Saturday, 16 April 2016

Beautiful RAK (random act of kindness) from Janet

Beautiful Altered Heart

Back of Heart 

 Gorgeous Gatefold card

Janet & Jim's last Pastries

Good Morning Ladies,

I can't believe how cold it has turned, I was out in just my cardigan on Wednesday when Sue and I went to Pat's and it was really warm.  Last night I was absolutely freezing, Paul came home from work and said that there was going to be a frost overnight with a slight risk of snow this morning. Just when you think Spring had sprung!!

Now whilst I was feeling rather unwell and a little fed up yesterday the postman arrived with a package that I wasn't expecting , Paul passed me the package with that "what have you been ordering now" look on his face!  I noticed the postmark and I knew straight away it was "Happy Mail"   Janet thank you so very much for the beautiful gift, the Gorgeous Gatefold Card has been so perfectly put together and the verse inside was beautiful.   Now onto the beautiful Altered MDF heart, which I believe you bought from Fernli designs, I love both the Floral Muse papers you have used to decorate the heart and the beautiful lace that you have trimmed it with, the beautiful little fan and such pretty flowers, the back is as beautiful, finished with the tiny heart.  I believe in the craft community this is known as a 'RAK ' (random act of kindness), to me it was a wonderful heartwarming gift from a dear friend, that brightened my day xx

Janet is going to describe to you the last pastries of their current stay at Marigny, so yesterday she sent me a photograph of them, so you can look at them while she describes them, imagine the M&S food advert voice ! Haha

Karen (watts), I hope you hear some exciting news over the weekend xxx

Janet I hope you manage to 'shoe horn' all of your new craft goodies into the car, have a safe journey home xxx

Hazel, I hope little Stan, continues to improve over the weekend xxx

I hope everyone manages to keep warm and have a good weekend.

Love and hugs


  1. Morning Everyoe
    HAZEL - I've just seen your post from yesterday and I've everything crossed that Stan is still with us and will survive his op on Monday. I can fully understand all the upset as animals are not just that they are part of our family as our children are.

    SANDRA - I hope you're feeling better this morning Dear Friend.

    LILIAN - I hope your family have arrived and that you now have support and love around you Dear Friend.

    What a surprise this morning was when I opened the door!! Sandra's parcel was only posted on Tuesday lunchtime!! French post never fails to amaze me. I just wish ours in the UK were as efficient.
    As Sandra says the heart is one from Fernli Designs and it is the really first altered thing I have done under that heading although the little piece of lace is one that I've had in my ribbon box here for ages and before I started id as just a straight piece. I sat and stitched it to do the pleats one afternoon and then glued the string of pearls (do I hear one or two of you humming that beautiful song?) to cover up the little stitches. All the other bits and pieces I had in my stash boxes and use them on my cards so no other expense.
    My glue gun was one of those pieces I bought when I first started paper crafting and put away never to be used. We are now very close friends and I wonder why I've not used it!

    Now as for this week's pastries - I though you might like to see what we had and not just have to read my descriptions.
    Jim had the round one which is based on Cassis (blackcurrents). the cream swirl is sponge but the red swirl is Cassis Mousse. In the middle of this were black currents soaked in the liquor of Cassis and the topping of course is Cassis Mousse again with a finishing touch of a clear glaze, a piece of Kiwi fruit and of course the tiny thin of dark choc.
    Now I had that gorgeous Choc Orange Bomb. this had a base of dark choc sponge with tiny bits of choc inside. On top of this was an orange mouse flavoured with Cointreau covered with a gorgeous layer of orange glaze decorated with dark choc and of course the finishing touch of a sliver of dark choc.

    Of course driving is definitely a 'no no' after these delights. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

    Car Packing day and cleaning this morning and then hopefully depending on how we feel moving the winter wardrobe into the Annexe and bringing the summer clothes out ready for June.

    Hope everyone is feeling OK and ready for a good week-end. Hugs should have arrived and my breakfast has just come so I'll pop in later. Oh and by the way it's pelting down with rain. He Ho xxxx

    1. Janet how thoughtful of you. I can imagine just how pleased Sandra was to receive this lovely heart & beautiful card, the pastries look absolutely define. Thank you sharing with us. Hope you have a safe & trouble free journey home.xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Janet-what a wonderful selection of goodies. The altered heart is so pretty, the card for Sandra is lovely and the pastries look delicious!

