Sunday 24 April 2016

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 Michele's Challenge Card

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 Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Well you have amazed me once again ladies, so many of you taking part in this week's Sketch Challenge.

Anne, your card is gorgeous, such an unusual theme for a card, the lavender looks like yoiu could actually smell it !! Thgank yoiu so much for taking part this week xxx

Brenda, I love your card, the background paper you have used is beautiful and using your Copic pens to colour the ribbon so that it matches is genius, it has worked a treat too, perfect colour match, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Ciara, it's hard to believe that you are only 9 years old !! The challenge card you have made is absolutely amazing, I love it, especially as you sent this card to me, it really did bring a smile to my face after a bit of a tough week.  Thank you so much sweetheart for taking part, I hope you will take part each week as I love to see your cards. xxx

Janet, I love your card, gorgeous colour, I cannot believe after the week you have and with that elephant sat on your chest! you still managed to make a card, I know why you went to the effort, I really do appreciate you taking the time to make it, thank you so very much, now rest and relax and
please get well soon xxx

Karen M, oh my, I love those Botanica papers that you used to make your challenge card this week, I can't believe that you cut into them, or did you buy two pads? (1 to use and 1 to stroke and look at)
Your card is gorgeous, thank you so much for taking part each week my lovely xxx

Karen, I love the card you have created, a perfect 'Man' card, those papers are great and I love the 'splattered' background you have made, it matches perfectly, thank you so much for taking the time to take part Karen, I really do appreciate it xxx

Lilian, your card is so beautiful, the roses and the flourishes look so gorgeous in that bottom corner,
I know that you have had a very tough week too so the fact that you went out of your way to make your challenge card is amazing and I real do appreciate it, thank you so much xxx

Lynda, WOW, another gorgeous challenge card from you, I see you have parted with a little more of your lace, I love that paper you have used too.  I bought that Spellbinders Tag die at Ally Pally and love it but haven't got round to using it yet.  Thank you so much for taking part my lovely xxx

Margaret, oh you card is so pretty, I love that beautiful background paper you have used, the butterflies and perfectly matched flags finish your card off perfectly, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Maria, wow, you have been having a go at using masks to create different backgrounds, you are amazing, I love the background you have made, it looks like it has lots of texture too, the spotty ribbon works perfectly as it picks up the dotty theme in your background, you must tell me what you did to achieve that look, thank you for taking part Maria xxx

Michele, Two cards from you this week!  Both your cards are fab, I love the colours you have used in your first card, but my favourite is the Adorable button bird on your second card, omg Michele he is so cute, I think he should feature on all of your Christmas cards this year, thank you for taking part Michele xxx

Sue,  If you keep this up you will have all of your Christmas cards made by the time we get to December!! Love this card, that paper you used is really pretty, the bow adds a perfect touch to those flags, tying them in perfectly with the rest of your card. Thank you so much to taking part in the challenge this week Sue xxx

Val, I am glad you like the challenge this week, your card is amazing, the embossing folder you have used has given the perfect background for your card, the hint of pink in the mat you have used ties in perfectly with those flags, the gorgeous ribbon gives the perfect finishing touch, thank you so much for taking part xxx

We are off out to lunch today with all of Paul's family to celebrate his Mum & Dad's 55th (Emerald) wedding Anniversary, it will be lovely to meet up with everyone.

I hope that you all have a good day too,

Love and Hugs


  1. Good morning Ladies,
    Wonderful array of cards again ! Iove to see all the different designs and peoples take on the challenge.
    Sandra I sent you in my challenge card last Monday, it so happened I had made a card to suit the challenge on the Sunday , I thought it quite a coincidence and sent it to you , please let me know if you didn't receive it as I don't see it included in today's selection.
    This is just a quick comment as our friends leave to go home this morning , it's been a lovely few days but I'm looking forward to having some me time again in the craft room.
    See you later, Anne xoxo

    1. Congratulations on your Sue Wilson win Anne : )

    2. Hi Anne, sorry I missed your card first time round, can't believe you made one that works perfectly without seeing the sketch !!
      I a like you,I love having visitors but I am always
      Glad when they leave and I can relax in my craft room.
      I am looking forward to seeing what you create!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxx

    3. Looking forward to seeing your challenge card Anne, I'm glad your email didn't go missing like my birthdays did. I've complained to Royal Mail as that's 4 now that's gone AWOL.

