopping trips but now it's mostly a walk around and a coffee or like yesterday we had lunch. We did look at some pots and pans because i had to throw away or give away a lot as our hob now will be Induction. also had a look at plates and mugs but didn't buy any, yet.:-)
    Worktop and sink hopefully goes in today so we can get some water back on. Lynda - can't wait to see it finished, has been nice to have had some oven cooked meals do the last few nights now.
    Best get in the shower so I can have a look at the CC for this week what I can come up with and the go in to the neighbour to see to her vegs. and take in the post for them while being on holiday. Looking forward to see some from Pat and Pete's, hope they have a lovely time. Janet- hope your continue journey is better then yesterdays. have a nice Tuesday everyone, love and hugs Maria Xxxx

  7. Good Morning Sandra and everyone,

    Michele, Two great cards, I have never used one die to create the stunning results you have achieved here. Must give it a try, I must have some dies that would achieve similar effects.
    I think this magazine was a worthwhile investment. It / you have certainly got me thinking outside the box. xx

    Looking forward to Pats photos tomorrow. Pat if you stop by hope you are having a great time.

    Hope to get out into the garden today. Also have to plant out some tomatoes. That will keep me busy.

    Janet hope today's journey is uneventful and you arrive safely in your lovely retreat. xx

    Enjoy your day ladies, will call in later to see you all.xx

    Love and hugs Brenda xxx

  8. good morning SANDRA & Friends
    Val you have a busy day today & wow that temperature bit to hot for me but enjoy your day. Well done on selling Father day cards & good luck altering the unsold ones very good idea.
    Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Sorry publish to soon😧
      MARIA glad your sink is going in today hope the next visit to IKEA you will find all the new pots & pans & crockery that you like. Keep dusting haha love Lynda xx
      BRENDA have a good day xx
      Sonia hope eldest son's help at work dosn't cost you too much money.
      Have a good day
      Well going to try & finish projects in craft room today so must finish housework & have my shower see you later
      Love Lynda xx

    2. Hi Lynda. My son did quite well out of it, I paid him and one of my clients gave him a little extra too for his help. He worked well and was a great help to me, carrying heavy shopping bags and cleaning/hoovering. It was nice having a helper for the day :-) Hope you manage to get your craft projects finished - looking forward to seeing them. Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs xxx

  9. Hello All, I want to know who is stealing my hours?. Someone surely is as I seem to be trying to catch up all day. Been doing some blue junior hoods today, they are for a scout group, small hoods are a bit more fiddly.
    Janet hope your journey went well and your getting settled in your French home, hope the weather is better there , it's been cold and dreary here all day.
    Maria hope the kitchen is going well , looking forward to seeing pics.
    Sandra hope the girls are beginning to relax and start to enjoy their hols.
    Going to make a cuppa and see if there is anything worth watching on the telly.
    Will try and get in earlier tomorrow, hugs Lilian

  10. I am sooo tempted to buy that magazine I think out of all of the paper crafting mags I'd find this one the most helpful as I don't stamp/colour etc I don't buy mags on a regular basis so....
    I hope your day has gone well ladies Footie on Knitting out!

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the Caftonight. Another day has flown by. Spent the morning playing with little Chris, but then had a migraine, luckily not too bad a one, just need another sleep to get rid of the dopey, or should I say more than usual dopey hi hi, feeling.
    Michelle, your cards are both beautiful, what a lovely die. Thank you for sharing them with us x
    I can't read the comments properly at the moment but hope you are all ok. Sending love and hugs with extras for Val and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Margaret Palmer21 June 2016 at 22:21

      Hi Sue,
      Sorry you had a migraine, not the way to celebrate your 30th Anmiversary. Hope you feel better tomorrow love Mum xxx