Saturday, 9 April 2016

Allsorts Saturday xx

 Angela's Beautiful boxed card

Angela's Card in Box

Pats's Granddaughter Amber's Cake for Olivia

 Margaret's Cross Stitch Card

Beautiful Birthday Girl Nic  (Jeans's Daughter)

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

So looking forward to today, meeting up with so many of you lovely ladies !!!

I have left some goodies for those of you that can't make it, so enjoy the delicious cakes !

Now onto todays crafts and as usual we have a very varied range of crafts, Cards, Cake & Cross Stitch, all the C's today (no I didn't plan it)

First up is the Beautiful, delicate card that has been designed and created by Angela, it looks like Angela as used a Robert Addams All Occasion Die for this card.  It is like a concertina in that it folds flat to go in the box and pops up when taken out. I love the way you have decorated the card and the box is just fabulous, thank you so much for sending your cards in for me to share Angela xxx

Now just look how amazing Amber's Cake looks, there looks to be every kind of delicious goody on top of that cake, chocolate fingers, marshmallows, Aero mint balls, cookie pieces and lollies, oh my goodness Amber what a heavenly mix, I am sure that Olivia absolutely loved her cake, did she share any of it, (i don't think I would) its too yummy!  Thank you Pat for sending the photo in xxx

How beautiful is Margaret's Cross Stitched 25th Anniversary card, what a beautiful keepsake, so special because somebody has taken so much trouble to create it for you and it is personalised, the one thing we card makers have over the shops, nothing more special than a handmade personalised card.  Just to give you advance warning Margaret its our 25th this year too, but you have until september ! hahaha, thank you so much for sharing your card xxx

Now I am so thrilled to be able to share this beautiful photograph of Jean's daughter Nic and her Daddy blowing out the candles on her delicious looking birthday cake.  Thank you so much Jean for sharing this wonderful photo with all of us xxx

Well I must away  have got lots to do to prepare to Ally Pally, have a lovely day everyone,

Love and hugs


  1. Good Morning Everyone
    Well what can I say about our Mixed Craft Saturday. The main exclamation is WOW WOW WOW. All of you off to AP today just do not know how beautiful the display board is looking this morning and Dobbie has done a fantastic job of decorating the surround of the board too just to enhance these beautiful pictures.

    ANGELA - what a crafter you are! The most beautiful card and box. I really must get myself this Rob Adams. I have one or two of his earlier CDs but this is just another level. I too have that Peacock Die and isn't it just lovely to work with.

    MARGARET - your fingers are just wonderful though must be really tired after doing this beautiful beautiful Anniversary card and yes definitely oe to go into the Memory Box.

    AMBER - I've just increase the size of the font on my screen so that I can get the full effect of this gorgeous cake. There isn't a spare space for any other goody to be fitted in and it looks so professional. I would love one like this for my birthday.

    JEAN - I've also looked at your beautiful cake magnified too and it's just beautiful but the most beautiful is your Daughter Nick. Thank you for letting Sandra share.

    Now I know you're all excited and probably just about to set off if in fact you're already on your way but PLEASE REMEMBER YOU ARE ALL REPREENTING 'THE COTSWOLD CAFE' TODAY so I do not want to have to be fetched from Marigny tonight to get you all out on bail; and of course that would not be a good thing either as Paul is there as he's one of our Armed Forces boys that definitely would not look good on his record now would it!
    Have a really good day and I'm looking forward to pics of lunch and of course all your purchases.

    I'm leaving my tasty descriptions of last night's pastries until tomorrow when you're all back home.

    Hugs have been despatched so receive them all . xxxx

    1. Janet, this is the first time I have used the peacock die, wasn't sure about it at first, do I colour in or not, not won the day but
      I will try with colours sometime.

  2. Good morning SANDRA & everyone. Thank you SANDRA for a lovely chat last night safe journey looking forward seeing you Paul Sue & p at & everyone else going Ally Pally. JANET have a lovely day look forward to your pastry description. Some beautiful mixed crafts today & Jean thank you for sharing a picture of your beautiful daughter Nic she is lovely.
    Well I'm off to finish getting ready. Love & Hugs Lynda xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Angela-what an amazing card, it's gorgeous & the box really compliments it.

    Amber-wow, what a fantastic looking cake. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

    Margaret -beautiful cross stitch, really lovely.

    Jean-lovely photo of your daughter, I hope she had a wonderful birthday & that cake looks delicious.

    The pain in my leg is so much better today, it's amazing how much better you feel having slept well & not in much pain. I'm thinking of wandering down to the AtticSale this morning-by car, not walking! I have a couple of things I need to buy from the shops in the village but that's all I have planned.

    Everyone who is going to Ally Pally-enjoy, have fun & remember- it's too far away for me to cover you as your First Aider!!!


