Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Pat Holiday & Anne New Stamp

Anne's New 'At the Alter Stamp

 The Train that took Pat & Pete through the mountains

The Breathtaking Scenery

The Deliscious Apple Strudel !!

Good Morning Ladies,

I love Anne's new 'At the Alter' Stamp, and I think that it works so perfectly with the Creative Expressions 
Lattice Window Striplet Die, as it looks just like a Church window.
Anne has stamped the image and embossed with Silver embossing powder & heat set, it looks as though she has then 'fussy cut' around the image leaving a tiny border. The card base has been made by die cutting the Lattice Window into a square of white card and then backing it with silver card, leaving abour 1/4 inch border around the edge of the white card.  Anne has then mounted the couple onto the card base and embellished with a pretty corner die and some pretty hearts.
This is the most perfect Wedding Card, thank you so much Anne for sharing your amazing card with us, I would love to know where you did eventually manage to get the stamp from? xxx

Pat has sent me a couple of photoraphs of her holiday in Germany to share with your all, these photos are of the Train journey that her and Pete went on, it took them on a tour of the Mountains and wow it looked amazing.  
But I have to say the most amazing photo is of that deliscious Apple Strudel, that pastry looks like it would just melt in the mouth. Good job you aren't going for two weeks Pat or you may have been carrying round a few extra pounds, we all know how much you like your puddings!
Thank for sharing your holiday snaps xxx

It will just be Sue and I today, I am sure we will manage to think of something to talk about though!

Have a great day ladies,
Love and Hugs


  1. Bon Jour everyone from a very sunny and already warm Wednesday morning.

    Sorry not to have popped in yesterday evening when we arrived here in Marigny but I was just too exhausted to do so. I hope everyone is OK and nothing major has happened over the last two days I've been AWOL.

    ANNE- your Wedding Card is just one BIG BIG WOW. Your creation is just the beautiful start to a life being joined together. I love everything about it.

    PAT- oh I love your pics. We really enjoyed a couple of holidays to Germany even though they were quite a few years ago. Your Pudding is one definitely for me. PLEASE

    I've despatched Marigny Dobbie to open up so I hope he is there and on duty already waiting for you all to pop in today. I have also sent some provisions with him so I hope they have arrived and he hasn't eaten too many on the way over so please look for some lovely cream cakes and white choc biscuits.

    We have to go and get some shopping in today so then we can relax and enjoy Marigny. The garden looks lovely though there are one or two little jobs need doing like dead heading the roses etc. Daniel has been and cut the hedges and grass and so everything looks spick and span. Sylvie met us with some fresh eggs so all in all everything is just as it should be.

    I'll catch up on all comments later so have a good Day Sandra and Sue. Hugs for you all xxxx

    1. Hi Janet pleased you have arrived at Marigny & all settled in. Try & relax if you can. Have a lovely time my friend.
      Love Lynda xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Anne-what a truly beautiful card, really lovely.

    Pat-great photos, especially the one of the Apple Strudel!

    Very busy day today at work then my Dad has an appointment with the Orthopaedic consultant at 4pm today so he's going to call at the Pharmacy so he can update me.
    Hubby away tonight so I plan to start my challenge card although I've go no inspiration for it yet!


    1. Hi Michele hope work wasn't to hectic,& Dads appointment went ok.
      Enjoy your crafting tonight.
      Hug's xxx

  3. Good morning Ladies,
    Good to hear you are now settled in at Maringy Janet and all is well and even the sun is shining for you, enjoy! Thank you for the kind words about my card, it has taken me 3 attempts to buy it from eBay so third time lucky, it only came on about once a year as it is a Stampendous wooden mounted stamp which has been discontinued for a long time.
    Pat, great photos, they remind me of when we went to a little village called Vandans in Austria and that was nearly 50 years ago , look at the memories you are evoking lol! the apple strudel looks truly scrumptious I'm so happy you and Pete enjoyed your holiday.
    Sandra and Sue have fun crafting and having a good chat along with some goodies to keep you going.
    Walking day , the weather is a bit changeable so don't know what type of walk it will be, so must go and see what I can have in my picnic lunch.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne Wow your card is stunning I love that stamp it's gorgouse.Hope you enjoyed your walk & picnic lunch.
      Hug's xx

    2. Thanks Lynda, we had a wonderful hill walk , feeling a little bit stiff now though, old age doesn't come alone lol! xo

  4. Good Morning Sandra and Friends, very foggy here this morning and a little chilly, hoping it will clear and be fine.
    Anne your wedding card is very beautiful, glad you managed to buy your stamp, I never have much luck on eBay, I'm too much of a skinflint !!!!!
    Pat your holiday pics are lovely, I'm with you on puds, they are my favourite part of a meal.
    Janet glad you have arrived safe and sound, and the weather is good.
    Sandra and Sue have a lovely crafty day together putting the world to rights.
    Going to my crafty friends tomorrow, so will try and get the challenge card done there, also need to make a set of notelets for a friend.
    Have a lovely day all, hugs on their way, plenty for all and a few to spare. Lilian

