Friday, 8 April 2016

This weeks guilty secrets, Val's Gorgeous Card

 Val's Gorgeous, cute card

 Brenda's Bargain shop !

 Janet's luscious laces

 Lynda's lovely laces

 More of Lynda's lovely laces

 Sue's early Birthday present

My gorgeous laces 

Amanda's craft purchases

 Michele's Guilty secret

Michele's other guilty secret !
Good Morning Ladies,

Just look at how cute the card that our Val has made for her daughter Lynn's birthday, Val I just love that little kitten image, it is so cute, your card is fabulous, I love the curled corners, your amazing sticknpins too, the butterflies and flowers are beautiful too, I am so grateful that you took the trouble to photograph and send it in for us, thank you so much xxxx

Now onto this week's purchases, there is a bit of a common theme.....Amanda is to blame I'm afraid ! what a lovely haul you got from Every Craft's a pound !! Some gorgeous paper pads, some lovely lace, those little scissors are really sharp and only a £1 ! the biggest bargain though was the pastry cutters, they were supposed to be £14.99 but only cost Brenda £4.99 ! Thank you so much for staying up late to send me your photo Brenda, I really do appreciate it xxxx

Janet....Well, what can I say.....just gorgeous, the laces are all so pretty, I really can't wait to see what you make with all of them Janet, I can just picture one of your gorgeous 'Altered' boxes covered in these lovely laces, hurry up and make one, I just can't wait, also team them with your Fernli designs goodies, match made in heaven! thank you Janet xxxx

Lynda.... two photo's to fit all of your laces in, so pretty, I can't imagine how your smuggled them past Terry, I can imagine you looked like 'lumpy' boobs, rather than 'DB', I picture you sneaking past him with bits of lace sticking out of your top !! laces...what laces???!!   I have already seen your challenge card this week where you have used some of them, so pretty, thank you xxxx

Sue......I am so happy that you got the Groovi starter kit, I know how much you loved it when you had a go with Pat's, a perfect birthday gift for you, well done Chris and Margaret !! I can't wait to see you using it, I know how much you love parchment craft but with your hands being so painful it has been impossible up until now !!!! I am so pleased it arrived in time for you to be included in this weeks 'guilty secrets' although yours was a total secret! xxxx

My purchases... yes you guessed it..more of lovely laces from Amanda, I have a whole draw organised now with laces and doilies.  Watch this space to see how I use them..

Amanda.....well Amanda had a trip to Ikea, supposedly to buy storage for her daughter Alexia's play room, but clearly she got distracted... lovely pair of Lanterns Amanda, I am really looking forward to seeing what you are going to with them !! Some sparkly Washi tape, essential Gesso and some beautiful Floral Muse papers, thank you for sharing your purchases Amanda xxxx

Michele....2 fabulous sets of dies, the Memory Box Poppy Stamp is fabulous, I have that one and I have seen some amazing cards made with it.  The First Edition Weather Stamp set, now this is going to cover so many different cards from using the Umbrella for Baby shower cards, to a 'feeling under the weather' card, the Snowflakes perfect for Christmas too, thats just off the top of my head, a great purchase Michele, thank you for sharing xxx

Well ladies are your fingers twitching to go and buy some of the lovely craft goodies shown today?

I know a few of us are trying to be good this week to save money for Ally Pally on Saturday, I have started making my list, I don't really 'NEED' anything but have a few things on my 'WISH' list.. the Colour Cloud inks for one, some Decopatch glue, also I am really struggling to find a proper pretty baby pink card stock, most of the ones I thought were ok had like an orange tinge to them, hard to explain, maybe I am too picky!  I will be looking out for some of that too.  Sadly Lilli of the Valley aren't going to be there this time, I love their stand ! But I am sure that I will find something to spend my money on! 

Now just to tease you tomorrows post has a photo of a Beautiful Birthday Girl and gorgeous Birthday cake that will have your mouth watering, If any of you have anything for Mixed crafts I would love to include them too.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    VAL - such a beautiful card and who could resist such a cute and cuddly kitten. Your stickpins and butterflies are just gorgeous. Thank you for letting Sandra share your Daughter's card with us.