  4. Morning all who are looking in today.
    Angela- your box card and box is Beautiful. Love the peacock.
    Amber- you are a star baker, don't that cake look yummy !
    Margaret- wonderful work of love, they will cherish it forever.
    Jean- lovely photo of Nic and her Birthday cake ! Hope she had a nice day.
    Try to keep our hoard in their place on an outing like this, not an easy task Janet but we have Paul and Terry with us so we will see Lol and hopefully no one should need a first aider Michele, not this time :-)
    Must go but have fun in here during the day and if any breath left tonight I might have a look in.
    Love and hugs Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria
      Yes, do you remember Diane fell over coming in last year, she was battered and bruised wasn't she.

  5. Good morning Ladies,
    Love your card and box Angela they are gorgeous and so pretty!
    MARGARET once again I really admire your cross stitch talent it's a beautiful card and certainly one to treasure
    Both cakes look delicious! Love the photo of your daughter Nic, Jean!
    to all girls going to Ally Pally today I hope you all have a great time and don't spend too much money! Ha ha I'm only jealous!
    I decided rather than buy more craft goodies I'd treat myself today and ordered a nice pair of Sketchers from QVC, they look very comfortable.
    Our granddaughter Abi becomes a teenager today, I finally finished her card yesterday but had wrapped it up before I remembered I hadn't taken a photo so I must try and get one later.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

  6. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I know you will be on your way now hope you have lots of fun & plenty of chatting, give them all a hug from me.
    Thanks for advance warning!!xxx
    Angela your box is beautiful thank you for sharing.xx
    Amber your cake is lovely such a shame to cut it.xx
    Jean thank you for letting us see Nic with her birthday cake she looks so happy.xx
    My card is now on it's way to Canada to my cousin's daughter, it's a lovely easy one to do simple but effective. Thank you for your comments.
    Planning on making date & walnut loaf & scones & homemade jam & cream for later. Please help yourself.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

  7. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,
    What a beautiful selection you are showing us today,
    sorry I am rushing as I am about to leave for AP.
    Looking forward to seeing you later.
    Love and hugs Brenda XXX

    Margaret, will be thinking about you, sorry you can't be there, hope Alan is OK xx

  8. lovely card by Angela have to say truly outstanding .... hope you all have a fab day I shall be sat sulking because I can't be there but don't feel GUILTY !!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha happy shopping xxxx

  9. Good Morning Sandra and all,
    What a lovely selection of deliciousness today.
    ANGELA Your card and box are sooooo beautiful. Just love the card shape and the peacock is stunning.
    PAT Ambers cake for Olivia looks so yummy. I'm not a baker myself so making a cake and decorating it so beautifully - well I'm in awe.
    MARGARET. Your cross stitch card is lovely. A real work of art. I bet Alison and Terry are delighted with it.
    Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl Nic. What a fantastic cake. I bet it tasted as good as it looks.
    MICHELESo glad your feeling a lot better today. Its surprising how good you feel if youve had a good nights sleep.
    JANET. So looking forward to hearing what delicious pastries you had yesterday. The Spanish don't do nice cake -really boring actually just dry sponge yuk. Still I suppose its better for my diet ha ha.
    To all those lucky ladies who have probably arrived at Ally Pally by now, have a wonderful time, buy lots of goodies and take some photoies for those of us not there.
    Everyone else, have a great day. Haven't decided what I'm doing today but I'm sure it will include some time in my craft room.
    Take care.
    Love Val x

    1. Me to Val, I'm a rubbish cake maker. Amy made the cake not Amber. She also made a cake for Amber of stables with the horses head peeking out of them, plus hay bales etc, I did send Sandra a picture. She also made her boyfriend a car that Scoobie Doo uses plus Scoobie Doo sitting beside it. Sandra showed this on the blog awhile ago.

    2. Hi Pat, she sounds very talented. I'm just going to scroll back to find the Scooby Doo car. X

  10. Good morning everyone, lovely display of goodies this morning,
    Angels your card is beautiful, I have admired Rob Adams stuff for a long time.
    Ambers cake looks delicious, not a space left!
    Margaret your cross stitch is beautiful certainly a special keepsake.
    And Jean, Nic looks so happy, she seems to have settled in, I hope she had a lovely birthday.
    Enjoy AP everyone and have a good catch up.
    Just a bit of housework for me today, then a bit of crafting.
    Take care everyone xxx

  11. Robert Adams has some wonderful designs, a joy to use. Bought a cd from him
    many years ago of gingham papers. After more than a year had problems with the cd, emailed him and straight away a reply and saying where should he send a replacement. Can't beat that for service and since have always looked to him first for this and that. The template for my card is one of his.
    I do so admire cross stitching, delicate and painstaking, result is beautiful.
    Cake looks amazing save me a slice!!