    Today we have sunshine & birdsong-looks like it's going to be a glorious day. Hubby already playing golf, I need to wash & dry my hair then head out into Southport.

    I think we're going to walk to the Toby Carvery tonight-hope I can walk that far.


  3. Good morning Ladies,
    Gosh it's so cold this morning and we have a dusting of snow so I think the golf will be a no no!
    Sandra , I hope you feel better today, I bet Janet's. beautifully decorated heart and wonderful gatefold card lifted your spirits quite a lot, RAK such a lovely thing to do!
    Janet , literally , those cakes do look too good to eat , I would just want to sit and salivate over them , they almost don't look real they are so perfect, but it does sound like they were as delicious as they appear, lucky you! Safe journey home xo.
    Hazel , I hope little Sam makes a good recovery, can imagine how upset Gillian must feel, she will be desperate to get home to see him xo.
    Have a good day Maria , I look forward to hearing all about it!
    Stay warm , love and hugs Anne xoxo

  4. Good morning all.
    Sandra, I can imagine your surprise and delight opening such a wonderful package. Beautiful heart Janet and a stunning card and well what can I say about those delicious looking pastries. I think when you're back inJune you can parcel up a box of them for me and send them by courier. It will definitely worth the massive postage.

    Do hope you're feeling a lot better today Sandra.

    Hope the packing goes well Janet.

    Hazel. Do hope Stan has improved today.

    Off to Iceland (Tthe shop) this morning.

    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Love Valx
    SANDRA still havent made my cc card. Just can't get into it at the moment. Will have another try later.x

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone. What a lovely surprise for you to receive these beauties from Janet. Both beautifully created, they're stunning :-)
    Oooh those pastries look and sound lovely!
    Hope you're starting to feel better Sandra.
    It's a miserable morning here and we're off to watch my son play football - although it could still be cancelled once we get there after all the rain yesterday!
    So sorry but no challenge card again from me this week :-( The majority of my free time has been taken up ferrying Hubby about to and from work and to look for a new car. Fortunately he has found one, and picks it up Wednesday. Hurray - don't think my little car has done so much mileage in one week!!
    Anyway, hope everyone has a good day, and all feeling under the weather take care.
    Hugs to all xxx

  6. Good morning SANDRA & ladies
    Wow JANET I love your Heart it's gorgeous I can imagine how it & your beautiful card cheered SANDRA up they are both stunning. Your pastry's look delicious.
    I hope your packing goes well .x SANDRA I hope your new meds have kicked in & your feeling better.Hazel I hope Stan had a comfortable night & has improved
    Sending him cuddles.
    Gosh what has happen today it's turned really cold windy & raining brrrr.
    Not upto much today just catching up with Sue Wilson Hochanda at the moment. I have sent Sandra my challenges card.
    Lililan Hope your feeling better& pleased you have your family coming today for surport.over the weekend. Your in my thoughts prayers sending you Hugs.x
    Will be popping back to see who else pops in today.
    Love Lynda xxxxx

  7. Hello Everyone Yes it's me again I forgot about the small card I did for Sandra.
    The backing card is Kanban which came out of my stash drawer. The Rectangle die cuts are the middle of Sue Wilson's Christmas die that has the village at the bottom with Santa flying across the sky so it just shows that some of the Christmas dies can be used all year round and the Cameos are from a Johanna Sheen die. The finishing touch leaves are also SW die.

    I've just stopped in the middle of cleaning for a cup of coffee so off back now to carry on.
    Hugs to everyone xxxx

  8. God morning everyone, what a lovely gift to receive Sandra, Janet they are lovely, and of course so are the pastries!
    It has been very frosty here overnight, but a nice sunny morning.
    Need to get a few cards done today as I'm not in all day tomorrow, and they are needed for Monday
    Take care everyone, xxx

  9. Sorry should read good morning!!,

  10. Morning everyone,

    Oooooh Janet, you set my mouth watering with those luscious pastries. Your card and heart are stunning too, a lovely way to cheer Sandra up.

    Like others, it is really cold this morning in not so sunny Somerset. I have succumbed and put the heating back on due to horrible pains in my right leg muscles, I think it might be Mr Arthur Ritis visiting again. Another trip to doctors necessary me thinks to get it checked out. Ususally it's my joints not the muscles.

    Challenge card sent off to its recipient and copy to Sandra. I had fun making this one, now it's time to clear the work area to start on gessoing and painting wooden boxes ready for altering with all the lovely laces from Amanda. I'm starting with small trinket type boxces first until I get a bit more experience.

