Tuesday 23 April 2019

This Time last year....Throwback Tuesday !

Good Morning Ladies,

Do you remember these cards???  
I decided to do a 'Throwback' post and so 'threw back' to this time last year, I couldn't go back to the same actual day and that was a Sunday and that would mean too many cards to share for a Tuesday post.
Brenda had the same Stampin Up! 'Berry Burst' addiction that I did last year, she has used to stamp to create that gorgeous Flourish background, its stamped with  HoneyDoo 'Flourish XL'  Stamp, I'm  not sure if Brenda stamped and embossed or if she did the Emboss/Resist technique, adding the Berry Burst ink afterwards.
Brenda's second card uses the 'Waves' Mask from 'That Special Touch', we have all seen Sue Wilson use it plenty of times, I have it but never remember to use it, this had truly inspired me , both cards are as always with a Brenda card, finished to a very high standard, your handmade ribbon roses are simply stunning.  
I hope you like having a chance to see them again. XXX

(I will add Brenda's description below)

"Brenda's first card is stamped with the Inkyliscious Flourish XL Stamp and Stampin'Up! Berry Burst ink (i must have missed this stamp Brenda otherwise I Am pretty sure it would be in my possession!) .
It has stamped beautifully Brenda, the simple Berry Burst Foil Edged ribbon bow is the perfect finishing touch.
Brenda's second card was made using the 'Waves' mask with glitter paste through it, finished with Berry Burst Ribbon and a beautiful flower spray that features Brenda's handmade ribbon roses, some die cut leaves and a pretty wired pearl spray."

Thank you Brenda for such lovely inspiration xxx

Janet, I am so happy that you and Jim are getting away to Marigny, you must be over the moon at the chance to get away to your little paradise for a couple of weeks.  Please don't worry about the Café, I will move the lambs in the back garden and take over from you for a couple of weeks, hopefully Margaret will help me too, her cakes will bring in lots of new visitors.  
I hope you both have a lovely break and that all is well when you arrive, I bet the garden will be bursting with beautiful spring flowers, I look forward to some photos, oooh and Friday cake descriptions!! xxx

Karen messaged me last night to say that she was struggling to comment, she had a lovely break although the weather was miserable.  It's lovely to have you home Karen xxx

We had a lovely day yesterday, Paul got to spend a couple of hours pottering at the allotment, we bought back about 30 strawberry plants to pot on and add to our existing crop, hopefully we will get enough for a bowl full this year, luckily the plot was fairly tidy and there weren't too many weeds as Paul put loads of rotted down leaves over the top of the beds and they have stopped most of the weeds!  We popped to supermarket, picked up something for lunch as nobody fancied a big roast dinner that we had planned, they were too tired from work and too hot, so we had a lovely Quiche and salad.  We spent the afternoon watching the lambs spring around the garden, they were having an absolute blast, at one point all three lambs were chasing Harley round and round Matts car, it was hilarious, then tables turn and Harley was chasing them (purely for fun), its not often you get to sit and have a good belly laugh. Paul did get to video one of them bouncing around, I will try and upload it for you in next couple of days. 

Today will be spent in my craft room, I have some catching up to do, I also have a Mummy/Daughter date with Lucy for lunch, which I am really looking forward to too.

Have a lovely day, however you are spending it, I wish that we could hold onto this weather for a few more days.

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Two lovely cards Brenda -the colour is stunning.

    Sandra-your day sounds like id was relaxing yesterday.

    Karen-I had to load Google Chrome to access any blog as they were saying “not secure” and wouldn’t let me comment.


    1. Thanks Michele I was getting exactly that message Just downloaded Chrome So I hope this publishes

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful card BRENDA. I love that pattern and the colour is to die for.

    SANDRA/MARGARET- thank you so much for volunteering to look after the CAFE for a couple of weeks so Dear Friends please behave for them and don't get up to any tricks lol.

    My plan for today is to start packing my craft things, send off my CC, pack all medication needed and then collapse lol.

