Tuesday 26 April 2016

Design Team Projects

My DT Kit 

 The top of my altered Suitcase

The Front 

The side view

Fernli Glue Gun Stand

Glue Gun Strand Decorated with Scrimpy's DT kit

Showing layers of lace

With Glue Gun in place

Good Morning Ladies,

I cannot tell how much I enjoyed using the beautiful laces and trtims that I got in my DT kit from Amanda Charlesworth at Scrimpy's Lace Closet, which is a Facebook Shop, Amanda has weekly sales events, usually on as Wednesday evening, if you are interested in any of the beautiful things you have seen me use from Amanda's shop just let me know and I can point you in the right direction, or look Amanda up on fb. 

My first project was the cute little suitcase that I received in my DT kit, I painted the whole thing with Gesso, I then added some of my Magnolia Lane paper to the top of the case, as I just loved the beautiful Lady, I made a frame for the face with Creative expressions Melbourne die, I used Cosmic Shimmer Enchanted Gold Gilding Wax to the frame, I then arranged some Wild Orchid Crafts around the frame, also added a tiny rose and some of Scrimpy's Iridescent Bead String to the girls hair.  I added a Butterfly taken from the Butterfly trim in my DT kit and added Somme pink pearls along its body, I used a piece of trim and some pink pearl string around the edge of the case to draw your eye into the focal element. 
The side of the suitcase was covered with 3 different laces from my kit and my own purchases too, they look so pretty when all layered together.  I ran some pink pearl trim around the bottom to finish the edge off properly.
So what do you think?? 

Now onto  my second project, this time I used an MDF Glue Gun Stand from Fernli Designs, the quality of all of their MDF products is amazing, everything goes together so easily.  I covered the whole thing with a pretty blue and pink paper from my stash, I then cut a small square of plastic that was inside some pearl packaging, I cut it to fit the area beneath the glue gun nozzle, that way any dribbles of glue will fall onto there and cn easily be removed.  I took some of my Scrimpy's laces and ran one around the bottom edge of the project, I then ran some flatback pink pearl string around to neaten and finish off, I added some tassel lace around the top of the holder and then added some pink seam binding ribbon and added some some double row pearl trim to added a pretty touch, I did exactly the same to the part that holds the glue gun too! 
I think it looks quite pretty!

Thank you Amanda for asking me to be part of your DT, I loved the kit and making new things, I can't wait for the next one !!

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs
Sandra xxx


  1. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Wow Sandra, what a fabulous job you have made of your first DT project. Such a beautiful delicate colour palette with some gorgeous laces, flowers etc. You should be delighted with it, I know Amanda will be, for sure : ) As for your glue gun stand, well, it is wondeful. Once again you have done a fantastic job, and using the piece of plastic to catch the glue drips is a great tip : ) Thank you for sharing your gorgeous DT kit and finished projects.
    I hope you are feeling less sore today after the weekend my lovely x
    Lilian, I hope that yesterday went as well as these days can. You are in my thoughts. Take care x
    Janet, I hope that elephant has finally climbed off of your chest now!Take care x
    I have just been commenting on yesterday's post as I didn't get around to it yesterday, was too doped up to stay awake for long enough!
    I hope that everyone has the same start to the day as me. There is a wonderful clear blue and sunny sky and our resident blackbirds are singing away. It is such a lovely way to start the day. I hope it stays like this.
    We are having problems with the drains along with 4-5 other houses that are on the same main drain. The drain men are coming out again this morning, fingers crossed they can sort it out once and for all this time!
    I had a very lazy day yesterday after the parade on Sunday, which went very well, the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Exploreres were all a real credit to us, and it didn't start to rain until about 10 mins after we got home so a good day all round : )
    Sending hugs to all with extras for all in need. Take care, love and hugs xx

    1. Hi Sue, Really pleased The Saint Georges day parade went well and you were fortunate enough to have good weather.
      Hope they sort out your drains soon, nothing worse than a drain problem. When our daughter and SIL Had their first home they had to drain that was shared by a few houses, and often got blocked, it was caused by a neighbor who was putting nappies down the toilet. Hope that's not why your drains are blocking. xx

    2. Hi Sue sorry bit late answering but I'm so pleased the ST George parade went well & the weather was kind to you. How long does it go on for Sue. Sorry you were so sore yesterday shame you suffer so much the day after.
      Loads of gentle Hug's love Lynda xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    WOW-two stunning projects Sandra. They're both beautiful.