    Now for guilty secrets. I think we all could very easily work for MI5/6 or any other of the secret services!! Everything this week I gorgeous and not just needed. I cannot wait to see results from the Groovi Board so please get going Sue. Michele that poppy stamp is just beautiful and like Sandra I've seen some wonderful results from this (NOT MINE I HASTEN TO ADD AS STAMPING AND I DO NOT MIX). I've always loved lace and pearls and when a lot younger and clothes were being sent to jumble etc I always wanted to cut off any lace/buttons/pearls but of course was told they wouldn't be of any use if I did so just had to wait until things got beyond jumble stage and needed throwing or cutting up for rug making.

    As it's Friday again - where has the week gone - it's Corbigny and market and this morning we will be wrapped as though we're off to the North Pole. We have a beautiful morning, sunshine; dry but oh so white with Frost and it's -3 temp. Hand warmers inside gloves and boots.

    Hoping to get a little crafting done when I get back.
    Have a good day everyone whatever you're planning. Hope everyone is feeling better and that Michele managed to get a drs apptment.
    Hugs are on their way and enough for everyone. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. I know just what you mean about wanting to keep certain buttons, lace trims etc. but not being able to. I have been known to swap buttons for plain ones, if it doesn't spoil the garments look : )
      You can put Michele's poppy on your wish list is a die, not a stamp.I'm like you in that I struggle to stamp too! Have a lovely day at the market and enjoy your weekly treat. Yum yum x

    2. Hope the shopping goes well Janet, and the weather warns up a bit for you.

    3. Hi JANET wow your lace is gorgeous,I struggled using some on my card as I didn't want to cut it,I just keep looking at mine AMANDA is a bad influence HaHa. Hope you had a nice day at the market & enjoyed your pastry's Mmmmm.xxxx

  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    At the moment I am the only one in the Cafe, have done the basics so Janet's Dobbie can relax.
    I bet by the time I have finished Janet will have cpmmented, one finger typing is rather slow!
    Val, your card for Lynn is so beautiful, so much detail, you keep finding something else to look at, I love that kitten too cso cute
    I'm sure Lynn will treasure it.
    Sandra, what gorgeous guilty secrets this week. All of those beautiful laces, I so looking forward to seeing what you all do with them. Brenda, you have got the best bargains this week. I spy those gorgeous Papermania pads, I have the blue one but it is for stroking mainly : )
    Michele, what beautiful dies, both will be used for so many occasions. I will have to keep my eyes out for the weather one, I'm very lucky to be able to use Sandra's poppy one.
    Amanda, I love the lanterns, bet they were a great price too, Ikea always has unbeatable prices for things like that don't they. It is very hard to stick to a shopping list there because of the bargains I find And I'm sure the gesso was another bargain too. Have you used that brand before? Please will you share some of your completed items with us?
    Maria, only one sleep now. I hope you are going to have a lazy day today, please. Have you put the cross stitch for Mum in your shopping bag?
    I'm under orders from Mum to have a lazy day today so that I'm ready for Ally Pally tomorrow, I will be doing as I'm told ad I didn't get much sleep. I do miss seeing Mum and Pop though. And this weekend will not be the same without spending it with Mum, of course I understand though, Pop is still very limited in what he can do and it really wouldnt be fair to Star the dog to not get either of her daily walk/runs. I know you will be with us in thought Mum : ) Love you xx
    Sending hugs and hopes for good weather to everyone. Take care xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Val- I love your card & the picture of the kitten is gorgeous.

    What a great selection of purchases. I haven't had chance to use my new die sets but maybe this weekend. I've seen 2 dies from Sue's new release that I'd like so I might be placing an order tomorrow.

    Thank goodness it's Friday is all i can say! I rang the doctors yesterday lunchtime to be told there's no appointments available before mine on Tuesday at 8.30am. I felt dizzy yesterday morning then I had an Opthalmic migraine-definitely need a check up.


