Tuesday 9 December 2014

Holly & Ivy Wreath

Good Morning Ladies,
Thanks for the amazingly supportive comments yesterday! Guess what happened, I got myself in a right pickle about Paul going away, he left bright and early, I pulled the duvet over my head and sulked for a whirl but then decided to get up and going, so I did, after about an hour I got a text to say that he wasn't going away today, as plane was delayed, so now he is going Wednesday so I have to go through it all again!
Anyway today's card is made up of lots of die cuts of both the Holly Spray die and the Ivy die both from Sue's Design Collection at Creative Expressions, both very detailed, intricate dies but cut perfectly, I arranged them into a 'sort of ' circle to create a wreath look. I added Sue Wilson Believe Die into the centre and added some red gems randomly to create berries.
It looked a little bare just sat in the middle of the card so I added some little snipped off bits of Holly and a red gem to the corners.  Last but not least I tied a bow with red silky crush ribbon to adorn my wreath.
What do you think?
I love hearing your comments, hope you are all well, big hugs to you if you are suffering,
Crafty hugs
Sandra xxxxxx


  1. Sandra, what do I think? Well I just think this is amazing your wreath looks so real, I feel if I touch it, it will be prickly. You have used those die beautifully. Not good that you have to go through it all again on Wednesday, but stop and think! You managed fine yesterday after your little sulk, didn't you? As we all said go into your craft room and have fun. Hazel x

  2. Hi Sandra. Love how you've used both the holly and the ivy dies, I agree with Hazel that it looks real. You'll be fine on Wednesday, just think of it as a day of crafty fun. Loving your daily posts (sorry that I don't always manage to comment).

  3. Hi Sandra. I love this mix of the gorgeous holly and ivy dies, and your bow is a real stunner. I think I will be cheeky and bring some ribbon with me today and get you to tie some bows for me! Looking forward to a lovely crafty day with you, see you at 11am. Take care.

  4. Hi Sandra, gorgeous how you have managed to make the Holly & ivy wreath it looks so life like.I love the red bow & berries just make's it pop,oh & the little holly pieces in the corners, you thought of everything.
    Sandra i posted a new card on my blog yesterday if you want to have a look.Please no stressing on Wednesday Sandra you will be fine have a crafty day & make more of your brilliant cards.Xx
    Enjoy your day with Sue HUGS to you both Love Lynda xxxxxx

  5. What do we think ? !
    I'll repeat what Hazel said, it looks sooo real. Im not going to be liked or appreciated now for what Im going to say, but you cant say Im not honest ! Ive seen many a card on C&C emailed in by viewers and the presenter and demonstrator have raved... Now I know we all like different styles etc but Ive cringed and wondered how on earth they would have the nerve, mine are ok, but I dont send them in for Sue to look at, but we crafters (some of us that is) are so kind and thoughtful and give amazing comments/feedback on peoples cards, but Im not one of those that give false confidence boosts, if I dont like a card Id rather not comment, but I just love your work Sandra. I dont go on many blogs at all, but those I do look at have amazing cards- your's is one of them. Im just hoping that the holly spray is available after xmas as I must have it for next year. Tina E sent me a lot cut out and Barbiepinkfairy loaned me her die, but I love it so much and got some lovely idea's from your blog its gone from a want to a need now.
    I too think you should spend Wednesday in your craft room, look how the hour's fly by, and before you realise the time your husby will be back home to you. Besides, we want to see more of your work : )
    Hope your day has been ok.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  6. HI Sandra
    What a lovely card sorry I am so late but we saw the grandchildren today. I couldn't comment yesterday as it just wouldn't work. Try not to fret tomorrow just think a day to please yourself well that's what I always told myself when my husband went away.

  7. Hi Sandra, I have to agree with Steph, your cards are just beautiful. I see some for sale online and they are not a patch on yours, you are one very talented lady. Keep strong tomorrow and craft it will make the time fly by.
    Hugs Theresa (TOB)

  8. Hi Sandra, beautiful card love the holly and Ivy Wreth and your bow is gorgeous. You certainly have a very good life for design.
    My heart goes out to you and the pain and worry you have when Paul goes away. My other half was in the Navy when we married and when children were growing up so I understand what you are going through . And I didn't have any of the issues you have. You are very strong young lady and you will get through this. Keep busy doing what you enjoy, i.e. making your beautiful cards and the time will pass before you realise. i'm sure Paul worries about you when he has to go away. Give him a big hug and a big smile, it will help him get through this time as well .
    You know you have a lot of support just tell us by your blog or Sue's you have got so many friends here for you, sending crafty hugs, love Brenda xx

  9. Woops - That should have said EYE for design !!!