    4. Hi Anne
      I've just read you've won something on Sue's blog. Congratulations.

    5. Congratulations ANNE on your Sue Wilson win xx

    6. Thank you girls! I was so chuffed to hear I'd won something , I have been working in the garden since our friends left as it is a glorious day, I need to go and make some oatcakes and a birthday card for a friend we are calling on this evening , have to say it's nice just getting back to normal and doing what I please lol!
      Love and hugs to all xoxo

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. I will start again..... Anne congratulations on being a winner on SW's blog. I always thrilled when I see a name I recognise. Enjoy xx

  2. Good morning Sandra and all who call in. Another great display of cards all different. Sorry no card from me this week, just to much on. In early as I have to get everything in place for going to the family gathering. I thought with organising it in a hotel it would be less work! No you have to keep on top of them to make sure they are doing what you want! Even down to how you want tables to arranged. Patricia and I will get there early as we have little table gifts to put out and other things to arrange. It's like this time last year near enough with Gillian's wedding. Thank goodness Patricia is able to help, weeks ago that was so uncertain. I will need my holiday by the end of next month. Thank goodness for the couple of days away, it recharged the old batteries. It's a busy one next month again. Beth wants we to go see her Shetland pony racing down in lanchester, I want to go it's the sitting in the horse Lorry for all those hours. I think I will suggest I go to one nearer. Oh must go or I will run out of time and will end up forgetting all that has to be taken. I tell you the other thing is running up and down with washing to Gillians roll on Wednesday when I have my new machine. All I can say is thank goodness we have rainy day money set aside for these sort of things. Have a good day. Xxx

    1. Hope all goes really well today for you, it is a nightmare trying to please everyone , but I'm sure it will all be fine, just relax and enjoy the day xxx

    2. Hi Hazel, have lovely day, there's nothing better than family.

    3. Thank you Lilian we are just back in after a wonderful time, the weather has been beautiful so we were able to go out into the gardens of hotel. A lot of organisation and arranging. So glad we could walk away from it all. I hope every thing goes well when you say good bye to your sister. She of course will always be in your heart. Xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Another great selection of challenge cards, all lovely especially Ciara's. I love Brenda's & KarenLottys design so I might just try to re-create these two styles.

    The usual housework to do today plus cleaning & clearing out the bathroom ready for the workmen tomorrow. I need to assemble a temporary selection of craft items rouse downstairs as you have to go past the bathroom to get to my craft room & I think I'd rather not look in!! My plan is to bring one of my Diecutting machines & a few of my folders containing my dies down along with my large stash of card scraps so I can start cutting out & have them ready to use. Let's see if I actually manage any of that...!! I'll probably end up looking on Pinterest for hours.


    1. Hi Michele. Good luck with the workmen and the upheaval, it will all be worth it when its finished.
      Looking on Pinterest is an easy way making time vanish, isn't it! I think we all have the same problem with it, you can't help looking at "just one more page" : ) x

    2. Hi Michelle
      I do hope the workmen don't make to much mess, best not look in when and if you go by.

    3. Hi Michele
      Hope all goes well with invasion tomorrow. Bet it will look beautiful when its finished.
      love Val x

    4. Hello MICHELE good luck with bathroom & workman will you be making Tea ☕️every 5 minutes HeHe. Will be lovely when finished.xx

    5. Hi Michele, Is it worth doing the homework? The builders will be making a mess, and the dust goes everywhere, even if you close all of the doors the dust seems to get in each room. Enjoy your new bathroom when it's finished xx

  4. Me again-meant today....Congrats to Anne on winning something on Sue Wilsons blog today.


    1. Thanks Michele! It's a lovely feeling to win something.
      Hope your builders don't make too much mess , the dust seems to go every where, but once it's all done you will be able to stand back and admire your swish new bathroom ( mind and send us photos) xo

  5. SANDRA so my friend where is the picture of the 55th anniversary I am positive you will have created something special?

  6. So many participants in the challenge all have their own uniqueness. Just love
    seeing them all.

  7. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful array of Challenge Cards again this week. Out lovely display board is just heaving with talent and long may it reign.
    I love each and everyone of them and all so very different.
    PAT - when you have done all your Christmas Cards (that's a 10point fine for making me say that C word hehehe) can you please start on my list?lol.

    Have a really good day Sandra with all your in-laws and many Congratulations to Paul's Mum and Dad on their 55th Anniversary. A very special mile stone.

    We're off out into Derbyshire today to see Christina -she should have finished with lambing now well fingers crossed- so I can get some fresh air, have lunch out in Bakewell and then on to Hognaston for tea and catch up. I still feel battered etc and heavy headed but I'm not staying in any longer.