    Didn't sleep much last night, probably because I didn't do much during the day. Today I have the dentist at 9.30 then I'll pop into the shops in the village as hubby isn't leaving until late morning.

    I'm going to watch some programmes I've recorded, then read for a while as I might as well make the most of being off work. I'll attempt the challenge card tomorrow.


    1. Hi Michelle
      Hope the dentist goes ok. Is anyone holding your hand.

    2. Hi Michele hope the dentist wasn't too traumatic for you I didn't here you screaming haha. Hope bathroom is going ok .
      Take care xxx

  3. Morning Sandra & ladies,

    WOW!!!! Sandra, the suitcase and glue gun stand are fantastic, loved the colour palettes used for each one. Beautiful laces too.

    Our walk yesterday was around Burnham, very blustery day with odd splatterings of fine rain. Pork & Apple sausages with mash (REAL potatoes not Smash), onions and vegetables and the tastiest gravy outside of my kitchen for lunch at The Pimpernel in Highbridge. Heartily recommended.

    Another sunny start to my day, I hope it stays for a while so I can finish cleaning my wooden decking ready for its two wax coats for the summer. I managed to do 2/3 of it during Sunday's lovely weather. Cuprinol Deck Cleaner is an excellent product, just brush on using a deck scrubber, leave for a few minutes, scrub again and rinse. All the dirt and algae marks disappear like magic. I am considering using it on Pete's memory bench. I have tried the hard wood furniture cleaner, at twice the cost for a small tin, which is so laborious to use that I gave up last year after applying the first coat and found it did not do the job as stated on the tin. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Extra gurt big uns ((((hugs)))) for all our lovely ladies who are feeling not so good.

    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Wow Cheryl
      I'm glad you had a lovely walk, and your lunch sounds yummy. Must write that place down for future reference.

    2. Hi CHERLY glad your walk was enjoyable & your lunch sounds delicious. Now please my dear friend take it easy with cleaning your decking take care.
      Love Lynda xxxx

  4. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA- Ohhhhhhhhhh how gorgeous your little suitcase turned out. Who would think that a very plain little case could turn out to be a beautiful Butterfly!!! I just love love it. Have any of you seen the sets of three cases the 'The Works' sell? They would be ideal for this. I bought two sets last year for two little girls who love crafting and filled them with crafty things.
    Your Glue Gun stand is lovely. I love the idea of the drip tray. I think I just might have to buy one from Fernli as I don't have a such a large space to use my gun and this would help.

    MICHELE- have a lovely day and yes make the most of being off work and do some relaxing things as a slow pace.
    CHERYL- your lunch yesterday just sounds Yummy and you're tempting my taste buds which are just coming back after last week.
    LYNDA- thank you for asking about my elephant lol. He's just about gone and I'm now left like a limp rag. No energy and it's my K&N this afternoon. Like I said yesterday I'm glad I sorted all the kits out before I went away.
    LILIAN - I hope yesterday went smoothly for you all. Take each day as it comes Dear Friend.

    We too have a beautiful bright sunny start to the day and so everything crossed that it stays that way.

    SHEILA - I hope you're OK Dear Friend. I'm really missing you popping in. Please give us a little call.

    Everything's set up for the day here in the cafe. The coffee pot is on; the kettle has boiled and the cake and biscuit tin has been filled so you're OK Maria.
    I'll try and pop in later this evening.
    Hugs are in the basket so help yourselves and I've sent one or two on home visits this morning.


    1. Hi Janet
      I hope the elephant hops on his bike soon, hopefully it won't travel to anyone else on the blog.

    2. Hi Janet glade the Elephant has almost gone. Hope he hasn't left any nasty smelly deposits behind. HaHa Hope you got through you N & k
      Ok & wasn't worn out .take care Janet love Lynda xx

  5. Superb job Sandra both your projects are outstanding you have done Scrimpy's Lace Closet proud honey thank you so much huge hugs x Amanda

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow your creations are stunning Sandra, so beautiful. You are a credit to Scrimpy's design team :-) Looking forward to seeing more of your creations :-))I had a quick look in on Amanda's last sale and the items being sold were exquisite, and selling very quickly. Hopefully soon I will attend a full sale and purchase some of these gorgeous products.
    Off to work this morning and then some more time crafting this afternoon. I hope everyone is well, and has a good day whatever you are doing.
    Hugs to all xxx

  7. Good morning ladies,
    All very pretty Sandra! I must have a look at Scrimpys closet.
    Miserable cold and wet here with showers of hail stones so a good day to play in the craft room.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne
      We've had sun today, then some solid snow fell, but not hailstones. Well they didn't look like hailstones anyway.