    The CAFE is OPEN usual hours so pop in for a sit and a natter.
    HUGS are on their way to you all with loads of extras for Dear Friends not up to the mark. Have a good day. Take care and stay safe xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I hope you and Jim have a lovely time in your little bit of paradise in France. As Sandra said I bet the garden is a picture. I wonder if the ladies will get the air balloon out off mothballs to fly over and give you a wave.

  3. Morning ladies,

    Oh my Brenda, your cards have a rich opulence to them that I don't think would work with any other colour but the Berry Burst.

    It looks like it is going to be a lightish grey start to the day here in my little corner of Somerset. My exercises class is on today and when I get back I have to ring the Environment Dept. of our Council.
    Jamie and my bestie mate Brian took down a trellis last year from the part of the wall between the patio doors and kitchen window. Over the weekend I noticed a couple of small bees were flying into air holes in the bottom of the kitchen window so Jamie and I put some duck tape over the holes to prevent them from retuning once they had flown out again. On Sunday we noticed (and yesterday whilst out cleaning the chairs and table) more bees flying into a small crack between the bricks and a couple of screw holes from the trellis that did not contain rawl plugs. We did not notice any mortar cracks in the wall when they took down the trellis. We are a bit intrigued to find out why they are there and how big would this nest be considering we have cavity wall insulation. It might explain why last year why we had so many bees flying through the patio doors into the lounge. A mystery to be solved.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. I am so grateful MICHELE I was getting really stumped as to what to do next
    As SANDRA has mentioned I did have a lovely holiday but the weather was atrocious It was colder there than when we left here last Wednesday
    A lot of catching up to do now

  5. Hi ladies.
    Wonderful, striking colour cards Brenda. Love both the stamp and stencil you have used.
    It must have been great seeing the lambs and Harley chasing eachother, love to see the photos.
    Sending hugs to you all, Maria xx

  6. Good morning Sandra & ladies we have a lovely sunny day again. BRENDA both your cards are gorgeous I love the Berry burst colour it's amazing.
    CU isn't feeling very well this morning with upset stomach. So not sure what's happening. I really need a couple of bits from Tesco's & the post office so will see how he goes.
    I have just done washing up & the hovering downstairs. Our hoover is so heavy.I'm Shattered.
    I will go in craft room at some point. I want to try CC then just play with my new ally pally things.
    Have a good day everyone must put some washing on.
    SANDRA have a lovely day with LUCY
    Love Hug's Lynda xx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies. Had a struggling proving I’m not a robot. Kept telling me I couldn’t connect to recaptur which I think must be the American site it takes you too.
    I hope you have a lovely lunch with Lucy. I’m assuming she’s the one with the car as your going for lunch.
    Great cards Brenda. I also haven’t used the wave stencil although I meant to.
    I’m glad you had a lovely holiday Karen even though it was cold.
    Hope CU is feeling better now Lynda so you can do your shopping & go to the post office. Not much happening here as I’ll be visiting Pete later on.

  8. Margaret Palmer23 April 2019 at 14:33

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Brenda your cards are lovely, love the colour.xxx
    Sandra so pleased you had a good day yesterday, lunch out with sounds perfect, enjoy.xxx
    Lynda hope CU is feeling well enough to take you shopping, hugs on the way to you.xxx
    Thank you Maria will have a look on website, hope you are not soo stiff today, hugs on way.xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Fingers crossed the internet will not cut out. It has bee so troublesome today, it’s never been this bad before. I have lost several comments today, with the last comment I was going around in circles, another time the comment box was not there.
    What a surprise to see my cards on the blog today. I love the colour Berry Burst it makes such a statement. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your lovely comments.

    LYNDA I hope Terry recovered and managed to take you shopping. xx
    MARIA Hope you had a good day and are not stuggling after all the hard work yesterday. xx
    KAREN Pleased you are back safe and sound, shame about the weather while you were away. xx
    Will say good night and hope I will be able to post my comment.
    Love Brenda xxx