    1. Make sure you take it east before Tuesday Michelle. At least you haven't to wait 3 weeks fir an appointment.

    2. Hi Michele
      That's terrible having to wait till Tusday especially being in so much pain,I don't know how you put up with it im ñ Lynda xx

  4. Good Morning Sandra and Friends, looks like it might be a nice day here.
    Delivery day for work today, only 75 hoods, as of course it was Easter, well that's my excuse !!!!!
    Val really lovely card , the kitten picture is very cute.

    Lots of lovely buys this week, Sandra I thought I sent a pic of my new stencils, but maybe it didn't arrive.

    Well I am so envious ( I know it's a sin ) of all of you going to A/P I've never been, will try and watch the Hochanda shows, to see if I see any of you, just a thought I only know what Sandra looks like !!! Have a lovely time all

    Have done my challenge card, what a struggle when I thought it would be easy, the only heart I could Die I could find was a free one from a mag. Will send today.
    Michele hope you feel better soon I used to get those terrible migraines, fortunately after the menopause they disappeared, still have the occasional mild one.
    Well have a lovely day all, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Wow, you have been busy making all those hoods. It's a shame you can't make Ally Pally.

  5. Can't wait to see some creations using all the beautiful lace.
    Have a great day out all of you going to the Ally Pally.
    Sometimes this awful weather has its bonus.... kept me in the
    house, housework nooooo. but did spend sometime crafting.
    Two cards for a friend who wanted something different, will
    send them for Saturdays Mixed offering.

  6. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Just a quick hello this morning, off to cover our craft shop today.
    Val you card is lovely, so cute, and ladies what a wonderful range of guilty secrets today, just wait till you all get back from AP?
    Will try and pop back later, have a good day, take care xxx

  7. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    WOW, WOW WOW what fantatic lace. No wonder everyones in raptures about it. Cant wait to see how you all use it ladies. I must look to see if they deliver to Spain.
    Love you bargains Brenda. The ribbon is so cute and is that glue.
    Sue. I really dont know what a Groovi is. Is it for making boxes?
    Just love your lanterns Amanda. They're so pretty.
    Michele just love the weather dies especially the cute rain drops. I have the beautiful poppy die. Its really special.
    I got a bit carried away with Lynns card. I sstarted added things and forgot to stop ha ha. Lynn loved it thank goodness but she loves anything with a cat on so I was on a winner straight away. Wendy made the beautiful stick pins. Shell be absent from our craft class today as shes down at Ally Pally hob knobbing with Sue and Phill and Julia. Do I sound envious ha ha.
    Hope all you ladies making the trip down to Ally Pally have a wonderful time. Cant wait to see what youve all bought.
    Take care.
    Love Val x

    helping John set up the stall and of course hob knobbing with Sue and Phil and Julia.

    1. Hi Val
      The Grooving system is for parchment crafting but without the grids etc. Mind you they are adding grids now but it's much easier to use, you slot a pattern or picture in a holding plate, add parchment and follow the lines with an embossing tool.

    2. Thanks for the info Pat. How clever that is. X

    3. Hi Val, if you look at Barbara Greys blog you will see the Groovi system. She has a lovely example on her blog today. I bought the starter set at Ally Pally last year. The 9yr old granddaughter took one look at it and with a very brief explanation from me, she was away, she did a lovely circle of flowers with her name going across it, in no time at all. It really is very east to do and the results can be seeni very quickly. xx

    4. Val I must apologise for not saying how gorgeous the birthday card is you made for Lynn, love the little kitten. xx

    5. Many thanks Brenda.bI'll take a look at Barbara Grays blog.
      Love Val x

  8. Good morning everyone
    Just a short post hoping everyone is well,
    been a lot going on at home but I have peeked in and kept a bit up to date with everyone.
    Id like to wish everyone who is going to AP tomorrow a lovely day and don't forget to let us see your purchases
    Hugs and stay safe
    Jean xx

  9. Hi Sandra
    Val love your cute kitten card for Lynn. Sent my goodies pic in but it but it must have missed the deadline. I expect they'll be shown next week. Plenty of goodies on show this week though. Look forward to seeing everyone at Ally Pally tomorrow. Must away and look for my bird dies for Sandra.