  8. Good Morning Sandra and ladies in this sunny morning.
    Yes sunny and blue sky here too with the birds singing and a fat squirrel looking at me from the back fence. Hope he stays in the back and have no plans to make house in our loft !
    Wow Sandra, is that really the same case ? You have made a great job for the DT ! Love all the laces you have used. I'm not a lacy person but when I see it used like
    this then I love it. Also the hot glue stand is pretty and good idea to have something underneath to catch the 'dribbles' :-) Well done and I'm sure Amanda will love it too.
    Michele- good luck at the dentist, I hope our Val is alright. Do come in and tell us how it went.
    Margaret- hope all was fine with pop's x-ray on his foot so now he can jump around again :-)
    Sue- have another restful day if you can. Sunday was great but then the tiredness hit you unfortunately, our stupid bodies ey.
    Hoping all the four paws are ok this morning and Annie's breathing is fine.
    Cheryl- your ending of a nice walk sounded very good ;-)
    We managed to get a walk around our lake in just before the rain came down. OH went to see the football Sue not me, he follow every league so a bit too much for my liking. Nearly over but then starts the cricket and some golf too, as long he's happy :-)
    Electrician coming at 10 and then I have hospital this afternoon (speech therapist) ? Not sure what she can do for me and my throat/tummy. Started on a card yesterday but that went in the bin so will start over and also some stamping to do so I can sent the bottle back to you Lynda, sorry, have not attempted the card yet :-) Oooops! OH have just told me I got Hospital at 10 and the guy coming at 2pm so I better get going hihi
    Wish you all a nice day, hope anyone having a bug will feel better soon and Lilian I hope yesterday went well.
    Love and hugs to you all, Maria XxXx

    1. Hi Maria, maybe if the hospital can't sort out your problems, you should get the electrician to check you over when he comes this afternoon HaHa xx

    2. Ah that's a good idea if he only didn't look like a pixie/elf with a very sharp nose hihi
      Have a good day Brenda xx

    3. Thank you from Alan, the surgeon just needed it to go with the before one, I don't think he will be jumping on it yet though!!
      How did your hospital visit go hope you are getting some answers. Take care xxx

    4. Hello MARIA hope your hospital appointment went well did you get any answers. Maria don't worry about the stamps im not in any hurry for them back when you have finish your projects will be fine.my friend. Love Lynda xx

  9. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    That's nice what you have done to the little suitcase, and I like the colours, very feminine.
    Not much on today, just the usual housework, and it is still very cold here, so heating might be on most of the day, I'm making a promise that I WILL so my challenge card today.
    Hope all appointments go well, and everyone is getting better, take care everyone xxx

    1. Hi Jess, sending you some warm hugs. Very cold down here too so the heating will soon have to come on.
      Hope your cc coming on well xxx

    2. I'll try and send some sun up your way Jess, although we have a cold wind along with our sun. Hard snowy showers as well.

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies, oh how beautiful your altered art is Sandra. That plain ordinary box looks sensational. Just love low you've decorated the top of it. A wonderful arrangement of flowers and pearls.
    I love the pretty dangly lace you have used on the glue gun stand and great to have a drip tray. I've never seen on of these items. My glue gun sits on an old saucer! I bet you're over the moon with how they turned out and I'm sure Amanda will love them
    The dentist yesterday was okish. I really appreciate you three ladies holding on to me as you did. It made everything so much better. Thank you friends. The dentist sorted me out but then said needed 2 fillings. I didn't make an appointment f course. The time for that is when they start hurting. I told you I'm a real baby ha ha.
    Just looked at the clock and I have to be at Tai Chi in 10minutes.
    Better get my skates on will call in later.
    Love Val x

    1. Hi Val,
      Pleased to hear it helped having Sandra, Maria & Sue with you at the dentist! Sorry you need feelings. How did you sleep last night.xxx