  5. Love lovely card ANNE although at first (bear in mind I look on here on an iPod) I thought they were headless (a bit day of the dead) After I'd zoomed in and seen it close up I saw the coat hangers! Silly me! I'm like LILLIAN and am never very successful on EBay
    PAT's photos look beautiful That pudding - yum!
    Work and an eye test today but looking forward to catching up on John Lockwood's shows later

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Beautiful card Anne. I love the stamp and the lattice window :-)
    Pat your holiday photos look lovely, and the strudel looks delicious - my kind of pudding! ;-)
    Janet, glad you have arrived safely at Marigny - enjoy :-)
    Have a lovely day today Sandra with Sue, and hoping everyone else has a lovely day too.
    Hugs to all xxx

  7. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Oh Anne, what a beautiful card. I just love the stamp and the die really looks ike stained glass window. Beautiful.
    Pats photos are lovely. Apple Strudel - yes please. Hope you're having a great time Pat.
    Sandra and Sue, enjoy your crafting today. I'm sure Pat's with you in spirit.
    Janet, so glad you arrived safely. So glad everything looked good when yoou get there. Enjoy your shopping trip then relax and enjoy.
    Enjoyed bingo after all yesterday cos I won 35 euros. I never win anything so it was a thrill.
    off to play crib today. Havent been for a few weeks with one thing and another so I'd better get my brain into thinking gear again.
    Enjoy your day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Vaml Congratlations on your 35 euros now don't spend it all at once.
      Hope you enjoyed your Crib. Enjoy the rest of your day.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  8. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the cafe,
    Anne I love your wedding card it really is stunning. I'm sure now you have this stamp it's not one you going to part with. The church window looks brilliant love her you've given it the stain glass treatment.

    Sandra and Sue have a great day, I'm sure you'll be both able to put the world to right! And maybe do a little crafting too. XX

    Janet enjoy your time in Marigny, and hope after the shopping you will be able to take things easy after that very long journey. LOL

    Val pleased you enjoyed your day yesterday, and well done on winning the €35. That really made it worthwhile going didn't it.

    We are going out to lunch today, and doing a little shopping but nothing very exciting, then it depending on the weather will I come back to do some more gardening or crafting.

    Hope you all have a good day, love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda hope you had a nice lunch & shopping trip.Did you get any gardening don.Have a good evening.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    2. Hello Lynda, No gardening done unfortunately, realised how many strawberrys were ready to pick. So that's what I did, then made them into jam. (9 jars full) Grandsons will be delighted, I will keep a couple for us. Haven't made a CC card yet. Have you? Might get mine done on Friday - fingers crossed. xx

  9. Morning Sandra and all in today.
    Beautiful card Anne for the wedding day and I love the lattice die you used as a window, very nice.
    Lovely photos from your holiday Pat and I can see you both enjoying some of the local puds :-) Love going on a train journey when in Austria, some beautiful views.
    Sandra and Sue have a good day together , hope you feeling better Sue and managed to have a so so day for your Anniversary, many happy more !
    Raining so my first thing on the agenda is I'm going back to bed, not a very good night and Marigny Dobbie is back so we can trust the cafe' is running fine.
    Have a nice day everyone, love and hugs Maria Xoxo

  10. Thank you girls for all your lovely comments xoxo

  11. Hi SANDRA & frienda
    We have just got a really bad thunderstorm & pooring Down the TV has gone off no signal. The sky is red OMG the BIGEST clap of thunder just made me jump just got a weather warning 1 or 2 warning we are on a 2 warning so not good.
    It's been a lovely & sunny all day. OH Had a job for some outside painting of a house. So i had to do the housework & YES MARIA I had to clean S...T legs out too Ha Ha. My friend came for lunch & she had sorted all her groovi stuff out she had 5 duplicates so she gave them to me YAAY there was two that she bought on Friday at the show. we watched John Lockwood 2hr show.on Hochanda he was standing in for Leonie. Did you see all the mud at Glastonbury on the news.
    SANDRA I hope you & Sue had a good day together. Sue sorry you have suffered with a migrain hope you feel better. No fun celebrating your 30th anniversary with a bad head hope you had a good as possible day .
    PAT thanks for sharing your holiday pictures looks like your both having a good time. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. The Apple Strudel looks yummy.
    We are baby sitting a King Charles spaniel for three weeks while her mum goes to Ireland. She is lovely.
    Hope you all have better weather than me.see you all tomorrow.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Your thunderstorm has now arrived in SW London and it is pouring down. Just had an incident outside our house. Our road is a cut through between A23 and another busy local road. Two cars going in opposite direction, both refusing to give way. Sounding their horns and shouting. When I learned to drive l was taught to read the road, (anticipate what the other driver might do) it is so much easier if you give way. The weather really does bring out the worst in people.
      We are never short of entertainment living in this area!!!
      Night, night all xxx