  10. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    oh boy what a wonderful stash of items bought this week. Must have another look later but right now really busy so haven't even read all the comments yet. Will be back later tonight hopefully. Got to get my wish list sorted for tomorrow because right now it is in a dire state even if I cleared it a few month ago it will have to be changed again :-) love and hugs to all ,Maria Xxx

    1. Oh sorry Val, your card for your daughter is adorably . Love the kitten ! xx

  11. Good afternoon SANDRA & everyone
    Val your card from Lynn is so sweet love the little kitten. Of course the butterflys too..Wow such a lot of beautiful lace sandra I smuggled mine in no problem.
    Janet your's so much Gorgeousness & your's Sandra just Scrummylishouse.
    Mine I just keep looking & touching's beautiful.
    We have had a lovely sunny day went for our usual walk with doggis.after writing this I'm going in my craft room for a while. But must post on Sue's blog first.
    So ladies I will see you soon in a few hours
    Hug's Lynda xx

  12. Did any of you here the sonic boom this afternoon ??

  13. Evening everyone. No sonic boom here in Marigny unless you call the bull in the water meadow across the road. lol. Have a good day tomorrow all going to AP. If they're giving anything away I'll have a penneth! Hug to you all. xxxx

  14. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    I can see some beautiful purchases have been made this week, so much lace and trimmings, I bet all of our ladies wish there were more hours in the day.
    I was very pleased with my goodies from Every Crafts a Pound. The paper pads I couldn't decide which colour to have, I thought why not just go for one of each!
    Today I have kept quite busy today, no crafting unfortunately, spent a long time trying to help my sister, a story for another day! And just getting things back in place, we have spent the best part of the school holidays at our daughters house. I still have to unpack all the craft things I had taken with us. But won't get that done today OR tomorrow, it Ally Pally day yeahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

    Must get on and finish dinner off ........ Just one more sleep.

    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda XXX

  15. I have my ticket for tomorrow ..... No labour pains ....yet! So hopefully I'll get to meet some of you
    I love all of your guilty secrets Adding lace to cards is something I haven't really done It always looks so wrong when I try Never attempted any altered art or deco-patch (yet)
    I'll email you SANDRA to see what's occurring

  16. Forgot to say how much I love your sweet card Granny baby brain is well and truly setting in!

  17. awww lovely purchases ... I'm so envious of everyone going to the craft fair tomorrow I so want to come ...not fair :( have fun girls x

  18. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sorry I am late again. I have been trying to do challenge card this afternoon to no avail, finding this challenge living up to it's name!!
    Sandra thank you for showing all guilty secrets, there are some lovely things that have been bought. Perhaps I will have some to show next week that is long as Sue finds me some bargains at Ally Pally. Hope you all have a lovely day. We will keep the cafe open for you not to worry.XXX
    Val your card for Lynn is lovely the little looks so contented, thank you for sending to Sandra.xx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  19. Evening all. Had another look at all the wonderful laces, papers, dies and your Groovi Kit Sue. Have fun and looking forward to see what you all make.
    Went into town for a haircut this morning and OH needed a new lappi. Also went to Lidl for some vegs. and fruit. That took all morning and then when I came back the phone haven't stopped. Why oh why did they have to call today of all day's when I wanted to get ready for Ally Pally !
    Have managed to get my wishlist in a sort of order hihi but it is in three pieces so I probably do like I normally do, buy what I see and like. Also like to do some craft tables if possible so I will see you all at lunch if not before. Less than 12 hours to go..........
    Sleep well everyone Xxxx

  20. Just popped in to say have a lovely day all of you going to A/P tomorrow.
    No sonic boom here, reminded me of when concord was being tested.
    Good Night all, Lilian