  11. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    My goodness Sandra you have been busy on both of your projects, what a difference you've made to them. They look like items you would buy from a boutique shop so pretty and so feminine, real labours of love. XX

    VAL, it sounds as though you were very brave at the dentis,t I hope you gave you a sticker. xx

    MICHELE, Good luck with the dentist, hope all goes well. Hope the builder is getting on with with the bathroom, just think things can only get better, this time next week you should have your bathroom again. All bright and shining xx

    CHERYL, How satisfying is that, after having your blustery walk you end up with a lunch you really enjoy. xx

    Right I will return to the kitchen I'm have made some pastry, its just resting, I'm just going to make a couple of quiches, one will be cheese and bacon and I think the other one I will be mushroom.

    Will pop in again later, Love and hugs for everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. Your quiches sound yummy Brenda.

    2. Hi Brenda mmm can I have a slice of your cheese & bacon quiches.please smell delicious thank you.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  12. Good morning, well just! You have been busy with your DT project. It's very girly and have done a great job with all the lace etc. Is it the very small one of the set from The Works, very fiddly to do if it is,
    Miserable day here, just as well I haven't got washing to do.
    Just going to put TV on to see if we are on daily politics today like the reporter last week said we would. It was funny as we were trying to avoid them, xxx

  13. Just love it, lace is such a lovely medium to use. Will have to look up the source soon.

  14. Well I was hoping that the reporter for the daily politics show that interviewed us last week was just saying we would be on today. Charlie always watches it,glad I told him or he would have been wondering how come I was on. Norah and Jess were shown too!

    1. Hazel, I thought we came over all right. The reporter was really nice and made me feel quite relaxed, I was actually a bag of nerves.

    2. You and me both, I think Norah was too! Xxx

  15. Thank you all for your kind comments, I really enjoyed making something different for a change, I have some bits left over for a card or two too!
    The suitcase is really small, quite cute, I believe it comes in a set from the works, I removed the handle as I don't think it added anything to the design really!
    Fernli Designs.com
    Is where I bought the glue gun stand,I am sure it was only £3, which is a bargain for what it is and what good quality it is too!
    Off for some lunch
    Sandra xx

  16. Hi Val
    I'm glad the dentist wasn't to bad. I hope you don't fall off those skates and break something.

  17. Hi Sandra
    I thought I'd already left a comment then found I hadn't. I wish blogger would put a comment where I start, which was under Val.
    Love your suitcase, it's lovely to see the finished article. I had a sneak preview at the start of your project last week. Love the hot glue stand as well. Look forward to seeing you and Sue tomorrow.

  18. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a beautiful transformation you have achieved with your usual talent, well done.xxx
    Well I played boule for the first time in weeks, it was rather cold but snow held off until just as we finished, an enjoyable morning made better as I won 2 games & were well ahead in the third game when it was time to stop, mind you I had a good partner!!
    I had hoped to do my cc this afternoon but too late to start it now soon be time to take Star out.
    Hope it all went as well as it could yesterday Lilian thinking of you, hugs on way.xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret. xxxx

  19. Hello All, just popped in to let you know that yesterday was a really lovely service to say goodbye to my Sister, they even put a picture of one of her lovely water colours on the sheet. As she hated black we all wore a little something bright.

    I want to say how much your kind wishes meant to me, THANK YOU ALL .
    Feeling a bit lost today ,but lovely to see all the cousins yesterday.

    Sandra love your altered items.

    Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

    1. Hi Lilian,
      So pleased it was a lovely service, how nice to put one of your sister's paintings on the sheet. Just take it easy call in whenever you feel like it, there is usually somebody about. Love Margaret xxx

      Hello Sandra love both your DT projects they are Gorgeous.
      I ordered the glue gun holder it was only £3 bargain. Not sure mine will be as lovely as yours Sandra. Never got the CC done yet did do a birthday card for a friend though will try & do it tomorrow.
      Have commented on way down.
      LILIAN pleased yesterday's servis was lovely & putting one of your sisters paintings on the sheet. Your in my thoughts Lilian take care my dear.love Lynda xx
      Nothing on the cards tomorrow so hopfull get in craft room I have started sorting my unwanted items out.so may carry on with that.
      Well cupper time so see you tomorrow love Lynda xxxx