    1. Olivia's cake took an age to eat Angela. It was made with rice crispies and chocolate mixed. Into that mix went crunches, marshmallows, smarties , mint and choc balls, plus chocolate fingers and lollipops. Done like this because Livvy doesn't eat cake. Mind you she can make them but just doesn't eat them. Amy her eldest sister made it not Amber.

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone. Beautiful card by Angela - love the peacock on the box, it's stunning :-) Margaret's cross stitch card is gorgeous - lots of work put into it, and am sure it will be greatly received :-) Both of those cakes look delicious, I'm sure they will go down a treat!
    Hope all at Ally Pally are having a great time - can't wait to see all your purchases :-)
    Hugs to all xxx

  13. Hi All, well I bet your feet are feeling it now, know mine would be !!!! Hope you're all having a lovely time, and spending loads, ( have to keep the craft industry going ).

    Well today's shows are outstanding,
    Angela your card is lovely have Rob Adams using this on Hochanda but wasn't sure how easy they were to use.
    Margaret your cross stitch is amazing, I'm sure it will be treasured for many years.
    Wow is all I can say about the birthday cakes, and I hope Nic had a very happy birthday.

    Not much on today, using some stamps that I one on Sue's blog, have just used my scanncut to cut them , just need to colour them.

    Have good rest of the day all, very cold here, 5deg. And wet and windy.
    Will call in later, hugs Lilian

  14. good afternoon everyone the crafts on todays blog are just gorgeous.
    Nic had a !ovely birthday doesnt look 35 does she.
    hope everyone has enjoyed AP don't forget to let us see what you have treated yourselves to.
    Hping to watch Sue Wilson on catch up later when Nic has gone home
    its very wet here
    take care
    hugs Jean xx

  15. I had a fabulous day at Ally Pally. I bought enough shall I say lol! Just about to email Sandra my goodies. But the best part was meeting the ladies, Sandra, Pat, Sue, Brenda x 2, Lynda, Maria and Scarlett and not forgetting the two hubbies.

  16. Oooh Sorry I meant to say how lovely all of the goodies on show today are. They are amazing - I could do with a bit of that cake now. And Happy Birthday Nic

    1. Lovely meeting you today Karen.

    2. Hi Karen it was lovely meeting you today hope to see you again in the AP show in September. Hug's Lynda xx

  17. Hi Sandra
    Well I've just written a big post and blogger came up with an error after I went into gmail to post and everything disappeared. So I'll condense this time.
    We met Scarlett today what a poppet she is.
    Amy made Olivia's cake, and she also made a cake for Amber which I'd sent as well to Sandra. Horses and stables theme.
    Love Nics cake Jean, and no, she doesn't look 35. Love Angela's cards as well, also Margarets cross stitch, you must have such patience the ladies who do cross stitch. I'll now try again to post.

  18. Hello everyone well home from Ally Pally it was lovely seeing Sandra Sue Pat Maria Karenlotty Brenda Lello Brenda Littlelamb again.All in all I had a brilliant Day worn out had dinner got jimjams on now & relaxing I will take a picture tomorrow of my crafty goodies & send to Sandra..
    Wow we have some talented ladies in today wow Angela your card & box is stunning love it.Margaret your cross stitch is beautiful I'm sure the recipient wil love it.Angela your cake looks delicious.
    Jean Nic looks so happy her cake is amazing thank you for letting Sandra show how lovely she is.thank you all for sharing.
    Margaret we missed you today hope OH is not in so much pain & move more by himself .xMaria hope you manage the triple flip card.☺️
    well good well I think I will go my eyes keep shutting so see you all tmorrow.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  19. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I have had a fantastic day at AP. Saw Sue Wilson doing her live Hochanda show, met up at lunchtime with Sandra and Paul, Lynda and Terry, Pat, Sue Maria, Karenlottie,Brenda H and Scarlet

    1. OOPs was checking if I should spell Scarlett with two T's but pressed publish - what a Dumbo am I !!!! (Answers on a postcard. Not before 2099!) Also our daughters Primary Head Teacher Brenda and her friend Brenda. Didn't manage to get Brenda (Littlelamb) in in the group..... NO!! 4 Brenda's would have been to much.
      Sandra, I hope You all had a safe journey home. Try and take it east tomorrow., we as I explained to you alt AP We are going Essex, back home in the evening and Monday I'm meeting my sister in London. She is flat hunting)!!! Sleep well everyone. Love Brenda xxx

  20. Love all the crafts today. Had a lovely day at Ally Pally. Scarlett really enjoyed her day. Surprised she kept going all day and we also had to walk back to the car park as the last shuttle bus left at 5pm. She was nearly running down the hill. She loved watching Sue Wilson and would have stayed all day watching her. Off to bed now. Been a long day.💤💤💤💤💤