    The Cafe Doors are open for all to step in and have a cuppa and a chat and today's special is Lemon Drizzle and Carrot Cake. Hope you all enjoy and that there is enough to go around.
    Hugs are in the basket so please help yourselves xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. I hope you manage to see Christina and some fresh air helps to clear your head. Thank you for the yummy lemon drizzle and carrot cakes, I will look forward to having some after my lunch : ) x

    2. Hi Janet. I hope you manage to see Christina and some fresh air helps to clear your head. Thank you for the yummy lemon drizzle and carrot cakes, I will look forward to having some after my lunch : ) x

    3. Hi Janet
      I do hope you get to see Christina, but the fresh air will do you good. Have a lovely lunch out. Both cakes are my favourite thank you very much.

    4. Have a wonderful time in Derbyshire today Janet. Are you going to buy some Bakewell tarts?
      Many thanks for the cakes. Lemon drizzle - my favourite.
      Love Valx

    5. Hi Janet have a lovely day it will be nice for you getting some fresh air. Hope you get to see Christina . Enjoy your lunch but make sure you wrap up warm it's very cold out. Cakes were yummy thanks.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    6. Janet, hope you had a good trip to Derbyshire (an area I really love) and Cristina is able to sit and relax with you, for a few hours at least. I know you have said how hard she works. I'm sure all that fresh air will help to get rid of your virus. xx

  8. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! I love to see the sketch cards Every single one different but having the same theme and in some cases the same items For example MARIA and I have used the same die
    CIARA you deserve a special mention as it so lovely to see youngsters enjoying the challenge and the crafting When are you bringing out your own range of dies, stamps and papers?
    Thank you SANDRA for doing this I so enjoy looking in and if I don't physically make one I always have ideas ratting around - it gets the grey cell working I can imagine that behind the scenes it takes a lot of work and time to sort it all out
    Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I found this weeks challenge easier than some but I used some papers that I wouldn't normally use for a change.
    Every card is lovely again this week, loads more inspiration, and once again no two alike. I must say that Ciara is a wonderful card maker, of course she has a wonderful teacher but no one would guess that she is only 9 years old. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous card with us Ciara : )
    Sandra, 55 years really is cause to celebrate, I hope you all have a great time with Paul's Mum and Dad.
    I have to finish putting together the birthday card that I started yesterday then I'm on the St Georges day parade with the Scout Group, fingers crossed it stays as it is at the moment which is quite windy but lovely clear blue sky!
    I hope you all have a good day. Take care. Love and hugs with extras for all in need xx

    1. Hi Sue have a brilliant day with the Scout Group on the St George day parade How lovely for you enjoy it hope the weather stays dry for Lynda xxx

    2. Hi Sue, hope the parade went well and your Scouts enjoyed taking part. xx

  10. Hi Sandra
    I hope you have a lovely day meeting up with Pauls Mum and Dad and family.
    Well ladies what a lovely display of cards this week. Ifs so lovely to see everyone's take on a theme. Everyone different as well, how fantastic is that. I must mention Caira's card. As you say you wouldn't think she was 9 years old. Mind you Caira and Scarlett have great teachers.

    1. Hi Pat hope you & Pete have a good day.we have sun but still very cold
      We have just had a downpour of Hale stones only lasted a few minutes but they looked like golf balls. Love & Hug's my friend xxxx

  11. Good Morning Sandra an all.

    Well another Sunday of card scruptiousness. All so different but so pretty. A special mention to Ciara. Such a lovely thank you card.what a talent you are.
    Thank you Sandra for showing them all and for taking so much time commenting on each one. It must take you hours.
    Have a wonderful day today with Paul's mum and dad. 55 years together. What a wonderful achievment.
    I've just been watching the start of the Marathon. I'm so glad the weather is good. I know a couple that are taking part but it's like finding a needle in a haystack with those thousands of runners.
    for the first time in a while I managed to sleep about 5 hours last night and feel more alert this morning. I hope finally the effect of those morphine based pain killers is finally coming out f my body and I can get back to normal.
    nothing much on today. Visiting a friend later for a coffee and a chat. I'm still trying to catch up on all the shop cards. I usually try to have about 6 of each catagory on the stands but these have sadly depleted since I had my shouder op and I'm struggling to keep them to 4.Its a lovely problem to have ha ha.

    Well, the washing maching has just finished so I'm up and away.

    Have a good Sunday all, whatever You're doing.

