Monday 15 December 2014

Merry Christmas Mum!

Good Monday Morning,
Thank you once again for stopping by, I would so love to get into double figures for comments.
I can't thank you all enough for taking time out of your busy lives to come over here and leave me a
comment, its just amazing, thank you x
This card is a card I made for my Mum, one of Sue Wilsons lovely Bauble Dies, cut out in silver mirror card, embossed and then a white die cut front, the piece that die cut out I added 'Mum' to, as I do prefer to personalise my cards. I used Creative Expressions Holly Sprig dies cut put in silver and white across the top of the card to hang the bauble from. I added a bow made from white silky crush ribbon, again from Creative Expressions, I just love all of their products. I embossed the background
with the CE Holly Swirl A4 embossing folder, matted it onto silver mirror card and then onto a white A card base.
I hope my mum will like it, I must post it tomorrow, we are going to try and get the Christmas shopping mostly done tomorrow, Paul has a Christmas shopping day, yay! I think we are going to try and finish most of it online, the shops are just ridiculously busy and being in a wheel chair makes it so much more frustrating and claustrophobic too!
I am coming to the end of my Christmas cards, but I am going to continue to blog with birthday and all occasion cards and of course the odd Christmas card too! I so hope you will stick with me, I am loving this journey so much and without all of you there would be no journey!
Brenda, you will laugh when I tell you that when I read your blog on Friday night I was quite zoomed in on the I pad and all I could see was.......'stood in the lounge naked' well you can imagine my shock, I quickly zoomed out to discover that it was your Christmas tree that was stood naked in your lounge and not you or anyone else! hahaha I laughed so much! glad you got it decorated xxx
Steph, I am sorry to hear that you will be stuck in doors, I know only too well how that feels as I only get to leave the house when Paul takes me, or lately Sue (Mrs B) or Pat (witney)  mainly due to mobility but also due to struggling with going out of the house I general, you see after a very bad series of operations in 2009 I didn't leave the house for a couple of years, which has affected me in more ways than one.  I do hope you get plenty of boxes made for your last market. sending you huge hugs, you have been such an amazing friend this past few weeks, thank you xx
Cheryl, you should have a go and blogging, its quite time consuming but fun xxx
Cameeli, I hope you finished your baby shower card and your packing, have a safe trip up North to see your parents, big hugs xxx
Crafty SueToo, I bet your 'sparkle fairy' house looks gorgeous, you must show us photo's of your new craft room too, lucky you xx
Tandy, look on the bright side, you did two things, that's better than none, don't be hard on yourself,
It makes me feel even more special that you took time for me, thank you so much xxxx
Lynda, we did get tree decorated, the girls helped, we also watched 'Its a Wonderful Life' for the first time and I cried like a baby! hugs xxx
Crafty hugs to all of you,
Sandra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Sandra and fellow followers. Beautiful card, white and silver look gorgeous together and I agree with you about personalising cards, I always think it makes the recipient feel extra special.
    You do right to shop online, trying to find things in a shop at this time of year is stressful for anyone but is much worse for people with mobility problems. Shops just don't think about the space needed between aisles and put extra displays down the centre making it impossible for anyone in a wheelchair to get through - it makes me so mad. And just don't get me started about those inconsiderate people who park in disabled or parent & baby bays when they obviously shouldn't! Anyway rant of the day over. Have a lovely day. Sue xxx

  2. Good morning, Sandra from a very cold and frosty Fife. I had a laugh this morning reading your bit about Brenda and her naked tree, but you thinking it was someone stood there!!! Now as for your beautiful, stunning card for your Mum. Sandra it just pops out at you, yet you haven't got a lot on it the simple design is just gorgeous and it says it all. Oh how I wish online shopping had been on the go when our three were younger! I hate shopping at the best of times, but you know what gets me more when you are in a shop at this time of the year or any time at that. The assistants don't smile, don't interact with you and there is never " I hope you have a lovely Christmas" it doesn't take much, I go out of my way to try and make them say something, some times it works but generally NO. We had a adventure/ ski place down in Germany where young soldiers came too and if they were a miserable lot, I would go into the dinning room at breakfast and go round with a big smile on my face ( I think they thought I was mad). Saying " good morning isn't it a gorgeous day and just think you can be out all day having fun" by the end of their third day they would come down to breakfast smiling and saying good morning. I am so glad I am not the only one who wants the tree down and house back to normal. Look forward to what you post tomorrow, and you are so right a blog is great, reading blogs when I was recovering helped me then when I set up my own I loved opening my e-mail to see the comments left. Hazel x