    Cooked some stwed staek yesterday and left a good sized portion in the fridge for today, jacket potato and peas will suit me fine.

    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe
    Sandra hope you are beginning to feel better & I am sure your lovely surprise has cheered you up. I cannot see me having a go at CC this week, the time has just disappeared,
    Hazel sorry to hear about Stan hope he is more comfortable today, take care xxxx
    Well I have finally got my hands on my Ally Pally stash & Sue has done me proud, trouble is now I need time to play which I do not seem to have at the moment. I was also very lucky to have a lovely peacock from Brenda Lello, she had 2 so very kindly sent one for me, thank you very much I have emailed you separately. xxxx
    Maria I am excited with your cross stitch it is lovely & will be interesting to work on, thank you for trusting me with it. Hope you enjoy today.xxxx
    Must get on have ironing waiting then have a card I must finish & get in post, should have days ago.
    Lilian enjoy the family with you & hope you are feeling better, hugs on way.xxxx
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxxx

  12. Quick up date on little Stan, he made it though the night, and had a little bit of wet food. He likes biscuits better, so mad dash to tesco before vet closed at lunch time got him some of his all time favourites. We will hope he has a little of them. His face very badly bruised and they are concerned about his eye. We will just keep our fingers crossed for him. Gillian home lunch time tomorrow.
    Have grandsons here till tomorrow late on. Trying to get things done for going away Tuesday for meet up in the borders.
    Janet, how kind of you to send Sandra the lovely heart and card, save journey home. xxx

    1. Its really good that Stan's eating. Poor little soul really sounds in the wars. Do hope he has a good night and will have improved by the time his mum sees him tomorrow. Lots of hugs to you Stan keep fighting little fella.
      Love Valx

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop.

    What a lovely surprise you receive in the post yesterday Sandra, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Janet the heart is beautiful, what a lovely gift, no surprise Sandra absolutely thrilled, also the card is stunning, how clever to adapt a Christmas die. I have a pumpkin die I bought about ten years ago, I didn't buy it for the pumpkin, it has a lovely delicate swirl to one side, which has been used so many times. (Without the pumpkin)
    JANET you are a dreadful teaser showing us your lovely pastries. I hope you both enjoyed eating them. xx

    LILLIAN, hope your family have arrived safely, it's times like this when we need our family's love and support. You know we (the blog family) are all here for you when you're up to dropping in. Sending love and prayers. xx

    MARGARET, you are very welcome, we missed you. Will check my emails. xx

    HAZEL, hope Stan is going to pull through. LOL

    Not getting very far with my CC all my bright ideas at the beginning of the week seem to have flown out of the window. I'll stick at it a bit longer and see if I can get something completed.

    Love and Hugs, for everyone, Brenda xxx

  14. Wee up date on Stan (the cat) Jacqueline the girl that is house sitting popped in to see Stan tonight, he purred when he saw her and his eye is looking a bit better. We all feel better knowing he responded to her. X

    1. Thats a really good sign Hazel. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for him.Val x

    2. Thank you Val. He needs lots of finger crossing! He's a tuff wee cookie thanks to the other two cats. They are missing him and have been sat in the window like looking for him coming back. X

  15. Hello Hazel - good news about Stan. Fingers crossed he has a good night and an even better tomorrow. Hugs xxxx

    1. Thank you Janet, only down side can't phone the vets tomorrow. Don't know if Gillian can. X

  16. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Oh that is a lovely surprise to receive Sandra.
    Janet- the heart and card is lovely ! Mmmmmm your cakes look so yummy, wish they were here right now :-)
    Hazel - great to hear Stan is a bit better, bless him.
    Lilian - hope your virus is getting better and your family now has arrived. Sending you some hugs .
    Weather here this morning was very peculiar,( understand if you left the golf for today, Anne) sun, hailstone, sleet and torrential rain. Did not see much of it thank goodness because I was very busy making some backgrounds with help of stencils, mica powder, embossing powders, gilding flakes ( never goes where you want it) and more. Yes, it was a messy but fun day at Julia's work shop :-) I got back home with aching back and burning shoulders and neck but so worth it for one day crafting with others. Hope you are feeling better Sandra and the pills don't make you feel too bad.
    Warm hugs to you all and wish you a good night !
    love and hugs Maria XxXxXx