    Love Val xxx

    1. Good morning Val
      Enjoy your visit with your friend later. How hot is it today ? I bet washing dry's quickly. Have a lovely day & hope you get some cards finished
      Love Lynda xx

    2. Hi Lynda, just been to look at the thermometer and its a hot 34 today.
      The houses arebuilt with very thick walls to keep them cool so its 26 in my living room. Will be sitting out on the porch drinking something cold at my friends cos its it the shade. The washing dries too quickly sometimes. I try to catch the towels before they completely dry and put them in the drier for 10 minutes otherwise they're stiff as a board -not nice.
      have a lovely day Love Val x

  12. Morning Sandra and ladies, everyone's cards are lovely, so many different ideas, I'm sorry I didn't participate this week, too much on and I had lost my mojo, if anyone finds it please send it home!
    Have a good day everyone, Jess xxx

  13. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely selection of cards again, thank you for starting the challenge card it is great. I must mention Ciara's card it is so simple but beautiful, thank you Ciara for sending it to Sandra how thoughtful of you. Sandra hope you have a lovely day with Paul's Mum & Dad, congratulations to them on 55 years, we are only a year away from ours, doesn't seem possible, I don't feel old enough!!xxx
    Sue hope the weather stays dry for
    Janet hope the fresh air does you good & you get to see
    Val pleased to hear you got 5 hours sleep last night, the last time I came off morphine tabs I went 8 days without sleep, so I understand completely how you
    Lilian hope all goes well tomorrow hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  14. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Congratulations to Paul's mum and dad on their 55th wedding anniversary, I hope you all have a lovely lunch, it will be great catching up with the family and friends.

    What an amazing selection of cards each one so different. Looking forward to what tomorrow might bring. Monday is now a day to look forward to when we get to see the sketch for the week. It is lovely looking at everyone's creations, and a great source of inspiration.

    Hope what ever you all doing today it will be enjoyable, sending special caring hugs for those who need them.
    Love Brenda xxx

  15. Good morning SANDRA & everyone we have some sun but it's very cold just now we had a downfall of hailstones they were as big as golf balls.only lasted a few minutes. Good job Bambie wasn't out she could have been killed or had a head ache for sure. Not much on again
    I might have a play with some chalk paint & MDF I got at AP.
    SANDRA wish Paul's Parents a happy Anniversary
    . Enjoy your day with them & family have a lovely meal.
    How are you my lovely sounded like you had a bad week take care.
    Thank you for posting all the gorgeous C c today it must take you so long to do but you do it so well. Ladies your all so talented again not one the same thank you Ciara your card is fabulouse love it your so talented keep it up love seeing your cards x
    Annie seems a lot better today so pleased.for her.
    Have a good day everyone love Lynda xx

  16. Hello All, couldn't let the day go by without saying what a wonderful selection of great cards, love them .
    Val love that embossing folder.
    Sandra hope you have a lovely day.
    Daughter comming later so I'd better get a move on.
    Hugs to all Lilian

  17. Hi Sandra and everyone today in the cafe'.
    Sorry a bit late but had a busy morning with diz and daz, only got back about an hour ago to have some lunch and now have a chance to sit down and look at all the sketch cards for Sunday. Wow and wow again how many wonderful cards and Ciara, yours is fantastic ! Wished now I thrown mine in the bin as it looks like a child have made it Oh well ,it was a work shop with Julia where we tried our best to make back grounds with stencils and mixed medium. Mine is first embossed with a dotty stencil then puffed with pixie powder (which went everywhere ) and then sprayed with water (in my case too much ) Hihi, live and learn something every day but won't be doing that one much. Thank you Pat for telling me where I could get hold of the Birthday die. it's one I really like and so are you Karen :-) Pat ,I hope Doreen soon get better after her op.. We have another day here where it could be a duvet day but not sure OH will lke so many of you in our bed, on second thought, he might hihi
    Sandra , hope you all have a fabulous day and Many Congratulations to Paul's mum and dad 55 th Anniversary !
    Littlelamb, hope your son's moving goes without any hiccups.
    Sue, hope the day is fun with the scouts. Rest tomorrow.
    Janet, hope you got to see Christina and enjoyed some Bakewell tarts. Wish you better.
    Oh Val, that's a bit too hot already but hope you got the towels in the machine in time. Not nice with scratchy ones .
    Anne, hope you have a nice quiet day. Congrats on Sue W blog. Always nice to see someone you know having a win.
    Lynda, bless her Annie. Hope the meds. will help her. She's getting old now ,14 is a lot on a little dog. You know terry is doing it right by pace his work and not doing it in one go and can't move the next day,hugs.
    Hazel, good news about Stan but he must be cold with being shaven hihi.
    Regarding our kitchen, more talks needed before anything.
    Michele,just think you will have a beautiful Bathroom at the end. Hope they using dust sheets everywhere.
    Got to go but might have a look in tonight again to see what you have been up too this Sunday, take care all Xxxx