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  4. Hi Sandra. Love this one. Sue's baubles and holly sprigs are gorgeous and you have built them up beautifully. I like to personalise my cards too, it makes them even more special doesn't it. See you and Pat tomorrow my lovely for our Christmas lunch : ) Take care.

  5. Hello Sandra sorry had to start all over again, let's see if I get it right this time.
    Yuk - not a pretty sight! I'm glad you realised it was the Christmas tree I was talking about . Ha ha
    Your mum is going to love this card it is so beautiful. I just love everything about it, another labour of love, thank you for sharing your lovely gifts. Be careful though not to wear yourself out, it is appreciated what you do but your health is more important.
    Enjoy your shopping and manage to complete everything.
    Love and crafty hugs, Brenda xx

  6. Hi Sandra, another beauty today very classy. I love your work.
    Can I be cheeky and ask how you start a blog. I have lots of different crafts I do as well as papercrafting and would love to be able to show things. I have not got a clue I'm not techy at all, so any help would be appreciated.
    Hugs Theresa (TOB)

  7. Hello Sandra beautiful card again i'm in no doubt that your Mum will love her card. I love the bauble in the mirror card & the white card on top,your bow with the holly sprigs coming out is lovely. How do you keep up with your blog daily. I am sure they have taken half a day away from me each day or i am getting slower doing the house work extra ( probably the latter )
    I have got a card to put on my blog now. Look forward to your creation tomorrow Sandra,my friend Love & Hugs Lynda xxx

  8. Oh wow ! Lucky mom. This is so pretty Sandra. I love your blog I really do and look forward to popping in everyday or when I can, like Ive said, I love your style.
    I think its great that you are able to upload a card everyday but dont feel any pressure, we all know you have your bad days so if you dont feel well we can wait : )
    I will pop in and try to leave a comment, but had a large order dropped on me and all needed for this Sunday, they will come and collect, so I have a lot to do, and it also involves male cards ( Im not a lover of making cards for men)
    It would be great for you to blog Theresa (wow, talk about amazing talant) I wish I could share with you lovely ladies the stunning bird house that arrived today from Theresa (TOB) its the most beautiful, pretty, gorgeous gift Ive ever had. So once TOB has a blog I hope you all get to enjoy her projects.
    Well my lovely ladies, have a restful evening, a painfree night and a good sleep.
    I look forward to joining you tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams.
    Labcashire Steph xx

  9. HI Sandra
    This is such a beautiful elegant card your mum will love it. Thank you for sharing. I have rested again today in the hope I will be able to see the grandchildren tomorrow I can't believe a week has gone already. Love Tandy

  10. Hi Sandra, Wowser why did it take me such a long time to look in at your cards,They Are Amazing !!! It has taken me just over the hour to look at your previous makes and after all the oohing and aahing I needed a cuppa with me before writing and saying how wonderful every single card is.I have followed your up and downs on sue's blog,with laughter and sometimes even tears about peoples daily lives. You seem to have a fantastic family around you but still wonder how you manage it all . So far I have bought five of your beautiful cards and your jewelry is fabulous too so if you do a stall another time in the future don't worry. I hope your girls are well and looking forward to the christmas break. Make sure doh that Milo not getting into mischief again rg. what was it, dog chocolate ? I loved the pictures of them both, they are soooo cute! Really sorry Sandra but must not forget your card today to your mum which is Beautiful! and I'm sure she will love it. Hope your shopping on-line have gone alright, I'm out tomorrow for some food shopping but trying to avoid the Mk centre as much as possible as it's manic at the moment. We don't do presents except for to the young ones but that's only my sister-in-laws two
    grandchildren so not to much work. Well I will leave you for today and hope you get a peacefulish night,they can be a bit difficult at times.....
    Many gentle hugs Maria x